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August 20, 2009

Vol 7 • No 32

Saturday’s heroes

Among its benefits, Act 100 of 1909 produced some of the best team names in all of college football.

100 and growing

Except for Arkansas Tech, they all answered to “A and M” at one time or another, but the four of them weren’t even Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges to begin with, just jumped-up high schools.


It would appear the Obama administration has realized there's nothing to be gained by attempting to bring Republicans into health care legislation.

Hot nuts

Meet a leader of the show of arms at the Obama appearance in Arizona.

Brand new thread

Start sewing.

Kid fare

“Ponyo,” the newest feature from Hayao Miyazaki’s brilliant Studio Ghibli, is not for adults.

Fear and loathing

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is you hoi polloi are so mad about, or what it is you’re so scared of.

Smart Talk, Aug. 20

U.S. Rep. Mike Ross, a leader in the Blue Dog revolt against the Obama administration’s health legislation, is invariably described in press accounts as a leader of “fiscally conservative” Democrats. Right.

To-Do List, Aug. 20

Anavan / Dazzler, Notion, Tho'd Entertainment, Davila 666, Molly Hatchet / Blackfoot and the Magpies offer a few entertainment options this week.

Creeping Rossism

It is beginning to look as though Mike Ross will prevail in the fight over health care.

Villa forever

Restaurants around these parts tend to stick around a long time or not at all. But to be a mainstay in Little Rock for 58 years? That’s something else.

World Boogie forever

Last Saturday, we lost perhaps the greatest, most influential musician ever born in Little Rock when Jim Dickinson died in a Memphis hospital at 67.

Lincoln caught in middle

U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln stands for re-election next year in a state where her party’s president got creamed a few months ago and is scarcely as popular today.

Editorial cartoon, Aug. 20

Kids’ care lacking

As one Arkansas’s handful of child and adolescent psychiatrists, I appreciate any honest journalistic effort (“Quiet Change,” Aug. 6) to call attention to the myriad problems in providing services to kids in our state.

Same old same old

Upon word that Congress and probably the president are giving up on offering a public option in the health insurance marketplace, the right response is, “So what else is new?”

This Modern World, Aug. 20

Little Rock Fashion Week Couture Show

6:05 p.m.: I was jogging down President Clinton Avenue, five minutes late to Little Rock Fashion Week’s finale, the couture show.

Words, Aug. 20

John Wesley Hall asks “When does the future start?” He quotes Robin Roberts of ABC News’ “Good Morning America” talking about the Chevy Volt:

The Observer, Aug. 20

The Observer was on vacation last week, which meant that we spent a week inside, with the blinds drawn and the air conditioner on Hi-Cool.

The Televisionist, Aug. 20

The dust has settled. Lifetime has emerged victorious from the protracted network battle over the “Project Runway” franchise, and on Thursday, it’s flaunting its new prize like only it knows how.

In Brief, Aug. 20

You won’t be able to use it to get a discount on a new ride, but if you’re handy or car-less, this could be your ticket: It’s Clunker Car Night at Dickey-Stephens Park during the Travs game against Corpus Christi, 7:10 p.m., $6-$10.

The return of Korto

The dust has settled. Lifetime has emerged victorious from the protracted network battle over the “Project Runway” franchise, and on Thursday, it's flaunting its new prize like only it knows how. First up, from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m., Mabelvale's Korto Momolu returns to the runway to battle against seven other former contestants for a $100,000 prize.

Ups and downs at Magic Springs

Out-of-commission rides generated questions this summer about the very future of Magic Springs and Crystal Falls, the Hot Springs amusement park.

‘The tree of crazy’

I remain convinced that the best path to quality universal care is a single-payer health insurance system.

Bus me

For the folks who live in the bedroom communities around Little Rock, coming to the city’s River Market District for a night out might seem a little daunting.

Aug. 12-18, 2009

It was a GOOD week for … BANKRUPTCY. The notorious developer Jay DeHaven, his career a string of controversies, filed a bankruptcy liquidation petition listing debts of $50 to $100 million and assets of less than $50,000.

