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March 25, 2010

Vol 8 • No 11

Museum gives away treasure!

When the Arkansas Museum of Discovery announced in January that it would deaccession many of the 14,000 artifacts in its collection, a cry went up. Don’t give away our shrunken heads! They are so closely identified with the original museum and founder Babcock that the Museum of Discovery won’t part with them.

Changes at Mosaic Templars

Constance Sarto, who was among the group formed in 1992 to save the historic Mosaic Templars building on Broadway and then became first director of the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, has retired.

Philander Smith students in wreck

A charter bus taking 38 people from Little Rock to a conference for black Methodists in Jacksonville, Fla., ran off the road and overturned near Hollandale, Miss., about 11:30 p.m. last night, the Washington County (Miss.) sheriff's office said.

Turn out the lights

I have some errands to run. Commence firing.

The Repub rap sheet

FBI investigates gas line cut. Threats to Ohio congressman.

The Observer, March 25

The Observer doesn’t get out of the office much, so we seized upon the opportunity bright and early on Monday morning to stroll across the street to see MSNBC anchor and former Air America radio host Rachel Maddow make an appearance at the Statehouse Convention Center as part of the Clinton School’s speaker series.

Film worth driving for

Improbably, Batesville, a town of 10,000 that’s never exactly screamed “tourist hotspot,” will become a destination for cinephiles this weekend as the Ozark Foothills FilmFest presents easily its most impressive program to date.

In Brief, March 25-27

Adam Faucett, one of Little Rock’s best songwriters, plays Town Pump, 10 p.m., $3. Texas two-steppers, Two Tons of Steel, play along side the Holy Modal Rounders of Pulaski County, Mockingbird Hillbilly Band at Sticky Fingerz, 9 p.m., $5.

The To-Do List, March 25-29

The Dixie Bee-Liners; 'China Rocks' with AV Okubo, Carsick Cars and P.K. 14; 'Keith Sykes Hot Springs Weekend'; Goatwhore; Designer's Choice Fashion Preview Show; The Moving Front; Iron Tongue; Sweet Eagle; Screaming Females

Smart Talk, March 25

An Arkansas State University committee last week recommended a round of tuition and fee increases to make up for budget shortfalls. A student with 15 hours a semester and one science course could be looking at $465 a year.



What's Cookin', March 25

Doe’s Eat Place sustained what owner George Eldridge estimates will end up being $25,000 to $50,000 damage after a kitchen grease fire last Friday night.

The Week That Was, March 17-23

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … U.S. REP. VIC SNYDER: He’ll leave office with his head high, the only House member from Arkansas to vote for historic health care reform.

On the Floor

Yes, sharp-eyed viewers did see former governor and former U.S. Rep. Jim Guy Tucker on the floor of the U.S. House during the his-toric vote Sunday on health care reform.

More on the state and HannahGrace

I have experienced the same autonomous, arbitrary decisions by DCFS caseworkers and judges. The assumption is that the caseworkers, their supervisors and superiors are qualified and knowledgeable. But this has proved to be untrue.

Blue collar brawlers

The Original Toughman Contest is back. This weekend, I watched a man in a plaid kilt beat another man until the losing fighter waved his hands in front of his face and mouthed, “I’m done.”

Cool it for a few grafs

Could we, if only for a few paragraphs, endeavor to engage in a dispassionate analysis of health care reform? Let’s take a shot.

The Televisionist, March 25

What is it about Americans who want to get pushed around by snooty British dudes?

The stupid and the timid

People will find out, though probably not soon enough, how much they like the health insurance reform law just as it took scant years for them to embrace history’s other great mandatory insurance acts, Social Security, unemployment and disability insurance, and Medicare.

Missing Vic

I kept thinking one thing as the U.S. House made history Sunday with its approval of a dramatic expansion of health coverage for all Americans: we're going to miss U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder.

Dog days

This reviewer likes places that do one thing well instead of 20 things mediocre. That’s why I have come to really love Perciful’s Famous Hot Dogs in East End.

'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'

What with the fact that anybody not grown to maturity in a government lab knows all about the awkwardness and indignity of going from being a child to being a teenager, viewers of all ages will find a lot to like in this new kids' flick.

