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The lone (black) ranger

The lone (black) ranger

August 22, 2013

Vol 39 • No 51

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Deputy U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves haunted the nightmares of desperadoes in Indian territory

Life under the gun with one of the greatest, and least known, lawmen of all time.

Paul Bookout resigns from state Senate

This just in by e-mail: STATEMENT BY SENATOR PAUL BOOKOUT “I am announcing today my resignation from the Arkansas Senate effective immediately.

Young people a key to Obamacare success

Here's an interesting report from Reuters on the willingness of young people to enroll in health insurance exchanges under the federal health legislation.

Boozman opposes government shutdown over Obamacare

U.S. Sen. John Boozman, no liberal, couldn't have spoken more clearly on whether opponents of Obamacare should shut government rather than vote for a budget that continues the federal health care law.

Huge insurance cost increases for teachers: Is it fair?

Yesterday's meeting of the state public school insurance board came to the foregone conclusion — a huge rate increase for public school employee health insurance.

Thursday To-Do: Lilly Ledbetter

Lilly Ledbetter will speak at CALS Main Library Thursday.

Thursday To-Do: John Willis EP release show

John Willis will perform at The Joint Thursday night.

Little Rock police arrest slaying suspect

The Little Rock police this morning arrested Harlon Finney at a Valero at 12th and Rodney Parham as a suspect in the Aug. 17 slaying of Billy Howard on the parking lot of a drive-through liquor store at 8524 Baseline Road.

Arkansas radio group to grow to 25 stations

East Arkansas Broadcasters, a radio station group based in Wynne, has announced its plans to purchase the MAX Media stations in the Arkansas River valley at Russellville, Morrilton, Atkins and Dardanelle.

Thursday-Saturday To-Do: Red Octopus Theater Presents '#OctopiLittleRock'

Red Octopus Theater's "#OctopiLittleRock" runs from Thursday thorugh Saturday at The Public Theatre.

South on Main kicks off dinner service

South on Main, the Oxford American-tied restaurant, began dinner service last night. It’ll continue 5 p.m. until 10 p.m.

The need for ethics reform — Meet Legislator X

The Paul Bookout case, as I've written this week, doesn't end with Paul Bookout. It points out the need for still stronger ethics laws and a more effective enforcement agency.

Suspect identified in Pinnacle Mountain shooting

The State Police reports it has a suspect in the case of a man who escaped state park rangers at Pinnacle Mountain State Park yesterday after they tried to stop three people breaking into cars.

The Boot gets downgraded; Hogs to end 2014 with Missouri

A word from our state religion. The SEC football schedules for 2014 are out.

Augusta's Jimmy Rhodes, Jr.: magician, mortician, politician

SoLost, the Oxford American's award-winning video series, profiles a true Arkansas character in its latest episode -- Jimmy Rhodes, Jr., the former mayor of Augusta.

Bookout special prosecutor McQuary issues statement

Jack McQuary, an employee of the state prosecutor coordinator's office who's been appointed as special proseuctor to review former Sen. Paul Bookout's campaign finance filings, has issued a pro forma statement on his plans in response to numerous media inquiries.

NRA creates secret national gun registry

You can understand why this particular story might interest me. From Buzzfeed:

Meet Legislator X: John Burris

 I wrote this morning at some length about one of many interesting campaign finance reports on file at the secre tary of state's office.

Mature Arkansas to end publication

Arkansas Times Publisher Alan Leveritt announced this afternoon that Mature Arkansas, a monthly publication which began in November 2011, will cease publication after the September issue.

Mark Darr used campaign money to buy Razorback tickets

Blue Hog Report continues his examination of Lt. Gov. Mark Darr's campaign financial expenditures. When last we visited, Blue Hog had totted up a lot of unusual Darr expenditures — gas, dining, clothing — as Darr continued to try to pay down debt from his 2010 political campaign.

