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April 1, 2010

Vol 8 • No 12

Burning issues

From proposed coal plants to water pollution to fallout from gas exploration, it’s been a contentious year for environmental politics.

Some strategy for LRSD

I was just about to pack up my computer and head to the airport. For three weeks, Gerard and Leslie and David and Lindsey and Doug will be picking up slack for me here.

Have at it

Consider this your open line. Take a moment, if you will, to peruse the "Teabonics" Flickr photo stream, which features grammatically incorrect signs from tea parties around the country.

Heads above the roast

Hans Oliver has come a long way from the kid who used coffee to give an extra punch to his snack cakes. In fact, the world-traveled expert on all things coffee bean has come a long way just in the last five years.

Dillard surveys Arkansas history

If you think you know something about Arkansas history, pick up Tom Dillard’s new book. As the “Mr. Wizard” of Arkansas history, Dillard offers 74 portraits of the folks who, for better or worse, made us what we are today.

Don't Google Little Rock

Over 600 cities across the country applied to be the test site for a super high-speed network to be built by the Internet giant Google. Little Rock met the basic qualifications; however, the city did not apply by the deadline last Friday.

This Modern World

The To-Do List, April 1-7

G. Love & the Special Sauce; Charlaine Harris; Charlie Robison; Jack Oblivian, John Paul Keith, The Dirty Streets; 'Sounds of Liberation'; Community Easter Sunrise Service; Holly Golightly & the Brokeoffs

Worth the trip

Toad Suck Buck’s isn’t the kind of place you go just for the food, though it’s great. It’s an experience. Buck’s is out in the sticks, so you might have a little trouble finding it at all — the restaurant’s website warns that MapQuest directions will not get you there. But that’s part of the adventure.

The Observer, April 1

The Observer was headed for lunch last week when we stumbled into the middle of a Tea Party. They weren’t a particularly dangerous-looking bunch, but they did look like the sort of people you don’t want to spend much time around. Seriously lacking in judgment. Deeply discontented and not sure why.

It’s called ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’

“Hot Tub Time Machine” is named “Hot Tub Time Machine,” and that’s pretty much all you need to know about its seriousness as a cinematic venture. If that appeals to you, then this might be your catnip.

One party, one mob

It would help if leaders of the Republican Party would declare loudly their outrage over the threats that domestic terrorists have been making against Democrats since health-care reform passed. But the comments of Republican leaders have been barely audible over suggestions that Democrats brought this on themselves.

Words, April 1

I started thinking about political nicknames over the years. There’ve been a number of Bubbas and Buddys in the legislature and an occasional Doc. I remember a Sody (from “soda pop”) too. One Arkansas politician did use a physical disability as a nickname. C. G. “Crip” Hall was a longtime secretary of state.

Low taxes, big problems

When H. L. Mencken said that for every complex problem there is one explanation that is clear, simple and wrong, he had in mind the idea that spills from the lips of every Republican politician and that preoccupies the fevered brain of every tea partier and protester

This Modern World

Review: Designer's Choice Fashion Preview

Little Rock doesn’t boast of many fashion events, but if the Designer Choice Fashion Preview keeps placing designers of this caliber in its spotlight, fashion seekers will have a lot to look forward to.

A&E News, April 1

Save the date: On Thursday, May 6, the second annual Rock Candy 500 pinewood derby returns to the River Market Pavilion

NAACP: Where are the judges?

The president of the Arkansas chapter of the NAACP says African-American voters should think twice before giving a vote to incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln in the May 18 Democratic Primary.


What's Cooking, April 1

Through the month of April, Savor the City brings together a host of Little Rock restaurants that are offering discounted prix fixe lunch and dinner menus.

Smart Talk, April 1

An on-line condom store reported recently on what it claims is the first formal assessment of penis size since 1948 Kinsey research. It used its database from the sale of custom-fitted prophylactics to 27,000 men to rank the states and the 20 largest U.S. cities.


A message from successor ACO’s Facebook page this week said: "Buyer Beware! The US Chamber of Commerce is all for bailing out Wall Street, but are dead set against passing reforms that protect Main Street from loan sharks." So true. So needed. May a thousand new acorns take root.

