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July 6, 2011

Vol 37 • No 45

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A forgotten freedom summer

Fifty years ago, the Freedom Riders came to Little Rock.

Freedom Riders 50th anniversary events

To mark the 50th anniversary of the five Freedom Riders' attempt to integrate interstate bus terminals in Little Rock, UALR's new Institute on Race and Ethnicity will host a pair of events this weekend.

Hoo-boy, there's some gator on the menu

Jacksonville's entry into Louisiana-style dining features an all-the-time all-you-can-eat buffet. The better offerings, though, are on the regular menu.

Going, going ...

Odd days in Little Rock

One day in Little Rock a bluejay ate the only tomato on the only backyard tomato plant I've ever grown. I don't normally avenge wrongs committed against me by creatures doing what comes naturally. But this whorehopper had attitude, and had it coming.

Sneering at traffic safety

A Longview, Wash., teenager is leading a campaign to get rid of the city's cameras that catch people running red lights, and an Associated Press article about the campaign mentioned that nine states have banned red-light cameras statewide. Arkansas is one of the nine.

Have you seen this ex-con?

Given how expensive it can be to keep a person in prison, it's understandable that a lot of counties in Arkansas are looking at parole and probation for non-violent offenders rather than spending more money to feed, shelter and clothe them in the hoosegow.

Hot Springs data available

The Times' collection of searchable databases, which already includes salary information on all Little Rock, Pulaski County and Fayetteville government employees and lists of state agency cell phone expenditures and license plate numbers for all state legislators and constitutional officers, continues to expand with the addition of data from Hot Springs.

Daryl Hance plays Stickyz

Plus Dark From Day One, The Year of the Tiger and The Blue Party

Banana Leaf's zoning battle

The owners of the month-old Banana Leaf Indian food truck — which received good marks from the Times last week — got an unwelcome surprise just before the July 4th weekend: a visit from Little Rock code enforcement, and the news that the lot where they've been set up since they opened isn't properly zoned.

OW Pizza adapts

The Third Street pizza joint continues to impress

Jo McDougall's latest

Better known as an accomplished poet, Jo McDougall has turned her considerable talent to writing a memoir about the vibrant rice farm where she grew up in Southeast Arkansas.

Bernard Allison, Blake Shelton, Tank and Fantasia

Plus, Arkopolis, Sonny Burgess, Scream the Prayer and more.

Beebe's place in history

Perhaps some day, Gov. Mike Beebe's grandchildren will feel ashamed at his support of discrimination against gays and lesbians.

Brunch guide

From Southern classics to Latin-inspired dishes to Asian favorites, Central Arkansas restaurants offer a wide variety of choices for mid-morning weekend dining.

California Blue Shield promises break to policyholders

No promise yet forthcoming in Arkansas.

Good week: Dr. Jerry Guess

It was a good week for: Dr. Jerry Guess, Shane Broadway, Mireya Reith, economic recovery and Arkansas taxpayers. It was a bad week for Yarnell's Ice Cream and Gov. Mike Beebe.

Let's all talk religion and politics

Fun with trebuchets

imagine The Observer's thrill when on the Fourth of July we saw three young men labor mightily, in the great outdoors of Murray Park, to launch a baseball with a weapon once used in the 13th century.

Possible 1st District candidates

Evidence grew in the last week that Democrats hope to retake the District 1 congressional seat held by freshman Republican Rep. Rick Crawford of Jonesboro.

Democrat-Gazette shuffles columnists

Jay Grelen's thrice-weekly column "Sweet Tea" will be no more and Linda Caillouet's "Paper Trails" column will make only one weekly appearance instead of three.

'As You Like It' a lively production

The last days of Johnny Cash

An excerpt from 'Johnny Cash's American Recordings' examines the Man in Black's domestic life.

On Brantley's new role

"So to hear Brantley is going to be spending even more time and energy on this endeavor is like an answer to my prayers. I wish him continued good health, fine sources and sharp thoughts."

'Transformers' on auto-pilot

Acting terrible, but visuals great.

Fayetteville's snow day goes to high court

That snow-day controversy in Washington County Circuit Court in Fayetteville has now been elevated to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Republicans want it both ways

Republicans oppose raising taxes on the rich and corporations and, in fact, want to reduce or eliminate them, but they do not want to cut significant spending or else they want the president or the governor to do it and take the blame.