What's Cooking, Aug. 20

US Pizza Co. is expanding its holdings.

A&E News, Aug. 20

A team sponsored by the Arkansas Times was a big winner in the Little Rock leg of this years’ 48 Hour Film Project, a competition in which teams from cities all over the world write, shoot, edit and score a film over the course of one weekend.

Wealth builder

Wade Rathke, who gave birth to Acorn as a community organizer in Little Rock 40 years ago, will be back in Little Rock this weekend and friends have been invited to meet him from 4-5:30 p.m.

Curbside service

The D-G this morning followed up on a spate of car break-ins in Prospect Terrace that we mentioned a few days ago.

Speak up for fraud

The Family Council joined hands with a scurrilous bunch to inveigh against health care legislation yesterday.

An A for UA

A New York Times article on the vagaries of competing college rankings notes that the University of Arkansas was one of only five colleges among 100 studied to get an A for giving sufficient emphasis to core courses.

Health care solutions

Morning News covers a closed meeting of the Obama administration's health legislation organizing effort, apparently aimed at finding some people to stand up later with personal stories to contribute to the effort.

Stick em up; pull em down

Bryant police are offering a $1,000 reward, Fox 16 reports, for information leading to the arrest of a robber who hit two Bryant businesses.

Thursday: Big Boots, JT Tarpley, Ted Ludwig

Big Boots. You won't be able to use it to get a discount on a new ride, but if you're handy or car-less, this could be your ticket: If the rain lifts, it's Clunker Car Night at Dickey-Stephens Park during the Travs game against Corpus Christi, 7:10 p.m., $6-$10.

Here comes the Huck

New poll on 2012 election prospects shows President Obama leads all surveyed Republican contenders, though barely (3 points) in the case of one MikeHuckabee, whose numbers keep rising.

Televisionist: 'Project Runway'

PROJECT RUNWAY7 p.m. Thursday, March 20LifetimeThe dust has settled.

Double bypass

Wall Street Journal reports on emerging plans to put health legislation in two Senate bills (one with more controversial elements) and pass them in the budget reconciliation process, thus preventing a filibuster.

Junket report

Lt. Gov. Bill Halter is going to China. The news release has all the usual gloss about how this is an economic development trip.

New (old) Gunbunnies album out now

Brent Labeau, David Jukes, Chris Maxwell and Jud Martinale. The Gunbunnies' lost record, "Great Big Diamond," is out now on 140 gram vinyl and digitally.

Lockerbie bomber released

Scotland has decided to release a Lockerbie bomber, who has terminal cancer. The Little Rock mother of one of the victims does not object.

Mike Ross to working poor: Screw you

U.S. Rep. Mike Ross needs another taxpayer-financed junket to glamorous ports of call. Overwork seems to have caused him to let too much of his true Blue Cross Democrat colors show.

Right place at the right time: Jim Dickinson in "Wild Horses"

"Wild Horses" from the Maysles brothers' "Gimme Shelter" This is hands down one of the greatest scenes in the "Gimme Shelter."

Code level: Liars

Tom Ridge says he manipulated terror alerts to help Bush win re-election in 2004.

Daily Digest: Brad Neely, still funny; 'Avatar's' Rastafarian cats from the future and more

"Kenny Winkler's 'Now We Can Make Love.'" Brad Neely, the funniest man on the planet (or at least the funniest person to ever come from Fort Smith), has a new website.

Millions for defense; but for the sick?

Even Fidel Castro gets the fundamental priorities of Republican (and Blue Cross Democrat) politics. Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro criticized the United States on Wednesday for being willing to spend billions on its high-tech military but finding it difficult to approve healthcare reform that would protect its poor people.He wrote in a commentary published on a state-run Internet site that huge military budgets are approved easily by the U.S. Congress but U.S. President Barack Obama is struggling to convince federal lawmakers to pass a bill that would "deliver health services to 50 million Americans that don't have them.""What hope can that society offer the world?" he asked.

