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Best Of Arkansas 2020

Best Of Arkansas 2020

July 1, 2020

Vol 45 • No 35

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‘Somebody is out here doing something’: Portraits of protest in Arkansas

Across the state, from Bentonville to Crossett, thousands of Arkansans have taken to the streets in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and to protest police brutality. Some are seasoned organizers. Some are first-time protesters. Some have served on task forces, met with elected leaders, received death threats. They are racially diverse, and they span generations. And they have decided, despite a pandemic that put them at risk when gathering, to keep coming out. Here are a few of their stories.

Best of Arkansas 2020

The results of our annual Best of Arkansas survey.

The Rutledge retort

Times' readers vote her spending best of the worst.

Werking out with Jolly Bodies

You can get a good idea of the attitude Lee Ann and Burke Jolly bring to their fitness philosophy by going to the Jolly Bodies Fitness Facebook page and watching the video of Lee Ann exercising to Todrick Hall’s “Werk Out.”

Control marks the return of the neighborhood record store

The story of Control, Hillcrest's favorite record shop.

Thanks to pandemic emergency rules, Legacy Wine and Spirits has expanded clientele

It’s easy to see why Legacy has adjusted so smoothly to the pandemic rules that allow for liquor store deliveries. Pre-pandemic, the Chenal Parkway liquor stop was already equipped with a robust online presence, including a gift registry, a cigar selection, a host of grocery items like Blue Sail and Onyx coffee beans and a wine database with a “90+ POINTS” tab that lets you filter results for top-rated wines from your choice of ranking system.

Colonial Wines & Spirits' ample inventory is now available for curbside or delivery

Keeping inventory flexible — and ample — means that Colonial needs a lot of space.

Looking out for business, not people in Arkansas

Governor Hutchinson issued an executive order protecting employers from suits by employees who believe they contracted COVID-19 at work.

Quarantine Kitchens: Little Rock's home cooks show us their eats

The Arkansas Times persuaded a few home cooks to tell us about their favorite meals during the extended stay at home, and about the ways in which their relationship to food has changed during the pandemic. 

Baroque 2.0: Soprano Elijah McCormack makes ancient music feel new again

For male soprano Eli McCormack, ancient music has everything (and nothing) to do with gender identity.

'Tell My Mama I’m Back': Joshua Asante on depression, diamonds and keeping his new single 'as Black and as spacey' as he could make it 

Tracked and mixed in spaces adjacent to Fellowship Hall Sound in Little Rock, Asante's new pair of songs make a pretty clear case for why he calls his music “astral soul.”

Inconsequential News Quiz: Black Lives Matter Edition

Play at home, while studying up on how to safely extinguish tear gas rounds.

Five questions to ask politicians about policing

We pick our leaders, and those leaders pick the leaders of the police departments. That means that if you’re mad as hell and aren’t gonna take it anymore, you don’t actually have to take it anymore. All you’ve gotta do is register to vote, cast a ballot for the people who are dedicated to holding the powerful to account and convince a couple ten thousand of your friends to do the same.