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Time Traveler

Time Traveler

August 4, 2016

Vol 42 • No 48

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Renaissance man

For 35 years, object conservator and craftsman Andy Zawacki has helped keep the past present at the Historic Arkansas Museum.

Clinton, Trump and the public

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton share a common attribute: their inability to control in a healthy way the highly public aspect of their lives over four decades.

Little Rock: not so different

Here in Little Rock, Police Chief Kenton Buckner has been called on to address the outrage surrounding the recent fatal police shootings of Delrawn Small in New York, Alva Braziel in Texas, Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castille in Minnesota.

Nuts about Pecan Point

Texarkana gastropub a diamond in the rough.

'A man you can bait with a tweet'

Also, funding tied to performance proposed and more.

Trump slips

The question isn't so much if Donald Trump can win the election as whether or not he'll still be the GOP candidate come November.

Gridiron: a century of satire

Little Rock lawyers' theatrical spoof turns 100.

I like your style!

Griffin congratulates Martin for purging eligible voters.

Where's the champagne?

'Ab Fab' revival is true to its bubbly roots.

Take the Ed Department over

Sounds like per their own protocol they need to dismantle the State Education Department and remand the districts into federal control

Hillary Clinton: an inspiration

While the crowd cheered, I thought about my mother being turned away from her college library in the 1960s because she was wearing pants. I thought about the time in the early 2000s my law professor told the female students that we should consider wearing skirts instead of pants to an upcoming trial competition in case some of the men judging the competition were "old-fashioned."

Arkansas Razorbacks 2016 football preview, part I

The 2016 slate is one of the most balanced the team will play.

Dorito Mussolini

The Observer really tries to stay out of politics and religion and what people get up to with their money. All of it is bad for indigestion, you understand, and we know we have a lot of lunchtime readers. But this presidential candidate on the Republican side. What to do with a human being like that?

Donald Trump and nuclear weapons

Is this a normal election between Team R and Team D? Is Trump a normal candidate? Or does he represent something much darker, something historically unusual?

Walmart reportedly angling for $3 billion purchase of online startup

Walmart is reportedly looking at buying the New Jersey-based e-commerce startup for $3 billion.

Hillary Clinton surging in polls over Donald Trump

Looks like trouble for Donald Trump and the Republicans.

National Weather Service issues excessive heat warning for Arkansas

Breaking: It's too hot outside.

Resigned ASU chancellor may have violated law seeking financial assistance for family member

New documents released by Arkansas State University show three examples of potential violations of state law by Tim Hudson.

Finally! Bruno's Little Italy Deli to open Monday

Well, the phones are finally hooked up, the shelves stocked and the Health Department is fixing the name on the certificate of inspection from Burno's to Bruno's. That means Bruno's Little Italy Deli, a year in planning and months in construction, will open Monday, Aug. 8, owner Gio Bruno says.

Cool deals for hot days in August: Little Rock Restaurant Month

When you flip the calendar over to August, it’s time to tie on your best bib for Little Rock Restaurant Month.

New York Times compiles video of the ugly side of Trump rallies

The New York Times yesterday released a video showing examples of incendiary behavior and language by some Donald Trump supporters at the candidate's rallies.

Suds on Saturday at the GRABF

This Saturday, around 400 beers will be available to try out at the annual Great Arkansas Beer Festival at the Statehouse Convention Center. The event, which celebrates craft beers from state and national breweries and the brewers, too, starts at 5:30 p.m. for those who've paid $30 (in advance; $40 day of event), 4:30 p.m. if you've got a VIP ticket ($50).

Medical Board reinstates medical license of Robert Rook, Conway doctor charged with rape of patients

The Arkansas Medical Board today reinstated the medical license of Dr. Robert Rook, a Conway doctor charged with rape and sexual assault of patients.

Beebe alderman accepts plea deal and pays $750 fine for violating election law

David Pruitt, a Beebe alderman charged with violating election law by voting twice in the March preferential primary, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor as part of a negotiated plea deal.

It seems like John McCain is not really comfortable giving Trump control of nuclear weapons

Always a good sign when someone responds to a question about giving a madman unthinkable power by stammering incoherently.

