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August 8, 2013

Vol 39 • No 49

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The forgotten in Mayflower

People who live within sight of the ruptured Pegasus pipeline say they've been ignored by ExxonMobil and government officials.

UPDATE: Republicans and violence against women

Is it just coincidence that Republicans do so many things offensive to women? Example: Most Republicans voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.

Little Rock City Board punts on sewer impact fee

The developers win again. Don't they always?

The last-ditch battle against immigrants; it figures in Pryor v. Cotton

The New York Times today profiles a pitched effort to prevent sufficient numbers of Republicans from joining modest immigration reform legislation that includes still more border security and a long, long path to citizenship.

Conservative poll now shows governor's race and lead for Hutchinson

When a Republican polling firm released a survey on the Senate race yesterday it didn't include numbers on the governor's race, which show Republican Asa Hutchinson with a 46-38 lead over Democrat Mike Ross and better favorable/unfavorable numbers.

Rembrandt scholar Scallen to speak

The chair of the department of art and art history at Case Western Reserve will give a lecture at 6 p.m., and the Arts Center will be open until 9 p.m. Thursday.

A government shutdown: Republicans split on the issue

Mitt Romney weighs in on the idea of shutting down government by a vote refusing to authorize Obamacare spending.

Brandon House building to be demolished: Update

Once considered for LR Tech Park.

Coming Saturday: Tretick on the March on Washington

“And Freedom for All: the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom,” photographs.

Bentonville square, 2013

Who would have thunk it? From the land of Walmart — and now Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art — the opening of Yarnography event at the Pressroom coffee shop.

The Correction Department is advertising? Yes, for a few good men and women

A friend called over the weekend, surprised to see advertising on KATV for its sports app, which delivers sports news to mobile customers.

U.S. Senate race fatigue

I'm already tired of the U.S. Senate race, only officially a day old. Republican noise machine: Democrat liberal Sen. Mark Pryor said something nice about Obamacare ....

House Republican says system broken

When a member of the House Republican majority resigns and blames partisan gridlock, it's worth a note.

Firefighter's photo files

From the collection of Johnny Reep.

Judge Griffen warns lawyers about racial consideration in Josh Hastings retrial

Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen issued an order today warning that race may not be used in challenging jurors for the Sept. 15 retrial of former Little Rock police officer Josh Hastings for manslaughter in the shooting death of Bobby Moore, 15.

Legislative committee holds up approval of marketing money for Obamcare

Obstruction of the Arkansas expansion of medical coverage under a "private option" version of Obamacare continued today in legislative committee.

The Wednesday line is open

Running a bit behind. The line is open.

Child shot in SWLR home

Early reports say a 9-year-old was shot accidentally in a SWLR home. Fox 16 reports what's known so far.

Beat the heat: Cajun Sno

Heat got you down? Cajun Sno has the cure.

Thursday: David Olney and Sergio Webb at White Water and more

David Olney and Sergio Webb perform at White Water Tavern Thursday.

The Inconsequential News Quiz: The Bad Decisions Edition

Play at home.

Early season predictions for Hogs

I hinted last week that we'd entrench our hooves a bit deeper into the 2013 Razorback football season, and alas, the eternal jokester was not joking. Akin to the way Pearls completely misfired in a running series of month-by-month prognostication but a year ago, we go headlong into the first schedule that stares down Bret Bielema and his staff.

Lyons: What Obama should learn from Tom Cotton

Fat lot of good it's done Barack Obama to pose as The Great Compromiser. The more "Grand Bargains" he's proposed, the further Republicans have fled in the opposite direction. Is it really possible that Obama mistook the U.S. government for the Harvard Law Review, where his reputation as a fair-minded mediator earned him universal respect?

David Olney and Sergio Webb play White Water

Plus, Kottonmouth Kings come to Juanita's.

A day at Jericho Way

At long last, Little Rock opens a shelter.

Exxon knew its Pegasus Pipeline was old, defective and brittle, and still added new stresses

Industry experts say vulnerable pipelines like the one that failed in Arkansas can operate safely — but only if they're carefully monitored and maintained.

Beware of your TV, Pryor and Cotton are coming for you

I'm already depressed thinking about the avalanche of 30-second TV ads soon to descend on Arkansas. The campaigns themselves will spend millions. Millions more will be spent by other groups, some more shadowy than others. Most will intone end-of-the-world predictions about one candidate or the other.

Fayetteville's Arkadia Retrocade packs 'em in

With $5 for all-you-can play on vintage games.

