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June 9, 2005

Vol 3 • No 21

Lord God! Good news

Rare woodpecker gives science, struggling towns, new hope.

The new Huckabee

Gov. Mike Huckabee’s appearance isn’t the only thing that’s changed. His rhetoric has less weight, too.

Lawrence Hamilton’s SOUVENIR

Two native Arkansans who have gone on to great success musically outside the state have a “Souvenir” to bring home to the Arkansas Repertory Theatre beginning Friday, June 10. Lawrence Hamilton, who has starred on Broadway and in national tours of such

Smart Talk June 9

Rep. Vic Snyder of Little Rock and Sen. Blanche Lincoln received the highest ratings of the Arkansas congressional delegation from the Americans for Democratic Action, a liberal group.

Hearing is believing

As Charlie Chaplin once said: “I slip on a banana peel, that’s tragedy. You slip on a banana peel, that’s comedy.” Comedy and tragedy viewed as conjoined twins is something rarely seen in film these days. An example that does understand the Zen of Cha

Throwing stones

Readers of the Arkansas Blog ( already know this, but it bears repeating in print. On two subsequent days last week, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnists opened fire on the Arkansas State Police, lambasting the state cops — and their

Spaghetti Western

They say all roads lead to Rome, but Chenal Parkway seemed a safe exception to that rule — until now. Chef/owner Michael Selig has completely overhauled the menu of his Vermillion Bistro, turning it into an Italian restaurant and thereby requiring him

More picks June 9-15

Alison Krauss, with Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, plays Alltel Arena at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 12.

Editorial cartoon June 9

Burgess always on pace

Albert “Sonny” Burgess “grew up,” he says, “[in] what we call the Anderson Hickory Grove community ... about five miles out of Newport. I had a friend in school who played guitar, so that kinda got me interested.”

Editorials June 9

There’s a movie out about the Enron crooks that is shocking to most people. President Bush, on the other hand, seems to be shock-proof. He has nominated as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission a man who helped bring about the Enron heist.

TV highlights

REVOLUTION: SOUTHERN ROCK 2 p.m. Sunday, June 12 CMT (Comcast Ch. 58) Though most folks who don’t favor country music might tend to shy away from CMT, the station has really wised up in recent years, going the VH-1 route of providing smart and inform

Needed: Deep Throat

Did you detect the discomfort of the White House over the sudden revelation that Deep Throat was a high law enforcement officer, the deputy FBI director, who had secretly ratted out President Nixon and the crooks around him?

New shows on the Art Night loop

“Congruencias,” paintings by El Dorado artists Jorge and Maria Botti Villegas, opens Friday, June 10, at the Historic Arkansas Museum, with the museum’s Second Friday Art Night reception from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The reception, one of several on Friday night

Supreme Court re-opens Lake View

The Arkansas Supreme Court voted 4-3 to re-open the Lake View case, re-claiming jurisdiction over state school funding.

Branching out

It is almost impossible not to notice the fast-paced banking expansion in Little Rock. New bank branches are being constructed all over town, and billboards advertise more services, better rates and constant promotions.

Making it up

Several people I’ve quoted in this column called me to account the other day. Well, OK they’re not real people. But they had a meeting and summoned me afterward. They said another newspaper columnist — this one in California — had been fired for ma

Letters June 9

With the discovery of the ivory-billed woodpecker in eastern Arkansas, I could not help but remember the dedicated conservationists who worked so hard during the 1970s to be sure that at least some of the great bottomland forest remained intact.

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Benson's Bar & Que, Rick and D's Fisher's Cafe, P.F. Chang's. Capsule reviews: Tony Roma's, White River Cafe.

The road ahead

A visit to Newport, a city emblematic of Delta towns that are moving backwards, or at least standing still.

Huckabee's slice and dice

Usually when a politician weasels out, the reasons are transparent. Almost invariably, it will have to do with concerns for re-election, considerations of larger ambition or pressure from financial backers. Something of an exception is Gov. Mike Huckab

Copeland always in motion

Though it’s often been labeled “emo,” “ambient” may be a better term for Atlanta-based indie-rock group Copeland, which is scheduled to appear at Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom on Thursday, June 9.

The taekwondo wave is coming

The American Taekwondo Association national convention opening ceremonies have gotten so large that they’re being moved this year to Alltel Arena on Friday, June 17.

Orval June 9

Words June 9

The Observer June 9

A friend of The Observer is moving soon. He rented a big dumpster — one of those things that looks like a railroad gondola car — to collect the throw-away stuff accumulated after 15 years in a rambling house. You know, odd bits of old lumber, bent curtain

The Insider June 9

Betty Murray, the elderly, wheelchair-bound whistleblower, who received an eviction notice last month after talking to the Arkansas Times about her concerns over malfunctioning fire alarms during a deadly May 5 fire at Cumberland Towers, still has a roo

The week that was June 1-7

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … JIM HARVEY. The leader of Central Arkansas Water says he intends to move ahead with acquisition of Deltic Timber’s property beside Lake Maumelle to protect water quality. This will force the utili

Covering the war

I remember sitting in one of Walt Lemke’s journalism classes at the University of Arkansas soon after World War II had ended and hearing him talk about history’s first female war correspondent. So when I started this column, I looked her up in an articl

This Modern World June 9