Charles Portis' "Norwood" at 50: A Review

The 50th Anniversary celebration of Portis' "Norwood" is precisely the type of unique, multifaceted, Southern-focused programming that many of us have hoped to see from the partnership between Oxford American and South on Main.

Thanksgiving dinner: New Taziki's to have drive-through

The new Taziki's coming to the Grove Plaza at the Gateway Town Center at Interstate 30 and I-430 will be the first of the chain's Little Rock locations to have a drive-through. Look for it to open just before Thanksgiving.

Secretary of State Mark Martin's craven dereliction of duty

The Secretary of State's office, responsible for a scandal that will likely deny citizens in Arkansas of their constitutional right to vote, settles for flimsy buck-passing.

County responses to flawed felon data suggests eligible voters have been removed from rolls

Earlier this summer, Secretary of State Mark Martin’s office passed along flawed data on Arkansas felons to county clerks. We contacted all 75 counties to see how they had decided to handle it. Their responses varied dramatically. In at least 17 counties, clerks took a "shoot first" approach, which almost certainly means eligible voters have been stripped of their rights.

The Thursday line

No video today. This county thing took all day to put together.

Washington County Republicans pick Joseph Wood as new candidate for county judge, as lawsuit looms

After a three-hour meeting in Fayetteville last night, Washington County Republicans selected Joseph Wood to be their new candidate for county judge. But a lawsuit filed by Democrats aims to keep him off the ballot.

Libertarian Party makes request to get eight candidates on local ballots

The Libertarian Party awaits word from the secretary of state's office.

A scattering of Arkansas Republicans signal doubts about whether they will back Trump

Two GOP state reps suggest that they will likely not support Donald Trump, while a third expresses heavy doubt.

More good news in latest jobs report

American economic growth is surging, as employers added 255,000 jobs in July, the Labor Department announced today.

The blowout possibility

Hillary Clinton has emerged after the conventions as the clear favorite to win the White House. Could Clinton end up not just winning but trouncing Donald Trump come November?

LRPD: Suspect dies after being taken into custody

A spokesman for the Little Rock Police Department said a suspect died last night after experiencing medical distress shortly after being taken into custody by officers for a break-in near Highway 5 on the Pulaski/Saline County line. The suspect, a Latino male, remains unidentified at this writing.

LeAnne Burch wins Dem nomination for District 9; will face Republican Jim Hall, mired in mother in law scandal

LeAnne Burch of Monticello won the Democratic nomination for Arkansas House District 9 (Ashley and Drew counties) last night. She will face off against Republican Jim Hall of Monticello, who believes that his former mother in law is plotting against him.

A review of Sian Heder's debut feature, "Tallulah"

"Tallulah" is not about a babysitting mishap, and it's not a "Juno" reunion. It's a meditation on the battle between fetters and freedom.

Leslie Rutledge: "Obama bullied schools into multi-sex bathrooms"

Apparently embarrassed that she's running out of time to make good on her campaign promise to battle President Barack Obama from Little Rock, Attorney General Leslie Rutledge today published an editorial in the Hill attacking the president over bathroom access for transgender people.

Compassionate Care wants competing medical marijuana proposal to stay off the ballot and join its effort

Two potential competing ballot initiatives involving medical marijuana could confuse voters, argued the group Arkansans for Compassionate Care in a press conference today. The group, which is pushing the Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act (AMCA), made the case that the other group, Arkansans United for Medical Marijuana, should stand down and join their effort.

Former CIA head: Trump poses threat to national security

Michael Morrell, a former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency who served as acting director twice, wrote in a New York Times editorial today that he was endorsing Hillary Clinton for president because Donald Trump was an "unwitting agent" of Russia.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announces appointments

Gov. Asa Hutchinson today announced the following appointments to state boards and commissions.

Arkansas Times Recommends: The Travel Edition

Arkansas Times Recommends is a series in which Times staff members (or whoever happens to be around at the time) highlight things we've been enjoying this week.

Will the secretary of state's reading of the constitution lead to lawsuits? Almost certainly.