The midweek line

The Wednesday night line is now open. Final words:

John Hiatt & The Combo at Juanita's

Also, Lilly Ledbetter at CALS, John Willis EP release show at The Joint, Red Octopus Theater at the Public Theatre, Kevin Seconds at Low Key Arts in Hot Springs and the Parallel Universes conference in Eureka Springs

Calle Soul at Juanita's

Also, Iris DeMent at South on Main.

The bucks don't stop at Bookout

The state Ethics Commission handed down historic fines last week for campaign finance violations by Democratic Sen. Paul Bookout of Jonesboro.

Federal regulators don't want you to see Pegasus pipeline's spill plan

PHMSA has released ExxonMobil's spill response plan for the ruptured Pegasus pipeline — but most of the crucial elements have been completely redacted.

Fayetteville Roots Festival showcases more than just music

Event grows in its fourth year.

For kindness

Twenty fourteen looks like it could be a particularly tiresome election year in Arkansas. "Republican" today translates to "mean and irresponsible" and yet Republicans will be trying, and with a pretty good chance of succeeding, to increase their majority in the state legislature.

Wiser heads

Not for the first time, level-headed professors at Arkansas's colleges and universities have saved their students from a mad plot by legislative extremists. "They're so ideological and irrational," a philosophy professor at Fayetteville says of the legislators. "We have to be constantly on guard, even the football coaches."


John Wesley Hall noticed the slogan displayed on The Hatcher Agency building in downtown Little Rock: "The Home of Outrageous Service." Hall writes: "Crimes are outrageous. Things the government does are outrageous. What the hell is outrageous service? Is it really that bad? If so, why brag?"

It was a good week for Arkansas's expanding waistline

It was also a good week for yet another candidate for Congress and guns in school. It was a bad week for Sen. Paul Bookout and guns in the school.

Why not another drug for lethal injections?

I've contacted both the governor's office and the attorney general's office to get more info on the current lethal injection debacle. I haven't heard back from the former, and was told by the latter that it only communicated with "state officials."

How much oil spilled in Mayflower?

Unlike in Michigan spill, the EPA is relying on Exxon's tally in Arkansas.

Single rich female seeking happiness

Woody Allen fills 'Blue Jasmine' with types, not fleshed-out characters.

On fire

The Observer was sitting at his desk on Monday after a long, long weekend of traveling the roads and back roads of Arkansas in pursuit of a story for you, Beloved Reader, when the fire alarm went off: a shrill, electronic, unmusical blare.

Avoiding (Common) Core meltdown

Where other states see government conspiracy, Arkansas embraces Common Core as a way forward for education.

Bookout: ballin' with backers cash

In 2012, Sen. Paul Bookout was living high on the hog, spending big on Japanese restaurants, home entertainment, clothing, liquor and home improvement. The only trouble is that he was spending a big chunk of $80,000 in campaign money to do so (during an election in which he ran unopposed — that election was in November and he kept right on spending in December).

If Obamacare was overturned

If Rep. Tom Cotton and the rest of the tea-party coalition got their way and actually repealed Obamacare before its new insurance market goes into business Jan. 1, would they be the dog that caught the car?

Taking a dip

A boy comes up for air after swinging off a rope swing into the Ouachita River near Lake Hamilton.

Gazing into the crystal ball: Hogs over 'Dogs, Tigers

The final one-third of this year's Razorback schedule isn't quite the thorny gauntlet that Part II represented. In fact, after what we suspect will be a customary dispatching at Alabama on Oct. 19, the Hogs take a needed respite for the bye week before trying to scratch for bowl eligibility in November.

Look out for the breast-feeding controversy

At the outset of a new school year, the news media offer helpful tips for college students: "Choosing the right major," "6 tips for surviving dorm life," "5 things you should never say to your professor," stuff like that. Rarely do they offer practical advice for students who find themselves enrolled in a course taught by a faculty member who's a total crackpot.

Recharged Revolution

Tasty tacos of all variety at River Market restaurant/club.

Obama rolls out college aid plan with Arkansas impact

President Obama is rolling out a big plan today intended to make colleges more accountable and affordable.

Friday To-Do: Kevin Seconds, Kepi Ghoulie

Kevin Seconds performs at Low Key Arts Friday.