Alex Chilton forever

Needless to say, last week’s news of Chilton’s death traveled fast through Little Rock, instantly marring a lot of Irish levity and setting off a chain of spur of the moment listening parties.

This Modern World

Words, March 15

The question “What do you call somebody from ____?” can be difficult. I’d never thought of someone from Albany, N.Y., being called an “Albanian.” If you hail from Independence, Mo., you’re an “Independent,” regardless of your politics.

Berry's legacy

Marion Berry’s vote was the strangest of all in the Arkansas congressional delegation. What was he afraid of? He’s not seeking re-election; he didn’t need to worry about the insurance companies and the Tea Baggers punishing him politically if he supported health-care reform.

Closing caves, sparing bats

Bat health isn't on everyone's radar, but it should be, biologists say. Bats are the only night-time bug killer over our agricultural fields, and their feasting saves farmers billions of dollars they'd otherwise be spending on pesticides and losing in crop failure.

Paula's done got some vittles

Readers have been asking me for months about Paula Deen's Buffet at Harrah's Casino Resort in Tunica.  Well, I finally managed to get over there, and just to make sure I was being good and fair I went twice -- once for breakfast and once for dinner.  Took me a few days to recover.  You can read about what I found at Tie Dye Travels. 

Government mandates

Anybody else happen to notice this: 1B of today's Democrat-Gazette: An angry group of 30 protestors demonstrated over the health insurance legislation, which requires payment of a tax if you don't have health insurance.

Health bill will go back to the House

The Senate has turned back nearly two dozen Republican amendments to health reconciliation legislation, but it now appears the legislation will have to go back to the House after all.

Payback for Dems

Will the Obama White House and labor punish five House Democrats who deserted them on health care after supporting initial passage?

'Hands off our health care'

Of course that should now be Democrats' rallying cry. Let the Republicans fight to return to a world where insurance company whims (profits) decided who lived and died.

Police chase lands robbery suspect

A chase after the robbery of a Chenal Parkway convenience store early this morning ended with the arrest of a robbery suspect who became unresponsive, perhaps from ingesting drugs.

Sorority sisters at work

Sen. Blanche Lincoln has offered some lame excuses for her work for private lenders in opposing legislation that would end their government-protected profiteeering on the student loan program.

Another poll on health

Now it's CBS with a sampling post-approval of the health legislation. Before vote: 37-48 approve/disapprove "from what you've heard or read" After vote: 42-46 On Obama's handling of health care: Before: 41/51 approve/disapprove After: 47/48 Good trend.

Thursday To-Do: Dixie Bee Liners

THE DIXIE BEE-LINERS9 p.m., Juanita's. $10.Is bluegrass becoming the new hardcore in the South?

Thursday: Adam Faucett, The Boondogs, Mockingbird Hillbilly Band

Adam Faucett. Adam Faucett, one of Little Rock's best songwriters, plays Town Pump, 10 p.m., $3.The Boondogs play a fundraiser at Gusano's for John Adams, who's running for the Second District congressional seat Vic Snyder's leaving, 7:30 p.m., suggested donation is $25.The local Father Maple opens for Indigenous, a group of South Dakotans who specialize in Texas blues, at Revolution, 8:30 p.m., $10.


A member of the loyal political opposition to our left-wing views urges me to note former Gov. Mike Huckabee's endorsement of Doug Matayo in the Republican primary race for 3rd District Congress.

GOP leader: Me, too

Rep. Eric Cantor, No. 2 Republican in the House, says he's received phone threats and a bullet was fired through a window in his Richmond office.

It's done

Senate has approved the reconciliation bill, 56-43. It goes back to the House.

Every famous Arkansan now appearing at Oxford American fete

First Morgan Freeman. Then Charles Portis.

Halter gaining on Lincoln

New polling from Daily Kos. The short take: Sen. Blanche Lincoln continues to lose ground against Republican opponents; Democratic opponent Bill Halter has gained ground over December results and has edged up slightly on Lincoln in a primary contest.

Drowning in Lake Ouachita UPDATE

A man drowned in Lake Ouachita this afternoon after his canoe capsized in high winds and waves.

Daily Digest: plagiarism, posters, Pilgrim, pothead pickins and Pitchfork

Hey! It's this picture again!