Babe Bracket is back

The Buzz is at it again. But this year, despite the general grumblings we’ve heard from those in the media community around Little Rock, we found another reason to write about the Buzz’s annual contest: One station has asked that its on-air talent not be placed in the bracket.

Review covered

I play cover music because people in bars and restaurants want to hear music that they know, so we play cover music in bars. Kind of like you can’t sell a novel that people will buy so you write filler for a weekly rag that pretends to be a newspaper.


Books Calendar, April 1

Unless indicated, event is a reading and/or book signing.

Blanche goes bogus

It’s Blanche, actually, who has a public record that is obliging to multi-national corporations and drug companies. That doesn’t make her bad: it makes her a bit of a Republican.


Today we have a true-false test to see how much you know about the new health-care law. Grade yourself (honor system), and you don’t have to tell anybody how you scored unless you want to.

The Week That Was, March 24-30

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR …The NATURE CONSERVANCY. It bought a 4,500-acre cattle ranch that stretches along several miles of the Kings River near Eureka Springs in hopes the new preserve will improve water quality and fishing in the scenic stream.


If you've visited, attended, graduated, dropped out or couch-surfed at any college campus in America in the last 17 years, you've heard your fair share of Misters Love and Sauce, who come to Revolution tonight.

In Brief, April 1-3

As part of Hillcrest’s monthly Shop ’n’ Sip, Dave Raymond and Present Company plays a free early show at Box Turtle, 6 p.m. Denton’s Trotline in Benton gets the party jams of Mr. Lucky, 8 p.m., $5.

Recipe time: Possum Pie

  The recent addition to the Arkansas meat market, the opossum, has brought in much mail requesting recipes utilizing the nocturnal marsupial.

In the money

Bill Halter's campaign says they have raised over $2 million dollars in the first month of the lieutenant governor's bid to unseat Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

One more

Need another reason to be against Tim Griffin? Rep. Eric Cantor is for him.

Blazing trails

The Women's Legislative Caucus gathered yesterday at the Capitol to honor current and former women legislators.

So you wanna be in the pictures, eh, kid?

Still waiting for your big break as a featured extra in "The Last Ride?" If so, you can feed your lust for fame and start working on your talent reel today: Riverfest is looking for extras to roll out to Riverfest Amphitheater this afternoon for a commercial shoot.No pay, but they're showing good southern hospitality in return for your work: food, drinks and live entertainment.Also, they'll announce another big headliner at 5 p.m.

Best coverage ever?

Harold Pollack writes in The New Republic that the health care debate was, contrary to what you might think, covered very well by the media.

Thursday: G-Love and the Special Sauce

G. LOVE AND THE SPECIAL SAUCE9 p.m., Revolution. $20 adv., $25 d.o.s.If you've visited, attended, graduated, dropped out or couch-surfed at any college campus in America in the last 17 years, you've heard your fair share of Misters Love and Sauce.

Thursday To-Do: Charlaine Harris

CHARLAINE HARRIS7:30 p.m., Reynolds Performance Hall, UCA, Conway. Free.After pushing fiction from Brockmeier and Fitzgerald and memoirs from Rick Bragg and Shirley Abbott in years past, the Arkansas Center for the Book has given up.

Last call

Today is the last day to return your census form. Just fill it out people.

Don't Google Little Rock

If you checked out this week's Insider column, you already know that Little Rock didn't submit an application to become a test city for a super high-speed fiberoptic network that would be installed by Google.

Charter flight

In response to a question by a Little Rock School Board member Tuesday night, two reports on moves from the LRSD to charter schools -- one by the district's research team and the other data by individual schools -- have been made available to the board.

Mann the new man at the ASO

After a months long search, the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra today announced that it has selected Philip Mann as its new music director.

Child injured

An 8-year-old special needs child in the Little Rock School District opened his bus' emergency door this morning as the bus was pulling away from a curb in Chenal and fell to the ground, suffering a severe head injury.

Thursday: Adam Carroll, Michael O'Connor, Dave Raymond, Mr. Lucky

Adam Carroll. Famed Lonestar State singer/songwriter and White Water regular Adam Carroll returns to the tavern tonight, with fellow Texan Michael O'Connor, who's carved out an impressive, if largely unheralded, songwriting career himself.

