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April 21, 2005

Vol 3 • No 14

Letters April 21

I moved to the Little Rock area in 1980 when the Arkansas Gazette was still being published. In the intervening years since it stopped publication, while I have suffered through the editorial pages and letters to the editor of the Dem-Gaz, I have been wan


Bentonville and Bigelow have at least one thing in common. They get a whole lot more than they give.

This Modern World April 21

Bush's war on the poor

After an uninterrupted string of victories, President Bush’s magnificent war seems to have turned the corner. If it were not for one small insurgency, 2005 might be the year that he could claim final victory. Not in Iraq. I’m talking about the undecl

Get dirty

Clubgoers better have had lots of sleep coming into this week, because there’s no rest for the club weary during the next few days, starting with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band at Sticky Fingerz on Thursday, April 21.

Fair run

In 1970, Helen and Norman Scott opened the tiny gallery Art Fair at 822 W. Seventh St., using their own collection of decorative oils as its stock. Today, Art Fair’s descendent, Cantrell Gallery at 8206 Cantrell Road, has turned its focus to local ta

Editorials April 21

It is bad enough that U.S. Rep. Marion Berry, nominally a Democrat, voted to permanently repeal the federal estate tax, a repeal that was a key element of the Republican program to comfort the wealthy. He compounded the offense by adopting the Republicans

More picks April 21-27

Robert Cochran, the curator for the Old State House Museum’s exhibit “Send You Back to Arkansas: Our Own Sweet Sounds II,” will appear at the museum for a book signing and reception on Wednesday, April 27, from 4-6 p.m. His second book concerning Arkansas

Smart Talk April 21

In Little Rock between Feb. 18 and 21, two people looked out to see 200 ring-billed gulls in their backyards. Well — they weren’t actually in the backyards, on top of the dog house and all. They were probably flying down the Arkansas River, which is where

The Observer April 21

Hello, Joey Lauren Adams. Yes, we’re talking to you: Star of stage and screen, Joey Lauren Adams. We know it’s late and all, but can The Observer be in your movie? We feel like a jerk asking, and we know there’s probably no room at the inn at this p

What's cooking-capsule reviews April 21

What's cooking: Vodka tasting at Nu; Fire Mountain. Capsule reviews: Caffe Mocha, Spunky Pig BBQ

The Insider April 21

The Rev. Alma Beck, who was featured along with other gay Arkansans in a recent Arkansas Times cover story on their struggle to work and live where they wish without fear of discrimination, will not be asked to return to her teaching job at the Episcopal

Words April 21

“The sleuths’ findings were published in the summer 1999 issue of the Arkansas Historical Quarterly, titled ‘Total Eclipse: The Destruction of the African American Community of Harrison, Arkansas, in 1905 and 1909.’ … As a read, the article is a page-turn

Peabody gets party started

Those three Peabody-Little Rock Rooftop parties that proved quite popular last year will be back in weekly form through the summer starting May 6 and with a new name. They’re not really on the rooftop like they are at Memphis’ Peabody, but they are abou

Orval April 21

Cheap at Chi’s: Dim sum

Believe it or not, Chinese food in this country doesn’t resemble the typical fare in China. (The New York Times had an article a few months ago about General Tso’s Chicken, the quintessential dish in most Chinese restaurants in the U.S. They discovered th

Best and worst of the legislature

Here are the five best and five worst performers in the recent legislative session. To accentuate the positive, we’ll begin with the best, in order.

Low expectations

My plan was to contrast the legislature’s broken promise to improve public education with the little-noticed advancement this year of higher education. After all, the state will increase its spending on colleges and universities by $76 million, or 12

Editorial cartoon April 21

'Pitch' delivers

During the last decade, the Farrelly brothers have earned a well-deserved ranking among America’s best comedic filmmakers with their hilarious vulgarity and quirky characters. Their latest, “Fever Pitch,” draws much less from the crude humor that put t

TV highlights

AMERICAN JUSTICE: LARRY FLYNT 8 p.m. Thursday, April 21 A&E (Comcast Ch. 51) While not many of us are well adjusted enough to publicly profess a love of “Hustler” magazine, lots of First Amendment fans in recent years have gained a grudging respect f

Early birds, go get those worms

There’s nothing I love more than a good garage sale, but the whole driving-all-over-town thing can be a bit of a drag, especially at the crack of dawn on a weekend morning. Next weekend offers a respite: Plow your gas money back into the $5 admission to t

Lost bills

A number of proposals that enjoyed broad support in the late lamented state legislative session somehow didn’t make it through to enactment.

The ‘Lucille’ law

B.B. King owes several facets to his career to Arkansas. Soon, there will be a monument to mark one of them — where King got the name for his guitar, Lucille.

It happens every year

Of course, the 2005 legislature accomplished some things. Every legislature does. Legislators cobbled together a budget to keep state government running for another two years, and without raising taxes. They took steps, however faltering, to continue comp

Smooth palate for a cappella

The 2-year-old River City Men’s Chorus presented “From Stage and Screen” at Trinity United Methodist Church to an auditorium filled to the brim, even overflowing into the aisles with charmed listeners.

Legislative low points

Here is a prejudiced summary of some of the work of the 84th Arkansas General Assembly:

The week that was, April 13-19

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … BOOKS. Filled venues (we’d say sold out venues but most events were free) were the order of the day at the Arkansas Literary Festival, which enjoyed a sunny, entertaining and enlightening sophom

The gas price story

It’s a common bone of contention for drivers, even when the cost of gas isn’t at the astronomical levels we’ve seen lately: Why does a gallon of gasoline in El Dorado — or Pine Bluff, or Fayetteville— cost 20 cents more than it does in Little Rock, or vic

‘Finding Nemo’ skates into Alltel Arena

Alltel Arena has added an extra performance of Disney on Ice’s “Finding Nemo” this weekend: Pencil in a 5:30 p.m. show on Sunday, bringing to eight the number of performances of the Disney/Pixar animated movie at Alltel through Sunday, April 24. (“Nemo” o

The face of school reorganization

The hiring of two Florida men earlier this month to fill the top new positions in the reorganized Little Rock School District administration may have filled out the tip of the reorganization iceberg, but further down the pecking order, people like lead el

Back to ‘Little Rock’

During his years at Hendrix College in Conway in the mid-1990s, singer-songwriter Hayes Carll says, he never played a show in Little Rock. But he thought he knew it well enough to write a song and title his newest CD after it. He started selling “Little R

Kids, big 4-wheelers: asking for injury

A couple of Saturdays ago, 12-year-old Chad House, who’s just under 5 feet tall, climbed on top of his grandfather’s 400 Arctic Cat all-terrain vehicle, started off down a gravel road and drove right into Arkansas Children’s Hospital’s statistics on ATV i

This Modern World April 28