Friday: Calle Soul, Big Dam Horns, Rwake and more

Calle Soul performs at Juanita's Friday.

Friday: American Aquarium at Revolution

American Aquarium performs at Revolution Friday night.

Sensual Southern-made chocolate from Olive & Sinclair

Sample some of this sensational Southern chocolate. It's some of the best you can get in Arkansas.

Lilly Ledbetter in Little Rock today; Democrats use her in push for equity for women

Lilly Ledbetter, namesake of the Fair Pay Act of 2009 for her pivotal role in exposing bias against women, will be in Little Rock today to speak in the Rabbi Ira Sanders Lecture series at 6:30 p.m. today at the downtown library.

Bryant private school arms staff

Channel 4 reports on the Arkansas Christian Academy in Bryant, which has announced that anywhere from 1 to 7 of its staff members are armed every day at the school, affiliated with the Family Church.

Stephens Media in Las Vegas newspaper lawsuit

Stephens Media, the newspaper chain controlled by the Little Rock-based Stephens financial empire, is now in a court fight over a deal it has put together to end a newspapwer joint operating agreement between its dominant Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Las Vegas Sun.

Mark Pryor calls for restoration of the Voting Rights Act

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor's campaign has circulated an e-mail to gather support for restoration of the Voting Rights Act, gutted recently by the U.S. Supreme Court.

RJ Tao's transitions to Cafe 5501

RJ Tao’s, the upscale Asian fusion restaurant in the Heights will be making the switch to Cafe 5501 in the coming weeks.

Crawford, Griffin urge defunding Obamacare. UPDATE: But Griffin declares he's against shutdown

Republicans have released a letter signed by 80 members of Congress that edges close to supporting a shutdown of government if Obamacare isn't defunded.

Shotz! applies for private club permit in River Market

Shotz!, a Fayetteville nightclub on Dickson Street, is hoping to open a second location in the River Market, raising objections from some city officials and downtown businesses. 

Blue Hog turns attention to Mark Darr's state credit cards; many more questions

Blue Hog Report continues plowing Lt. Gov. Mark Darr's campaign and official expense records and he's turned up more gems than a fresh plowing of the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

Conservation groups: pollution monitoring at hog farm not enough

A coalition of conservation groups yesterday offered measured support but some skepticism regarding Gov. Mike Beebe's proposal of independent, state-funded testing and monitoring at the C&H Hog Farm in Mt. Judea.

The Save the Buffalo River open line

Another day done. Another open line.

Judge Griffen denies recusal request in Josh Hastings retrial

Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen late this afternoon issued a 19-page order responding to a batch of state and defense motions in the retrial of Josh Hastings, the former Little Rock police office accused of manslaughter in the shooting of Bobby Moore on an apartment parking lot.

Shining Rae inks deal with Base79

Shannin Watkins recently signed a two-year deal to produce music videos for Base79.

Pine Bluff gambling raids reach Chenal Valley

A sidelight on Wednesday raids that led to the arrests of 24 people as authorities in Jefferson County cracked down on a string of machine gambling parlors:

Griffin, Crawford dance around shutdown threat

I wrote yesterday at some length about the appearance of the names of Republican Reps. Rick Crawford and Tim Griffin on a letter signed by 80 House members that news organizations left, right and center (AP) have construed as a threat to vote against continuing federal spending if it includes money for Obamacare.

Friday-Sunday To-Do: Parallel Universes Conference

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs hosts the Parallel Universes Conference this weekend.

Saturday: Randall Shreve & The Sideshow, Michael Prysock and more

Randall Shreve & The Sideshow perform at Stickyz Saturday.

Anatolia arrives in West Little Rock

Little Rock’s latest addition to the flourishing Mediterranean market recently opened its doors in the Colonnade Shopping Center on Bowman Rd. Given the deep-seated love in Little Rock for cuisine of this type, my guess is they’ll have their chance to impress (or disappoint) a number of guests in the near future. The competition won’t make it easy, but Anatolia may just have enough to keep this Mediterranean ship afloat.

