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June 15, 2011

Vol 37 • No 42

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Drink on us

The Arkansas Times guide to navigating nightlife in Central Arkansas.

Harry and Jorge's closed following legal action

Owner Daniel Bryant has been sued by his former franchisors.

Fayetteville Government Payroll

Find the salaries of almost 700 Fayetteville government employees and the hourly wages of 40 more.

Pieday: Chocolate silk, strawberry fried at CBG

To each his own, as the motto goes. Some folks love themselves some fresh fruit pies, while others will sacrifice everything for a taste of chocolate.

The Root Cafe is open

Long in development, The Root Cafe celebrates its grand opening today. The local foods-oriented cafe is located in the former home of Sweden Creme, at 1500 S. Main Street.

Francis leaving KARK

Mike Francis, who has served as chief meteorologist at KARK since 2008, will be leaving the local NBC affiliate to work at WXIA in Atlanta, GA.

We all see what you're doing

Typical scene. A bar. Boy notices girl. He approaches. Offers to buy her a drink. "Ketel and soda." A drink that says, "I'm practical but with high-end tastes." She starts talking. About movies. She saw something recently she liked. Can't remember the title. Had that guy from "Sideways" in it. It was cute. "Have you seen any good movies lately?" she asks. He responds, "Anything with Martin Lawrence. But early Lawrence. I think he peaked at 'Roscoe Jenkins'." She moves on.

Isaac Alexander comes to Afterthought

Plus, 'Gypsy' and Elise Davis.

Homeless shelter

Remember the city of Little Rock's long search for a day center for homeless people?

Promises, promises

Speaking of promises: Mayor Stodola says he's sensitive to civic activist Jim Lynch's argument that some of the needs in the city tax package wouldn't have been so great had Little Rock historically imposed development impact fees that pulled in money on new construction to offset the cost of infrastructure expansion — police, fire, sewers, parks.

Opening with an oops

Alice Stewart, the former TV news reporter and Huckabee press aide, abruptly decamped from the top press job under Secretary of State Mark Martin last Friday to join the emerging presidential campaign of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Bus stops

Here we are in Boston, home of the Boston Tea Party, the same one we have today with all the patriots in it.

Pray for CATA

It's an interesting issue of atheists advertising on the bus. I agree that they have the right to do it, but I don't think that vandalism is the real issue there.

The best kind of popcorn flick

Even with clear antecedents, 'Super 8' stands on its own.

Hot Springs Music Festival Symphony Orchestra

The Hot Springs Music Festival Symphony Orchestra, made up of professionals and students, gave the first of the four concerts it will give during the two-week festival this year June 7 at the Hot Springs Field House. Peter Bay is principal conductor for the season.

Orval, June 15, 2011

The Dixie Bee-Liners come to Juanita's

Plus 'Chicago' at Robinson, Chubby Checker at Oaklawn, the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre at The Village at Hendrix, Juneteenth at the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, Neon Trees at the Timberwood Amphitheater, Cedric the Entertainer at Robinson and The Rosebuds at Stickyz.

Pulaski County employment data online

In the Times new searchable database.

Fayetteville Government Payroll: Overview

See an overview of the maximum and median salaries and wages and number of employees in all of Fayetteville government.

Remembering Isiah Carey, bug-swallower

If you watch YouTube at all, chances are you've probably run across the video: KARK Channel 4 reporter Isiah Carey, circa 1996, is doing an on-camera report in front of a school when a large grasshopper jumps in his mouth.

Dwarf Into Yeti? Dames Invite Yeomen?

"Students wishing to delve deeper into feminist questions had to make do with 'no-credit study groups,' strictly D.I.Y. affairs."

Fayetteville Government Payroll: Department Overview

See an overview of the maximum and median salaries and wages and number of employees in all of Fayetteville's departments.

'The 39 Steps' impresses

The Rep's production, directed by Bob Hupp, delivers the silliness with expert flair and even generates an emotional connection.

The politician's penis

Fayetteville Government Payroll: Search

Search by employee name or department for pay information, hire date, gender and more for all Fayetteville government workers.

LR Zoo's Ellen getting to know new friends

Ellen the elephant has been getting to know her new companions at the Little Rock Zoo by putting her trunk in their ears and mouth and smelling their feet.

City denies PETA permit for public protest statue

Free speech advocates are squawking over the City of Little Rock's decision to turn down a permit for a public protest sculpture by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

To spay or to shelter?

