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Ghosts of Elaine

Ghosts of Elaine

August 1, 2019

Vol 45 • No 24

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Army bringing farmers to town

To Those Known and Unknown: The Elaine Massacre Memorial

September 2019 will be the 100th anniversary of what has come to be known as the Elaine massacre in Eastern Arkansas’s Phillips County. A century ago, white posses and U.S. soldiers shot and killed what may have been hundreds of African Americans, most of them tenant farmers, over a period of four days.
picture of Rev. Mary Olson standing in front of the future home of the Elaine Legacy Center

More than memorials in Elaine

In a broken present-day Elaine, locals strategize about economic revival.

Volta, A Requiem

A poem and photo essay.

Scipio Jones: 'Both Intelligent and Wise'

A children’s book that tells the story of early 20th-century black lawyer Scipio Africanus Jones will be published by the University of Arkansas Press.

Elaine: Acknowledgement, apology

With the dedication of Elaine Massacre Memorial just a month away, Chris Allen said, “Now, the story is being told and is being told truthfully."
Picture of Brandon Thornton in Steep Hill Arkansas's lab

How Steep Hill Arkansas tests medical cannabis

Steep Hill Arkansas is the only Arkansas Department of Health-certified cannabis testing lab in the state. Because of that, Steep Hill winds up with a small, very aromatic sample of every cannabis crop grown legally in Arkansas. From there, the lab runs each sample through a battery of tests to determine both the desirable and the undesirable within it, including THC content and any potential contamination, before reporting its findings back to the health department.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Dastardly Doings in Dogtown Edition

Play at home, while fondling your historic doorknob!

Happy birthday, Mary Jane

Like you, your cousin, your Dutch uncle, Meryl Streep, the guy at the corner store and your ol’ dog Blue, The Observer ain’t getting any younger.

Former senator admits to fraud, bribery

Also, a new federal judge appointed, ACLU director retires, Little Rock adds citizens review board and entertainment districts.

Taking notes in Tulsa

Little Rock should borrow ideas from the country's best new park.
Picture of Shaker Microphone

Shakey Joe Harless is Alpena's harp mic hero

How an Alpena transplant's microphones have landed in Steven Tyler's hands — and in David Bowie's dreams.