The Wankiest Generation

History, look out

The latest Republican presidential primary will be scary for sure — they all are — but this one may be scary in an entertaining way, "Mama Grizzly v. Mad Michie."

Ghost passers in the sky

Preston Carpenter's death last week, at 77, is reason enough for old-time Razorback fans to once again celebrate the 66-yard touchdown pass that beat Ole Miss in 1954 and more or less began the modern - that is, "successful" - era of Arkansas football.

'Moll' a welcome site in headlines

A moll, sometimes referred to as a gun moll or a gangster's moll, is "a female companion of a criminal."

Little Rock scales down tax, not slush fund

Mayor Mark Stodola floated a reduced city sales tax plan last night and the powers-that-be will rubberstamp it next Monday.

Two Rivers Bridge set to open

The bikers/walkers/runners are humming about the dedication of the Two Rivers Bridge across the Little Maumelle River.

A Fleur-y of anticipation

Tomorrow kicks off Eureka Springs' first Fleur Delicious Festival, featuring French cooking, French food, French everything.

Fighting gay marriage from secret

In Minnesota — as in similar battles in other states — opponents of gay marriage want to wage their fight from secret, this time by cloaking campaign contributors in secret.

Wednesday To-Do: Bernard Allison

Bernard Allison plays Revolution tonight.

The return of David Duke

Speaking of human rights: The Daily Beast reports on what it sees as a "startling" number of white power political candidates, including the possibility that David Duke might enter the presidential nominating run.

And a Lichtenstein, too

At Crystal Bridges.

For Tim Griffin: Where are the jobs?

U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, interviewed by Roby Brock for Talk Business, repeated his tiresome collection of cliches about why the only solution to the U.S. budget is spending cuts (particularly on those who depend most heavily on government for support).

Thursday: Dark From Day One, Daryl Hance, The Poison Control Center

Dark From Day One, Daryl Hance, The Poison Control Center and more play Central Arkansas Thursday night.

Thursday To-Do: Arkopolis

Arkopolis plays White Water Tavern Thursday night.

Clinton: GOP wants to disenfranchise voters

Former President Bill Clinton told it straight to a student group: Former President Bill Clinton Wednesday compared GOP efforts to limit same-day voter registration and block some convicted felons from voting to Jim Crow laws and poll taxes.

Inspiration at Murray Park tonight

On Christmas Day 2008, Ben Davis of Mayflower weighed 358 pounds when he made a promise to his grandmother that he would get healthy.

Seedling Film Association announces 2nd Annual Offshoot Film Fest

The Seedling Film Association, a non-profit located in Northwest Arkansas, recently announced that the 2nd Annual Offshoot Film Fest will be held in Fayetteville Oct. 27-30.

Court orders end to Don't Ask Don't Tell

In light of the Obama administration's decision that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is unconstitutional, the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals has lifted a stay of the decision striking down the military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

48 hr. Film Project registration now open!

Early registration for this year's Little Rock leg of the 48 Hour Film Project is now open, with earlybird teams who sign up before August 1 getting in for only $140 per team.

Hot Springs payroll data now available

See payroll info on all employees of Hot Springs government employees.

The Wednesday night line

Your comments here. I have something to do.

Republican talk is cheap

I'll believe Republican Rep. Nate Bell and his cohort opportunists are serious about saving taxpayer money when: 1) They accept the same mileage reimbursement rate other state employees receive — 42 cents a mile.

Candidate for court of appeals

It's less than 11 months until judicial elections next May, I realized this morning when I received a news release about the candidacy of Fayetteville lawyer Niki Cung for the state Court of Appeals.

Yarnell's and the free market

John Brummett re-examines the failure of Yarnell's Ice Cream and the state's role — through two state agencies and $3.5 million in now-delinquent debt — in propping up the business for more than a decade when private lenders grew reluctant.

Burger joint of the week: The Back Forty

A ground round burger seasoned with white pepper and garlic is the main reason folks stop by this Mountain Home staple.

Cornbread: It's what's for competition

Want to show off your cornbread? Better register for your chance to compete in the inaugural Cornbread Festival, being held November 5th at Bernice Garden on South Main in Little Rock.

Friday To-Do: Two Rivers Bridge Dedication

The Two Rivers Bridge will be dedicated Friday morning in a ceremony that includes U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood

Equality inches on in Ct., not in Iowa UPDATE

Connecticut has become the 15th state to protect people from discrimination in employment or housing on gender identity — that is transgender people.

