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May 27, 2010

Vol 8 • No 20

Riverfest 2010 schedule

Who, what, where and when for the 'fest.

Riverfest fast facts

Information to get you to, in and out of the 'fest.

Endorsements, Round 2

For the runoff election June 8, we’ve added a name to our previous list of recommendations.

The Romany Rye's 'Hello Goodbye'

Chris Denny's erstwhile backing band The Natives debuts its new project, led by promising California singer/songwriter Luke MacMaster, Thursday at Union Station

NLR hardball

North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays simply won’t quit trying to raid school taxes to pay for downtown development projects.

Words, May 27

“Together with Brit Hadden, a wayward, alcoholic baseball fan and flaneur from Brooklyn, he raised money for a new magazine by calling on wealthy acquaintances.” A flaneur is “an idler; dawdler; loafer.” It’s French, wouldn’t you know.

Nuking beavers

In this season I’ve always enjoyed hopping on the ATV, or the 4-wheeler as it’s known among the yokel cognoscenti, and tearing around the bottoms blowing up beaver dams.

The Week That Was, May 19-25

It was a GOOD week for...YOUTH. Two college students were elected to county Quorum Courts, one in Baxter County and one in Saline County. Bad news: both are conservative Republicans.

Unfit for family

What’s the matter with you people? Is the sweet smell of a cigarette burning getting in the way of you smelling the aroma of a fresh pile of elephant shit outside at the zoo?

Bonus for UA's Gearhart

The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees approved $225,000 in deferred compensation to G. David Gearhart, chancellor of the flagship campus at Fayetteville.

Chick Elections

Some guys were sitting around trying to figure out why, Blanche Lincoln excepted, women did so well in the primary and judicial election last week. You have your chick flicks. Now we have our chick elections.

In Brief, May 27-29

The monthly Cool Shoes dance party celebrates its second birthday with a summer-welcoming beach-themed party at their regular home, Downtown Music; party architects Wolf-E-Wolf, DJ Shawn Lee and Risky Biz man the decks, 10 p.m., $5, $8 under 21.

What's Cookin', May 27

The first annual World Cheese Dip Championship is coming to Dickey-Stephens Park on October 9. Velveeta and Ro*tel are, aptly, co-presenters.

This Modern World

The Observer, May 27

The Observer squinted through high school, too hip for the scourge of nerdified glasses, but when we got to college we knew something had to be done.

Halter's the one

Assuming that a Democrat has any chance to beat the old Republican left tackle for the Razorbacks for the U.S. Senate, is it more likely to be Sen. Blanche Lincoln or Lt. Gov. Bill Halter?

A&E News, May 27

In addition to hosting one of Riverfest’s main stages, the Clinton Center is offering a number of special deals throughout the weekend.

Ice cream time

Any time's a fine time for ice cream.  I recently went behind the scenes at Arkansas' only ice cream manufacturer to discover what goes into Yarnell's ice cream... and I was impressed.  Details at Tie Dye Travels. 

Assault victim's story

KATV has an interview with the young woman who, with the help of neighbors, fought off an attempted abduction from her Hall High neighborhood home last weekend.

The Gulf disaster

The live cam at the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, provided thanks to pressure from U.S. Rep. Ed Markey, is here.

A dollar here, a dollar there

Pretty soon, it's real money. Just noticed a Twitter message from George Hopkins, who directs the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System.

DADT Roll Call: Pryor

More on my effort to get an up-or-down answer from the Arkansas congressional delegation on the coming vote to repeal the don't-ask-don't-tell law, but leave implementation of gay service, if ever, to the Pentagon, no sooner than Dec. 1.

Quest for pie

Ah, yes, pie. So many out there to choose from.

Oil leak stopped -- for now

Coast Guard photo of equipment at work in "topkill." It's far from over, but ....

Thursday To-Do: The Romany Rye

THE ROMANY RYE9 p.m., Union (train) Station. $10.When Chris Denny ditched The Natives — Jesse Bates, Ryan Hitt, Judson Spillyards and Joshua Spillyards — a few months after he and the band cut what was supposed to be their debut on a national indie with juice, the local consensus had the backing unit returning to Little Rock and joining the legions of local musicians who've glimpsed national success only to become the victim of unfortunate circumstance.