Parks and wreck

Former Republican state legislator Marvin Parks is giving it Jim Holt. In a series of tweets, Parks lays out five reasons why Holt is not a good candidate for U.S. Senate.

Lincoln walks the line

Brummett tries to explain Sen. Blanche Lincoln's somewhat confusing stance(s) on health care reform. If you have a hand in crafting an epic new law that you support, then why not vote to reconcile amendments to it by the simple majority your leadership has deemed to be adequate and by which it’s going to pass with or without your vote?

Boling for dollars

A source close to the David Boling campaign for the second congressional district seat soon to be vacated by Rep. Vic Snyder says they have raised over $250,000 in the first quarter and have over $200,000 cash on-hand.

From the Encyclopedia of Arkansas

Governor Bill Clinton signs Act 343 of 1983, also known as the April Fools’ Day Act, making Arkansas the only state in the Union to recognize April Fools’ Day as an official state holiday.


Tea partiers are planning a fund-raising event with none other than Dick Morris. The event will be held at Cotham's on April 15.

Rolling on the river

Film crews are shooting a commercial for Riverfest at the River Market Pavilion. And what a great day for it too.

The most alarming April Fools' headlines of 2010

1. "Captain Beefheart to tour, release album."

Daily Digest: Kris, Armistead, David Foster, Lollapalooza

This guy dipped three tins of Skoal a day. Tech-savvy fans of the late David Foster Wallace will be thrilled to hear that his frustrating, divisive coup de grace, "Infinite Jest," has been released for the new Apple iPad with "enriched footnote capabilities."

Ludacris to Riverfest

What in the world is in that watch? Whatchoo got in that watch?

The kid's got spunk

Second district congressional candidate Patrick Kennedy calls out his opponents for not making their stands on specific issues known.

Maverick move?

Former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee came out in support of Scott Wallace today in the race for the Republican nomination in the second congressional district.

An open line...

for a beautiful day. I'm about to drive home with the windows open.


One of the most familiar, welcome voices in a landscape of pickups and coolers, Charlie Robison comes to Revolution tonight.


Fighting for open government

Remember the court case, pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, in which religious conservatives are trying to allow secrecy for people who sign ballot petitions?

GOP fight for the 2nd

This Scott Wallace v. Tim Griffin race might get interesting. Hometown boy vs. D.C. insider, as Mike Huckabee aptly characterized it in endorsing Wallace yesterday.

Friday To-Do: Charlie Robison

CHARLIE ROBISON8:30 p.m., Revolution, $10 adv., $12 d.o.s.This Austin singer/songwriter and judge for the first season of the now-defunct “Nashville Idol” (which gave Camden native Buddy Jewell the big win and songstress extraordinaire Miranda Lambert the boot, pun totally intended) is upfront about his newest LP, “Beautiful Day,” saying “let's get this out of the way up front … this is the divorce album.” But the split from his ex-wife, Emily Robison of the Dixie Chicks, has cranked up his signature, self-reflexive wit with lines like “she's hanging down in Venice with her Siamese cat/she's telling everybody she's a Democrat.” One of the most familiar, welcome voices in a landscape of pickups and coolers, Robison is always reliable to bring out a sizable crowd.

She stood with Obama?

Lincoln's posturing won "worst person" honors from Keith OlbermannIn an examination of the many faces of Blanche Lincoln, The Nation reports that she's running advertisements on "black radio" stations in Arkansas that claim "she stood with our president to pass healthcare reform."  And "Even though the Tea Party and insurance companies attacked Blanche Lincoln, she never abandoned our president, nor you."  Halter's put up a response ad asking, who's she trying to fool?

Kooks to Beebe: get out

CNN is reporting that Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe is one of thirty American governors who have received letters from a group who warns them to resign within three days or be removed, in accordance with the group's "Restore America Plan."

Cheap eats at Ciao

Everyone’s looking for a bargain these days. But eating on the cheap doesn’t mean you have to eat cheap food.

The Weekend: Bonnie and Mandy, Epiphany, Cody Belew, Ryan Couron, Damn Bullets, Fear Factory, Kingsdown, Grim Muzik, more

Ryan Couron. FRIDAY, APRIL 2Early times, Bonnie Montgomery and Mandy McBride sing pretty during happy hour at the Town Pump, 5:30 p.m., free.Local rap standout Epiphany performs at the new Bill Street pub, 10 p.m., $5.