Pixies 'Doolittle World Tour' to Memphis, Oklahoma City

The Pixies "Doolittle World Tour" comes to Memphis and Oklahoma City this fall.

Republicans fight for the billionaires

The fight over avoiding economic calamity by raising the debt ceiling has become surreal. Republicans believe — and apparently have some polling to support them — that there's wide support for protecting the billionaires.

Rick Crawford a top spender in Congress

This is rich. Rodeo clown Rick Crawford, whose personal financial disrepair was an issue in his election as Republican congressman from the 1st District, is a professed spending hawk.

School reformers on the defensive

Diane Ravitch, the reformed school reformer who, at 73, has become a one-woman truth squad against the gospel of the Billionaire Boys Club, points me to an early look at a valuable and balanced article on school reform in the coming New York Times magazine.

Yarnell's still working on a workout UPDATE

A small update to an earlier item on Yarnell's Ice Cream from Gene Eagle at the Arkansas Development Finance Authority: We have had folks in the press requesting for access to files and records that if disclosed would give advantage to competitors or bidders.

Scandal to close News of the World

The burgeoning scandal over years of hacking into private cell phone accounts has prompted the closure of the News of the World, the Murdoch family-owned Sunday paper that had been the world's largest English language paper.

Food Not Bombs at Gallery 26 tonight

It's First Thursday tonight in Hillcrest, and among the after-hours events on tap for neighborhood strollers is a Friends Not Bombs event given to honor the memory of artist/musician Victor Wiley.

Dia Frampton disses Kris Allen?

So apparently there's this competitive singing show on NBC called "The Voice" and it's pretty popular.

Little Rock's proposed slush fund UPDATES

Since the vote has been arranged to keep public comments to a minimum, I guess it's left to me to complain about Mayor Mark Stodola's tenacity in preserving a fat "economic development" slush fund in the revised city sales tax proposal (worth a half-billion over 10 years) to be voted on Monday night for a possible September special election.

Market time at Fleur Delicious

Fleur Delicious has kicked off here in Eureka Springs. Been running around today sampling and savoring flavors all across town.

Tree to Table: Ashley's pastry chef plays with Rainier cherries

Tandra Watkins pairs pistachio with the fruit for an amazing dessert — available for a limited time, only.

Laman Library accepting submissions for 2012 fellowships

The William F. Laman Public Library System recently announced the application submission dates for the 2012 Laman Library Writers Fellowship.

Thursday thoughts

The line is open. Some final notes: * LR SCHOOL BOARD: Jody Carreiro announced today that he'll seek re-election to the Little Rock School Board in September.

Todd Herman: New AAC director

His passion for art is palpable and infectious and bound to stir donors into shelling out, which is exactly what the Arts Center needs.

The Republican president

Paul Krugman grows wearier of President Obama's move to the right, particularly recent pronouncements on the budget.

Get motivated — and grab your wallet

Several have remarked to me that there must be a catch in the coming motivationalpalooza Aug. 30 at Verizon Arena featuring, among others, Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Laura Bush, Lou Holtz.

Don't cut MY government

It is too laugh every time the Democrat-Gazette whips up a froth about the closing of a tiny postoffice in some dusty Arkansas crossroads.

Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' is the greatest video of all time

British music mag NME has named the music video for Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nail's "Hurt" as the greatest music video of all time.

Ozark Foothills FilmFest call for entries

The Ozark Foothills Filmfest is accepting entries for its 2012 festival.

Conservatives get behind prison reform

Punitive sentences and packed prisons cost a lot of money, the biggest expense after Medicaid for many states.

2nd Friday Art Night tonight: Lawrence Finney

At Hearne Fine Art.

Strong Man Finals coming to Hot Springs

Dust off your hernia truss, folks, because something tells us just WATCHING the America's Strongest Man finals — coming to Hot Springs' Summit Arena August 5-6 — will be enough to make you blow an internal gasket.

Injunction of NFL lockout lifted

I was just making a routine check of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals website and found this decision of wide interest: The appeals court has lifted an injunction against an NFL owners' lockout of players in their labor dispute.

2nd Friday Art Night: Renee Williams

At the Butler Galleries.