Stifft Thrift opens with Circa 76 inside

Just got word from Holly Hall that she's opened Stifft Thrift in the space that until used to house the Broom Closet near the Oyster Bar.

Cash for clunkers ending UPDATE

The report is that the $3 billion stimulus program to trade old cars for more efficient new models will end Monday.

Welcome, Mr. Chairman

The Democratic Party welcomes Republican Chairman Michael Steele to town today with an invitation to look at a few of the places that have benefitted from stimulus spending he's derided.

Judge appointed in Fayetteville

Gov. Mike Beebe has appointed Doug Martin of Fayetteville to fill a vacant circuit judgeship that had been held by Judge Mike Mashburn.

In the wild

The Game and Fish Commission set duck season dates today, among other stuff. It continued to take no action on requests from scientists and environmentalists to curb the commercial turtle harvest.

Arkansas Blog graffiti

Scrawl it here.

By the time I recognize this moment, this moment will be gone...

What you are about to read is your future…   The dynamics of who I am have not altered much since birth.

Suffering children

The law that requires DHS to report some, very limited, facts about deaths and near deaths of children at least insures that the too-frequent tragedies won't go unnoticed.

Boricua bop

From San Juan, Davila 666 takes a base that encompasses most of the pinnacles of garage rock and proto-punk — Iggy, the New York Dolls, the Dead Boys, Richard Hell — adds a generous helping of Phil Spector and then tries to deconstruct all that already primitive music even further. It's lo-fi rock at its best, and, oh yeah, it's all in Spanish.

Optional equipment

Any sort of health care bill is a longshot. A bill that provides coverage for those without -- or coverage that's worth anything -- is a longer shot still.

Football and the free press

Crocodile tears were shed on the front page of the Democrat-Gazette this morning over the Southeastern Conference's effort to control commercial use of images taken at football games and other athletic contests.

Football and the free press

Crocodile tears were shed on the front page of the Democrat-Gazette this morning over the Southeastern Conference's effort to control commercial use of images taken at football games and other athletic contests.

Got Something To Grind.

Took a perfect drive up to northwest Arkansas earlier this week, that culminated in a visit to War Eagle Mill.

Friday To-Do: Tho'd Ent. CD release

THO'D ENTERTAINMENT11:30 p.m., Downtown Music. $5. Of all the local rap cliques, few if any have been as active as long as Tho'd Ent.

Friday To-Do: Notion CD release

Shaun Hartman. NOTION9 p.m., Underground Pub.

Friday To-Do: Anavan - Dazzler

ANAVAN/DAZZLERVino's, 9 p.m., $5.Imagine if Trent Reznor had recorded “Pretty Hate Machine” and subsequent albums fueled not on Colombian Marching Powder and booze, but Pixie Stix, Twizzlers and Kool-Aid instead.

Friday To-Do: Davila 666

DAVILA 6669 p.m., Maxine's, Hot Springs. $5. Spa City is calling, garage rock fans.

Book your passage

How's this for something completely different? Next Saturday, Arkansas' finest groove merchants, Eclipse Glasses Banda and Velvet Kente, come together to put on a dance cruise aboard the Arkansas Queen.

Jobless rate up

In Arkansas in July, it rose to 7.4 percent from 7.2.  

Egging It On.

Nao over at GreenAR By The Day is at it again, teaching us how to preserve the produce that comes from our gardens (and from the Certified Arkansas Farmers Market).  Check out her tips on freezing eggplant.

The Weekend: Lord T & Eloise, Butterfly, Brian Martin, Decades of DecaDANCE and more

Lord T & Eloise. FRIDAY 8/21Memphis “aristo-crunk” rap duo Lord T and Eloise rhyme about upper-crust living (stock market fluctuations, Sperry topsiders, the society pages) at Revolution, 9 p.m., $10.

Trusty to resign Senate seat

State Sen. Sharon Trusty, the Russellville Republican, will resign from her Senate seat to tend to family health matters.

