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March 10, 2005

Vol 3 • No 8

More picks March 10-16

The sixth annual Little Rock St. Patrick’s Day Parade will come a few days earlier than the traditional holiday, with dancers, bands and other celebrants marching Saturday, March 12, starting at 1 p.m. from the old train station at Victory and Markham str

The week that was, March 2-8, 2005

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. He completed the Little Rock Marathon with a disciplined run averaging just over 10 minutes a mile for the 26.2-mile course. We readily admit it. His example will inspire oth

Alas, poor Freddie

Welcome to the inaugural Vulture Edition of Shopping Chick, wherein I discuss the fantastic bargains to be had as two great Little Rock stores prepare to flip the “Open” sign to “Closed” for the last time.

This Modern World March 10

Editorial cartoon March 10

Saddle up to Smither

With the exception of Tony Trischka last year at Acoustic Sounds Cafe, singer/songwriter Chris Smither — appearing there on Friday, March 11 — might be one of the most exciting acts that the venue has booked.

The Observer March 10

The Observer was tucking into his second drink at a local bar the Friday night before the Little Rock Marathon when a friend settled into the seat next to him. Turns out the friend had assembled a four-person relay team for the marathon, but one of the me

The Insider March 10

The Arkansas Supreme Court last week approved new rules of conduct for lawyers, based on an American Bar Association model. A key change was an explicit prohibition on sexual relations between lawyers and clients.

What's cooking/capsule reviews

What's cooking: Changes at Ella's; new deli. Capsule reviews: Barbecue and country cooking.

TV highlights March 10-16

ALASKA! 7 p.m. Thursday, March 10 History Channel (Comcast Ch. 70) Though the idea of living in a place where you might freeze to death on the way back from the mailbox doesn’t appeal to us in the least, we respect the idea that for a hearty few, it

Pub crawl with 'Norm'

With 10 bars set to participate in Hot Springs’ St. Patrick Day celebration, George Wendt (a.k.a. Norm Peterson from TV’s “Cheers”) should feel right at home.

Little people don't count

Who could fail to be touched by the rueful complaints of lawmakers last week that if they couldn’t take home a little wad of tax money for a sidewalk, a swimming pool or a clubhouse they hadn’t done anything in this session for the little people back in t

Black votes no longer certain

Does anyone doubt President Bush’s resolve to accomplish his stated goals? By this time, no one should. With that in mind, it is worth tracing the trajectory of his appeal to black voters, which is part of a broader effort to build a permanent nation

Willie ‘Big Eyes’ Smith

Willie Smith was born in Helena in Jan. 19, 1936. Raised by his grandparents, he learned harmonica in part by playing along with records. As a teen-ager, Smith saw a Muddy Waters performance in Chicago, and inspired by Muddy Waters’ jazzy drummer, Fred Be

No time for reporters

This is not a good time for journalists in this country. More than 300 daily newspapers have gone out of business whereas not long ago there used to be thousands of independent newspapers, radio and television stations. Now 80 percent of the America

Letters March 10

As a longtime reader who generally finds myself in agreement with your editorial stance, I was surprised by your knee-jerk reaction to Pulaski County Clerk Pat O’Brien’s requirement that his employees write an essay addressing an adversity they had encoun

Revenge of the flat-footed nerd

There at curbside stood the columnist formerly referring to the governor as Wide Body, within 13 pounds of an all-time weight high himself, down again in the sacroiliac region to the point that intermittent pain radiates his lower reaches and a social

Wheeling dealers

And Walter Anderson in El Dorado.

Feeling their pain

I want to put in a word for those tender hearts who got in mind to feign dispossession – to slouch out onto the street for a couple of days, sleeping under bridges and depending on the kindness of strangers for their supper — as a way of sending a me

ASU language center closes

To the chagrin of some faculty members — who are frequently critical of the administration, it should be said — Arkansas State University will close its Center for English as a Second Language (CESL) at the end of June.

Fightin' fish

Two fish joints, both alike in dignity, in fair Little Rock, where we make our scene. From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, where civil blood makes civil hands unclean.

Orval March 10

Editorials March 10

Mark Twain said “Man is the only animal that blushes. Or needs to.” Arkansans have reason to blush over our lack of a substantive law prohibiting cruelty to animals. No matter how horrible, and Arkansas has seen some horrible examples, animal cruelty rema

Smart Talk March 10

Move over, vice president for marketing “Most of our savings come not from the exploitation of employees but from things like large-volume buying, inventory management and distribution technology. Our CEO and other executives share hotel rooms on the roa

Words March 10

Some holes in this 'Jacket'

As seen in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” it’s an American nightmare: Once a sane person gets locked up in the Academy of Laughter, how can he prove himself sane enough to get out? That well-plowed furrow gets dug a little deeper — with some dark and

Last minute rush

Monday was the deadline to file legislation for this session. But the 11th-hour antics and Hail Mary legislation had begun a few days earlier. One legislator wants to prevent the public from being able to walk into a public agency to request a public d

Scrambling for eggs

On a weekend of several major art shows in Central Arkansas (see Artnotes on page 46), the biggest is Eggshibition XIV — Coming of Age, at Clear Channel Metroplex on Friday, March 11.

From the left, a new song.

On Election Night 2004, the media declared President George Bush’s win a victory for “moral values.” The phrase was code — a lazy way for the press to say the election was about fear homosexuals might be allowed to marry, fear that embryos would be used

Odds; Showcase winner

Odds, a Fayetteville quintent, won the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase last Friday at Juanita's.

Family album

Meet some of the people who came forward when the Arkansas Times invited gays and lesbians to talk about their lives.

The 17 percent solution

In the last couple of weeks, Arkansans between the ages of 50 and 70 got a letter from Gov. Mike Huckabee encouraging them to investigate long-term care insurance to help pay their future nursing home bills. The letter was similar to those sent out in

Seeing it Keen's way

A great storyteller with an eye for detail that others might miss, Robert Earl Keen has gone from a Texas A&M college student just learning the guitar, and getting kicked out of the band when his friends got serious about playing, to one of the leading Te

All bets are off

A poker craze is sweeping the nation, and Arkansas is no exception, but some attempts to organize formal leagues to play the game here are running afoul of the law.

We're here, we're queer

We’re hearing a lot today from Arkansans, out at the legislature and through the ballot box, about homosexuals. We’re hearing that they’re different from the heterosexual majority in more ways than their style of lovemaking. When the Times put the word

Asa's in

By a news release Saturday, Asa Hutchinson announced he'd be a Republican candidate for governor in 2006.

Historic building burns

An early morning fire destroyed the historic Mosaic Templars building, under restoration as a museum, early Wednesday. State officials said they hoped to save a small portion of the ground-floor proceed and continue with plans for a cultural center on bl