Thursday: Ryan Brunet and the Malfecteurs, Montgomery Trucking, Benjy Davis Project and more

In his ongoing quest to bring the traditional sounds of Mississippi and Louisiana to White Water Tavern, co-owner/booker Matt White's reached down to south Louisiana to snag Ryan Brunet and the Malfecteurs (French for "outlaws") for a gig tonight.

Jim Holt heard from

A post-election message from Jim Holt follows. Might the vanquished GOP Senate candidate be weighing a write-in campaign for something or other (filing deadline Aug. 4)?

Faulkner County follies

It's no secret that Faulkner Prosecutor Marcus Vaden has rented a building in which he had an interest for his office's hot check division.

A vote for clean water

The state Pollution Control and Ecology Commission voted this morning to approve an amendment to a state regulation, proposed by Central Arkansas Water, that would prohibit the surface discharge of wastewater in the Lake Maumelle Watershed.

Lincoln and Philander -- a history

The Bill Halter campaign delights in noting that Sen. Blanche Lincoln will begin a campaign tour with Bill Clinton Friday at Philander Smith, a historically black college.

Poll: Halter leads Lincoln UPDATE

New polling by Research 2000 for Daily Kos shows Bill Halter in the lead over incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln in the Democratic primary runoff for her seat.

Does courthouse crowd matter?

We may get an answer to that in the land commissioner's race. Following is a news release saying 48 50 county judges have endorsed Monty Davenport.

Ark. Supreme Court open to TV

The Arkansas Supreme Court today amended existing rules on broadcasting court proceedings to allow recording and broadcast of oral arguments before the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.

Non-music stuff to do during Riverfest

The Rock N Stroll 5K Fun Run/Walk kicks off at Broadway and Main Streets at 9 a.m.

DADT Roll Call: Boozman

John Boozman's people won't take my calls, but Roby Brock got a statement from the Republican on the compromise to repeal don't-ask-don't-tell, but give the Pentagon time to recommend how to implement the change.

1st Amendment and 'horny' school girl

Got your attention? It's about an Arkansas Supreme Court ruling today that rejected a Horatio student's appeal of a school suspension for a speech at a class day assembly.

Flat tax dead this year

A crippling idea to remove all state taxes in favor of a single "flat" tax (of some untold high level) is dead for this year, the City Wire reports.

Flat tax dead this year

A crippling idea to remove all state taxes in favor of a single "flat" tax (of some untold high level) is dead for this year, the City Wire reports.

False claims against Lincoln, which has an established record for vetting campaign speech, says labor union-backed advertising against Sen. Blanche Lincoln amounts to false attacks.

Sweet Thursday

It may be time for some Steinbeck. It's certainly time for an open line.

New chains with potential coming

Bravo! Cucina Italiana opens Friday in the Promenade at Chenal in West Little Rock.

Greers Ferry does yacht rock on the river

Among all the familiar local talent filling the Arkansas Tent and the main stages during the day at Riverfest, don't overlook Greers Ferry (3 p.m., Sunday, Triple-S Alarm Stage).

DADT Roll Call: It passes House

An equivocal comment by Sen. Mark Pryor prompted my followup question to his office on my continuing effort to find where the Arkansas congressional delegation stands on don't-ask-don't-tell: Do they favor a vote to repeal discrimination in the military workplace or not?

Mullet madness

“MacGruber," a big budget comedy based on a SNL spoof, might not be a franchise but there’ll be many worse parading by on the big screen this summer.


Good for the soul

Say McIntosh Restaurant is a great little place for a laid-back meal if you aren’t worried about blowing your diet all to hell. It’s definitely good for the soul.

Smart Talk, May 27

The Green Forest School Board voted recently to add six days of sex education to classes this year because of a pregnancy outbreak. They won’t be getting comprehensive sex education, however.

Local love

While national acts provide the bulk of the draw for Riverfest, of the 46 musical acts on hand for this weekend’s celebrations, 33 hail from the musical expanse in Little Rock. Here are a few acts to keep in mind during your next funnel-cake run.