Saturday To-Do: Molly Hatchett - Blackfoot

MOLLY HATCHET/ BLACKFOOT8 p.m., Magic Springs. $35.99-$45.99.Taking its name from a hooker who allegedly mutilated and decapitated her clients, Molly Hatchet formed in 1971 in Jacksonville, Fla., melding loud, hard rock boogie with guitar-jam-oriented Southern rock.

Saturday To-Do: The Magpies

THE MAGPIES10 p.m., White Water Tavern. $5.Of all the out-of-state bands who've found a home in Little Rock at White Water Tavern, few if any have been embraced like the Magpies.

Daily Digest: Billy Bob boxing, Afo-pop and Rudy Ray > Brad Neely and more

Everyone's favorite taciturn bandleader is returning to the screen in "Pound for Pound," a boxing drama adapted from an FX Toole ("Million Dollar Baby") novel.  Thornton will play a depressed retired boxer who's life somehow intersects with an up-and-coming teenage Latino fighter.

You thought Clinton was bad early?

Remember 1994? Batten down the hatches, Dems.

Dickinson tribute

Last night on "The Plague," Corporal Bubonic payed tribute to Jim Dickinson with two hours of solo work, production, Mud Boy and the Neutrons, Dixie Flyer sessions, weirdo collaborations and Big Star.Download part one here and part two here.Tracklist after the jump.

Thank God for Texas

Its Board of Education makes everyone else look like geniuses. The Texas State Board of Education review committee is preparing to vote on a draft of proposed standards for history textbooks.

Study: Repeal the lottery

The Legislative Council today referred Sen. Sue Madison's proposal for repeal of the state lottery to a committee for study.

Sen. Johnson mulls Lincoln challenge

At least three different Republicans -- and maybe more -- first put out the rumor today that Sen. Bob Johnson, Bigelow's Death Star, is giving some thought to running for U.S. Senate agaisnt Blanche Lincoln.

Korto got robbed

I'm still waiting to catch the show on TiVo, but that's the word on the web.

Book note

Saturday at the Travs game Sports Illustrated's S.L. Price is going to be signing copies of "Heart of the Game," his book on Mike Coolbaugh, who died at Dickey-Stephens in 2007 after being hit by a foul ball.

The line is open

And the office is closed.

The line is open

And the office is closed.

Wage and hour fight

Dueling news releases between federal Labor Department and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission on question of whether G&FC had properly paid employees.

Cleveland rocks

Of all the out-of-state bands who've found a home in Little Rock at White Water Tavern, few if any have been embraced like the Magpies. Formerly known as Roger Hoover and the Whiskeyhounds, the Cleveland-based four-piece specializes in what it calls “indiefolkrockrevivalism,” a rowdy blend of big guitars, bluesy organ and lead singer Hoover's hollerin'.

Making a list

The Arkansas Teacher Retirement System continues its work to identify system members who exceeded the statutory earnings limitation after beginnning retirement benefits and may owe refunds of portions of benefits dating back several years.

Helping women

How about some good news? It's in a New York Times Sunday magazine article about global efforts to improve the lot of women as an effective way to fight poverty and extremism.

Stop that buck

BELIEVE IT? Bob Johnson channels HST?

A time for reconciliation?

If the Senate tries to pass health legislation by the "reconciliation" method to avoid a filibuster, is that the "nuclear option"?

Cowboy stadium shakedown cruise

So a punter banged the gigantic TV screen that hangs over the field in the new $1.2 billion Dallas Cowboy stadium yesterday.

Go, Rick, go

Courtesy of the newly revived MAD Magazine:One reason for encouraging Texas' insane governor, the Aggie Rick Perry, to get his state to secede from the Union: the George W. Bush Library will be located in a foreign country.

The eagle flies

Saturday night open line. While you're talking, consider this from Jonesboro: Homeowner with tire iron beats intruder with shotgun.

World Boogie forever

Little Rock-born musician and producer Jim Dickinson, who passed away last Saturday, left behind a massive legacy.

