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April 6, 2006

Vol 4 • No 12

Kick the habit

If Gov. Huckabee can kick the tobacco habit so can lawmakers. Tobacco companies have larded the campaign treasuries of Huckabee and legislators of both parties and nearly always got their money’s worth, but the workplace smoking bill this week ought to te

TV by phone

We don’t know how it goes around your office, but around the halls of the Arkansas Times, people love to gripe about three things (when the Hogs aren’t playing, that is): weather, politicians and cable television — not necessarily in that order.

A new surgeon

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has hired a second liver transplant surgeon for its new program. Joining Dr. Youmin Wu will be Dr. Frederick Bentley, a specialist in liver, kidney and kidney-pancreas transplantation.

Red poetry

Our topic today is poetry, and the proper appreciation of it, this being Poetry Month in Arkansas, officially so proclaimed by the governor. As I understand it, we’re all supposed to do our part in honoring our poets and giving them to know that we care.

So long to a governor’s governor

To be so smart and talented and well-intentioned, maybe the best politician of his time, Bill Clinton could make a heck of a mess. Jim Pledger could straighten things out.

Will the minority rule?

I’m a reformed smoker. I understand the addiction.

The drug disaster

Rep. Marion Berry, a Democrat who represents the eastern part of Arkansas, is one of the few members of Congress who have strongly criticized President Bush’s Medicare prescription drug program. He got to do it again when he was asked by the Democratic le

Smart Talk April 6

This week: Asa and Atticus Finch; Central stars in science; Huck's words and deeds on music education.

This Modern World April 6

The week that was March 29-April 4

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … A SPECIAL SESSION. Emerging consensus on school funding gave a green light to a special legislative session this week.

Stop! In the name of love

Listening to a “Morning Edition” segment about immigration on National Public Radio last Friday, I nearly choked on my breakfast cereal when I heard California Sen. Dianne Feinstein say: “I met with landscape contractors this morning. Eighty-six perce

A noble cave-in

By week’s end, the legislature will have passed and Gov. Huckabee will have signed into law a bill raising the minimum wage for nearly all Arkansas workers, and every one who cast that vote will go home feeling noble for having lifted up the least of th

Orval April 6

The Observer Apri 6

A bicycling friend of The Observer’s teen was ever so happy to load her wheels in our van and head to The Observer’s air-conditioned home. She’d been riding her bike on what was a glorious April 1, peddling all about the neighborhood. Then she realized, b

Music coverage

I just finished reading Amy Brawner’s Little Rocking Blog coverage of the SXSW festival, and all I can say is, “Wow, you got to see Morrissey!” Oh, wait a minute, there was an Arkansas band playing, but you didn’t bother showing up to support them or give

Editorial cartoon April 6

Children's considers transplant program

When the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences announced it had recruited Dr. Youmin Wu to inaugurate its liver transplant program, it noted that Wu held the record for a successful transplant in the youngest person — a 19-day-old baby.

Eggs by the dozens

Youth Home marks its 40th year with its 15th annual Eggshibition Friday, April 7, at the Metroplex.

City sales tax advances

Little Rock city leaders are continuing to move toward recommending one or more sales tax increases to fund a variety of public safety needs, and it is increasingly likely that the tax measures will be brought before voters this year.

Smith brings out color

Little Rock’s most famous green thumb has done it again: He’s put out a gardening book of classic dimensions. Not only is Smith’s premise genuine (not all gardening books’ are), but his information is hugely useful to the plant lover struggling for the ri

What’s Happening in April

A list of readings, signings at Arkansas bookstores.

Literary Festival promises busy weekend

The third annual Arkansas Literary Festival begins April 20 in Little Rock’s River Market District and will feature a diverse group of authors that includes historian John Hope Franklin and political journalist Joe Klein.

What we're reading

Top ten bestsellers from WordsWorth, That Bookstore at Mountebanq Place, That Bookstore in Blythesville.

What's cooking/Capsule reviews April 6

What’s cooking: Poncho’s Villa, Starbucks. Capsule reviews: Lenny’s Sub Shop, Seventh Street Cafe.

Twisters, Kat Trio blow in

Arkansas Twisters open their Arena Football 2 home season at Alltel Arena on Saturday, April 8, against the Amarillo Dusters; the violin-clarinet-piano ensemble from Russia known as the “Kat Trio” will perform a free concert Thursday, April 6, at Asbury U

Twisters don't pass the buck

Like most new entertainment ventures, the Arkansas Twisters took Alltel Arena and Central Arkansas by storm. And, like those same entertainment outlets, after the newness wore off, the Twisters discovered they had to sell themselves.