The Republican dilemma

Polling in Pennsylvania, a key electoral state, illustrates neatly the developing Republican dilemma. Mitt Romney, deeply distrusted by evangelicals and other "base" voters on the GOP side, ties President Obama, who won the state easily in 2008.

'Adult' brownies back on Arkansas shelves

Remember the hubbub about some melatonin-laced snack foods, jerked from Arkansas shelves because labels didn't adequately inform about additives (though widely available over the counter) not approved for food use?

Four candidates for University of Arkansas president

By golly, Dr. Carl Johnson, the chairman of the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees, has done it.

Friday: The Year of the Tiger, Bear Colony, Theodore

The Year of the Tiger, Bear Colony, Theodore and more play Central Arkansas Friday night.

Saturday To-Do: Tank and Fantasia

Tank and Fantasia headline an evening of steamy R&B Saturday night at Robinson Center Music Hall

Saturday To-Do: Sonny Burgess & The Legendary Pacers

Sonny Burgess & The Legendary Pacers play Maxine's Saturday night.

Saturday: The Blue Party, Kingsdown, Trio Arkansas

The Blue Party, Kingsdown, Trio Arkansas and more play Central Arkansas Saturday night.

Ohio State to vacate 2010 wins

Responding to a memorabilia-selling scandal that cost coach Jim Tressel his job, Ohio State University told the NCAA today that they will vacate their wins from the entire 2010 football season, including their Big Ten championship and their victory over Arkansas in the 2011 Sugar Bowl.

Saturday To-Do: Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton plays at Magic Springs' Timberwood Theater Saturday night.

Pieday: Fresh apple at Sodie's

This Flippin soda fountain - pharmacy serves up great ice cream treats and sandwiches. But you really need to check out this pie, full of fresh slices of apple and lots of spices.

2nd Friday Art Night: Civil War toys

"Playing at War: Children's Civil War Era Toys," guns and drums and such from the collection of Greg McMahon paired with the real thing, is one of the attractions tonight at the Historic Arkansas Museum, 200 E. Third, which will be open 5-8 p.m. for 2nd Friday.

Joe Black named to state Board of Education

Gov. Mike Beebe today named Joe Black of Newport to the state Board of Education.

See a montage of the cast of 'True Blood' saying 'Sookie'

Sookie, Sookie, Sookie!

AAC announces July show

In response to my blog item yesterday about new Arts Center director Todd Herman, the Arts Center tells me there is, in fact, another exhibit scheduled for this summer.

Two Rivers Bridge dedicated

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood helped dedicate the Two Rivers bike/foot bridge over the Little Maumelle River today.

Saturday night: Sylvester McKissick in Helena

He'll talk about life and art at the Delta Cultural Center annex.

A problem we could live with

President Obama borrowed Norman Rockwell's "The Problem We All Live With," which reminds us — did Alice Walton buy the study for the painting at auction last year? Hope so.

Podcast: The debt crisis makes us crazy edition

This week: handicapping the applicants for president of the UA System, identifying the flaws in the Little Rock sales tax plan and talk about the politics and practicalities of the debt ceiling debate.

Friday night line

The line is open. Final notes: * ULTERIOR MOTIVE: Republican Rep. Charlie Collins of Fayetteville is telling the world he wants a Hispanic majority legislative district created in Northwest Arkansas.

Mayor Stodola fires back on tax plan

Mayor Mark Stodola isn't happy about criticism here of lacking details in his proposal to spend $38 million of $195 million in a tax increase for capital projects on hazy economic development purposes.

Come the Republicans

John Brummett writes about some inside legislative baseball today, but the bottom line is simple: If Republicans take over the state Senate in 2012 — and it sounds like even Democrats expect that to happen — Sen. Larry Teague's election as the next Senate president pro tem will be moot.

News flash: UA to obey FOI law

When the University of Arkansas announced Friday four candidates for president of the UA System, I renewed my request to UA spokesman Ben Beaumont for notice of all meetings of the University Board of Trustees, including those involving only two members of the Board.

Follow the money on charter schools

A small followup on Gov. Mike Beebe's appointment of Joe Black of Newport (and Helena-West Helena, he told the Democrat-Gazette) to the state Board of Education.

The hole in LR's bike path

My mention yesterday of a gaping problem in the bike trail on the Little Rock side of the Arkansas River brought inquiries and an impassioned call to action from Gene Pfeifer, a recreational cyclist whose persistence helped get the Clinton Library off the dime on completing its bridge link to North Little Rock.