Terry's restaurant: France in Little Rock

One true delight of life in France is a leisurely meal in a classic French cafe or bistro. And thanks to Ellen and Lex Golden, dyed-in-the-wool Francophiles, anyone who can afford a nice restaurant meal can get that authentic French experience without leaving Little Rock.

It was a good week for safe school districts

It was also a good week supporters of a higher minimum wage, tax subsidies to right-wingers, shrinking Cotton and confusing Pryor with Obama. It was a bad week for room at the jail and feeding hogs in the Buffalo River watershed.

Lucero Family Picnic at the Riverfest Amphitheatre

Also, 'The River Niger' at the Weekend Theater, Jim Mize at the Afterthought, No Kid Hungry at the Capital Hotel, Fatty Acids and Glittercore at Maxine's, Rod Bryan's mini tour, Arkansas Eclectic Vendors Market at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds and Buzz Aldrin at the Clinton Presidential Center.

Arkansas's immigrant future

Arkansas is an outlier in the big immigration debate, the assumption being that Republicans have it about right: White Arkansans hate the influx of immigrants, particularly Latinos, over the past 20 years and are in no mood to have life made any better for them.

Ice cold

Republican politicians do not empathize well. "My job is to get mine," Ronald Reagan used to say. "I'm not my country's keeper just because I'm in the White House." A giant of indifference, his party loved him for it.

Obama is Bush squared

Is it a prerequisite to writing for your publication that the writer must be a hack for the Democratic Party, wholly convinced of the righteousness of Barack Obama (no matter how many scandals and lies he's embroiled in) and completely unable to discern the most obvious fact of government in the USA: that the two-party system is a farce which plays both ends against the middle, shreds the Constitution with impunity and lies to the people they are supposed to serve at every turn?

Almodovar returns to wackiness

With slapstick 'I'm So Excited.'

Matter of fact

"In today's Times [July 25] we find that a federal court ruling in Ohio 'deals directly with a fact circumstance identical to Arkansas ... ' Leaving aside the fact that whatever that thing was it wasn't identical to Arkansas (I reckon an apostrophe got dropped) what jarred me was 'fact circumstance.'

Sunset cruise

The Mark Twain Riverboat on the Arkansas River. Paul Barrows submitted this photo to our Eye On Arkansas Flickr website.

Brother, can you spare a mocha?

The Observer went to the city gym in War Memorial Park last Sunday to work out. He was greeted as he left by a young boy, maybe 8 or 9, wearing swim trunks and a T-shirt.

Summer vacations

Jokes on 'Big Brother' reality TV show raise an eyebrow at Conway police

Spencer Clawson, a Conway resident who's a contestant in the "Big Brother" TV show, has stepped in it again.

What's killing Florida's manatees?

Yesterday's story about the environmentally catasrophic giant sinkhole in South Louisiana's oil patch was bad.

Friday To-Do: No Kid Hungry Little Rock Dinner CANCELLED

The No Kid Hungry LIttle Rock Dinner is Friday at The Capital Hotel.

Friday To-Do: 'The River Niger'

The Weekend Theater's production of "The River Niger" opens Friday.

Friday: Raydar & Shaolin, 'All My Sons' and more

Raydar & Shaolin perform at Revolution Friday.

Friday To-Do: Jim Mize

Jim Mize plays at The Afterthought Friday.

Entergy reports Nuclear One unit back on line

Entergy announced today that Unit one of the Nuclear One generating station near Russellville is back on line after more than four months out of service for refueling.

Arkansas Lottery faces class action lawsuit on scratch-off ticket payoffs

A class action lawsuit has been filed in Pulaski Circuit Court against the Arkansas Lottery related to the disclosure that a former lottery security officer had stolen thousands of scratch-off lottery tickets and then collected winnings up to $500 on an individual tickets totaling almost a half-million dollars.

Tom Cotton opines on the weaker, and he does mean weaker, sex

Researchers continue to mine the collegiate newspaper opinion columns of U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton and they keep coming up with paydirt.

The forgotten in Mayflower oil pipeline break

It's at the top of the page, but I want to call further attention to Sam Eifling's cover story this week on the "forgotten" of Mayflower.

Beebe, Pryor welcome Remington expansion in Lonoke

Gov. Mike Beebe and Sen. Mark Pryor were marquee attendees today as Remington Arms broke ground on a new building for its ammunition plant at Lonoke.