The past revealed — partly

We are familiar with the tangible facts of prehistoric Indian life in Arkansas, pipes and bean pots and dart points and arrow points, from before the time of Christ to the coming of the Europeans. But familiarity goes out the window at the Old State House

An April shower of new books

You won’t be able to think of the Iraq War the same way –- well, not for a few days anyway -– after perusing “This Is Our War: A Soldiers’ Portfolio,” a hardcover album of photos taken by American soldiers themselves and published by Artisan, a division o

Have some 'Madea,' my dear

Playwright and actor Tyler Perry brought explosive amounts of humor in his newest play “Madea Goes to Jail,” performed Tuesday and Wednesday last week at Alltel Arena.

An understandable Code

Whatever musical language the Codetalkers -- who play Friday at Sticky Fingerz -- speak in, it would be a perfect example to shoot into space to show aliens just how stream-of-consciousness and spacey Earthlings can get.

To Tuscany and back again

When the crowds are not shy of West 12th Street at night that’s amore!

Newest ‘Ice Age’ melts heart

“Ice Age: The Meltdown” is a clever little film, one that never really succumbs to the “big message” sermonizing that can still creep into even the best of modern children’s movies.

TV highlights April 6-12

SPECIAL SESSION LIVE COVERAGE Started April 3 (Comcast Ch. 18) AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: BOY IN THE BUBBLE 8 p.m., Monday, April 10 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) NOVA: HUNT FOR THE SUPERTWISTER 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 11 AETN (Comcast

ASO, singers, choirs join together for Verdi’s ‘Aida’

David Itkin has never conducted the opera “Aida.” But with his Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and the mass of singers being assembled to swarm the Robinson Center Music Hall stage, he says it’s a concert-style program he can’t wait to lead.

Tiny schools loom large

The most horrible bill of last week’s special session passed overwhelmingly in the House and probably would have passed in the Senate if ever-steady Jim Argue hadn’t been so well-positioned.

New Clinton School Dean?

We hear University of Arkansas System officials will meet today to select David Pryor's successor as dean of the Clinton School of Public Service.

New Clinton School Dean?

We hear University of Arkansas System officials will meet today to select David Pryor's successor as dean of the Clinton School of Public Service.

Welcome to our new location

In an effort to improve this blog, we have updated our software, and this is our new location.

Welcome to our new location

In an effort to improve this blog, we have updated our software, and this is our new location.

To do Wednesday: Movies in the Park

Movies in the Park keeps dealing with the vagarities of springtime weather, as last week's scheduled showing of "Jurassic Park" has been moved to tonight at Riverfest Amphitheatre.

Sports Column: J.R. and Henry look further into Hog football

J.R. and Henry: It’s Really a Six-Game Season You have been reading the newspapers, message boards and listening to talk radio just like us.

Notice our new blog location

Like the other, improving Arkansas Times blogs, welcome to our new location for Little Rocking.

A good morning on KUAR

Thanks to the Blog readers who chipped in during my stint on KUAR's beg-a-thon this morning. I paid my promised dues by credit card.

Gettin' out: Wednesday

AmyB checks in where where you need to be tonight, after the jump:

Tiger is coming

We ran into a PR guy on the street who passes along word of a visit to LR in May by Tiger Woods.

AEA endorsements

We have the AEA endorsements that several readers mentioned yesterday. Beebe, Hathorn, Suskie, Daniels and Campbell in the statewide races.

First transplant

This just in: The first pediatric liver transplant in Arkansas was performed last Friday and the patient went home Tuesday.

June Pointer dies at 52

The "Night Shift" of Marvin, Jackie et al. now has one of the Pointer Sisters join 'em.

For Springsteen fans

Yes, we know there are some of you Bruce fans out there, besides the usual suspects of John Brummett, Michael Marion, Kelley Bass, Tom Wood, Tim Taylor and Chuck Spohn (are we forgetting any of the regulars?).

Riverfest: Morris Day and the Time is returning

That's what we're hearing today, that Prince's old buddy Morris Day and the Time band, which played Riverfest back in 2000 or thereabouts with raindrops pounding on everyone, including Morris Day, on that last night of a great festival, will be back this year to rock the house, or the riverfront, or however you want to put it.

The income gap

Columnist Steve Lopez in the LA Times writes about the haves and have nots and the pressure put by illegals on wages at the low end of the scale.