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Academic All-Stars

Academic All-Stars

May 1, 2022

Vol 45 • No 56

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2022 Arkansas Times Academic All-Stars team

The 2022 Arkansas Times Academic All-Star Team, the 28th team the Times has honored, includes a renowned crossword constructor, budding activists, enterprising craftspeople and tireless volunteers. There’s rarely a B on the transcripts of these students in not just this, their senior year, but in any year of their high school careers.

The straight dope on delta-8 THC in Arkansas

The intoxicating cousin to marijuana is widely available and free of regulation — for now.

Street corner preacher

At the intersection, but not intersectional.

Red state: Arkansas's pro-gun, 'tough-on-crime' policies are killing us

Those white guys in suits at the Arkansas Capitol who pretend to be above the fray are the very people responsible for crafting a system where guns and blood flow freely.

The notorious Bullfrog Valley Gang

Wily counterfeiters. 

The scoop: A milkshake roundup

This particular round-up of Central Arkansas milkshake options was brought to you by a fractured tooth, but with warmer weather coming, don’t wait for a dental emergency to give some of these shakes a fair shake.

A Q&A with trailblazer Judson Scanlon, North Little Rock candidate for state rep

The first openly transgender candidate to run for a seat in the Arkansas legislature is focused on getting universal drivers ed in schools. Salacious, right?

Trump and Putin

For whatever solace it might offer, one positive from Vladimir Putin’s genocide and plunder of Ukraine is that we no longer have to wait in ignorance for some future revelation — perhaps from a source such as, let’s say, the Kremlin archives in 2052 — of what lay behind the strange and now nearly decade-old partnership of the little dictator and the future leader of the free world. 

Block Party: Rodney Block's secrets to playing everything, everywhere, all of the time

Block's a one-man Arkansas music institution, equally likely to show up on stage in front of a packed house at the White Water Tavern as he is a black-tie fundraiser, sometimes on the same day.

From Ukraine to Hot Springs: Alexa’s Creperie is a family-owned European cafe that has spanned 15 years and two continents

Husband and wife Sergiy and Yana Polyakov opened Alexa’s Creperie in Brussels in 2006 and moved it to Hot Springs in 2015.