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June 2, 2005

Vol 3 • No 20

Don’t miss these

It came to this newspaper’s attention recently that the state of Arkansas is encouraging tourists to visit a facility in Eureka Springs called the Museum of Earth History. This is an institution that presents a “biblical view” of ancient history, w

Editorial June 2

You wouldn’t expect that a 74-year-old woman in a wheelchair, a victim of multiple sclerosis, could panic a government agency, but Betty Murray seems to have scared hell out of the Little Rock Housing Authority. Or maybe it’s a guilty conscience that has

Don't visit 'Madagascar'

OK, it’s official: post-modernism is dead. Though we’ve wondered when the final, hair-thin tendon keeping it from falling into the abyss would be severed, Warhol’s favorite genre was finally laid low by a kid’s film, “Madagascar.”

The Observer

A blogger who calls himself “deathbyinches” wrote the Times about Van Buren’s grief in the wake of the May 24 car-bomb killing of soldier Spc. Dustin Fisher, 22, in Iraq.

Beatnik country at Sticky Fingerz

Some may call them bluegrass, newgrass or “Lone Star beatnik country,” but South Austin Jug Band’s upright bassist Will Dupuy describes his band simply as “beer-drinking Americana.” Whatever description is used, the band is unquestionably a big draw at St

Hillary trashes our weather

Dubious about the wisdom of the Democrats’ nominating for president another lightning rod for cultural resentment, people have asked, “Just which state that John Kerry lost does anyone think Hillary Clinton might win?” How about ours?

Show them the money

An op-ed columnist for the New York Times made the most fascinating point last week. He said that people are more likely to take a job if you offer them more money. Actually, the writer, Matt Miller, was recommending dramatic salary increases for publ

TV highlights

SPORTS KIDS MOMS AND DADS 6 p.m. Friday, June 3 Bravo (Comcast Ch. 50) You know the type: that former jock with an ever-expanding bald spot, the one who turns his fourth-grader into a nervous wreck every week at Little League practice, screaming, yel

Congress fiddles

The 109th session of the U.S. Congress is nothing to be proud of. It has spent most of its time on politics, travel and recesses, which is where the members are now for another 10 days. Last year, corporations spent $3 million for their trips, 50 percen

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Rolando's, Chili's in Jacksonville, Wild Oats. Capsule reviews: Satellite Cafe, Tortillas Mexican Grill in Bentonville.

More picks June 2-8

Larry the Cable Guy will bring his country-flavored “Git-R-Done” and “Lord, I Apologize” comedy routines to Hot Springs’ Summit Arena on Sunday, June 5. Showtime is 7:30 p.m., and tickets are $40.25.

Letters June 2

The city of Little Rock is at it again. While its own master plan locates the areas of need in our city as the west and the southwest they want to fiddle with what is actually working in midtown. So the city brought in an expert from New York City to expl

Conscience-raising shopping

I have just polished off about 600 calories worth of dark chocolate and almonds, and I feel fanTASTIC. No, it’s not because of chocolate’s famed mood-enhancing powers. I long ago developed too high a tolerance to be affected that way.

Food? You can't handle the food

How many times have you and your dining companion had trouble deciding where to eat? You’re in the mood for steak, she’s in the mood for something light. He wants Italian food, you want Mexican food. But what if — cue the harp player — one restaurant h

The week that was May 25-31

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … RIVERFEST. Rain mostly came and went outside prime hours, which meant big crowds and another artistic success for the annual Memorial Day weekend music extravaganza.

This 'Casey' didn't strike out

“Casey” Bill Weldon is one of the forgotten men of the commercial development of the blues. He was born William Weldon on July 10, 1909, in Pine Bluff.

The Insider June 2

Alice Walton, who announced last week that the Walton Family Foundation will build a $50 million museum with an art collection worth twice that in her home town of Bentonville, has paid sales and use taxes in Texas for art she personally has purchased.

Building a health plan

The biggest and potentially best news in many months was The New York Times’s report of secret meetings of business, union, liberal and conservative groups to produce a national health insurance plan, which they expect to present to Congress and the p

Let’s all go to the movies

Blake Rutherford, who works at the Wright, Lindsey and Jennings Law Firm, came up with the idea: Let’s show movies outdoors in Riverfront Park this summer like they do in a lot of the large cities around the country. Let’s pick some popular movies, let’s

‘Game’ effort

For the past two weeks the Public Theater has staged the Pulitzer Prize-winning drama “The Gin Game,” written by D. L. Coburn and winner of four Tony awards, including best play and best direction by Mike Nichols in the play’s Broadway revival in 1997

Orval is on vacation June 2

Words June 2

“Don Tworry, president of the University of A Few Miles Outside Earle on Highway 149, said the state’s system of higher education has become more efficient in recent years with partnerships between and among colleges.” Not just between, but also among.

Core beliefs

I was surprised to get a comment on our Arkansas Blog the other day complaining that the Arkansas Democratic Party’s platform had explicitly opposed same-sex marriage.

This Modern World June 2

Editorial cartoon June 2

Smart Talk June 2

Embrace your inner auteur and start the coffee pot brewing: For the first time, Little Rock has been selected as one of 30 cities worldwide that will field teams for the 48 Hour Film Project.

Book events in June

The literary life in Little Rock in June.

Wildwood celebrates Italy

Wildwood Park’s 15th Festival of Music and the Arts will focus on the Italian spring festival with a twist, as its 45-day-long celebration, “Festa della Primavera,” begins Thursday, June 2.

What we're reading

The top sellers at local bookstores.

Ivory-bill books

Some tips on reading up on the big bird find in East Arkansas.

A friend in low places

We’re standing outside the Forge, a squat cinder-block bunker of a bar on Pike Avenue that’s been passed down like a prized heirloom in Joey Lauren Adams’ family. Inside, Adams is behind a huge Panavision camera, directing actress Ashley Judd in the l

Eureka blues

Mavis Staples was surprised to learn that Eureka Springs’ blues festival, now dubbed Blues Eureka, was in its 19th year. “Whoa,” she exclaimed to a caller.

More complaints at Cumberland Towers

Emotions ran high at a meeting held Saturday by Cumberland Towers whistleblower Betty Murray, who received an eviction notice after talking to the Arkansas Times about her belief that the fire alarm system malfunctioned during the May 5 fire there that c

Setting his place with ‘Knife and Fork’

Mike Huckabee’s book “Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork” is great if you need a kick start on your weight-loss plan, to hear again that the more you eat the more you weigh, that fruit is better for you than fat-fried potatoes and that temptati