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Best Of 2022

Best Of 2022

July 1, 2022

Vol 45 • No 58

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Arkansas artist Adaja Cooper finds a way

If vandals attack your work repeatedly before you even graduate from college, surely you’re doing something right.

Best of Arkansas 2022

Y’all love some local brews and fried foods, and we at the Arkansas Times took note. The voters have spoken on their 2022 favorites, tipping us off on such varied topics as where to find the cutest kids’ clothes (The Toggery), who to hit up for the best ink (7th Street Tattoo) and the best guys to call in a roach-related emergency (Adams Pest Control).

Behind the curtain at the North Little Rock Elks Lodge

The "best people on Earth."

Moix RV Supercenter sells fun and freedom, and demand is high

Walking the lot with sales manager Brad Barnett at Moix RV Supercenter in Conway — voted winner in the "Best RV/Camper" category of our annual Best of Arkansas poll — it’s pretty easy to get swept up in the dream.

Mountain Home fitness influencer Hampton Liu knows you can do it

Liu's endearing combination of expertise and warmth prompted one fan to dub him "the Bob Ross of working out."

Food with soul: From a small produce stand to the best comfort food in Little Rock, K. Hall & Sons approaches its 50th year on Wright Avenue

After nearly 50 years on Little Rock's Wright Avenue, it's no surprise that K. Hall & Sons took home the title for "Best Comfort Food" in our annual "Best of Arkansas" poll.

The artist behind PineAcre, a TikTok account documenting small-town life in Northwest Arkansas

Nicknamed "The Wes Anderson of TikTok," artist Ashlyn Gulbranson documents life in the Arkansas Ozarks for her 60,000 followers.

Donald Trump’s corrupt legacy

He's the worst.

A Q&A with Jennifer Glasgow, Little Rock's new chief education officer

We spoke with Glasgow about her background and vision for directing education policy for Little Rock.

Good Noise: A 2022 Arkansas music roundup

Ten projects from Arkansas artists worth loading your playlist with this summer.

Joe, the one-man terrorist band 

He earned notoriety from his Sharp Citizen newspaper.

A tour of Natural State Medicinals

It's growing season at the Jefferson County medical marijuana cultivator.


If your internet goes out, as The Observer’s did recently, it’s likely the cyberattack comes not from the Russians, but from forces much closer to home. That was the case in the Kingwood neighborhood in early June, when a cluster of five houses suffered the extremely First World problem of a temporary lack of access to Netflix.