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June 30, 2005

Vol 3 • No 24

Artery opens in Eureka

Artists are the lifeblood of Eureka Springs. So it is appropriate that on Sunday, July 3, Eureka opens The Artery, a public art project made up of 29 4-by-8-foot concrete-board canvases covering an unsightly wall behind the Basin Park Hotel. A ribbon-cutt

The week that was June 22-28

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … CONFUSION. The change has been long overdue, but the busy frontage roads between McCain Boulevard in North Little Rock and Wildwood Avenue in Sherwood have been converted to one-way traffic. It

The Insider June 30

Rumors have been buzzing for months about the Majestic Hotel in Hot Springs. One had it that it faced a loss of its land lease. Others say it’s not long for the world. We decided to check it out.

Big John Miller unveils new CD

Big John Miller, the large-and-in-charge funk and R&B soul man, and his three-piece backup group have been playing clubs, barbecues, weddings, festivals, pool parties — you name it — for more than seven years.

The harassers among us

Like most states, Arkansas has certain people who enjoy roaming around to argue and harass people who don’t think as they do. Because most Baptists and Methodists used to believe that people should not work on Sunday, policemen no longer ago than 1940 w

Letters June 30

David Koon’s piece “White Like Me” was a very honest and insightful look at the lack of diversity in print media.

Borrowing, spending and feuding

Why go public and make a spectacle of the state Democratic Party at the mere starting gate of a big governor’s race? That’s what I asked Ron Oliver, former chairman of the party. He’d been quoted on the front page of the Little Rock newspaper blasting t

The Observer June 30

Little Rock’s cast of street characters has a new player, and he is the most theatrical of the bunch. We don’t have a name for him, but he’s an Edgar Bergen for the 21st century, on some other planet. We call him that because he spreads his message by way

Words June 30

Wednesday’s not so bad. Why not overturn Monday instead? “In a 4-2 ruling, the Arkansas Court of Appeals overturned Wednesday a man’s drug conviction because the trial judge allowed two witnesses to testify before the jury that the defendant ha

Grand openings and reopenings abound

The folks at U-Haul must have dropped something in the water supply, with all the stores moving to new digs this week.

Aunt Caroline Dye

Caroline Dye of Newport was not a musician, but she figures prominently in several important pieces of American recorded music.

Smart Talk June 30

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week that it was legal for a city in Connecticut to condemn private residences to lease the land to a private hotel and office development. It was ground-breaking because it means economic development can be used to just

Central: A Republican symbol

We are at another crossroads. After nearly three-quarters-of-a-million dollars worth of planning, a climax nears on a $5.1 million Interior Department appropriation to build a larger, permanent visitor center for the Central High School Museum.

TV highlights

FIGHTING FAT: ACTIVE AGING 8 p.m. Thursday, June 30 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) What with the governor dropping all those pounds, going on a running kick and writing a book that basically says all you have to do to get fit is stop stuffing

Fourth lore

Here’s some Fourth of July lore that you might find useful or entertaining. Most of it is factual and you can probably tell the stretchers. Any-how, as is always the case in this column, it’s all true in the best sense of the word and as free of spin

More picks June 30-July 6

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan, regarded as the most important group in the history of mariachi music, will headline a free concert at the Riverfest Amphitheatre on Thursday, June 30, as part of 76th National League of United Latin American Citizens Conven

Daredevils at Alltel

It isn’t lost on freestyle motorcyclist Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg how he got his big break to join Tony Hawk’s “Boom Boom HuckJam Tour.” One of his longtime motocross friends crashed. “I’d been riding over the years and a couple of my buddies were on

Repeat after us: P.F. Chang's is not THAT good.