Why do they rage?

Guns at presidential events. Angry meetings.

Soon it will be cold

It's summer. And in this uncommonly cool summer, a night under the stars is almost an inviting prospect, even if your bed is a slab of concrete in the lee of an overpass, a park bench or a doorway.

A perfect 10 for Hot Springs

What's this? A news release in August for Hot Springs' St. Patrick's Day Parade, the world's shortest?

Open line UPDATE

It's yours. Thanks to a reader for a notice of a robocall from Asa Hutchinson urging turnout for an anti-health-legislation stop in Little Rock Wednesday by a front group powered by money from Americans for Prosperity, an astroturf lobby funded by Kochs, Scaifes, the tobacco lobby etc. The theme of the bus tour is "hands off my health care" -- meaning the billionaires are doing just fine, thank you, and they have no interest in paying a dime more for those who aren't.

100 and growing

Except for Arkansas Tech, they all answered to “A and M” at one time or another, but the four of them weren't even Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges to begin with, just jumped-up high schools. A hundred years later, they're all universities, one even calling itself a university “system,” with a president in Little Rock and chancellors at the component campuses.

Hope for America

Brummett finds some in U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, an Internet hit for his blunt response to a town hall nut.

Arkansas Food?

I'm always willing to check out information that purports to be about Arkansas food; finding different examples here and there of what others consider to be our state cuisine is, well, interesting.  So I come across this website, and see that there's really not anything listed ("current favorites" is apparently the best the site editor could do) in the short listings.  But below, there are several items listed, along with menus.  So I'm perusing them, and I find a couple of odd items.  For instance, I've never heard of "Pecan Transparent Pie."  "Corn Dodgers" -- is that a corn fritter or a character on the Disney Channell?   Anyway, came across it and figured you might want to check it out, too.

Oaklawn: ka-ching!

The new hasn't worn off on Oaklawn Park's new and expanded facility for gambling. The so-called electronic games of skill pulled in $29.7 million in July, up almost 10 percent from June and almost $10 million more than was put in machines in April, before the new facility went on-line.

Attack from the right

National political media are interested in the possibility that U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln might face a Democratic primary challenge from state Sen. Bob Johnson.

Bush coming to Harding

Twitterer who should know says former President George W. Bush will speak at Harding University April 22.

Kris Allen owes his career to Paula Abdul's clumsiness, Randy and Simon's normal urinal behavior

"We waited forever for the judges to get there. Finally I’m the next one to sing and I have to pee so bad.

Monday: Travs!

It's still season-defyingly gorgeous outside and there's not too many more games on the schedule.

Shiver me timbers

How slow is it today? Slow enough to talk about the weather.

A little stimulus

Here's a little news release on Channel 4 about $700,000 in federal stimulus money distributed in Arkansas to help 2,700 public school students.

A little stimulus

Here's a little news release on Channel 4 about $700,000 in federal stimulus money distributed in Arkansas to help 2,700 public school students.

Daily Digest: Bo Derek will probably not be wearing a swimsuit in March

In case you missed it on Max's blog, famous swimsuit wearer (and more recently ultra-Republican) Bo Derek is going to be the Grand Marshal of Hot Springs's annual World's Shortest St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 17.No one anywhere near his age has Michael Cera's comic timing.

Michael Jackson death finding

A lethal dose of an anesthetic. Dum da dum dum.

Zebra Ranch lives on

Jim Dickinson "Shake Your Money Maker"at Riverfest 2008 with Greg Spradlin, Jason Weinheimer, Dylan Turner and Chris Michaels.

Oh, Arkansas

Poll coming tomorrow apparently will show that a majority of white Democrats don't support Obama on health care; many Arkies are birthers, and 64 per cent of so-called independents think Rush Limbaugh has a better vision for the country than the president.

The line is open

Monday, Monday. NEWS UPDATE: Fox 16 reports a firing in county offices over an employee's refusal to take a polygraph.