Meet Wes Clark's 30-year-old girlfriend

Thanks to the New York Post for an update on the love life of Little Rock Airport Commissioner Wesley Clark (also known as a retired general and former NATO Commander.)

The shutdown two-step: More from Tim Griffin

I wrote the other day that both Republican Reps. Tom Cotton and Tim Griffin appear to be engaging in word games that end in the same outcome — a government shutdown unless Obamacare is defunded or radically impaired.

E’s Bistro, a dessert destination

You’ll find E’s Bistro right off North Little Rock’s JFK Boulevard in a modest retail strip center.

Republicans compete on tax cuts, but not on sacrifices

Curtis Coleman, one of the Republican gubernatorial candidates, spoke to Political Animals today and you can see from his news release that his headline line was that opponent Asa Hutchinson hasn't gone far enough on tax cutting with his warm remarks about phasing out the state income tax.

Lawsuit filed over child's injury from 911 failures in icy pond accident

Dayong Yang has sued the city of Little Rock and various police and fire employees over handling of the accident in which his wife, Jinglei Yi, died and his son Le Yang, 5, was left permanently injured after his wife's car slid into an icy pond in west Little Rock.


Artist talk, special drinks, music by the Funk A Nites.

Pryor defends health care law, lists benefits and jobs created

Roby Brock includes in his reporting on Mark Pryor's day a transcript of his remarks to a state chamber of commerce crowd defending the Affordable Care Act.

The American Idol audition bus is coming!

The American Idol audition bus is coming to Little Rock on August 17th! Didn't you hear my shriek of delight?

The bad Mike Huckabee open line

The line is open. Finishing up: * BAD MIKE HUCKABEE DAY: When things go slow for Mike Huckabee, he turns the rhetoric up a notch. Today, he's bashing Muslims.

Three Best: Liver lover's edition

Liver, the unsung hero of meats, gets some much-deserved recognition.

Beware the Common Core tests

Arkansas edged recently into a growing debate over Common Core education standards. For now, the Arkansas Education Department is committed to them.

The annals of post-racial America

It's a new day in America, remember? Chief Justice John Roberts said it was so in ruling that minorities no longer needed the protection of voting rights legislation.

Saturday To-Do: Fatty Acids, Glittercore

The Fatty Acids perform at Maxine's Saturday night.

Saturday: Peter Furler, Parmalee, Kings for a Cause and more

Peter Furler performs at Magic Springs Saturday.

Saturday To-Do: Lucero Family Picnic

The Lucero Family Picnic is Saturday at First Security Amphitheatre.

Saturday-Tuesday To-Do: Rod Bryan Mini Tour

Rod Bryan's going on a mini tour of Little Rock.

Tim Griffin: Still no answer on government shutdown question

I recounted yesterday, verbatim, an e-mail exchange with U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin's press secretary that ended where it began: He wouldn't answer my question of whether Griffin would vote to shut down government if he doesn't get his way on defunding or delaying implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.

Missing spools of copper wire? Call Little Rock police

Call this a missing owner report rom the Little Rock Police Department's Sgt. Cassandra Davis.

Why has Kali Hardig survived?

If the “brain-eating parasite” that has made the Benton child so sick is common, why don’t more people have it?

Food Feedback Friday: prosciutto, taco trucks, and the Russian Farmer

It's the time of the week where nobody minds if you talk with your mouth full: Food Feedback Friday!

Tom Cotton releases video; Mark Pryor releases transcripts

Republican Tom Cotton's campaign has rolled out some online video and web advertising. (What?

It's a fact: We hate the poor

Since the election-season orgy of poor people bashing has already begun (i.e., Tom Cotton and his invocation of the lobster-gorging, SUV-driving food stamp recipients), this article from the Philadelphia Inquirer is timely: Many Americans disdain the poor - and science proves it.

Mudrinich, Van Horn, Walter, Bean and more

Two new venues will be on tonight's 2nd Friday Art Night trolley route.

Reminder: "Shades of Greatness" at Mosaic Templars

Works inspired by the Negro Baseball Leagues.

FCC votes to lower prison phone call charges; savings coming to Arkansas

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to immediately lower the cost of inmate phone calls.

Closing tomorrow: "Crossing Borders"

Reception from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Obama tries to get in front of spying debate

President Obama held a news conference this afternoon to discuss spying and citizens' privacy. Naturally, a task force will result.