Faulkner Co. animal advocates want funds for sterilization.

Trust LR with $40 million?

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola spent an hour with me Monday afternoon to answer questions about the $40 million economic development fund now envisioned for the city's sales tax package.

IRS nixes tax exemption of 2,560 Arkansas non-profits

The Internal Revenue Service announced last week that it has revoked the tax-exempt status of 2,560 Arkansas non-profit organizations that failed to file their required tax forms for three years running.

Good week: Alice Stewart

It was a good week for Alice Stewart and the Little Rock Zoo. It was a bad week for Arkansas virtual Academy, undereducated legislators, the Pulaski County School Board and the cross-dressing, cake-stealing robber.

The Root Cafe celebrates grand opening

Arkansas State Senators' License Plates

See the plate number that corresponds with all 35 state senators.

Bobby stages a Civil War tribute

Independent Lens doc shines light on LGBT bullying

While gays and lesbians have made great strides in gaining their rights to live as free and proud individuals in our society over the past 20 years, transgender people are still often misunderstood and singled out, both for ridicule and for violence.

Comic book store guide

As some comic book artists and writers gain serious scholarly attention and every other Hollywood blockbuster comes straight from the heroic pantheons of D.C. and Marvel, comic book stores are perhaps more relevant now than ever.

'Billy Blythe' in the Big Apple

Bonnie Montgomery's opera debuts this weekend.

Arkansas Constitutional Officers' License Plates

See the plate number that corresponds with each of the seven state constitutional officers.

McDaniel's manna gets more criticism

An appearance of a groundswell emerges against Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's getting to divvy up large sums of legal settlement dollars that occasionally flow to the state.


ornerstone has good pub food, but it's more than that. Their menu boasts a number of salads, sandwiches, burgers and appetizers. Try the Razorback Sub, made up of fried chicken strips doused in Cornerstone's special blend of hot sauce, covered with provolone cheese and stuffed into a wheat hoagie.

The Romney elephant

Seven months out from the first voting, the first big Republican presidential debate Tuesday revealed the most disconnected lineup of candidates of modern times. Maybe it will change.

Dude food

The Tavern Sports Grill's man-cave chic injects some machismo into the Promenade.

Fayetteville Government Payroll: Detail View

Fayetteville Government Payroll: Department View

Arkansas State Representatives' License Plates

See the plate number that corresponds with all 100 state representatives.

Keep him busy

As he has nothing really to do, it is hard for a lieutenant governor to win distinction. There are stories of lieutenant governors who died in their offices, their indisposition unnoted for months or even years.

Road to recovery?

All her sister institutions in the Southeastern Conference are watching to see if the University of Tennessee athletic program can be reconstituted so as to make UT again worthy of SEC membership.

At Hoop Jams

Michael Nellums' letter; more secret tapes

I owe an apology to Michael Nellums, who took early retirement as principal of Mills High School yesterday, just as a report was completed on a review of his role in what Prosecutor Larry Jegley has said was a scheme by Nellums and School Board member Tim Fox to discredit School Board member Gwen Williams.

New York nears same-sex marriage vote

For those interested in the slow march to end discrimination on account of sexual orientation, there's a cliff-hanger political vote brewing in the New York legislature this week.

A GOP fix for health care: Higher premiums, less coverage

Louisiana has a well-run insurance plan for state employees. Gov. Bobby Jindal wants to privatize it, in part, apparently, to capture a big reserve it's sitting on.

A question on the Nellums retirement

A reader poses a good question: If the "retirement" letter Mills High Principal Michael Nellums sent me is the same one he gave the school district, he doesn't retire until June 30.

Walmart workers unite, but not in a union

The New York Times reports on a movement underway among Walmart employees to back a group working toward better pay and benefits and respect at work.

Small, sweet, sanguine

Kat travels to Berryville for its annual Ice Cream Social.

Tjuana Byrd announces for judgeship

Tjuana Byrd, a North Little Rock lawyer, says she'll run in 2012 for the juvenile division circuit judgeship in Pulaski County held by the late Melinda Gilbert.

Check in, win a $50 gift card

The Times Ben E. Keith Summer Restaurant Challenge begins today.

Christian Arkansas Transit Authority

It would appear the Central Arkansas Transit Authority is going to fight to the death against the atheists. It will do anything but allow their bus ads.