Villa forever

Restaurants around these parts tend to stick around a long time or not at all. But to be a mainstay in Little Rock for 58 years? That's something else.

Insiders' baseball

Capitol power brokers, names unspecified beyond some Stephens links, seem to explain Sen. Bob Johnson's interest in taking on U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln, John Brummett writes. He bets Johnson won't run in the end.

A gathering storm

We've seen this in Pulaski County, too, but the trend couldn't be better illustrated than here: Sales tax revenue has declined sharply in every major city in Northwest Arkansas this year.

Smokey Meat and Tangy Sauce.

In this job (as you can imagine) I encounter a lot of barbecue. Most of it is pretty good.

Berry picking time

I presume this means Republican Rick Crawford is going to make officially official his candidacy to oppose Democratic U.S. Rep. Marion Berry in the First District race in 2010.

Advanced Placement advances

The state Education Department reports that the number of students taking Advanced Placement tests continues to advance in Arkansas. The pass rate -- or those scoring a 3 or higher on the 5-point rating scale -- advanced modestly, from roughly 28.3 percent of all tests in 2008 to 28.7 percent last year school year.

Blogging deseg talks

Rep. Mark Martin is posting a blow-by-blow of Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's presentation this morning to the legislative committee overseeing efforts to end the state's spending on Pulaski County school desegregation.

Blogging deseg talks

Rep. Mark Martin is posting a blow-by-blow of Attorney General Dustin McDaniel's presentation this morning to the legislative committee overseeing efforts to end the state's spending on Pulaski County school desegregation.

Oh, Arkansas Pt. II

Here's that promised poll on Arkansas political outlooks. Ugh Birthers rule.

New sports show

Little Rock’s JM Associates is producing a new sports TV show for the VERSUS network.

Something's happening here

Think Progress: Earlier this month, police detained a man at a health care town hall meeting held by Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD) because he was carrying a sign declaring “Death to Obama” and “Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids.” Additionally, at least two members of Congress have reported receiving threatening faxes with pictures of Obama and the phrase “Death to All Marxists!

TR dodges hoosegow

I can't begin to tell you how many other loose ends still trail from the financial disaster that is former Sheriff and Congressman Tommy Robinson, but I can tell you that he won a victory at the 8th U.S..

Put down your coffee mug

or risk blowing java out your nose when reading this headline from Huffington Post:Cheney Accuses Obama Of Politicizing Justice Department

Lakeview case dismissed

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld the dimissal of a lawsuit challenging the consolidation of the Lakeview School District with the Barton-Lexa School District.

Tuesday: KABF anniversary show, Moving Front, Hatebreed

KABF is celebrating 25 years on the air tonight at Juanita's with performances by Rico Zaragosa, Jeff Weeden, Integrity, Afrodesia with Tonya Leeks, G-Funk the Tree Trunk with Charles Woody, Unseen Eye and Family Dog, 8 p.m., $5.

Main Street matters

MAIN STREET MEMORIES: On this clearing once stood a Woolworth, the legendary D&D Cafe, Kempner's, etc. Mayor Mark Stodola has announced a three-day program this week to develop a "strategy" for the Main Street corridor.

Daily Digest: Gene Simmons acts, Jessica Biel infects and Roxane Shante gets her revenge

There's a funnier trailer for "Extract," the promising new Jason Bateman-starring comedy from Mike Judge.

Joyful Repubs

Republicans are atwitter today because the same polling outfit that said Rush Limbaugh is the opinion leader in Arkansas is saying poll numbers tomorrow will show U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln trailing -- if within the margin of error -- TWO Republican candidates despite their scant name recognition.

Benzi to NWA

Big time DJ Benzi, known for his work with the Clipse, Kanye West and Lil Wayne, is headed to Fayetteville next week for a show at the Fix (inside Willy D's).