The secretary of state is at best reading the constitution narrowly and in isolation from other broader requirements and at worst isn't following the constitution at all, according to two University of Arkansas School of Law professors. So yeah, there's probably gonna be some lawsuits.

The Friday line and video round up

It's an open line. Also, sorry, no podcast this week!

Arkansas Children's announces $70 million capital campaign for planned northwest hospital

Arkansas Children's Hospital last night announced a campaign to raise $70 million for its planned children's hospital in Springdale.

Amendment to limit medical lawsuits will appear on the ballot

A proposed constitutional amendment that would set limits on attorney fees and allow the legislature to set severe limits on damage awards in cases of abuse and negligence by medical providers will appear on the ballot this November, the secretary of state's office announced yesterday.

Saturday open line

It's over to you. 

Osteopathic medicine program opens at Arkansas State University campus

The New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine will open its second location on the Arkansas State University campus tomorrow. It's the first osteopathic medicine program (and the second medical school)  in the state.

State GOP removes pre-k from party platform

Doug Thompson of Northwest Arkansas News reports that delegates from the state Republican Party struck all support for pre-k form the state party platform at the GOP state convention yesterday in Rogers.

Tom Cotton: America will be "safer and more prosperous" if Donald Trump elected president

What happens when Tom Cotton is asked if he is proud of the GOP nominee for president.

In Louisiana, Medicaid expansion gives coverage to more than 267,000

Stories from the ground in Louisiana, which expanded Medicaid this year.

It's Sunday and the line is open

It's yours.

Walmart purchases for $3 billion

Walmart today announced what has been rumored since last week: the retail behemoth is purchasing e-commerce startup for $3 billion.

Soup in the summertime? At Cafe Neph(r)esh, you better believe it

Sharing the love (and some great food) at new Conway eatery Cafe Neph(r)esh.

Jury trial set to begin today in defamation case against treasurer's office chief of staff

The jury trial will commence today in federal court in the defamation lawsuit brought by David Singer, a former Arkansas treasurer's office staffer, against Jim Harris, chief of staff for Treasurer Dennis Milligan.

One dead, State Trooper injured in head-on crash on I-40 UPDATE

An Arkansas State Trooper is in serious condition this morning after a head-on collision on I-40 near Alma that left the other driver dead.

ADC reports inmate death at Tucker

A press release from the Arkansas Department of Correction says that an inmate died at Tucker Unit yesterday after being found unconscious in his cell.

Nurse arrested after inmate death in Texarkana

A nurse was arrested Friday in connection with the July death of an inmate at the Bi-State Justice Center in Texarkana

Arkansas Children’s Research Institute receives $9.4 million grant for new childhood obesity center

The Arkansas Children’s Research Institute announced today that it has received a $9.4 million grant funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The grant will be used to create a center for the study of childhood obesity.

Arkansas Christian Academy substitute arrested, accused of improper relationship with 16-year-old

A secretary who sometimes acted as a substitute teacher at Arkansas Christian Academy in Bryant has been arrested, accused of allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old student.

Kavanaugh in Hillcrest briefly closed over suspicious package

The Little Rock Police Department briefly closed Kavanaugh Boulevard near the Hillcrest Kroger this afternoon after a report of a suspicious item under a car driven by a police officer.

Study finds that Medicaid expansion has improved access to care in Arkansas

A new study in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine finds that poor Americans in states that expanded Medicaid under Obamacare have better access to medical care they need.

Staffer plans to continue at secretary of state's office while campaigning for county judge

Deputy secretary of state Joseph Wood, who makes $102,054 per year, will continue at the job even as he campaigns for an office three hours away.

Inmate dies at Varner Unit, second ADC inmate death in 24 hours

The Arkansas Department of Correction today announced the death of an inmate at Varner Unit.

Attorney general Leslie Rutledge confirms that feds will not allow state to cap enrollment in Medicaid expansion

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge today confirmed what we already knew — enrollment caps for Medicaid expansion are not allowable under federal law and guidelines.

Federal judge denies Jacksonville student transfer, reversing State Board of Ed

U.S. District Judge Price Marshall has denied a request for a student transfer from the Jacksonville/North Pulaski School District to the school district in neighboring Cabot.