FBI announces reward in case of power line downed near Cabot

The FBI is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever was responsible for intentionally downing an Entergy high-voltage transmission line in Holland Bottoms on Highway 321 east of Cabot in Lonoke County.

Republican announces for Bookout Senate seat

No election has been called — and it's known yet if there will be partisan primaries — but Republican John Cooper of Jonesboro, a Tea Party-backed candidate who lost a race against Rep. Butch Wilkins in 2012 and was planning to run for that House seat again, now says he'll switch and seek the Senate seat vacated by Paul Bookout's resignation.

Jail escapee Derrick Estell and girlfriend in custody in Florida

[embed-1] Derrick Estell, who broke out of the Garland County Jail in a plot that allegedly included help from his mother and stepfather is in custody in Florida, according to Fox 16.

Marriage lawsuit drops governor, attorney general as defendants

The lawsuit filed by Searcy lawyer Cheryl Maples on behalf of a number of gay and lesbian couples seeking to strike down Arkansas bans on same-sex marriage has been amended to drop the governor and attorney general as defendants.

Robert Brown announces he's in last year as president of Arkansas Tech

Dr. Robert C. Brown, who finished his 20th year as president of Arkansas Tech University on July 1, has announced that this academic year will be his last as president of the school, which grew to an enrollment of more than 10,000 under his leadership.

Food Feedback Friday: lots of liver love

There’s certainly a lot of culinary plans in motion in Little Rock at the moment. Keep it dialed in on FFF.

The House is closing

Forbidden Hillcrest posts a letter from Josh Blevins, owner of The House. The restaurant will close at the end of this month.

Killer fails to show for sentencing; sheriff calls Judge Simes' release of defendant 'idiotic'

Interesting case reported today in the Forrest City Times Herald Anthony Antwan Millbrooks, who pleaded guilty Aug. 12 to manslaughter in the shooting death of Roosevelt Willis, did not return to court Thursday morning for a sentencing hearing.

University of Arkansas sacks John Diamond, top university relations official. He cites differences on 'transparency'

Chris Wyrick, vice chancellor for university advancement at the University of Arkansas, announced today that John Diamond, associate vice chancellor for university relations in his division, would leave UA at the end of September.

Judge Griffen denies state objection to his handling of jury in Hastings retrial

Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen made it clear yesterday in responding to defense motions that he was not going to abandon his plan to take over questioning of jurors in the retrial of former Little Rock cop Josh Hastings on a manslaughter charge in the death of Bobby Moore, 15.

Rapert, Wren want meetings on school workers' health insurance costs

Sen. Jason Rapert and Rep. Tommy Wren announced today they want to do something about big health insurance rate increases facing participants in the state's plan for public school employees.

Darr plans to call personal expenses loan repayments to square ethics questions

Lt. Gov. Mark Darr's ethics take the spotlight. He self-reports himself for screwing up campaign finance report. A critic who found the misspending files his own complaint. We find that Darr didn't have to pay the normal seat charge others pay for good seats at Razorback football games, an expenditure Darr claimed as "fund-raising."

The Big Week Edition

The resignation of Paul Bookout, the parade of analysis of ethics reports that’s sure to follow, drama at the University of Arkansas, Arkansas’s congressional delegation and government shutdown, Mark Pryor and the voting rights act and the latest on the legal fight between Judge Wendell Griffin and the lawyers involved in the retrial of former Little Rock police officer Josh Hastings –– all covered on this week's edition.

UPDATE: TGIF — Hogs, ethics, advertising

Man. Wild day. Final comments:

UA adds to statement about fired spokesman John Diamond

It took a few hours, but the University of Arkansas has finally responded to my questions concerning its terse announcement firing John Diamond as the lead university spokesman.

Breaking: Reports of loose barges on Arkansas River and potential hits on bridges

Photographer available? Crowd-sourcing welcome.