Astro-turf is Spreading

G-R-E-E-D: A leaked memo reveals that the American Petroleum institute asked oil company employees, retirees and current contractors to turn out in opposition to climate change legislation.  Hey, it worked for health care.  Democracy Now has more.   Photo: ProPublica Dirty Business: The EPA has determined that water wells near the town of Pavillion, WY contain chemicals that are used in the hydraulic fracturing process.  I've been told by officials in Arkansas that there's no way that a water well could be contaminated with fracking fluid.  I've heard Arkansans say differently.  Ask the guy in the picture above if it's possible.  ProPublica has the story.  The Switchboard blog from the NRDC has more.

Oh Arkansas, Pt. 3

Talking Points Memo notes polling, reportedly earlier today, on the mind of Arkansas. Serious Question to Consider Can Health Care Reform survive the fact that Arkansas voters have basically lost their minds?

So close to Missouri ...

,... so far from God. The line is open.

Why does Bob run?

A wily old pol dropped by my house tonight. He offered two theories for Bob Johnson's dalliance -- and purported encouragement by insiders -- to challenge Sen. Blanche Lincoln.


"I'm a hundred. I can do any fucking thing I want."

Integration behind bars

California still segregates prison inmates by race. Arkansas does not.

After Kennedy, who UPDATE

As you know by now, U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy died early this morning. The remembrances will flow for days.

Death in NLR

KATV reports a North Little Rock police officer killed a passenger in a car who displayed a weapon during a traffic stop last night.

Those pesky blogs

North Little Rock Mayor Hays apparently told the City Council this week that the RV park he floated bonds to build is operating profitably.

KIPP schools choose Blytheville

The KIPP charter schools, which have proved a success story in Helena, have chosen Blytheville as the location for the next KIPP school in Arkansas.

Pine Bluff success stories

Good feature in Wall Street Journal today about Torii Hunter, the Pine Bluff native major league baseball star, who learned in 2005 that he had a half-brother.

More from Main Street

I'd nominate the thread of comments on yesterday's item about a strategy session this week on Main Street redevelopment as one of the most thoughtful I've seen in these parts.

Simple Wal-Mart arithmetic

A penny saved by a consumer is a penny earned by Wal-Mart. Everybody from hometown newspapers to national TV networks trumpeted a Wal-Mart news release yesterday that said it could save consumers $100 million by starting bill-paying services in Wal-Mart stores.

Dog shooter arrested

Man in Baxter County shoots a dog with a .22 rifle. Charged with misdemeanor.

Robbery suspect collared

LRPD reports that officers chased down Carlest Johnson, 34, on foot near Asher and Monroe Tuesday afternoon and charged him with five robberies -- four convenience stores  and a home intrusion and carjacking Sunday afternoon in the 200 block of South Cedar.

God and country

Thanks to Bill for an interesting court ruling in Kentucky. It's just the first round of what will be many more runs at this, but still:

Mike Ross is a Democrat

In case you wondered.

Wednesday: American Aquarium, SOMA String Quartet and more

American Aquarium. North Carolina rockers and White Water regulars American Aquarium return to town tonight for a free (donations) show, 9 p.m.

Download: Zii "The Mixed"

After silence for so long, Zii's opening up the floodgates. The Dat Heat-affiliated local rapper, who's set to release his long anticipated full-length in October, told me a couple weeks back that he'd been cutting loads of songs over the last couple of years, most of which weren't destined for his debut.

Powerball launch set

The state Lottery Commission said today that Powerball should launch Oct. 31. Fellow in Ernie P.'s home state just won $260 million, a little less than I'm counting on when I hit, but a decent sum.

The approval gap

More poll results from that North Carolina robopolling outfit coming tomorrow. Glowing good for Gov. Mike Beebe.

Philander's social justice mission

I am a fan of Dr. Walter Kimbrough, the vibrant president of Philander Smith College.

Notoriously unfunny comedian headed to Verizon

Ugh. Which I'm sure he'll pack.

Late news headlines

Conway mother charged in the death of her six-year-old son. Appeals Court upholds death sentence for man convicted of killing a hiker at a Pope County recreation area in 1994.

The line is now open

I'm out of here to meet up with an old friend from South Louisiana. Doctor.