Rock 'n' Rollin' on the River

Riverfest debuts tonight with Cross Canadian Ragweed, Gary Allan, Earth, Wind & Fire and more performing.

The Televisionist, May 27

Though African Americans have seen themselves maligned on film since literally the earliest days of cinema, Native Americans havne't fared much better. Here, TCM finishes up its month-long series on race in film with a look at Native American depictions in cinema.


The To-Do List, May 27-June 2

The Romany Rye, Saline Summer Daze with Kris Allen, Andy McKee, Billy Currington, Hot Springs Music Festival, Little Rock Film Festival Opening Night

Dirty politics

On May 13, Linda Pondexter Chesterfield, a candidate for the District 34 state Senate seat, began running ads on black radio stations calling her opponent Jay Barth a liar. But that’s not all.

Robocalls are illegal

Robocalls — recorded messages sent to thousands of phone numbers — are a fact of life in political campaigns. Their legality? That’s a more complicated question.

Rock 'n' Rollin' on the River

Riverfest debuts tonight with Cross Canadian Ragweed, Gary Allan, Earth, Wind & Fire and more performing.

30,000 votes for Bill Halter

Well, that headline is just a rough, conservative guess, based on news that more than 9,000 students have received the first lottery scholarships -- $5,000 a year to four-year colleges, $2,500 to two-year schools.

Support for Pulaski teachers

I received last night a link to a new website purporting to be a parent-driven support site for the Pulaski Association of Classroom Teachers, the union group that a one-vote majority of the Pulaski County School Board is trying to drive out of the district.

New front in abortion fight

It's a safe bet that the Arkansas legislature in 2011 will debate legislation to add mandatory ultrasound image viewing for women seeking abortions.

Things to do this weekend

1) Go to Riverfest, which opens at midday today. But don't go without our issue and its complete guide to the best of the entertainment.

I-30 wreck snarls traffic UPDATE

Reports started flowing about 8 a.m. of a terrible traffic snarl on Interstate 30 near the Saline County line because of the wreck of a tractor-trailer carrying a load of pipe.

... and salutations

I have on occasion enjoyed an evening at Cheers in the Heights.  But I have missed out on two things -- the Cheers location in Maumelle, and lunch at the local eatery.  I combined both needs on an opportunity Thursday afternoon to sample lunch at Cheers in Maumelle.  But even with the decision to try one of their plentiful non-Louisiana-inspired sandwiches, I still couldn't resist the lure of crab cakes.  After all, why skip out on such a great dish?

Halter: Just like Clinton

Bill Clinton's appearance in Arkansas today for Sen. Blanche Lincoln prompts some Internet activities in which liberals promote Bill Halter as a Clinton-style candidate.

Saturday To-Do: Saline Summer Daze with Kris Allen

SALINE SUMMER DAZE WITH KRIS ALLEN 3 p.m., Watts Field, Benton. $15-$50.

Saturday To-Do: Andy McKee

ANDY MCKEE 9 p.m., Juanita's. $12 adv., $15 d.o.s. He's the Steve Vai of the YouTube generation.

Saturday To-Do: Billy Currington

BILLY CURRINGTON 8 p.m., Timberwood Amphitheater, Magic Springs. $5-$10.

NLR TIF settlement: OBJECTION!

I wrote this week about the political  coercion North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays is using, in concert with his legal tool Jason Carter, to force the North Little Rock School District to settle its lawsuit over the gerrymandered tax increment finance district Hays rammed through a compliant City Council in the final minutes of 2008.

Sunday To-Do: Hot Springs Music Festival

HOT SPRINGS MUSIC FESTIVAL 6:45 p.m., Arlington Hotel Terrace. Free-$125.

Weekend: Cool Shoes 2nd Anniversary, Fuel, Jeff the Brotherhood

FRIDAY 5/28 The monthly Cool Shoes dance party celebrates its second birthday with a summer-welcoming beach-themed party at their regular home, Downtown Music; party architects Wolf-E-Wolf, DJ Shawn Lee and Risky Biz man the decks, 10 p.m., $5, $8 under 21.

Riverfest 2010: Schedules

Riverfest! It's a bit overwhelming at times, isn't it?