Secretary of state refuses to fulfill Freedom of Information request

In the wake of revelations about the flawed felon data the Secretary of State Mark Martin's office provided to county clerks, the Democratic Party of Arkansas filed an extensive Freedom of Information Act request. Today, the secretary of state made a blanket denial of the party's request, which is illegal under FOIA. Even if some of the records requested are exempt, the secretary of state still has to provide the records that aren't.

The Monday line

Unless he gets caught up in Delta hell, Max should be back sometime tomorrow. Then, we'll return to regular scheduled video programming. Until then, we'll turn it over to you.

Governor defends state party's decision to strike pre-k from platform

Gov. Asa Hutchinson defended removal of any mention of pre-k from party platform, said that the current funding will continue, and that he will "work with the legislature to determine what additional funding should go to pre-k."

Former Arkansas women's prison chaplain sentenced to five years in prison for sexual assault of inmates

Kenneth Dewitt, a former Arkansas women's prison chaplain, was sentenced to five years in prison today after pleading guilty last month to three counts of sexual assault.

Paperwork filed for 6,000-pound Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds

Thou shalt not make to thyself any graven images.

Back home: Welcomed by encouraging news about young people

A blogger returns home from vacation to some good news about the younger generation.

The corporate welfare shell game: Arkansas keeps playing

Still more studies and reporting indicate the false promise of handing out taxpayer money as an economic development tool. It's unlikely to discourage Arkansas politicians from continuing to throw the money around.

Where's John Boozman? Opponent Conner Eldridge presses in new ads

Conner Eldridge, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate against incumbent Republican John Boozman, is proud of some new ads featuring him in his "debate truck" raising questions about Boozman's unwillingness to debate, his scant record of legislative accomplishment in 14 years and his decidedly low profile.

Trump forsakes his base with new economic plan

Ernie Dumas' column for the Times this week ponders Donald Trump's appeal to blue collar white males, particularly after a new speech on his economic plans that forsakes populism in favor of the sorts of tax ideas that overwhelmingly favor the rich, as a good Republican is expected to do.

Education Board member reacts to federal court transfer ruling

Diane Zook, the state Education Board member who spearheaded action that led to Judge Price Marshall's ruling yesterday that the state couldn't ignore the Pulaski school desegregation case in deciding school transfers, says she'll abide by that ruling on future transfers, at least in that district.

Why Arkansas lags in juvenile justice: Money

The Marshall Project reports here in a portion of a larger project on why Arkansas keeps making negative news about juvenile justice.

Twelve lawyers appeal discipline over class action case

Twelve lawyers, including John Goodson, have indicated they will appeal their discipline by federal Judge P.K. Holmes of Fort Smith for their handling of a class action suit against an insurance company.

Tall Talking Tom Cotton inspires fake controversy

Vox explains chapter and verse of the fake controversy ginned up by nationally televised remarks by Sen. Tom Cotton translated by the Drudge Report, Donald Trump and the local Cotton sycophancy chorus that Hillary Clinton's emails led to Iran's execution of a scientist, Shahram Amiri, believed to have provided intelligence to the U.S.

Former Sherwood cop charged for packing gun to Disney World

KTHV reports on the arrest in Orlando of a former Sherwood cop arrested for trying to take a concealed firearm into Disney World and using an outdated police ID.

Olympian Margaux Isaksen writes for protection of public lands

Margaux Isaksen, a Fayetteville native who competes in the Olympics modern pentathlon this week, writes in the Colorado Springs Gazette about the importance of preserving public lands.

Trump's latest: a 'Second Amendment' solution to Hillary

Today, Donald Trump offered the Second Amendment as the only way to stop Hillary Clinton judicial appointees should she be elected president.

Tuesday's open line and the daily video news roundup

Here's the Tuesday open line, plus the daily roundup of news and comment.

Pine Bluff lottery ticket worth $1 million

Stacy Tackett of Pine Bluff won $1 million in a drawing from losing lottery tickets, the Play It Again contest, the state lottery announced. Her loser, which turned into a winner, was purchased at a Valero outlet in Pine Bluff. According to the lottery, she'll buy a  truck, set up trusts for her children and save the rest.