It's war: Lincoln v. Halter

My apologies. I just realized I screwed this entry up big-time.

Take it away

I'm outta here before more political stuff floats in.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you know that this may well be Roman Polanski’s last film for some time. Looks like he’s going out on a high note.

Lose Tom

I see that the great Texas School Book Purge has turned its attention to Thomas Jefferson, a well-known lefty radical of some time ago. The school-textbook rewriters down there want Phyllis Schlafly and Newt Gingrich in their American history pantheon, but not Thomas Jefferson. Big surprise, eh?

Film worth driving for

The Ozark Foothills FilmFest returns to Batesville this weekend with a slate that includes two of famed documentarian Les Blank's Cajun music films, “J'ai Ete au Bal” and “Marc and Ann.” The subjects of the latter film, Marc and Ann Savoy, will also perform a concert on Saturday.

Gunner DeLay is an idiot

I suggest that when the Fort Smith congressional candidate leads demonstrators in protest against the health law that they all burn their Social Security cards.

Two LR SWAT officers shot

Two Little Rock police SWAT officers were shot about 6:30 a.m. this morning when they tried to serve a search warrant at an apartment at 2200 Marshall Street.

Does the right tolerate dissent?

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz poses the question and provides the answer with a story on the American Enterprise Institute's firing of David Frum, widely quoted recently for saying Republicans had miscalculated politically in their Party of No response to health reform.

Friday To-Do: 'China Rocks'

P.K. 14 ‘CHINA ROCKS'9 p.m., Maxine's, Hot Springs.Maybe labeling this show in an ethnocentric manner does the bands a bit of a disservice.

Weekend To-Do: Keith Sykes Hot Springs Weekend

Keith Sykes KEITH SYKES HOT SPRINGS WEEKEND8 p.m., Arlington Hotel, Hot Springs. $30-$50.For the third year running, Memphis singer/songwriter Keith Sykes, who co-wrote Jimmy Buffett's “Volcano” as well as songs recorded by everyone from John Prine to the Judds, gathers all his songwriter buddies in Spa City for a big sing-along.

The Weekend: Duwayne Burnside, Eggshibition, Cool Shoes, Mockingbird

Duwayne Burnside. FRIDAY 3/26The Blue Hit, an Austin-based, cello-heavy chamber pop trio revisits Little Rock, this time at River City Gift Co., 7 p.m., donations.

Republican road rage

Unbelievable. Or maybe not.


Netflix is rolling out initial streaming via Wii starting Saturday. Rainy day movie party here I come!

Unemployment rate moves up

The Arkansas unemployment rate moved from 7.6 percent in January to 7.7 percent in February, while the national rate held steady at 9.7 percent.

Kings River Preserve

KINGS RIVER: More photos and info here. The Nature Conservancy has purchased more than 4,500 acres along both sides of the Kings River about five miles south of Eureka Springs and will establish a preserve there and aim to improve water quality in the river.

Weekend To-Do: Ozark Foothills FilmFest

OZARK FOOTHILLS FILMFESTAll weekend, various locations in Batesville. Mostly $3-$5 per screening.

Lincoln's lash

Blanche Lincoln's attacks on Bill Halter continue. Running scared is the only way to run, they always say.

Saturday To-Do: The Moving Front

Brasher and Cook of The Moving Front. THE MOVING FRONT9 p.m., Juanita's.

Saturday To-Do: Goatwhore

GOATWHORE8 p.m., Downtown Music. $10.If you're still living under your parents' roof, and you're looking to tweak 'em, you could do worse than a Goatwhore T-shirt.

Saturday To-Do: Designer's Choice Fashion Show

Photos from last year's event. By Brian Chilson.

Sunday To-Do: Iron Tongue - Sweet Eagle

A Sweet Eagle. IRON TONGUE / SWEET EAGLE7:30 p.m., Juanita's.

Robert Plant to Robinson

The erstwhile Led Zep frontman's bringing a reconstituted Band of Joy with him to Robinson on July 15.

When they say it's not about race ....

A most interesting account of a study that probed whether feelings about race influenced feelings about health care reform.