Friday: Riverfest Arkansas Tent

The Arkansas Tent (again sponsored by Arkansas Times) is back for its third year, holding within it a range of local sounds from gospel to country to shredding bar rock.

Friday at Riverfest: Earth, Wind & Fire, Gary Allan, Cross Candian Ragweed, Little River Band

EARTH, WIND & FIRE 9:45 p.m., Miller Lite Stage 
(Riverfest Amphitheatre). Young people might look on Earth, Wind & Fire dismissively, as a cheeseball relic of the '70s and '80s, the shiny, happy, horn-soaked antecedent to wedding bands everywhere.

Lincoln hearts Obama -- today

This Twitter feed from the Lincoln campaign (setting up at Philander Smith for the rally with Bill Clinton)  probably has been screen-saved by every Republican operative in town.

Charter school watch

Last Sunday, the New York Times magazine carried an article by Stephen Brill making the case for charter schools on the strength of a school in Harlem divided into a charter school and a regular public school.

PSC approves Entergy rate deal

The state Public Service Commission has approved the latest version of a settlement of an Entergy rate increase.

Lincoln event turns testy

--Brian Chilson Former President Bill Clinton embraced Sen. Blanche Lincoln figuratively and literally at a campaign event for her today at Philander Smith College.

Zoo's new penguin dies

One of two female penguins brought to the Little Rock Zoo Wednesday for a new exhibit died Thursday following a seizure.

Halter's money edge

Blanche Lincoln has raised far more money than Bill Halter, but when you consider his broader base, his higher totals in recent months and the fact he's a relative newcomer to the race, it suggests momentum is in his favor.

Let the weekend begin

Fire up the grill. And the open line.

How others view us

Politico's Jonathan Martin nationalizes the Lincoln-Halter race through the prism of a Clinton visit. With all due respect, I think Arkansas voters will make a decision through a different prism.

More Riverfest

Arkansas' biggest music festival continues with Uncle Kracker, Lucero, Bell Biv Devoe, Blake Shelton, The Black Crowes (pictured) and more.

Equality in the military

Yes, as the New York Times reports, transitioning to a military where there is no discrimination against gay people will present structural difficulties.

Equality in the military

Yes, as the New York Times reports, transitioning to a military where there is no discrimination against gay people will present structural difficulties.

Riverfest frenzy

A warm, clear evening greeted Riverfest on opening day and it would appear Earth,Wind and Fire (see crowd shot below) was a popular choice as Friday headliner.


Daily Kos, avidly pushing Bill Halter's candidacy as the liberal choice, sneers at the small turnout, (shown above) the scarcity of young black faces and the padding of the crowd by Blanche Lincoln campaign workers at yesterday's rally at Philander Smith with Bill Clinton.

Sleepy Saturday

A quiet day. Or it would have been had I not had two calls at the door from canvassers for Bill Halter.

Saturday: The Black Crowes, Bell Biv Devoe, Lucero

THE BLACK CROWES 9:30 p.m., Bud Light Stage 
(Clinton Center). This Atlanta-based act is going into its 26th year as America's premiere blues/mod/hard rock band.

Sad day in the Gulf

BP announces the "topkill" has failed to stop the oil gusher.

Saturday: Riverfest Arkansas Tent

The legendary CeDell Davis Saturday's Oxford American-sponsored lineup kicks off with the four-man, one-mic bluegrass of Runaway Planet (3 p.m.), one of the fastest, tightest bluegrass acts in the state.

Riverfest winds down

With Cedric Burnside and Lightnin' Malcolm, Steve Miller Band, Robert Cray, Ludacris and more performing.

More swill from Robbie Wills

Here's the Robbie Wills campaign's backup news release for the attack mailer against Joyce Elliott that hit mailboxes yesterday.

Riverfest rocks on

A brief shower brought the temperature down for another big night of Riverfest music. Brian Chilson was on hand for the Black Crowes (above) and Lucero.

A Republican in the 1st?

Brummett figures two of the three choices for 1st District Congress -- both the Republican nominee and nominal Democrat Tim Wooldridge -- are Republicans.

Lincoln v. Wall Street

I know the conventional wisdom is to dismiss Sen. Blanche Lincoln's effort to regulate derivative trading as an empty and cynical political ploy.