As public service, we’re just going to say it. No matter what you’ve heard, it’s not THAT good. On the Border, though good, is not THAT good. P.F. Chang’s, though good, is not THAT good. Listen: People — perfectly sane and rational people — are

Editorial June 30

It’s not the flag that makes America great, it’s the freedom. Other countries have flags, some of them rather pretty. They don’t have anything as beautiful as Americans’ right to say what we please, or to worship as we want. American troops have died fi

Eminent insensitivity

The three houses across the street from Brenda Brown’s home are vacant, their owners having moved out during the past few weeks. She is thinking about leaving, too. Brown lives within a few hundred feet of one of Little Rock National Airport’s run

‘Dead’ ringer

When you boil them all down, movie monsters — to a man, woman, beast or Thing — all have something in common: their reliance on those animal fears we as humans hold bone-deep inside ourselves.

Dumas is on vacation

Ernest Dumas is on vacation. His column will resume July 14.

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Brave New Restaurant; NYPD Pizza. Capsule reviews: Cancun; Ella's.

MOD and the art of motorcycles

Once thought of as a kind of rolling sneer at establishment and order, lately motorcycles have gained a mainstream acceptance as works of industrial sculpture, appreciated as much for their style as for what they say about the person in the saddle.

Best wine list -- Acadia

Are you adventurous, curious and an avid wine drinker? Of course you are. Because you’re an Arkansas Times reader and you voted Acadia as having the best wine list.

Rep takes Shakespeare outdoors

Bob Hupp’s love of Shakespeare and his desire to take the Arkansas Repertory Theatre beyond its Main Street confines mean the second Rep appearance in four years at Wildwood Park for the Performing Arts.

Best cheap date -- some ideas

We don’t declare winners in this category. We merely share our readers’ many good and not-so-good ideas. This year’s list:

Editor's choices add to readers' bests

In keeping with custom, the staff of the Arkansas Times offers some of our own ideas on the Best of Arkansas. Here and there we might have a wee disagreement with readers. Elsewhere, we cover some categories and ideas not covered in the survey.

From an e-partment to favorite news anchor

Kate Sullivan has come a long way from the new-on-the-job general assignment reporter at KATV, Channel 7, who on an early as-signment spent a month cooped up in an apartment with only the Internet to take care of all her necessities. Five years later, s

Best vet -- Tim Paladino

Tim Paladino likes things in multiples. At home, he’s got triplets and twins, ages 4 and 6 respectively. (That doesn’t add up to a “bajillion,” which is how he described their number, but it’s plenty.)

Pawn of fortune

If you’re lucky, you’ve never had to pawn anything. It’s an odd process, equal parts desperation and perspiration — going into a place, broke, with a prized possession; coming out with cash, though you might not know if or when you’ll ever get your stuff

Best resort -- Red Apple

Going to the lake is a summertime tradition in Arkansas. Some people drive their boats to launching points at lakes like Ouachita, and some have homes and condos at lakes like Hamilton. But since 1963, the crème de la crème of lake getaways in Arkansas

Hip clothes? Hop to Scarlet.

Scarlet, the boutique open since October in the Village at Pleasant Valley, didn’t even get in the phone book before it climbed to the top of the women’s clothing retail scene in Little Rock, and Arkansas Times readers named it best hip clothing store the

Big Walgreen is better

A man left the hospital a couple of years ago with a fist full of prescriptions to be filled. Clearly, pills had become an important part of his life. He took the prescriptions to the drug store he used at the time, one of a regional chain.

Who'll sound the alarm?

Security procedures in effect at Cumberland Towers May 5 when a fire killed two elderly residents could have contributed to critical delays in reports of the fire to the Little Rock Fire Department.

It’s all GOOD in the Natural State. But there are none BETTER ..

It must be summer. That’s when we hibernate to plow through the hundreds of ballots submitted by readers in our Best of Arkansas contest. It’s a familiar exercise by now. We publish the ballot in two consecutive issues. We give a couple of weeks to mail

Bob and Willie

Rock fans of a certain age could be forgiven for checking their bifocals at the news. Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson? Together? And at Ray Winder Field no less?