'Hot Tub Time Machine,' possibly good

That's him on the far right. So far, despite 65ish% ratings on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes, a lot of the country's most respected critics actually seem to kind of like "Hot Tub Time Machine," the first starring role for Glenwood's Clark Duke.Here's a quick round-up:

LRSD and the charter schools

On the jump you'll find a note from Micheal Daugherty of the Little Rock School Board responding to Board member Jody Carreiro's note about the simmering issue of whether the district should wage a court battle over the state's charter school policy in Pulaski County.

Yo Gotti to Robinson on April Fools' Day

Memphis' Yo Gotti will make an April 1 stop at Robinson Center Music Hall (?!?)

Right-wing 'pimp' to cop plea?

It smells like a misdemeanor plea bargain is in the works for the right-wing punk who tried to sting Sen. Mary Landrieu after the earlier dishonest hit on ACORN offices.

It's a 5 o'clock world

Did everybody in LR knock off early today? I guess I will, too.

Designer's Choice returns

In the increasingly bustling local fashion scene, no event brings out more spectators or star wattage than tonight's Designer's Choice Fashion Preview. In its third year, Korto Momolu and actor/model Tyson Beckford co-host and 12 designers present their collections.

A candidate to Ponder

John Brummett has done my work for me. He wrote about  a visit with Ben Ponder of Mountain Home, a Democratic candidate for 1st District Congress who offers a real choice, not a tired echo of conventional politics, to borrow a phrase.

Do issues matter? UPDATE

Patrick Kennedy, a Democratic candidate for 2nd District Congress, asks a question directed at Rep. Robbie Wills, who's already demonstrated an incumbent-style campaign of gladhanding and dodging tough questions.

ACORN ain't dead yet

ACORN may soon be gone as a national organization, but its long-nourished local grassroots haven't withered.

Whose country is it?

Charles Blow, the New York Times columnist who always includes a graphic element with his weekly piece, today charts the rise in hate, nativist and "patriot" groups (graph at the column link).

Cleaner air? Not yet

The state Pollution Control and Ecology Commission Friday went along with electric utilities (don't they always) and granted an indefinite delay in clean air standards aimed at reducing pollution from coal-burning power plants.

AFL-CIO endorses

The AFL-CIO announced its endorsements in the Democratic primary today. Few surprises (Bill Halter for U.S. Senate; Joyce Elliott for 2nd District Congress).

More on apartment shooting

The LRPD today released a further narrative on the drug raid Friday morning that left one person in the targeted apartment dead and two police officers hit by gunfire, but not seriously wounded.

It's a lovely night

... for an open line.


Two of Little Rock's most beloved new hard rock acts, Iron Tongue (pictured) and Sweet Eagle, share a bill at Juanita's tonight.

Powerful commentary

A couple worth reading in NY Times this morning. * Maureen Dowd dispenses with cutesiness and bores into the Catholic Church's historic coverup of misbehaving priests and the current pope's complicity (while busily enforcing the most rigid dogma on contraception, abortion and women's role in the church).

Health polling

In the Washington Post survey, feelings on the new legislation are nearly evenly split 46-50.

White men can't vote Democratic

Thanks, JJ, for this uplifting news, an op-ed written for LA Times: Millions of white men who voted for Barack Obama are walking away from the Democratic Party, and it appears increasingly likely that they'll take the midterms elections in November with them.

Death in the blog family

I've confirmed news from elwood. The redoubtable Jazzy, known in her non-blog life as Patricia St. Onge, died in her Hot Springs home this morning.

Memorial open line

I've naturally been thinking about New Orleans. There are many clips to choose from.

Screaming Females

This New Jersey trio's fronted by Marissa Paternoster, a 5-foot tall tomboy who jumps from teenaged Marianne Faithful chanting, ululations and all, to throaty Medusan shrieks the next, shredding -- and I mean shredding-- a Strat that dwarfs her all the while. See 'em tonight at Vino's.

Hear them roar CORRECTION

Sorry I missed this last night. The Women's Legislative Caucus will pay tribute to women legislators past and present at a program at 11:30 a.m. today WEDNESDAY in the Capitol rotunda.

Terrorists strike in Russia

Female bombers hit Moscow subways. Dozens dead.

Terror in Little Rock

The Commercial Appeal in Memphis had a feature this weekend, with family photos, on the father of the man accused of killing one soldier and shooting another at a Little Rock military center.