Obama's blowout

That gusher of a leak you hear isn't just crude oil, it's the deflation of the bubble of hope about President Obama.

Sunday: Riverfest Arkansas Tent

Hayes Carli Local songbird with as bonafide a country pedigree as you'll find anywhere, Mandy McBryde (3:30 p.m.), sings heartfelt and witty originals with a twang.

Sunday at Riverfest: Ludacris, Robert Cray, Steve Miller Band

LUDACRIS 10 p.m., Miller Lite Stage 
(Riverfest Amphitheatre). Bill O'Reilly's once-sworn enemy and actor in 2004's Academy Award-winning Best Picture “Crash” also happens to be one of the most consistently entertaining rappers out there.

And what about you?

The Sunday brings news of ... ... another afternoon shower.

Robocalls are illegal

Robocalls -- recorded messages sent to thousands of phone numbers -- are a fact of life in political campaigns. The public doesn't like them much, judging by the gripes about them, but campaign managers and politicians still believe in their utility.

Out with a bang

Brian Chilson catches a burst of the Riverfest fireworks show, nearing the end of what looks like a record year for the riverside festival.

Taxing Internet sales

Progress is slow in winning congressional approval of a measure to tax Internet sales for the benefit of states and cities.

Justice defends judge elections

Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Robert Brown writes to the New York Times in defense of judicial elections.

Racial impact of downturn

Interesting article today in the Times on how the economic downturn has had a disproportionate impact on what had been a rising black middle class in Memphis.

The hills are alive ...

Jake da Snake, on a European travel odyssey, sends along notes for Arkansas Bloggers:

Making sausage in D.C.

A Boston Globe article examines how the medical/industrial lobby got a Medicare payment for bone scans reinserted in health legislation (at a higher rate).

2012 anyone?

The absence of a compelling Republican presidential candidate is one current bright spot in the national political picture.

Robbie Wills: the backlash

You don't have to walk far in my neighborhood to encounter someone furious about the Robbie Wills mail attack on Joyce Elliott.

Breakfast Week, part 1: 24 hours of hotcakes a day

It’s breakfast for lunch week again at Eat Arkansas… and we start out the week with a place a good distance from Little Rock.

The best of the 'Fest

All photos by Brian Chilson. A lot more after the jump.

Do the pundits smell an upset?

I wouldn't hazard more than a dollar on the outcome of the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate.

Memorial Day line

I give it to you early. FYI: Yes, I know the comment count function isn't working properly.

Good for the soul

The return of Say McIntosh, restaurateur

Court TV and the WM3

The Arkansas Supreme Court last week expanded broadcast access to arguments before the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.

Voting starts today

Early voting begins today for the June 8 runoffs. In Pulaski County, voting begins at 8 a.m. and runs until 5 at the county office building at Markham and Broadways.

Fudging war records

Dick Blumenthal isn't the first politician to embellish his military record. Talking Points Memo rounds up some other notable examples, including Ronald Reagan.

Breakfast Week part 2: Country Diner

The second day of Breakfast Week takes us to Cabot, where The Diner tends to draw regulars.

On-line in Arkansas

Connect Arkansas now has maps showing broadband access in all 75 counties. Overall, the organization says, 88 percent of the state has broadband access.

Questions, questions

Sen. Blanche Lincoln won't debate Bill Halter because he won't answer a direct question about card check.

The shadow Congress

Talking Points Memo has an interesting post on the 170 former members of Congress who now lobby or otherwise seek to influence the place they once worked.

Work for you?

Which works for you?

Eagles to Verizon in July

The soft rock heroes return to Verizon on July 1. Here's the dope: Advanced tickets will go on sale to American Express® Cardmembers beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, June 2 through Sunday, June 6 at 10:00 p.m.  Tickets go on sale to the general public beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, June 7, 2010 at, all Ticketmaster outlets, or charge by phone at 1-800-745-3000. 

Wills doubles down UPDATE

I asked Robbie Wills' camapign manager if they had any regrets about the dishonest attack mailer that went out against Joyce Elliott over the weekend.

Riverfest recap: Lucero

For one member of Lucero, Saturday night’s show on the Budweiser stage at Riverfest was a homecoming of sorts.

