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May 19, 2005

Vol 3 • No 18

No strings on me

The idiot’s guide to Arkansas’s (present and future) wireless world

The case for fat

President Clinton and Bro.-Gov. Huckabee are on a crusade against fat. They want everybody to be svelte. They want everybody to be trim, exactly the word that contemporary hog farmers use. They want everybody to exercise off all that rump tallow. They

Excellence at Mills

There are more than 27,000 public high schools in the United States, and one in Arkansas is getting attention because it ranks 59th in the nation for having nearly half of its students taking difficult courses that could lead them to a better education an

The week that was May 11-17

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE. It could gain 3,500 jobs and some 40 C-130 aircraft if a federal commission approves the Pentagon’s recommendations for military base closures and realignment.

The Observer May 19

Entomologist Michael Warriner is looking for bumble-watchers, and The Observer is thinking of signing up. To be a bumble-watcher, The Observer will have to spend at least 45 minutes over three days between now and June 24 to count the bumblebees we see

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Vermillion Italian Bistro; From the Garden. Capsule reviews: Lenny's Sub Shop; Casa Viva.

‘Unleashed’ has Freeman, and heart

I like Morgan Freeman. A lot. It’s been a joy through the years to watch my old childhood pal Easy Reader from PBS’ “Electric Company” transform into the best actor working today.

A Chameleon of many colors

Every area of town has them — those cursed locations where, for no obvious reason, no business can stay afloat longer than six months. It’s like there some kind of invisible Cone of Doom surrounding them. Signs that would be bright and optimistic anywhere

Up against the Wal-Mart

Honest uncomplaining physical toil is not an estimable thing anymore and it is apt not to be rewarded. Even the complacent courts tell us this is so. The weekly syllabus of the Arkansas Court of Appeals can be a primer in contemporary social conditio

Orval May 19

Al Hibbler: 'Unchained'

Albert George Hibbler was born in Tyro, Miss., on Aug. 16, 1915, but many sources list the singer’s birthplace as Little Rock.

Help others, help yourself

Ten years ago, when I was studying politics at the University of Arkansas, the consensus among students and professors was that Hispanics were destined to play an important role in state politics.

Editorial cartoon May 19

Smart Talk May 19

HGTV, the cable channel devoted to home and garden, has chosen North Little Rock for a $50,000 grant in a joint program with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

But where was Renee?

The only people who left last Thursday night’s Kenny Chesney/Gretchen Wilson/Uncle Kracker show disappointed were hoping to (a) catch a glimpse of Chesney’s new bride, the comely actress Renee Zellweger, or (b) catch a glimpse of Chesney without his s

Graduation honors

I went to a dinner for UALR contributors a few weeks ago and came away impressed by a public relations film that told the UALR story vividly through its students.

Painting gets big bid

The good news is that an important painting by Hudson River School artist Asher B. Durand will eventually make its way to a new Arkansas museum. The bad news — depending on how you look at it — is that there’s some doubt the state will benefit from wh

Taylor’s preparations for title bout difficult

Tired of punching air and a speed bag, Jermain Taylor soon will be begging trainer Pat Burns for a live target. Taylor will make the plea next week or the week after and Burns will slow-play his fighter.

Editorials May 19

We don’t hear much about vouchers in Arkansas — charter schools being the preferred method of undermining the public school system in these parts — but in urban areas to the north, the voucher scheme is still being worked. There’s a reason for the differe

Need a Lovedrug?

Lovedrug, an indie progressive rock band that has drawn favorable comparisons to such acts as Muse, Queen and Radiohead, will appear at Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom on Thursday, May 19.

More picks May 19-25

Bird walks, fishing, talks from experts on the recently rediscovered ivory-billed woodpecker and a visit by Elvis are on the schedule Saturday, May 21, for the fourth annual Big Woods Birding Festival at Clarendon.

More good news from the Delta

The annual Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Arts Center ends an undistinguished period of so-so shows with its 48th incarnation this year, with entries that are solid, professional, thought-provoking and for the most part unhindered by pretension.

Words May 19

“That is precisely why programs like ‘The Newshour with Jim Lehrer’ and ‘Washington Week’ are so important — because they offer in-depth reporting about the real issues rather than focusing on celebrities or offering fast-paced sound bytes.” Those ar

Weekend rocks

Often when a small volunteer theater such as the TWT attempts a large production, its performance flops along with its ambitions. Such could have easily been the case with its latest play “The Cradle Will Rock,” hosting a cast of more than 30 acting par

This Modern World May 19

Surf at your own risk!

“Security awareness is important,” says Jack Tipshus, a Wi-Fi expert with computing services at UALR. “It’s just like locking the doors on your car, keeping the air in your tires, and checking the oil. It’s one of those things that requires maintenance. Y

Look out, Win Paul’s talking

If I had Win Paul Rockefeller’s money, I wouldn’t be running for governor and spending a perfectly lovely Saturday evening eating hotel banquet fare with a roomful of newspaper people.

Letters May 19

It was a joy to get the news that a species thought to be extinct since 1944 has been discovered in Arkansas. The ivory-billed woodpecker is indeed a wonderful bird. However, I was not surprised to learn that a species which the world thought was extinct

TV highlights

SALT MINES 8 p.m. Thursday, May 18 The History Channel (Comcast Ch. 70) Though that box of salt you grab every couple of months at the grocery store might seem like the cheapest possible commodity these days, there was a time when salt was one of t

Getting down ’n’ dirty

OK, so we didn’t get many of those proverbial April showers, but thanks to the magic of sprinklers, May can be full of flowers anyway. With that in mind, I’m taking a cue from the theme for this year’s Arkansas Heritage Month (“Arkansas Gardens: The R


Bluetooth: A technology developed by Sony Ericsson, which allows devices like mobile phones, laptops, PDAs and digital cameras to wirelessly exchange information.

Greek Food Fest back

You don’t have to be Hellenic to enjoy what’s on the menu at the 21st annual Greek Food Festival Friday through Sunday, May 20-22, at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, 1100 Napa Valley Drive.

National Golden Gloves boxing finals in LR

The National Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions, making its third appearance in Little Rock in the past 20 years, will be down to its quarterfinals by Thursday, May 19, at the Statehouse Convention Center. The semifinals are scheduled for Friday, May 2

Where to Wi-Fi

While we’ve focused here on a few of the Wi-Fi pioneers in our neck of the woods, this is just a small corner of the Big Picture that’s getting bigger in our state every day.

Snider returns to Juanita’s

Singer-songwriter Todd Snider admits to an “unhealthy fixation” on such mentors as John Prine, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Jeff Walker and Kris Kristofferson, but fact is, they like him a lot, too.

Taking home baby

Three out of four women patients of the in vitro fertilization program of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in the last year have produced what’s called a “take home baby” — a healthy baby.

Sneak a peek at the Episphere

From the outside, the work was hardly noticeable the past few months. But inside this three-story structure at the Arkansas Aerospace Education Center, the result — we’d like to say “completed,” but there’s still some tweaking going on — was breathtaking.