Dr. Nathaniel Smith is new Arkansas health director

From Gov. Mike Beebe's office: Governor Mike Beebe has named Dr. Nathaniel Smith as Director and State Health Officer for the Arkansas Department of Health.

Obamacare quote of the day

It's from President Obama: Obama: “The one unifying principle in the Republican Party at the moment is making sure 30 million people don’t have health care” He's too modest.

Tix on sale Monday for astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson at UCA

Geek demigod Neil deGrasse Tyson is coming to the University of Central Arkansas Feb. 27, 2014.

Vesuvio open in new locale

At new digs at 1315 Breckenridge Drive, formerly the home of El Chico Mexican Restaurant.

Filmmaker Werner Herzog's sad warning about texting and driving

It's got nothing to do with Arkansas, except when it does, but AT&T recently hired the great director and documentary filmmaker Werner Herzog to create a short film about the dangers of texting and driving.


That's about it for now. The line is open.

MEMS' demolition threatens Historic District benefits

I wrote recently about the demolition of the former Massery Cleaners at 7th and Cross by the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services, a city agency, for future expansion of its nearby headquarters.

The Provocative Lawsuits Edition

Sen. Mark Pryor's embrace of Obamacare, Rep. Tom Cotton on the weaker sex, lessons learned (or not) on government shutdown, lieutenant governor candidates, a string of provocative lawsuits and the Little Rock City Board’s unsurprising decision to punt on sewer impact fees — all covered on the podcast this week.

Saturday-Sunday To-Do: Arkansas Eclectic Vendors Market

The Arkansas Eclectic Vendors Market is Saturday at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds.

Charter school debate shaping up in West Little Rock

Coincidence. I had lunch with Dr. Dexter Suggs, the new Little Rock school superintendent, this week.

UPDATE: New superintendent sets 'imperatives' for Little Rock School District

One more item related to Dr. Dexter Suggs, the new Little Rock school superintendent. The School District's public relations office distributed the following about a district meeting Monday that articulates his broader ideas about the school.

The Tom Cotton archives: He started young as a liberal basher

“Show me a young Conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains.”― Winston Churchill The famous quote seems apt to this brainless aging liberal in reviewing yet another column from the trove of opinion columns Tom Cotton wrote for the Harvard Crimson in 1998.

Republican messaging on a government shutdown

Wonkblog at the Washington Post reads the words of Rep. Eric Cantor and decides that the House will not vote for a government shutdown by approving a continuing budget resolution that defunds Obamacare.

The Diamond and Watermelon State open line

Cal Ledbetter dies at 84

Dr. Calvin R. Ledbetter Jr., a retired UALR professor and dean and former state legislator, died today at 84.

Enter our drawing to win two tickets to see Bon Jovi at Verizon Arena

Rock Candy is giving away two tickets to see Bon Jovi at Verizon Arena.

Arkansas in the middle of Keystone XL pipeline battle

A tale of two oil pipeline spills. The spills are in Michigan three years ago and in Mayflower, Ark., in March.

Freshman Tom Cotton scores big finance industry cash from committee assignment

The New York Times gave lead front page treatment today to an article on how appointments to the House Financial Services Committee have produced windfalls in campaign contributions to freshman members.

Little Rock to give more time to rehab derelict property

Kathy Wells, president of the Coalition of Greater Little Rock Neighborhoods, reports a Little Rock City Hall policy change to allow more time to preserve historic housing before it is torn down.

Striking photos from last night's electrical storm in Little Rock

David's Burgers gives best bang for the buck

A strong contender for the best diner-style burger in Arkansas.

UPDATE: Bass Pro Shops pointing toward November opening

Bass Pro Shops, the 77-store outdoor store chain, tells me it is pointing toward a mid-November opening of its store under construction at Otter Creek.

Sunday night line: School choice and the anti-Obama media

The line is open. Not much else to report.

Gun nuttery a winning theme in U.S. Senate race?

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today informs us that Republican Rep. Tom Cotton and some of the shrillest members of the gun lobby think they have a winner in the 2014 challenge of U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor in the fact that he voted NINE YEARS AGO in favor of an assault weapon ban.

Rodeo clown dressed as Obama revs up Missouri fair crowd

Lots of buzz this morning about a story from the Missouri State Fair, where a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask delighted the crowd when the announcer suggested that the Obama clown be run down by a bull.

Tuesday: Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings play at Juanita's Tuesday.

Rick Santorum in Little Rock for movie preview

Alice Stewarts sends a publicity notice about a movie preview today in Little Rock for "Seasons of Gray: The Modern Day Story of Joseph."

