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Disappearing ink

Disappearing ink

July 1, 2019

Vol 45 • No 23

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The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette shifts to digital delivery

Publisher Walter Hussman tries to save the news by stopping the presses.

Best of Arkansas 2019

The winners of our annual readers' survey.

Boudoir photos for all bodies

Amber Lane Roberts got her first camera when she was 7 years old and began shooting professionally at age 23, in 2009. Roberts says she’s shot “everything” — football games, events at Arkansas Tech University in Russellville, weddings, families and newborns — but boudoir photography “always came the easiest” for her.

A paean to Karen Hayes

A poet who changed the world for the better.

2019 Best of Arkansas editors' picks

Best homemade breakfast treats, place to entertain out of town guests from a dry county, reason to listen to commercial rock radio and more.

Matt White’s photography is an exercise in empathy

Some photographs are worth revering because they imply a sense of motion. Matt White’s photographs are worth revering because they imply a pause.

The emperor's new viola: a 1938 instrument makes its way from Little Rock to Tokyo Imperial Palace

Between Tuesday, May 21, and Monday, May 27, 2019, a viola inscribed with the initials “IA” made its way from a quaint 1880s carriage house in Little Rock’s Quapaw Quarter to the hands of Japan’s Emperor Naruhito, a gift from President Trump on the occasion of Naruhito’s ascent to the Imperial Chrysanthemum Throne.

A compromised Arkansas Supreme Court

Like its federal counterpart, the Arkansas Supreme Court has had a run of ill fortune lately, at least by the lights of founding fathers like Alexander Hamilton, who said public confidence that judges were impartial and free of partisan influence would be vital to preserving the democratic experiment.
Detailed picture of Jim Cunningham's slot car collection

Jim Cunningham spreads the slot car gospel

Some of the aerodynamic wedge cars in the Little Rock resident's vast collection of racers can reach a speed of 160 mph.

Patients impatient for the arrival of edibles in Arkansas: Feed thyself

We got buds in the oven.

The essential guide to Northwest Arkansas

Wealthy people playing game

A wired Hot Springs

Gambling has defined the city since the 1920s.

Beach books

The Observer was a weird little shit who has since grown into a weird old fart, and for several years there in our teens and 20s, serial killers happened to be one of the things in which we were interested — the real-life equivalent of the monsters that haunt the darkest fairy tales, and maybe even the original, unspeakable inspiration for the Big Bad Wolf and Rumpelstiltskin, the Wicked Queen and the Boogeyman, and all the other baddies that lurk in the darkness of closets and under kids’ beds when mom and dad say goodnight and the lights go out.