Investigation nearing conclusion in bicycle fatality

Woodruff County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney John Bell tells me that the State Police are nearing completion of an investigation of the death July 2 of a cross-country bicyclist that occurred when a motorist drove into the rear of a group of cyclists on a highway near McCrory.

Add names to Jonesboro Senate race, lt. gov. contest

A reliable source says Valley View School Superintendent Radius Baker will be running for the state Senate seat created by Paul Bookout's resignation.

Foundation established to support Little Rock Central High

A news conference is set Tuesday to announce the Tiger Foundation, a public charity created to support "academics, arts, citizenship and athletics" at Little Rock Central High School.

A note for commenters on links

Reports began coming in last night about problems with a change to the program that operates our blogging system.

How the Washington Post blew the story of the March on Washington

Before we all get too misty-eyed about the demise of the legacy media, remember that sometimes the glory days weren't so glorious.

Pistol packers on parade in Fort Smith 'open carry' demonstration

From a group of Facebook photos it would appear a dozen or so people packing sidearms participated in a march in Fort Smith this morning to demonstrate the belief that a quirk of legislative drafting — either accidental or by concealed design — allows "constitutional carry" in Arkansas.

The line is open; so are Arkansas River bridges after barge accident

The line is open Noted: * BRIDGE TRAFFIC NORMAL: News reports say officials believe only minor damage was done to pier protectors when a couple of barges broke loose from a tow boat Friday night and struck a couple of protection structures around the I-30 and Clinton Library bridge in downtown Little Rock.

Update on links in blog comments

Our tech team spent a great deal of time yesterday tussling with the lack of live links on comments by long-time posters.

Freedom from Religion Foundation objects to church service today for Bryant High football team

From the Bryant Hornet Facebook page: Invitation from Coach Paul Calley: The Bryant Hornet Football Team Worship is this Sunday, Aug 25th at Otter Creek Assembly of God, 10:30 am kickoff.

Mark Darr's ethics case boiled down — if Bookout should resign, why shouldn't Darr?

Let us simplify: Sen. Paul Bookout spent campaign money for personal purposes — meals, clothing, travel expenses.

The Promise Keeping open line

Another steamy Sunday as another summer draws to a close. Finishing up:

Bret and Jen Bielema are ready for Razorback football season

USA Today takes note that it's not only new Razorback football coach Brett Bielema making waves on social media, with pithy Twitter remarks.

Republican Tommy Moll claims $100,000 in donations

Tommy Moll of Hot Springs, something of a mystery Republican candidate for 4th District Congress, sent an e-mail this morning saying he'd raised $100,000 for his race, the majority from Arkansans.

Legislative discussion set this week on more guns in schools

Stephens Media reports on a planned legislative committee meeting to air Clarksville School Superintendent David Hopkins' unhappiness that an attorney general's opinion and resulting private security board vote has stymied his plan to put two dozen staff members, including a kindergarten teacher, carrying concealed weapons in schools this year.

Tuesday: Alien Ant Farm, Great White and more

Alien Ant Farm plays at Juanita's Tuesday.

Tim Griffin visits Mayflower; Democrats issue reminder of his pro-pipeline voting record

U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin is making a visit to Mayflower today in furtherance of his "concern" campaign for those damaged and not yet been made whole by the flood of tar sands crude that a ruptured pipeline poured in a residential neigbhorhod and the wetlands of Lake Conway.

The "private option" for Medicaid expansion and budget neutrality

Earlier this month, the Department of Human Services sent their request to the feds for a waiver of federal rules in order to proceed with the so-called “private option” for Medicaid expansion.

Scottie Pippen loses appeal of suit over reports on his finances

Former pro basketball star Scottie Pippen has lost his appeal of a lawsuit that sought damages for publication of inaccurate reports about his finances.

UPDATE: Two candidates announce for open Senate seat in Jonesboro

Here's at least the second announced Republican candidate for the state Senate seat opened in the Jonesboro area by Paul Bookout's resignation.

Tonight at UALR: David O'Brien

Sculpture, puppet video.