Sunday To-Do: 40 oz. to Freedom

Sublime tribute band 40 oz. to Freedom plays Juanita's Sunday night.

The line is open

Your thoughts here.

State surplus: What to do with it?

Arkansas finished its budget year with more than $90 million in excess of expected revenue.

Turn on the TV cameras in Senate

Regards an article today in Democrat-Gazette that mentions the state Senate's continued resistance to televising proceedings, committee or on the floor: Some of the best members of the Senate — Jim Luker and Mary Anne Salmon, I'm talking about you — are wrong on this issue.

Rev.-Gov. Huckabee takes the pulpit

A classic Mike Huckabee moment, courtesy of Beliefnet. He zings Rep. Charlie Rangel for urging members of Congress to think what Jesus would do in dealing with the debt ceiling and meeting the nation's needs.

Turkey leg with mole... at KJ's Caribe Restaurant y Cantina

Outside of the county fair, how many chances do you have to eat an entire turkey leg as part of a meal? It's a specialty at Caribe... and you'll be surprised just how good it is.

Hurry the night

Maybe by starting the open line early, the temperature will drop sooner. It's 100 degrees just about everywhere.

Cherry picking students

Another installment in an important topic: Do charter schools cherry pick students, either in the admissions process or, where open enrollment is possible, by forcing out those difficult to educate?

Let Paul Ryan drink burgundy

Symbolism is a bitch. Funny report on Rep. Paul Ryan, who says it's time for poor folks to suffer by dismantling of our existing Medicare system.

City of Little Rock censors

The closure of a convenience store operated by a Muslim of Palestinian descent at Wright Avenue and Battery has stirred a small tempest.

Monday To-Do: Scream the Prayer

The Christian hardcore tour Scream the Prayer hits Little Rock on Monday.

Little Rock tax vote tonight

The Little Rock Board of Directors convenes at 5 p.m. tonight to vote on a tax proposal for a special election in September.

Murdoch muck deepens

New revelations in the Murdoch phone hacking scandal — an allegation from British political leader Gordon Brown that investigators working for Murdoch's corporation accessed his personal financial records.

Opens today: Flatbed Press prints at UALR

“Advancing Tradition: 20 Years of Printmaking at Flatbed Press"

Cantrell Road widening set for hearing

The state Highway and Transportation Department will have a public hearing from 4 to 7 p.m.

Can Mark Martin count to three?

The ultra-right Arkansas Watch blog lavishes some love on Secretary of State Mark Martin for opposition to creation of a Latino majority House district in Northwest Arkansas.

Little Rock Fashion Week kicks off tonight

But really the annual event doesn't get rolling until the weekend.

Suffer the (dumped) animals

Gut-wrenching report by Fox 16 on the Humane Society of Saline County. It has installed security cameras because so many people were dumping unwanted animals in its parking lot, including puppies who'd then wander into the path of cars on a highway nearby.

Hog seating plan raises $6.5 million

The University of Arkansas Athletic Department announced today that its new R.S.V.P. plan — in which everyone pays a new higher premium for choice seats to football home games in Little Rock and Fayetteville — had raised an additional $6.5 million for athletics.

Bishop reports threats against priest

Catholic Bishop Anthony Taylor has published an extensive response in the Arkansas Catholic to an anonymous complaint about improper touching of a child by a priest in Springdale.

Fatality near Rebsamen Golf Course

No details yet, but the Little Rock police are reporting a fatality in an accident at the entrance to Rebsamen Park Golf Course on Rebsamen Park Road.

Republicans: Our way or national disaster

The Republicans are unified. They won't approve an increase in the debt ceiling for any plan that puts additional taxes on millionaires, not even if Democrats trade off important cost savings in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Delta Made makes the news

It's nice to see Arkansas Delta Made get some national press.

The Monday line

Your comments here. Final notes: * GOOD INTENTIONS, ROCKY ROAD: Interesting report in The Nation on the unhappy outcome of an effort by the Clinton Foundation to hurry up some classrooms for children in hurricane-devastate Haiti.

Get inked, support local radio

Silent auctions and raffles and bake sales and benefit concerts and the like are fine and all.

Wyrick: Vote separately on economic development

Looks like the deliberation on the sales tax proposition could take a while before the Little Rock City Board tonight.