About our Jazzy

Arkansas Business media writer Sam Eifling reports on the passing of beloved blogger Jazzy: She inspired kinship by writing with fortitude, pluck and only a trace of decorum, ranging on topics from her kids to Francophilia, New Orleans, her low opinion of Republicans ("three-inchers," she called them) and - no other phrase fits - general joie de vivre.

Kris Allen's April 7 appearance canceled?

"Legal issues?!" A few corners of the internet are reporting that Kris Allen will not play the "One Day Without Shoes" benefit on April 7.

Forged in Arkansas

The Oxford American will host its first-ever Best of the South Gala tomorrow night. Awards will be presented to Morgan Freeman, for Outstanding Contributions to Southern Culture, and to author Charles Portis, for Lifetime Achievement in Southern Literature.

Saturday To-Do: 'Sounds of Liberation'

'SOUNDS OF LIBERATION'8 p.m., Cotham's in the City. $10 A music, word and visual art event described as “an aural baptism,” “Sounds of Liberation” will try to pack a lot of talent in Cotham's event space.

Saturday To-Do" Jack Oblivian-John Paul Keith-The Dirty Streets


Sunday To-Do: Community Easter Sunrise Service

COMMUNITY EASTER SUNRISE SERVICE7 a.m., Riverfest Amphitheatre. Free.Since 1989, the Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church has hosted this ecumenical service down by the river.

Re-elect Lincoln, bankers say

"Wealthy bankers" cheered Sen. Lincoln today when she appeared before the Delta Caucus at the Clinton Presidential Center.

Krisgate 2010: Kris in attendance, not performing.

Wha' happened? Phew.

Daily Digest: Ditto smash, Greg Brown, "U.S. of Tara," W.F. Baby

It's impossible to improve on this headline: "Beth Ditto squashes Alpine skier on Austrian TV show."

Looking up?

State revenues were higher than expected, but still below last year's totals for March.

Farm fresh

Can't wait for the Farmer's Market to get going? Get a jump on farm fresh produce tomorrow at Bean Mountain Farms annual sale.

P*ssed off

From the New York Times, an article about a urologist in Florida who says you can take your plumbing elsewhere if you like Obama.

Memphis boogie

With Jack Oblivian, John Paul Keith and The Dirty Streets at White Water Tavern Saturday night.

On the road

While I still have ready Internet -- and am arising at 4 a.m. LR time to check e-mail -- I'm going to put up a post now and then as the spirit moves.

ACORN lives on

Contrary to reports (and my own understanding of those reports), even the national ACORN organization says it will continue to fight on "to counter the vicious antifamily, antiminority, anti-immigrant attacks of the Republican right."

Score one for Womack

Rogers Mayor Steve Womack managed to distinguish himself slightly, but importantly, from the eight-person Republican field for 3rd District Congress.

Icebox off limits

We wrote recently about the closing of caves on public property in Arkansas to slow the spread of the deadly white nose fungus that has killed up to 2 million bats in the Northeast and south along the Appalachians.

Lazy Saturday

I spent mine in the garden, and then sipping self-congratulatory beers. What about you guys?

Worth the trip

Thanks to the steaks and atmosphere at Toad Suck Buck’s.

Watch out

Suzi Parker, writing for Politics Daily, discusses the likelihood of Republican take-over of Rep. Vic Snyder's second congressional district seat.

GOPers to Steele: Stop it, please

As you may have noticed, Easter blogging has been light. But this was just too good.

Furloughs in Fayetteville

KTHV is reporting that the city of Fayetteville is considering mandatory furloughs, basically resulting in a shut-down of the city government on selected days, to remedy budget shortfalls.

Go ahead...

Do your worst. The line is open.

Burning issues

From proposed coal plants to water pollution to fallout from gas exploration, it's been a contentious year for environmental politics.

Big spender

Walmart made the Center for Responsive Politics' "Heavy Hitters List," a run-down of more than 100 organizations that gave the most money to politicians, PACs and political parties.

Back and forth

The Washington Post this morning has a pretty good summary of what's happening on the Democratic side of the U.S. Senate race between Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter.