More details on Renauds' Film Institute

As Rock Candy reported back on June 8, there's been some big news about the Little Rock Film Festival of late, what with the departure of LRFF exec.

Sawyer resigns from Pulaski School Board

Sandra Sawyer has resigned from the Pulaski County School Board. She hasn't returned me messages yet.

Wednesday To-Do: Dixie Bee-Liners

A lot of bluegrass outfits adhere strictly to the traditions of the genre, at times so much so that it feels a little academic and sterile. The Dixie Bee-Liners probably won't be accused of being overly devoted to convention.

Arkansas's Top 10 places to visit

The Arkansas parks and tourism folks, as a 175th state birthday gimmick, polled people on the top 10 places in Arkansas to visit.

Sculpture show this weekend

Sixth annual "Arkansas Sculpture Invitational" brings work from artist from several states to Morrilton.

A decline in women's life expectancy

LA Times reports a mixed bag of findings in a report on the state of the nation's health.

More problems for Pulaski School District

Stephens Media has filed a criminal complaint with Prosecutor Larry Jegley because Pulaski County School Superintendent Charles Hopson didn't respond to FOI requests for his cell phone and e-mail records.

Thursday To-Do: Chubby Checker

The early '60s dance-craze icon Twists at Oaklawn.

Save the azaleas, starve some kids

This report says the House may take up today some appropriation bill trickery that will provide money to save an azaleas collection in the National Arboretum but cut $832 million from the WIC program, which provides food to poor mothers and children.

Thursday To-Do: Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre

Shakespeare's comic romp "As You Like It" kicks off the season (and inaugurates the green at The Village at Hendrix) on Thursday night and continues at 7:30 p.m. for the following three nights.

LR Freedom Rider dies at 79

I wrote recently about UALR's new Institute on Race and Ethnicity and mentioned then the institute's plan to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a Freedom Riders bus stop in Little Rock on July 10.

Wednesday night line

Wacky Republican presidential candidates and Arkansas blogging news.

Review: 'Chicago'

The star-studded movie, of course, did a lot to raise the profile of John Kander and Fred Ebb’s “Chicago,” but it’s always been a stellar American musical.

The Nellums' 'retirement' in Pulaski district

Michael Nellums said his "reitrement" June 14 as principal of Mills High School was routine and unrelated to the completed investigation of his role in a reported scheme to damage the reputation of a Pulaski County School Board member.

Sheffield Nelson proposes new severance tax

This is news to me, but Channel 4 is reporting that Sheffield Nelson, the former gas company executive who's been a clarion call for a heavier levy on gas producers in the Fayetteville shale, is talking about an initiated act for the 2012 ballot.

A rice time to be had

Ever wondered what went on behind the scenes of the Arkansas Rice Depot? Now's your chance to find out.

The fight for Pulaski phone records

An update to yesterday's item about Stephens Media's complaint to the prosecutor about Pulaski School Superintendent Charles Hopson's failure to turn over phone and e-mail records requested under the FOI.

Rick Crawford's no-show on financial forms

Everybody rounded up the annual personal financial disclosure forms filed yesterday by members of Congress.

Pulaski government pay figures now on-line

We are gradually adding to our on-line database of public salaries. Pulaski County government pay data is now on-line along with Little Rock government data.

NY Times features Alice Walton and museum

The New York Times today profiles Alice Walton and her Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, set to open in November in Bentonville.

Anthony Weiner is quitting

Pick your favorite outlet: Everybody is reporting that U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner has told friends he's stepping down from Congress.

Mark Darr: Go back to the pizza oven

An editorial in this week's Times made a little fun of Lt. Gov. Mark Darr's empty stunt to talk about hooking up with another low-grade state official in Missouri to sue the U.S. government over health reform legislation.

Burger joint of the week: Fred's Country Cooking

This family restaurant in distant Boles, AR serves up barbecue, catfish and a mean smoky burger.

Clinton, Close and Crystal Bridges

A New York Times article this morning about Crystal Bridges reveals a few more acquisitions for the American art museum that will open in November in Bentonville. What a snowjob, culturegrrl says.

Perry: All hat, no cattle

Since Texas Gov. Rick Perry has made his super-special faith in Christianity a major selling point in his political life, the Houston Chronicle decided to see what he's been putting in the alms basin lately.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to Ozark Folk Center

The group plays Mountain View on July 3.