House speaker names members of health marketplace committee

House Speaker Davy Carter today announced his six appointments to the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace Legislative Oversight Committee.

A new brand of coffee at Baptist Medical Center

A reader inquired about the May 28 departure of the Starbucks outlet from Baptist Medical Center.

Secretary of State Mark Martin prevented from hiring outside lawyer

Matt Campbell, who's sued Secretary of State Mark Martin for failure to produce all public documents his possession concerning his practice of hiring outside lawyers to represent the office, reports that Judge Tim Fox today granted his motion to disqualify two private lawyers, Chad Pekron and Joseph Price of the Quattlebaum firm, from representing Martin in the FOI case.

State Board of Education denies appeals on school transfers

The state Board of Education has begun hearing 13 appeals of school transfer denials under the new school choice law.

ALEC declares its business private

This story out of Wisconsin could have impact in Arkansas someday. The corporate lobby ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council), which feeds legislation to state legislators to advance its agenda in the states, has begun stamping its paperwork as private documents.

NETFLIX PIX: My Strange Addiction, Season 3 features Arkansas angle

Netflix sent out an e-mail today saying they've made the third season of the TLC reality show "My Strange Addiction" available for instant viewing.

Wacky bus coming to Fayetteville

I'm pretty sure I have something else to do, but should you be interested: HERITAGE ACTION TO HOST DEFUND OBAMACARE TOWN HALL FEATURING JIM DEMINT WHO: Jim DeMint, President, The Heritage Foundation, former S.C. Senator Mike Needham, CEO of Heritage Action for America Rafael Cruz, Heritage Action Sentinel and father of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) WHAT: Defund Obamacare Town Hall WHEN: Monday, August 19 Press Briefing, 6:00- 6:30 p.m.

'Specialty' chickens mean new jobs for Arkadelphia

An interesting wrinkle in an Arkansas Economic Development Commission industrial announcement today. Vikon Farms is going to spend more than $5 million to restart a former Petit Jean Poultry plant in Arkadelphia that will employ more than 172 people processing a special breed of chicken sold to Asian markets.

Stephano's "100 for $100" goes to dogs

Art show to benefit Out of the Woods animal rescue.

Political press releases keep pouring in

You'd think the election was next week, not 15 months from now. The press releases are pouring in.

Arkansas Sounds pulls in Tav Falco, Dan Hicks and Collin Raye

Delightfully weird psych-o-billy hero Tav Falco (from Gurdon), genre-defier Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks (Little Rock) and '90s country star Collin Raye are among the big names at this year's Arkansas Sounds Music Festival, a production of the Butler Center for Arkansas Studies, a department of the Central Arkansas Library System.

Watercolor wonders at Butler Center

Jean Gill, a Virginia artist who was the juror for the 43rd annual Mid-Southern Watercolorists Exhibition in the main gallery of the Butler Center, likes the same things I do.

Open line and another setback for equality

The line is open. Final note: * SETBACK FOR EQUALITY: The attorney general's office has rejected the proposed form of a constitutional amendment to repeal Amendment 83, which bans same-sex marriage, civil unions and anything that extends benefits of marriage to same-sex couples.

Mark Darr announces for 4th District Congress

As expected, Lt. Gov. Mark Darr announced this evening his Republican candidacy for 4th District Congress, a seat being vacated by Senate hopeful Tom Cotton.

Proposed pollution-testing program for Mt. Judea hog farm may have hit snag

We reported last month that the governor, lawmakers, and various stakeholders were in discussion about the possibility of state-funded testing and monitoring on the C & H hog farm in Mt. Judea, which has sparked controversy because of its location by a tributary of the Buffalo River.

The bagel and the bialy

Fish for breakfast? If you have not sampled this ingenious, glorious creation, you’ve not yet experienced life to its fullest. While I’m not advocating anyone go spreading catfish on their cornflakes anytime soon, the subtle flavors of a good lox and bagel makes for a morning masterpiece.

Democrats call for criminal probe of Mark Martin

I tend to lean more toward an illegal exaction lawsuit on the hundreds of thousands of dollars Secretary of State Mark Martin has spent contrary to statute on outside counsel, including Asa Hutchinson, but the law is the law, right?