Legends of Arkansas builds partnership with The Van

At a fundraiser Saturday night, Legends of Arkansas announced a partnership with The One, Inc., the outreach program that locates and serves Central Arkansas's homeless community.

Democrats lose challenge to Republican nominee for Washington County judge

A judge ruled today that the Republican Party had followed state law in picking a substitute nominee to run for Washington County judge.

Voters across state say 'tax me more'

In a scattering of special elections across Arkansas yesterday, voters were amenable to tax increases, including a big property tax vote for the Fayetteville public library.

Legislator working again on paid maternity leave for state employees

Worth noting: State Rep. Clarke Tucker of Little Rock is working on legislation to provide six weeks of paid maternity leave for state employees.

Child advocate objects to report on juvenile justice in Arkansas

A postscript on a report I mentioned yesterday about impediments to changes in the juvenile justice system in Arkansas. An advocate for children objects  that some remarks he made indicating movement toward improvements in the system weren't included in the article.

Lots to love at new Streetside Creperie

Conway takes it to the next level with Streetside Creperie.

Former Arkansan has a hit with Trump or Jesus? quiz

The Washington Post reports on an Internet hit — a parody devised by an Arkansas native and his girlfriend, now screenwriters in California.

Hillary Clinton as breadwinner

Amy Chozick, the Hillary beat writer for the New York Times, explores today Hillary Clinton's role as bread winner for the family, particularly after Bill Clinton's gubernatorial defeat in 1980.

Eldridge: Trump remark about Clinton, 2nd Amendment 'no laughing matter'

Democratic senatorial candidate Conner Eldridge has issued a statement blasting Donald Trump's comment yesterday suggesting a "Second Amendment" solution to avoiding Hillary Clinton appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court. So what about John Boozman?

Lottery reports revenue increase in July

The Arkansas lottery reported today that lottery ticket sales were up more than $6.5 million in July compared with July 2015, thanks in part to big sales of tickets in the national Powerball and Mega Millions games.

Six, including two deputies, charged in Pope County jail assault

News partner KARK reports that six people — two Pope County jail deputies and four inmates — have been charged in the assault of a jail inmate.

Van Cliburn's Steinway donated to Crystal Bridges

Thomas Smith, the longtime partner of celebrated pianist Van Cliburn, has donated Cliburn's Steinway Concert Grand piano to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the museum has announced.

Gov. Hutchinson dives deeper in the tank for Donald Trump

Remember when Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury strip talked about how George H.W. Bush had put his manhood in a blind trust when he flipflopped on policy issues?

Deputy killed, police chief wounded in Sebastian County. Suspect in custody

40/29 TV reports that two law officers were shot about 7 a.m. today near Hackett in Sebastian County and at mid-afternoon came word that one of them had died. Later in the day a suspect was taken into custody in the shooting.

The open line and daily news roundup

Here's the open line and today's roundup of news and comment.

Motorcyclist dies in Cantrell Road crash

State Police say Daniel West, 21, of Little Rock was killed about 10:50 p.m. Monday when his 2016 Suzuki motorcycle, westbound on Cantrell Road, ran into the rear of a Toyota also westbound on Cantrell.

SeanFresh drops video for "K.E.A. (Kill 'Em All)"

SeanFresh dropped a new video today for "K.E.A. (Kill 'Em All)" from 2015's "The Teshuvah Project I: FreshSeason."

'Comfortable' with interest in Tech Park leases, board chair says

Interest in leasing space in the Little Rock Technology Park under construction in the 400 block of Main Street is a "comfortable amount" for this stage in the project, Authority board chair Kevin Zaffaroni said today at the board's monthly meeting. He declined to say how many floors of the first building to open, at 417 Main St., that comfortable amount might include, since no leases are final.

Mark Martin belatedly decides to obey law

The Arkansas Democratic Party issued a statement today indicating that Secretary of State Mark Martin has belatedly decided to obey the state Freedom of Information Act and supply information requested about his gross mishandling of information on criminal records that could have led to improper purging of thousands from voter rolls.