Renauds, two other Arkansas filmmakers receive Ozark Foothills FilmFest $30,000 grants

Craig and Brent Renaud, Taylor Feltner and Juli Jackson will use grant money to make films in Arkansas.

Duggarific fan-fic

The Duggar Clan of Northwest Arkansas are definitely a hot ticket in the American freak emporium these days, what with their popular TV show "19 Kids and Counting" on TLC headed into a fifth season.

Court holds Teacher Retirement property is taxable

The Arkansas Supreme Court today affirmed a Garland Circuit Court ruling that investment property owned by the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System — in this case a Hot Springs shopping center— is not exempt from the property tax.

Thursday To-Do: Isaac Alexander, Ponderosa, John Willis

Isaac Alexander plays the Afterthought Thursday night.

Lake Conway renamed for Craig Campbell

The Game and Fish Commission has decided to rename Lake Conway for Commissioner Craig Campbell.

Is it too early for the fair?

Food & Wine Magazine has compiled a list of some of the strangest state fair food out there, including an entry from the Arkansas State Fair.

Libertarian Party qualifies for ballot

Secretary of State Mark Martin said today that the Libertarian Party had submitted more than the required 10,000 signatures on petitions to qualify for a party position on the ballot through the November 2012 general election.

Republicans slash spending on needy

Sure enough. The Republican Mouseketeers of the Arkansas congressional delegation — Tim Griffin, Steve Womack and Rick Crawford — voted for an agriculture appropriation bils that cut the guts out of programs to help young mothers and children and the elderly.

Shea Hembrey on TED

The Newport native talks about being 100 artists.

Friday: The Wicked Good, Iron Tongue, Sound of the Mountain

The Wicked Good, Iron Tongue and The Sound of the Mountain play Stickyz Friday night.

Thursday open line

The line is open. Weird day.

As Pulaski schools turn

Some tidbits of Pulaski County school news from Stephens Media: * There'll be no criminal charge filed over the complaint that the Pulaski County School District had withheld text messages from Superintendent Charles Hopson's phone.

Pieday: Lemon icebox meringue at 65th Street Diner

The working man's lunch stop serves up a variety of pies for $2.25, including a smashingly good coconut meringue. But the lemon icebox meringue pie is something else.

AARP eases opposition to Social Security cuts UPDATE

In a major shift, AARP, the lobby for seniors, is backing off opposition to cuts in Social Security benefits and perhaps even Medicare.

Unemployment rate in Arkansas rises

The unemployment rate in May in Arkansas was 7.8 percent, up from 7.7 percent the month before.

State changes State Hospital leadership

Because the State Hospital, which cares for the mentally ill, hasn't been able to meet state standards, the state has sacked its leader, Charles Smith, and David Laffoon, the leader of the Behavioral Health Division of the state Human Services Department.

Our socialist U.S. Army

Retired Gen. Wesley Clark of Little Rock figures prominently in a column by Nicholas Kristof about how well the U.S. military functions.

At Thea tonight: The ALA

The Thea Foundation hosts a one-night art sale by the ALA from 5:30-8 p.m. tonight, Argenta ArtWalk.

Win tickets to the 'Au Revoir Party'

The Times is giving away 10 tickets to the "Au Revoir Party," a send-off for the "The Impressionists & Their Influence" exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center next Friday, June 24 at 7 p.m.

Au revoir, cherie — but first pass the gin!

Talk about being under the influence — here's an art event where you can sip martinis and Kir Royales and say farewell to the impressionist show at the Arkansas Arts Center, sponsored by the Arkansas Times.

A contract change for Mary Ann Gunn's TV court

Former Circuit Judge Mary Ann Gunn hasn't responded to my questions, but my sources say work continues for her syndicated TV show, "Last Shot with Judge Gunn," modeled after the drug court she once oversaw on TV until a judicial ethics panel raised questions about it.

Got to hand it to AT&T

Eye Candy never writes about advertising, but an art-loving friend sent me a link to a story about AT&T's worldwide advertising campaign that uses painted hands.

Ear Fear will feed you booze and food for appearing in its music video

Ear Fear's shooting a music video for "New N***az" from its new album "Art Class," and it wants you to be in it.

Ketz Gallery: Tim Jacob

"Puddle painter" returns to gallery for Argenta ArtWalk.