Opening day

It's here, baseball lovers. Use the comments sections for stories, memories and predictions for the new season.

Funny line of the day

From a description of Sunday's Easter Parade down Fifth Avenue in New York City:"Gallas, who has been attending the parade for 30 years, also brought along her eastern box turtle, Tuck, but left his cowboy hat at home . . .

Welcoming Zenyatta

Horse racing fans are invited to welcome the undefeated Thoroughbred Zenyatta to Hot Springs tomorrow morning at the Hot Springs Municipal Airport Memorial Field.

Baker on the TV

Sen. Gilbert Baker released his first round of radio and television ads today. The big message: President Obama, bad.

Report from the Oxford American gala: Charles Portis really doesn't like having his picture made

Portis accepting the Lifetime Achievement in Southern Literature award. Photo by Rett Peek.


Morgan Freeman. Photo by Rett Peek.

Party animal

From the e-mailbag: The threat of violence that lurks in the Tea Party rhetoric has been nowhere more plainly revealed than in the D-G story yesterday (Page 1B) with its quote from an organizer of the Tea Party national tour who was passing through LR the day before.

Monday: Joe Sundell, Richie Johnson, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza

Joe Sundell, tonight at WWT. Damn Bullet Joe Sundell plays a solo show with his own brand of peppy roots-folk with his signature rubber voice.

Maybe Census not so bad after all

Karl Rove is now appearing in public service announcements to encourage people to fill out their Census forms.

In the money: 2nd district

Blake Rutherford, over at Blake's Think Tank, is reporting that second congressional district candidate John Adams has raised over $50,000 for his campaign so far.

The Romany Rye soon to be the next must-see Little Rock band

 Luke MacMaster with dudes who are soon to be Little Rockers. How's this for awesome cosmic justice?

Norris Church Mailer revisits past

Norris Church and Norman Mailer. Norris Church Mailer, the Russellville-born writer, painter, model and sixth (and final) wife of Norman Mailer, has a memoir, "A Ticket to the Circus," out tomorrow.


The hits just keep on coming. At Polluter Harmony, which claims to be "the number one match-making site for polluters, industry lobbyists and politicians," you can watch the "Charles and Blanche Story." According to the video, Charles, an oil industry executive, and Sen. Lincoln have been matched since 2004.

Here we go

Here's your open line. Got anything good?

Sign of Spring.

With the sudden heat that's come across our state (which we'll fondly dream of as "cool weather" come July) comes that culinary staple of the season:  frozen desserts.  I noticed the other day that Shake's Frozen Custard has reopened on Westhaven Drive.  I found this Small Fudge Brownie Concrete ($2.97, $3.25 with tax) was a nice quick and satisfying treat on a lovely warm afternoon.

Heads above the roast

Father and son hobbyists go pro at Guillermo’s Gourmet Grounds.

Oh well

Back in February, I told you about a guy named Pete Warden. Warden was collecting tons of Facebook user data that he planned to turn over to researchers.

Pippen to the Hall

Scottie Pippen earned a position among the NBA basketball elite with his induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Forum wrap-up

Other things kept us busy here yesterday, so we couldn't get out to the second congressional district candidate forum held yesterday at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Filling a gap

  Eureka Springs is known for a rather organic, Bohemian lifestyle.

Farewell to Walker Tennis Center

Tennis players will bid farewell to Walker Tennis Center with matches, story-telling and picture taking from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Privatize it?

Illinois is looking into privatizing their lottery to help the state muddle through budget woes.


Or unfortunate. Or both.

Tuesday: Stella Fancy, Paul Sammons, Taddy Porter

Belated birthday boy and Hector Faceplant. The local musician and all around wild man code named Sulac is getting a birthday party tonight at White Water Tavern; two of his bands, Hector Faceplant and Winston Family Orchestra play alongside his buddies (and ours) Stella Fancy, 10 p.m.Hot Springs acoustic guitarist extraordinaire Paul Sammons plays Town Pump, 10 p.m., $3.

AG says no to ballot measure

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel issued an opinion today on Secure Arkansas' request for a ballot measure intended to prohibit enforcement of new health care laws.

Biker friendly

Bicycling Magazine lists Little Rock as the 49th most bike-friendly city in the United States.