House Democrats form group to push for ethics reform

The following announcement doesn't count for much without meaningful follow-through, but it's a start. A group of House Democrats say they've formed a special committee to push for more ethics reform.

Arkansas State University rebrands: Make it A State instead of ASU

Arkansas State University rolled out today what's known in the marketing business as a new "brand identify plan."

Can you translate Tom Cotton on a budget vote?

Straight-shooting Tom Cotton continues to play dodge ball on the question of how he'll vote on a federal budget that includes Obamacare.

Saline Sheriff Bruce Pennington pleads guilty to intoxication, resisting arrest by Benton cop

Josh Berry of Channel 4/Fox 16 reports via Twitter that Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington entered a plea bargain today to public intoxication and resisting arrest in a scrape with Benton police June 29 at Denton's Trotline. 

Crystal Bridges announces Hopper acquisition

"Blackwell's Island" to be exhibited soon.

DNA leads to arrest in 2012 rape at UA

Science helped police make an arrest in University of Arkansas rape case from 2012. From the UA:

Bats out, new works in at the Arts Center

Good financial news, an award at the annual meeting.

University of Arkansas releases reason for firing John Diamond; he responds

The University of Arkansas today released in response to my FOI the letter by which John Diamond was fired as the university's top spokesman.

Arts Council visual artist honorees: Pennebaker, LaTourette, Posnak

Nine Individual Artist fellows announced.

Mayflower residents to Tim Griffin: "We need help" with oil-related illnesses

U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin Monday called Gov. Mike Beebe's office to suggest the state pursue further health assessments for residents of Mayflower affected by the March 29 oil spill.

Philander Smith sets lecture series; includes speaker shunned for Arkansas high school graduation

Philander Smith College has announced the speakers in its annual Bless the Mic lecture series, always thought-provoking.

Wanted: 600 volunteers to help kids learn to read

'm sorry I failed to get around to this yesterday. It's an announcement of an effort by AR Kids Read to recruit 600 people to help tutor elementary kids in Pulaski County schools.

Saline Sheriff Pennington's plea bargain brings release of police video

[embed-1] Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington entered a plea bargain yesterday to public intoxication and resisting arrest in an altercation with Benton police who stopped him from driving home from Denton's Trotline in late July.

What a difference an oil spill makes in U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin's rhetoric

Nothing like a backyard oil spill to make a hard-bitten anti-regulation Republican congressman a little more receptive to increased federal regulation.

Three state officials get special deals on Razorback tickets

The University of Arkansas Athletic Department responded yesterday to my Freedom of Information Act request for names of other statewide officers who, like Lt. Gov. Mark Darr, got priority seats for Razorback football games without paying the customary contribution to the Razorback Foundation.

Wednesday To-Do: John Hiatt

John Hiatt will perform at Juanita's Wednesday night.

Josh Hastings withdraws request to move trial to Perry County

Josh Hastings, the former Little Rock police officer facing a retrial on a manslaughter charge in the death of Bobby Moore, 15, today withdrew his motion for a change of venue.

48 Hour Film Project screenings start Thursday

The sleepless nights are over, and the films are in the can for the Little Rock leg of the 48 Hour Film Project.

'Ghost' Dr Pepper sign revealed in building demolition

We wrote earlier about the unhappiness of historic preservationists when the Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services demolished the former Massery laundry on Seventh Street to make way for a future expansion.

Ernest Dumas recalls joining the 1963 march on Washington; was history made?

First-person history in Ernie Dumas column this week. A young newspaper reporter from South Arkansas drove up to Washington to join the throng that gathered on the Capitol mall Aug. 28, 1963 for speakers who included John Lewis, Daisy Bates and, if not so famously then, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Philander Smith announces 2013-14 lineup for 'Bless the Mic' lectures

Philander Smith's free and open to the public "Bless the Mic" lecture series has brought some great speakers to town in the past, and it looks like that trend will continue in the coming year.

Jodie Mahony announces for state House

Jodie Mahony, a Little Rock public relations consultant, announced today that he'd run as a Democrat to succeed term-limited state Rep. John Edwards for the district covering parts of Little Rock and out to Roland.