Saturday To-Do: Juneteenth

The Mosaic Templars Cultural Center hosts Juneteenth.

Laman Library: Fletcher Larkin

Little Rock potter Fletcher Larkin will be Laman Library's sidewalk artist tonight for Argenta Artwalk, 5-8 p.m.

Saturday To-Do: Neon Trees

NEON TREES8 p.m., Timberwood Amphitheater, Magic Springs. $39.99-$44.99.Since The Killers are likely too small for Verizon and too big for any other venue that would have them in Central Arkansas, fans of bombastic New Wave revival will just have to settle for the Neon Trees.

Walmart workers seek respect in Bentonville

There was a mention of this on the open line comments last night, but here's a link to a full report from OUR Walmart, on the visit to Bentonville Thursday by about 100 members of a fledgling grassroots organization seeking better working conditions from the giant retailer (but not, at least at this point, union recognition.)

Greg Thompson: Robyn Horn

"Best of the South" and company.

Threat charge against doctor dismissed

Interesting report on the non-jury trial in Fayetteville of a doctor, Bryan Abernathy, accused of threatening a woman if she didn't have sex with him during an office visit.

Saturday To-Do: Cedric the Entertainer

Cedric the Entertainer brings the laughs to Robinson Center Music Hall Saturday night.

Talking points on tax development slush fund

I wrote a column this week about Mayor Mark Stodola's explanation of the need for a $40 million economic development slush fund in the city's $500 million sales tax increase proposal.

Municipal League to back severance tax drive

Sheffield Nelson, the Republican politico and former gas company executive who's made a more productive gas severance tax his leading political project, announced today that the Arkansas Municipal League had agreed to help him get a severance tax proposal on the 2012 ballot.

Don't forget: Sculpture in Morrilton

The 6th annual Arkansas Sculpture Invitational opens tomorrow.

Tonight at Boswell-Mourot!

Boswell-Mourot Fine Art, 5815 Kavanaugh in the Heights, is hosting a silent auction fund-raiser for the Arkansas State Hospital Creative Expressions program tonight from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

And now, from Northwest Arkansas: Adolph Gottlieb

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art's membership brochure features the New York School founder's work "Trinity"

Podcast: John Thurston could be POTUS

This week, Max and I discuss Michael Nellums' retirement, Alice Stewart's new job, the field of GOP presidential candidates, Arkansas' under-educated state legislators, the City of Little Rock's proposed use of $40 million in sales tax revenue for economic development and the coming ballot fight to raise the severance tax.

Afternoon headlines

Afternoon headlines: Pulaski County School District, Americans for Progress, Little Rock National Airport, prostitution.

There goes the eagle

It's flying and the line is open. Close-out: * DISGRUNTLED: Rotnei Clarke isn't happy the UA won't release him from his basketball commitment.

Diesel tax plan may die

John Brummett breaks news this morning. He reports that polling by the truck lobby has found deep voter antipathy toward a proposal to raise the tax on diesel fuel by a nickel to contribute to the cost of improvements to the interstate bridge routes that big trucks pound to rubble every few years.

Sunday To-Do: The Rosebuds, The Other Lives

The Rosebuds and The Other Lives play Stickyz Sunday night.

Too hot to work

The line is open. I did visit Governor's School today and talked with a group of bright, engaged rising high school seniors.

Marion Berry diagnosed with lymphoma

Here's the CaringBridge link (you must register) for updates on former U.S. Rep. Marion Berry, whose family says doctors diagnosed lymphoma following his brain surgery at UAMS and have begun treatment.

What to do about Pulaski County schools?

John Lyon of Stephens Media outlines the steps the state can take in changing leadership, including a school board, of a troubled school district, such as the Pulaski County School District.

Clarence Thomas pushes ethics envelope

The New York Times outlines more about the source of Republican financial support for Justice Clarence Thomas' wife and a pet Georgia project — Dallas moneybags Harlan Crow.

Why, yes, yes I am

Columnists all over are writing about Father's Day today. I've probably written before about my dad's influence on what I do today.

Sunday open line

Your thoughts here.

Obama's silence on guns

AP article notes President Obama's failure to do anything in the gun control arena despite calling for action in the aftermath of Gabby Giffords' shooting.

Politics ain't beanbag, or journalism

U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin loves to cite some of the non-partisan fact-checking operations about the Republicans' ruinous budget plan.