This is a debate?

Roby Brock Twitters that all eight Republican candidates for U.S. Senate will "debate" April 2 in a program "moderated" by GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Keet.

Rest well, weary traveler

It was a dark and stormy night -- hey, no joke, it was. I was on my way back from a trip to Mobile, AL. It was late (close to 9pm), I was in the hinterlands between Eudora and Lake Village, and I’d just received message that there was a storm front ahead.

Rest well, weary traveler

It was a dark and stormy night -- hey, no joke, it was. I was on my way back from a trip to Mobile, AL. It was late (close to 9pm), I was in the hinterlands between Eudora and Lake Village, and I’d just received message that there was a storm front ahead.

High-flying Michael Steele

The RNC chairman is certainly fun to follow. According to two knowledgeable sources, Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele once raised the possibility of using party money to buy a private jet for his travel.

Watch a slideshow from the Designer's Choice Fashion Preview

The third Designers Choice Fashion Preview proved the old saying true, as last night's Saturday's show was the annual event's slickest production yet.

Monday To-Do: Screaming Females

SCREAMING FEMALES8 p.m., Vino's. $7.A bit of a surreal band, these guys are.

Count me out . . .

The Census Bureau obviously wasn't thinking about getting an accurate count of the Hispanic population when it had Little Rock residents send their census forms back in a pre-paid envelope whose address included the phrase "Data Capture Center."Most Hispanics here (legal and undocumented) probably read no farther than "Capture Center" before tossing the whole packet.

Nuts aim at both sides

Arrest announced today of a man charged with making a YouTube threat against Republican Rep. Eric Cantor.

Home sales down

The monthly report from the Arkansas Realtors Association showed an Arkansas housing sale drop in February of about 8.7 percent against the same month in 2009.

Halter fires back

New TV from Bill Halter returns fire rather obliquely at the negative pounding he's taking from Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

Child porn conviction reversed

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today reversed the federal child porn conviction of Terry Lee Ward because his right to a fair trial was jeopardized by his not being present during his trial.

Keet presses on center treatment

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Keet presses today on an issue squarely at issue in the governor's race: Problems at the state's residential centers for the developmentally disabled.

Preacher backs Wallace

Given the Republican votes in western Little Rock, there's some value to the endorsement of Republican congressional candidate Scott Wallace by Robert Lewis. Lewis was a founding pastor of the Fellowship Bible megachurch and is also founder of the Men's Fraternity.

Hey would-be restaurant owners, foodies with disposable income

The Station, the erstwhile Stifft Station grocery and deli, is auctioning off its equipment Tuesday, March 30, at 10 a.m. at its former home, 1001 Kavanaugh.Here's what's up for grabs:Walk-in CoolerLarge Deli CaseSmall Deli CaseMetro ShelvingBulk Binds Produce Coolers (2)Wooden Produce StandDrink CoolerSandwich Prep TablePanini GrillToaster OvenJuice ExtractorPOS SystemRefrigeratorCoffee GrinderStainless Steel tablesStorage Containers2 burner countertop stoveCheck-out countersHandcrafted Oak Bar (seats 8) 8 black/chrome barstools1 black antique table1 teal/oak antique table1 white antique table1 red antique tableoffice suppliesdeli, grocery and natural living inventory - basketsred drink coolerfolding chairs1 dry erase board2 corkboardsIce Cream MakerLots of other kitchen utensils & supplies

Dead men tell no tales

North Little Rock police have identified a second suspect in the Christmas Eve slaying of a Salvation Army major.

Watch: 'Smokes & Ears' and lots of other food docs for free

There weren't nearly enough folks at the Ozark Foothills FilmFest in Batesville on Saturday, especially for "Southern Succulents," a showcase of short documentaries by Joe York, who works in partnership with the Southern Foodways Alliance to document Southern food culture.

Daily Digest: "Boggy," "Drunk Girls," "Shame," Duke

The Fouke Monster heard the new LCD Soundsystem track, too. "The Legend of Boggy Creek," the most well-known movie by the late Arkansan director Charles B. Pierce, is being remade.