Land commissioner pledge

Monty Davenport, in a runoff for the Democratic nomination for land commissioner, floats a proposal to streamline delinquent tax collection.

Love Story, the sequel

After 40 years of marriage, Al and Tipper Gore are separating.

Riverfest Recap: Steve Miller Band

I’m not what you would call a classic rock aficionado, but I have listened to it, whether on purpose or not, my whole life.

Review: 'Brains: A Zombie Memoir'

When it comes to romanticizing the undead, vampires are winning. There’s something implicitly sexual about a bite on the neck — cf.

Free health clinic set

Need to see a doctor, but can't afford it? A free health clinic is set from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Harmony Clinic at 201 E. Roosevelt.

Kris Allen in Benton

Photo by Aaron Freeman. For Saline Summer Daze on Saturday and freelance photographer Aaron Freeman was too.

Fighting in the 3rd

Lots of heat being generated in the Republican runoff for the 3rd District congressional nomination (Steve Womack v. Cecile Bledsoe).

Q&A with Robin Becker

Robin Becker poses with her debut novel UCA writing teacher Robin Becker is celebrating the release of her first book, 'Brians: A Zombie Memoir', and to go along with our review we asked her a few questions about what it's like to be a zombie novelist.1.

Is that all there is?

Has it come to this? All Blanche Lincoln has left is a page from the Chamber of Commerce anti-union playbook?

Who is Nancy Pelosi?

The Arkansas Republican Party has adopted hatchetman Tim Griffin's campaign pitch that this set of Arkansas congressional elections is about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

UPDATE: OK, maybe something happened

The rumor mill, as it's been known to do -- especially when a rap concert's involved -- has skewed the facts, according to Riverfest director DeAnna Korte.

Tuesday: The Baker Family, "Latin Nights," Carl Mouton

White Water Tavern hosts a night of angular, co-ed pop music from Austin's The Baker Family (above) and Arkansas' Cold Mold, 9:30 p.m., donations.DJ Debbi T does her weekly, late night karaoke thing at Town Pump, 10 p.m., free.Revolution's weekly salsa, cumbia, meregue dance night, "Latin Night!" starts up at 7 p.m., $5 regular, $7 under 21.Carl Mouton hosts tonight's Monday Jam Session at Afterthought, 8 p.m., free.

January murder trial set

LaQuan Fitzpatrick was scheduled today for trial in January on a charge that he killed a Salvation Army major in North Little Rock on Christmas Eve.

Whittling down the 1st Amendment

Neo-Nazis in Skokie. The unspeakable Westboro clan.

SWEPCO wants rehearing

Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO), a subsidiary of American Electric Power, has filed a petition for rehearing at the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Tossing out some line

I have errands to run, so I'm opening the floor a little early. The Gulf disaster, with talk of a criminal investigation and containment vs. capping of the gusher, seems likely to dominate the news cycle.

'40 Days of Rock...' footage from WWT

  Last month, the Thick Syrup Anniversary Show at White Water Tavern played home to a stop for "40 Nights of Rock & Roll," a documentary about the current state of rock music which we covered here.I think they liked us.Anyway, they just uploaded a little chunk of video from their night in our neck of the woods.

Shades of Tricky Dick UPDATE

Some computer sleuths have been digging into a website set up to trash land commissioner candidate Monty Davenport.

$500,000 instant winner

Lottery winner news release: Mr. Tommy J.  Rylee of Berryville (Carroll County) Tuesday claimed a $500,000 prize at the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Springdale Claim Center.  He won the prize on a $500,000 Jackpot instant ticket purchased at Trimble Food Mart, 603 West Trimble, in Berryville.  He and his daughter traveled to Springdale to pick up his winnings.  He said he planned to purchase a new car and see a financial advisor.

LR politics crank up

A note in the in-box reminds me that city politics await in the fall. Will, for example, a race develop for strong LR mayor?

The color of justice

A study finds that blacks are disproportionately excluded from juries in eight Southern states including Arkansas.  Why is this important?

Shootings in police chase

Channel 11 is reporting that two suspects were shot in a police chase in western Little Rock this morning, near La Marche Road.