Supreme Court reverses Walmart class action

Big ruling today by the U.S. Supreme Court in the appeal by Walmart of certification of a class action in a sex discrimination lawsuit covering 1.5 million employees.

State takes over Helena-West Helena schools

Hmmm. A precursor to the Pulaski County decision?

CBMA reveals more on Facebook

Two more paintings revealed.

One dead after Conway shootout

Police are still unraveling the details, but one man is dead and another is wounded after a shootout early today in Conway followed by a wreck of a car taking one victim to a hospital.

Times data section expanding

The Times’ collection of searchable databases, which already includes salary information on all Little Rock and Pulaski County government employees, continues to expand at

Lawsuit targets Pulaski superintendent

Just what the Pulaski County School District needs — a lawsuit. This one was filed in Lonoke County by Deputy Superintendent June Elliott (she's a resident of Lonoke County) against the district and Superintendent Charles Hopson.

State takes over Pulaski School District

The shoe dropped. State Education Director Tom Kimbrell has decided to remove the superintendent and board of the Pulaski County School District.

AG spells out action on deseg case

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel answered our questions about what his office will do now that the state essentially controls a district they’ve been fighting. In a statement, McDaniel addressed the potential conflict between the state’s position on desegregation money and that of the Pulaski County Special School District. He sought counsel from retired justice David Newbern who advised him to let the district’s previous lawyers continue with the case.

The state takes control of Pulaski County schools

Arkansas Education Department Director Tom Kimbrell met reporters this afternoon to talk about the state's decision to take over two school districts today — Helena-West Helena and the Pulaski County Special School District.

Monday thread

It's open. Final notes: * GETTING MURDOCH: Could Fox News titan Rupert Murdoch be imperiled by an ongoing scandal in England over one of his newspaper's hacking into cell phones and then lying about it?

Who is the Tea Party?

More polling from the University of Arkansas provides a deeper peek into the mind of the average TPer.

The rising Republican leadership

Opinion writers today assess a couple of the people elected to statewide offices as Republicans last year.

The end of anonymity; the world is wired

This isn't exactly news, but it's a worthwhile reminder: The NY Times has rounded up a number of recent episodes in which people have been exposed to potential prosecution, if not simple embarrassment, by the reach of the Internet, combined with cell phones, social media and all the rest.

Sen. Harrelson won't be prosecuted

Common sense prevailed. Complaining witnesses won't pursue a charge against Sen. Steve Harrelson over a scrap with his estranged wife's boyfriend when he was dropping his daughter off at his wife's home recently.

Good news for organized labor

The Obama administration provides a bit of good news this morning for working people: The National Labor Relations Board is proposing to streamline procedures for union elections in the workplace.

Tax break for truckers? Give me a break

The Democrat-Gazette followed up today on news columnist John Brummett broke over the weekend about the truck lobby's reluctance to have an election on a 5-cent-a-gallon diesel tax increase because polling detected an anti-tax mood.

Mark Martin: Send in the crowns UPDATE

Republican Secretary of State Mark Martin, still trying hard to get a piece of a legislative redistricting process controlled by the two Democratic members of the three-person Board of Apportionment, has a modest proposal.

Department of the Obvious

* TWITS: National Republican Senatorial Committee is unethical. Guilty of fake Twitters.

Airport renews Witt lobbying deal

I mentioned the other day that Little Rock Airport Commissioner Tom Schueck had held up routine extension of the Little Rock National Airport's $100,000-a-year lobbying contract with Witt Associates, James Lee Witt's government consulting firm.

What Marfa might say about Bentonville

The documentary "Marfa Voices" is about Donald Judd and his impact on the small Texas town he moved to from New York City.

Justice for sale or rent

Justice Clarence Thomas received a gift worth $15,000 from the American Enterprise Institute. He voted in their favor in three U.S. Supreme Court cases.

Commission proposes halt to injection wells

The state Oil and Gas Commission proposes to end waste disposal wells in a 1,150-square-mile earthquake-prone area in the Fayetteville Shale gas zone in Faulkner and surrounding counties.

Womack supports federal relief, backs appeal

Rep. Steve Womack backs the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management's appeal to FEMA for disaster funding.

Justin Moore loves guns

Justin Moore's new album celebrates buying guns in Walmart.

Tuesday topics

The line is open. Let's cheer a Republican senator from New York, fighting for same sex marriage.