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COVID Confidential

COVID Confidential

June 1, 2020

Vol 45 • No 34

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Arkansas COVID Confidential

What it's like to be a teacher, emergency room doctor, sex worker, restaurant server and grocery store worker amid the pandemic.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Emergency Donut Edition

Play at home, while trying not to cry again today.

Arkansas restaurant truths

Stuck as we are inside the hermetically sealed bubble of The Observatory, The Observer has been thinking a lot about restaurants recently.

To market, to market: Farmers are selling again

With an assist from the University of Arkansas’s Division of Agricultural Cooperative Extension, we’ve compiled information on some of the many markets in Arkansas.

'Arkansas' director Clark Duke talks timing, barbecue, and The Flaming Lips

Glenwood native Duke's directorial debut never got a chance to ring across a receptive room at its corona-canceled SXSW debut, but its May 5 release on streaming platforms means, at least, that it has a fighting chance of finding that audience anyway, even without a red carpet rollout.

Michael Flynn vs. Jim Guy Tucker. A history lesson relevant today with some repeat players

Why shouldn't Mike Flynn get the same treatment Jim Guy Tucker got? Flynn is more deserving.

Arkansas poultry workers amid the coronavirus: 'We’re not essential, we’re expendable'

Arkansas poultry plants see 64 COVID-19 cases and at least one death.