Surprise! Berry endorses Causey

Rep. Marion Berry will endorse his former staffer Chad Causey Wednesday and travel with him to Stuttgart, Lonoke, West Memphis and Jonesboro.

Monday line

It's open.

1st District debate

A debate has been set for April 6 in Mountain Home for Democratic candidates for the open congressional seat in the 1st District.

Museum gives away treasure!

When the Arkansas Museum of Discovery announced in January that it would deaccession many of the 14,000 artifacts in its collection, a cry went up. Don't give away our shrunken heads!

The law of the land

The Washington Post today draws the parallel -- with help from Gov. Mike Beebe and Attorney General Dustin McDaniel -- between the failed fight to prevent school desegregation in Little Rock and the current uproar over health legislation.

Racial profiling statewide

The lawyer (and former LR cop) who brought the successful racial profiling case against Alexander police told a state panel yesterday that racial profiling is a statewide problem.

Those Lincoln ads

John Brummett reviews Sen. Blanche Lincoln's opening TV advertising. "Dishonest" and "smear," he concludes.

Lincoln up in lights

Not sure this matters much to Arkansas voters -- though you'd think the facts on which the report is based might matter -- but Talking Points Memo currently leads its webpage with an unflattering report on Sen. Blanche Lincoln's "clumsy campaign."

Health polling: Still split

New from USA Today/Gallup on health bill: 47-50 Good v. Bad. That's back to pre-passage split. The further bad news is that the Republicans have sold people on the notion that Democrats somehow abused power to pass a bill by up-down majority votes in both house of Congress.

Stephens publisher ripped

Sherman Frederick isn't a household name in Arkansas, but he's an important one. He's the publisher of the Las Vegas Review Journal, the crown jewel in the far-flung media properties -- including newspapers in Arkansas -- controlled by Little Rock financier Warren Stephens.

About that 1st District debate UPDATES

Democratic candidate Ben Ponder distributed a news release last night about a Mountain Home debate among 1st District candidates.

Eclipse Glasses go digital

Before hanging up their horns, the late, great Eclipse Glasses printed precious few copies of their self-titled 6-track EP on cassette.

Determined to reopen soon

Jeff Thatcher sends along a note about the scheduled reopening of Doe's Eat Place following a fire that damaged the Little Rock landmark's kitchen:

Lots of lunch, Mexican style

Conway has a lot of Mexican restaurants. A LOT.

Jazzy's funeral

A memorial service for Patricia "Jazzy" St. Onge, our long-time blog friend, will be at 2 p.m.

Cliff Lee moving to Heights

  Arkansas Business reports that ace pitcher Cliff Lee has bought a house on Sherwood Road in Prospect Terrace for $2.85 million from Lee and Robin Brown.

R.I.P. Herb Ellis

Herb Ellis, the truly legendary jazz guitarist who called Fairfield Bay home since the 1980s passed last night in Los Angeles after a long battle with Alzheimers.

Goobernatorial debate

Early reports indicate Gov. Mike Beebe and his Republican opponent Jim Keet did little to distinguish themselves in appearances today before the Arkansas Farm Bureau.

Halter: Right and wrong

Bill Halter is right. It's an outrage that the Senate has adjourned without extending unemployment benefits.

Androids to rock no more (2007-2010)

(photo by Lizzie Burnham) It's always a huge bummer to hear of local outfits adjourning before their time, but when the news is unexpected as the disbanding of local bass and drum duo Androids of Ex Lovers, it bums doubly.

Rendezvous founder, RIP

This is close enough to Arkansas to count. NY Times reports death of Charlie Vergos, founder of the Rendezvous restaurant, the famed dry-rub rib joint in the alley across the way from the Peabody in Memphis.

Republican senatorial debate

UCA announces a debate by the eight Republican candidates for U.S. Senate at 6 p.m.

Tax work, not wealth

Yes, some humor has entered the race for U.S. Senate. And it's just in time.

Watch: Juggalo jokes, more '$5 Cover'

With a special appearance by Mrs. Potato Dick. It's been out there for a minute now, but 'SNL's' parody of Juggalo culture is spit-on-your-computer-screen funny.

Broyles and Hog deseg UPDATE

Frank Broyles, the former UA athletic director and football coach, talked today at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center about integration of Razorback sports and Gerard Matthews was on hand to capture some of it on camera.