Breakfast Week part 3: Highly recommended

Day three of Breakfast Week here at Eat Arkansas. When I asked readers who subscribe to my Facebook fan page where they go for breakfast, this place was tops.

Life in miniature

Now on exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center: “The Miniature Worlds of Bruce Metcalf,” an exhibit of tiny anthropomorophic brooches staged to express messages of social, moral and cultural issues that concern jeweler and artist Metcalf.

Wednesday To-Do: Little Rock Film Festival Opening Night

Jennifer Lawrence as Ree Dolly in "Winter's Bone" LITTLE ROCK FILM FESTIVAL OPENING NIGHT 5:30 p.m., various locations.

New at Crystal Bridges

It’s really great fun having the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art collection revealed in tasty bites while we wait (and wait) for the museum to open.

Wednesday: Zoogma, Kat & Chuck, Steele Jessup

Oxford, Mississippi's Zoogma (above) sticks it to jam band music with their electro-house and hip-hop influences, 9 p.m., $8.

A shot for Dem in the 3rd?

Roby Brock summarizes the nasty tit-for-tatting in the Republican runoff for 3rd District Congress, which hit its lowest ebb yesterday when a media man for Steve Womack characterized opponent Cecile Bledsoe as a desperate, "aging woman."

A trifecta for L.J. Bryant

If Tolbert is right -- and Republicrat D.C. Morrison endorses L.J. Bryant  today in the Democratic runoff for land commissioner -- it would complete an unholy trifecta for Bryant, adding another faux Democrat to his lineup of Jack Critcher and Tim Wooldridge.

What's your favorite store?

Interesting. Consumer Reports survey of 30,000 readers on shopper satisfaction put Costco at the top of 11 major chains and Little Rock-based Dillard's at No. 2.

Still more endorsements

Bill Clinton is going on the radio for Chad Causey ... Joe Biden has mailed an appeal for Sen. Blanche Lincoln ... the League of Conservation Voters says Lincoln is in the hip pocket of big oil.

State tax take: Better

The May state revenue report shows income was up over the same month last year and up over the reduced forecast.

Three women, three media

Boswell-Mourot Gallery opens a show Saturday of work by three women in three media: Diana Ashley is showing ceramic sculpture inspired by the Omo tribesmen; Anne Haley is showing watercolor and block prints of trees, and Judith Hudson is showing pastel and oil landscapes.

Gallery Walk coming up ...

... on Central Avenue in Hot Springs, where Gallery 726 will show paintings by Emily Wood and turned wood by Ken Vonk.

Wills v. Elliott on KUAR

Robbie Wills and Joyce Elliott have a KUAR studio debate live at 12:30 p.m. today.

A truly local affair

How often do you dine as a locavore?  I mean everything -- not just the vegetables and fruits but the grain, dairy, and meat?  And how fine is your dining experience?


Who gives a #$%* what Gunner DeLay thinks? Can't Cecile Bledsoe stand up for herself?

And answer me this:

News is that Ford Motors is dropping the Mercury line. If so, what are Grandmas and Grandpas like me going to drive?

VITAL artists

I'm going to miss the opening of the inaugural exhibit of the V.I.T.A.L. (Visual Images that Affect Lives) artists collective at the Terry House, the Arkansas Arts Center's Community Gallery.

Lottery commissioner seeks study

At this morning's Arkansas Lottery Commission meeting, commissioner Joe White asked the state Office of Personnel Management to conduct an analysis of the lottery commission's human resource policies and salary structure.

Federal indictments released

A busy day today for the U.S. attorney's office. 1) It announced the indictment of stockbroker Mark Madison on mail fraud charges for converting more than $1 million investors' money to personal use.

The Riverfest police report

Run a quarter-million people through Riverfront Park with a bellyful of beer and there will be some rough spots now and then.

Over to you

The line is open. I was otherwise occupied this afternoon with my annual trip to Boys State, where my liberal views annually provoke some spirited questioning.

Killer coconut pie

Southern Living says Charlotte's Eats and Sweets has some of the best pie in America.

Worthwhile reading

An old friend points me toward good comment in the New Yorker on the oil gusher in the Gulf and why now is the time for Obama to strike on energy legislation that begins to turns us away from dependency on burning carbon.