Public weighs in on tax proposal

Public comments on tax proposal: * From one speaker: Raising a half-billion dollars over 10 years is a vote "against the working poor."

The speaking continues

The Little Rock sales tax debate continues: * A speaker who said he supported the sales tax proposal and thought it generally fair objected to the disproportionate cuts in parks expenditures when the city reduced a 1.25-cent proposal to the pending 1-cent proposal.

City Board puts sales tax on ballot

The Little Rock Board of Directors tonight voted to put a two-part sales tax increase on a special election ballot in September.

Who's running Little Rock? UPDATE

Mayor Mark Stodola, inhis angry denunciations of my criticism of his economic development slush fund, insists I have it all wrong about the sway the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce holds over city government, their annual $200,000 unaccounted-for handout of taxpayer money notwithstanding.

Stonewall Democrats emphasize positives

The board of the Stonewall Democrats issued a statement last night putting a positive and conciliatory face on Gov. Mike Beebe's in-your-face appearance before the group recently.

Legal panel won't go after McDaniel

Mara Leveritt reports (pay wall) that the Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct won't pursue her complaint that Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's office had violated ethics codes by continuing to fight to uphold West Memphis Three convictions marred by evidence of juror misconduct and other violations of the defendants' constitutional rights.

The Republicans' contract on America

It can't be repeated enough: Republicans are increasingly giving full and unembarrassed voice to their belief that the American majority favors ripping the social safety net asunder if preserving it means a tax on rich people.

Bachmann therapy for gays

This is wacky bad stuff. An undercover report on how Rep. Michele Bachmann's husband offers "therapy" to turn gay people straight by reading the Bible to them.

D'Carlo is... different

The smoothest, thinnest marinara around and some interesting... choices on the menu at the county line staple on Highway 5.

Driver identified in Rebsamen crash

Little Rock police say Francis Brown, 85, of 44 Overlook, was the driver of the 2000 Lincoln who was found dead after his car veered off Rebsamen Park Road yesterday afternoon and ran into trees near the golf course entrance.

Beebe on the defense

Gov. Mike Beebe took questions on a Roby Brock webcast today. I'll add a link when the episode is available.

Has anybody told Secure Arkansas about this?

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has updated his office's Spanish-language website to better serve Spanish speakers.

Medical marijuana campaign underway

A campaign to allow medical use of marijuana in Arkansas is underway and, at first blush, it appears better organized than some previous efforts that didn't reach the ballot Here's a website for the proposal, which has gained approval as to form from the attorney general.

Obama says checks at risk in August UPDATE

President Obama finally has gotten serious about Republican intransigence on dealing with the debt ceiling.

Art Porter Jr.'s 50th Birthday Celebration

Aug. 3 would have been Little Rock-born jazz musician Art Porter Jr.'s 50th birthday. The saxophonist died in a boating accident in Thailand in 1996, not long after performing at a festival celebrating the reign of King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Ronnie Brewer hosts a birthday for Courtney G

This Thursday night, former Razorback and current Chicago Bull Ronnie Brewer hosts a birthday party for promoter Courtney G at Deep Ultra Lounge, with DJ sets by Greyhound and g-force.

McDaniel horns in on State Police awards

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel horned in on annual State Police awards program today, sending over a videotape of his contribution of $700,000 to build a classroom building for the agency's shooting range at Wrightsville.

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy writes a song about Arkansas' earthquakes

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy recently recorded a tune about the earthquakes that were shaking Faulkner County.

Lottery falls shorter still of forecast

Arkansas lottery revenue is almost $4 million lower than a reduced projection made only two weeks ago.

He decided to stay

Chef Lee Richardson has flourished here in Arkansas, there's no doubt about it. The executive chef for Ashley's and Capital Bar and Grill has managed to bring high class to Central Arkansas, and has done it with an infusion of local produce and Southern values.

Little Rock gets grant for Main Street arts project

The city of Little Rock has received a $150,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts to help encourage creation of a corridor for the arts on Main Street.

ADFA reworking loans on LR historic projects

Read on for Leslie Newell Peacock's report on these two projects.

Our Town arts grant for LR

The National Endowment for the Arts has awarded the city of Little Rock a $150,000 Our Town grant.

Bentonville at 2 a.m.

If you are member number 3,001 or later, you can get into Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art two days before its official opening Nov. 11.