Arkansas Music Video Competition is back

The Little Rock Film Festival, soon to enter their fourth year this June, is back with their third Arkansas Music Video Competition.

No butts at White Water

Since it was founded in 1972, White Water Tavern has been, at various times and often all at once, a biker bar, a rendezvous for Arkansas politicos and the definitive Mecca for live, local music.

A hit for net neutrality

Video from A federal court has ruled that the Federal Communications Commission lacks the authority to impose net neutrality rules on intenet providers.

A Huck divided against itself

Team Huck and Huck PAC have endorsed different Republican primary candidates in the race for a Tennessee third district congressional seat.

Viva North Little Rock!

North of the river is where you'll find the largest cultural culinary convention in the U.S. this year come September.  MERA's 2010 International Convention will be held in North Little Rock September 27-29 at the Wyndham Riverfront, Pulaski Technical College, and Arkansas Governor's Mansion (yes, I'm aware the Mansion's not in North Little Rock).  Some 250-300 Mexican restaurant owners and operators from across the U.S. and internationally will attend.  This year's theme, "The Mexican Restaurant:  Celebrating Mexico's Independence and Revolution, 200 Years of Independence, 100 Years of Revolution" coincides with the bi-centennial of Mexico's independence from Spain and the 100th anniversary of its revolution.  Seminars will cover Mexican history, how to incorporate local foods into menus, how to harness the Internet and of course food demonstrations and discussions.  More information available at the MERA website.

The threats continue

A Selah, Washington man was arrested today for threatening to kill Sen. Patty Murray because of her support for the health care reform bill.

Tuesday afternoon is never ending

It's been a long day. Thanks to everyone for tuning in.


This Modern World


Equal parts Lynn Anderson, Robert Pollard and John Lurie, with a flair for fashion akin to Granny's in “The Beverly Hillbillies,” Holly Golightly comes to Sticky Fingerz.

Debate time

Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate will debate Friday, April 23 at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

The last one

On Monday, Lindsey Millar wrote a great post on Rock Candy about Norris Church Mailer, the Russellville native, writer, painter, model and wife of Norman Mailer.

Duggar baby goes home

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 19th child, who was born prematurely and weighed only one pound and six ounces at birth, has been sent home from Children's Hospital.

In the money

A Democratic National Committee sources tells the Huffington Post that the DNC raised $13 million in March.

Say Say Say

Well, I had to go and do it. I had to find out about Say McIntosh’s new place.

Say Say Say

Well, I had to go and do it. I had to find out about Say McIntosh’s new place.

Wednesday To-Do: Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

HOLLY GOLIGHTLY & THE BROKEOFFS9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $7.From the Teddy Boy movement of the '70s to the brogued hounds that still scour through dusty boxes of 45s in Memphis' record stores, it's no secret that the UK harbors a sizable population of Southern garage-rock fetishists.

A bridge to somewhere

The Clinton Presidential Center announced this morning that a grant awarded by the Economic Development Administration will give the city of Little Rock and the Clinton Foundation the funds needed to begin renovating the Rock Island Bridge.

De-friend your mom

KATV reports on a pretty interesting (or asinine, depending on your taste) story about an Arkadelphia teenager who is suing his mom for harrassing him on Facebook.

ZZ Top return to the river

From Riverfest two years ago (?). Photo by Brian Chilson.

Postcard from afar

Just FYI: Max writes in to let everyone know that heavy rains hit Rio after they had already left. There was some concern on last night's open line that flooding might rain on the Brantley's parade, but all seems to be well.

UPDATED: Plea deal for Wright

Arkansas News Bureau is reporting that former Clinton aide Betsey Wright, who is accused of smuggling contraband material into a prison, will accept a plea deal from prosecutors this afternoon.

Finally, honors

Isadore Banks, a black man in Marion who in 1956 1954 was chained to a tree and set on fire, is the subject of this CNN piece posted earlier today.

Wednesday: Bluesboy Jag, Benefit for Charlotte Taylor, Voodoo Glow Skulls

Local bluesman Bill "Bluesboy Jag" Jagitsch (above) hits White Water tonight with Smokestack and The Foothill Fury.

Come on rain

This nasty pollen has got to go. We've successfully made it through hump-day.