Woo, Pig, Bruce Westerman for Congress

Republican state Rep. Bruce Westerman's announcement as a candidate for 4th District Congress is later today, but he's already rolled out the Westerman biopic on YouTube, complete with plenty of shots of his days as a walk-on football player at the University of Arkansas (Cotton Bowl victories during the Westerman era) and plenty of other touchstones from God (good) to IRS (bad).

Tom Cotton's support for government shutdown would cost Arkansas

Republican Rep. Tom Cotton has resisted to date providing Arkansas media with an explicit answer on whether he'd support a federal government shutdown if Obamacare isn't repealed or crippled by delay.

Petition drive to repeal Arkansas Obamacare making headway

Obamacare continues to dominate Arkansas's political discussions. It exposes a rift in the Republican Party, where many legislators signed on the "private option" iteration of Obamacare and are now enduring criticism from within the party for doing so.

Pray for Tom Cotton — and his Arkansas victims

The Arkansas coalition of the Americans for Tax Fairness plans a prayer vigil in North Little Rock tonight.

Wednesday To-Do: Col. Buzz Aldrin

Col. Buzz Aldrin, who walked on the moon, will speak at the Clinton Presidential Center Wednesday.

Wednesday: Toad the Wet Sprocket at Juanita's

Toad the Wet Sprocket plays at Juanita's Wednesday.

Marianna made — growing kids for college in the Delta

Hope this email finds you well. We wanted to take a moment and give you an account of what we were able to do last school year as well as what we hope to do this school year.

Damien Echols coming to UCA in November

Damien Echols, the most outspoken and visible member of the West Memphis Three and the author of several books, will be returning to the state on Nov. 11-12 to give a free public reading and teach a creative writing mini-class for UCA students.

UALR offers fresh proposal for Technology Park: UPDATE

UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson today unveiled a new proposal for a place to put the Little Rock Technology Park, using 20 acres of UALR property generally to the south of the Stephens Center between existing campus development and Fair Park Boulevard.

Corps-cyclist encounter reduces dam parking

Parking has been reduced at the Big Dam Bridge, which draws huge crowds of families, walkers, runners and bicyclists on weekends, after a complaint by Corps of Engineers workers at the Murray Lock and Dam that cars were making egress and ingress to the fenced-off federal property unsafe.

Little Rock school expert argues for continuation of magnets, transfer programs, but focused on economic integration, not race

The results were unmistakable: low-income students attending lower-poverty elementary schools (and living in lower-poverty neighborhoods) significantly outperformed low-income elementary students who attend higher-poverty schools with state of the art educational interventions.

Nate Powell-illustrated graphic novel on John Lewis out today

"March," illustrated by North Little Rock native Nate Powell, is out today from Top Shelf.

Tech Park Plus: A midtown development proposal for War Memorial Park

Not long after UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson announced his idea for a location for the Little Rock Technology Park, two more ideas for a location surfaced — one envisioning development far beyond just a tech park.

NOW Mark Martin thinks he needs a lawyer

This is rich. Secretary of State Mark Martin, who a judge said yesterday has illegally hired outside counsel to do legal work for the office that the law says should be done by the attorney general, is advertising for a lawyer.

The million dollar open line

The line is open. A final happy note: * DOUBLE JACKPOT: The Arkansas Lottery Commission notes that a single gambler, Billy Bealer of Pine Bluff, had bought two big winning tickets in the last two weeks — a $1 ticket purchased at the 28th Street Citgo in Pine Bluff won him $250,000 and a $20 instant ticket at the Shell Food Mart 5 was worth $1 million.

New gallery in Fayetteville

Kat Wilson and Sarah Leflar will operate the non-profit space.

It's simple: Mark Martin flouted the law. Twice

Gov. Mike Beebe exercised a little leadership yesterday by stating the obvious: Secretary of State Mark Martin ignored the clear dictate of the law in hiring outside counsel for his office and such arrogance diminishes public trust in government.

Clinton Foundation growing pains and a concern for the future

The New York Times today has an extensive story today about the Clinton Foundation, a topic with obvious Arkansas interest because of its comparatively small, if important, tentacle in Arkansas.

Don't pass on Capital Bar and Grill's pimento

Capital Bar and Grill has long been known to produce a fine rendition of pimento cheese. If you’ve not yet jumped on the pimento-loving bandwagon, sit down at CBG and you too may be singing its praises before too long.

Tamale won't come soon enough: Times Latino Food and Music Festival coming Sept. 14

Get ready for some great comida in September, when the Arkansas Times hosts the North Point Ford Latino Food and Music Festival, the first of what we hope will be an annual event.