"The Big Shootout" to screen at Hot Springs Documentary Fest kickoff event

[embed-1]The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival will host a kickoff event at the Clinton Presidential Center Great Hall in Little Rock a week from Thursday, September 5 at 7:30 p.m.

Mark Pryor pounds Tom Cotton on his votes against disaster aid

I happen to think the Mark Pryor campaign for Senate has put together a good news release.

Tom Cotton on race: Shut up about it

A writer at Slate finds new writing by Tom Cotton from his Harvard days, this time a review of a book in a conservative Harvard journal that says Democrats just won't accept how much better off black people are today.

Congressman understands illegal aliens; he came from Arkansas

Thanks to Norma for this link, richest since the Republican candidate who said you needed a passport to go to parts of southern Arkansas.

Walmart to allow same-sex partners to participate in company benefits

This is big. Will the Republican delegation from Northwest Arkansas mount the picket lines at Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, such as the Bentonville representative who led the legislature to adopt a resolution affirming the General Assembly's belief in the rightness of discrimination against homosexuals?

Jeanfo sculptures stolen

Thief got $100 from scrap yard for steel.

The Tuesday night line

It's back. Not new and improved.

Take your seat at Table 28

Table 28 has now made its home in Vesuvio’s old space. Their menu represents a rather significant departure from what Vesuvio was offering, but I imagine that once Little Rock residents get a taste of what the new occupants are serving up, there will be very little mourning and lamentation for the relocation of the old Italian establishment.

How King improvised on his famous 'Dream' speech

The paper's are full of material about the march on Washington 50 years ago and Martin Luther King's famous speech.

Jeremy Hutchinson and the case for more guns in school

A legislative committee today will discuss the law on guns in school, an outgrowth of the determination that the law doesn't currently allow school districts to license their own employees as security guards for the purpose of carrying weapons.

Bill Clinton to promote rollout of Affordable Care Act

Former President Bill Clinton will speak from the Great Hall of the Clinton Presidential Center at 10 a.m. next Wednesday on health care.

Former senator plans run for Jonesboro Senate seat

Judging by his post on Facebook, former state Sen. Gene Roebuck, a Jonesboro insurance man, is going to seek the Senate seat opened by Paul Bookout's resignation.

Jazz by Kirk Whalum on the grounds to mark Bethel AME's 150th anniversary

Sharon Jones wrote to ask if I'd provide some publicity on a big free event Sunday, Sept. 8 at Bethel AME Church at 815 W. 16th Street.

Quote of the week: Missy Irvin has been to NYC, body artists are her people

The back story is a little convoluted but this is too good not to highlight.

Schlafly admits obvious: Voter laws are about vote suppression

Phyllis Schlafly has explained that of course the new North Carolina voter restriction laws are about keeping Democratic voters from voting.

50 50 50 work of the week

A charcoal by Adaline French.

Politico looks at Arkansas governor's race

Politico looks at the 2014 governor's race in Arkansas. It's pitched as a question of whether Democrats can still win in the South.

Missing 11-year-old girl found dead in Mississippi County

Channel 4 reports that the body of 11-year-old Jessica Williams, reported missing Tuesday night in Mississippi county, was found about 6:30 a.m. this morning at the end of a county road that dead-ends at Big Lake.

Bill Clinton: Quit whining about gridlock; President Obama: Keep marching

Bill Clinton spoke today at the Lincoln Memorial as part of observances to commemmorate the march on Washington 50 years ago.

'Legacy of a Dream' at Central Visitors Center

Excerpts from "KING: A Filmed Record, Montgomery to Memphis."

De-funding the Medicaid expansion “private option” in the fiscal session won’t be easy

Starting in October, low-income Arkansans will begin signing up for health insurance plans under the so-called “private option,” the state’s unique version of Medicaid expansion.

The 'Dream' day open line

Another day done gone. Above is a photo from the secretary of state's Facebook page of the crowd that gathered at the Arkansas Capitol today to commemorate the march in Washington 50 years ago.