Wedding photos

I had to share one of the wedding photos Talking Points Memo has posted from associates of the Michigan "Christian militia" group targeted in an indictment over a plot to kill police.

Chang might be Thai salvation

Meing kham. I need to make a few more visits before I can say for sure, but if my first visit was any indication, Chang Thai and Asian Cuisine might be the answer to Central Arkansas' Thai-starved prayers.

Talking heads

The Farm Bureau hosted a round of speeches today from second congressional district and U.S. senate candidates.

Tuesday topics

Offer them here. One last political news release: Scott Wallace joins Courtney Henry, Mark Darr and perhaps many others with the John Paul Hammerschmidt endorsement.

LR to challenge state on charters

The Little Rock School Board tonight discussed at length attorney Chris Heller's recommendation that the district argue in federal court that the state of Arkansas has contributed to resegregation with approval of open enrollment charter schools.

Beth Ditto is one of the beautiful people

"I said to my teacher, ‘I can’t be a singer because I’m not pretty enough and I’m fat.’ And she looked at me and said, “Tell that to Nell Carter, babe.’ That changed my life forever!” Beth Ditto, giving good quote in her 482nd cover story, this time in Paper Magazine, which also has a behind-the-scenes video of her cover shoot (watch to see an awesome Slick Rick-style eyepatch that didn't make the cut).

Closing caves, sparing bats

Bat health isn't on everyone's radar, but it should be, biologists say. Bats are the only night-time bug killer over our agricultural fields, and their feasting saves farmers billions of dollars they'd otherwise be spending on pesticides and losing in crop failure.

Healthier school lunches

Sen. Blanche Lincoln gets a plug in the New York Times today for legislation providing a modest increase in federal money for school lunches and imposing new rules on nutritional value of school offerings.

Sauce for the goose

Karl Rove acolyte Tim Griffin (he once told Rove he'd thought of naming his child for him), his political skills honed as an attack dog for the Bush White House, flocks with similar birds.

About that 1st District debate

More, much more, from Democratic candidate Ben Ponder on the still unscheduled debates for candidates in the Democratic primary race for 1st District Congress to succeed Rep. Marion Berry.

Entergy rates to drop

Entergy Arkansas is now predicting a 15 percent drop in residential rates this summer, against an earlier forecast of 10 percent.

State of the City

Bottom line from Mayor Stodola this a.m. in his address at City Hall: Revenues down 6 percent.

Burgers gone by

Not far from our state's southern border lies a little town called Transylvania, LA.  Over the years people have stopped to photograph its bat-clad water tower, pick up a postcard and have lunch at the Transylvania General Store -- home of the Double Dare Outrageous Burger.

Register for the Rock Candy 500

Photo by Patrick Jones. Just a friendly reminder: The Rock Candy 500 is on the horizon.

New on UA Board

Gov. Mike Beebe has appointed Mark Waldrip of Moro to the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, succeeding Tim Hunt of Paragould in a seat representing the 1st Congressional District.


Just in case you're in the market, there's a purportedly-haunted doll for sale on Craigslist's Little Rock page right now.

Burning Truck Murders -- New Information

Pulaski County District Court Judge Wayne Gruber has approved the release of the arrest affidavits of Robert Todd Gatrell and Daniel Chase Gatrell, the two men currently held by police in the murder of Hannah Dowdie and her father Michael Palmer.

Trusty music video unearthed

Here's a time capsule, alright. Times photographer Brian Chilson hipped us to a VHS rip of Trusty's 1995 video for "A Modest Proposal" posted on Facebook yesterday by ex-Trusty James Brady.  It's great: all guys mugging for the camera and scampering about Monkees-style.

Smooth jazz, rough on Lincoln

Bill Halter has released a new radio ad hammering Sen. Blanche Lincoln for her stance(es) on health care reform.

Yeah, about that...

Jim Holt sent out press releases today knocking Sen. Gilbert Baker for co-sponsoring a "cap-and-trade" resolution in the Arkansas legislature last year.

Bush to El Dorado

That's right. Former president George W. Bush will be heading to El Dorado to speak at the signing ceremony for students receiving the El Dorado Promise scholarship.