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The politics of hate

The politics of hate

August 24, 2017

Vol 43 • No 51

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Arkansas Republicans on Charlottesville, Trump's response and Confederate monuments

From the congressional delegation, constitutional officers and state legislators.

Few Arkansas Republicans are willing to call out Trump for coddling white supremacy

The politics of hate.

Arkansas-linked Charlottesville marcher identified

Apologizes to those misidentified.

Arkansas Times joins project to document hate crimes

Lynchings hidden

In the history of the Hot Springs Confederate monument.

Fayetteville Roots Festival returns

And much, much more.

'We will not stop'

The city and LRPD crack down on the homeless, a new death watch, first arrest in Power Ultra Lounge shooting and Files and the FBI.

Solving Dems' Pelosi problem

For the good of her party and the ideals for which she has fought so effectively, it is time for U.S. House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to announce she will not serve as speaker if the Democrats retake control of the House in 2018.

Save the statues!

The Democratic Party of Arkansas has called for relocation of Confederate monuments from public places, such as courthouse squares and the Capitol lawn, to history museums or private grounds.

Confederate statues

More than just sushi

Try brunch at Kemuri.

More statues

Confederate monuments, largely a legacy of Jim Crow hate, need not be destroyed to nullify their offensive power. They should be sited on private land or exhibited in museums as relics of a painful part of United States history.

Real history

Arkansas is in the midst of a tranquil acknowledgment of some of its barbarous history and it is too bad that only a sentimental few, not all of us, are involved. The renewed ardor for the Confederacy, its battle flag and memorial statues and for those who led the revolt against the United States in 1860 seems to offer a chance. Let's seize it.

Fake history

If your precious "Southern heritage" includes swastikas, you may as well quit reading right here. But odds are astronomically high that it doesn't. The vast majority of Southerners are as repelled by those goons as everybody else.

Lameness of evil

He was the first to enter, and it was well before the others arrived. He held an American flag against his shoulder and, without speaking, looking straight ahead, made sharp turns around the pen. Marching, over and over and over in a single route, he etched out the confines of the free-speech zone.

'The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter' opens at The Rep

It runs through Sept. 10.

Arkansas Razorback 2017 football review, part 4

After nine rounds of a grueling 12-round 2017 fight, Pearls has the Arkansas Razorbacks sitting at 7-2, the best record the team has boasted at this point in a season since 2011, when Bobby Petrino's bunch only lost at Alabama and LSU the entire year en route to a Cotton Bowl victory. Petrino's embarrassing, forced exodus followed months later.

Lost in info overload

Aubrey Plaza stars in 'Ingrid Goes West.'

K. Michelle comes to Robinson

Also, Zozo, the Led Zeppelin cover band, returns to Revolution.

Inconsequential News Quiz: Too sweaty to burn edition

Play at home, if your retinas weren't scorched too badly while viewing the partial eclipse.

The Republican vote suppression battle rages on in Texas. And Arkansas

Democracy got a win in Texas yesterday. A federal judge has again ruled against the Texas voter ID law, saying a watered-down version still discriminates against black and Hispanic voters. So what about Arkansas, where Republicans are also trying to suppress voting through ID laws.

Trump set to move against transgender troops

The White House is prepared to issue guidelines against service by transgender people in the military.

Drew County deputy dies in chase crash

The State Police say a Drew County deputy has died in a crash during a vehicle pursuit.

Bark Bar 'Grand Opening Pawty' is Saturday

Bark Bar, the hot dog plus bar plus dog park establishment at 1201 Spring St., is hosting a ticketed "Grand Opening Pawty" starting at 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 26, which happens to be National Dog Day. Live entertainment, puppy portraits, a "puppa-razzi" party, a photo booth, games, and food and drink specials should wag a few tails.

GOP leaders mostly silent on Trump response to Charlottesville

Republicans, if they're willing to say anything at all about Donald Trump's coddling of haters post-Charlottesville tend to be supportive.

Waltons' UA gift requires stepped-up arts spending by university

The University of Arkansas, in response to a Freedom of Information request, has provided a copy of the agreement between the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation and the UA on a $120 million gift to establish a School of Art. It includes a doubling of UA's own spending on art and a commitment to "diversity and inclusion" in faculty and students, as well as performance metrics for recipients of the money.

There's the law. Then there's Stu Soffer.

Democrats contend Republican Stu Soffer is violating a new state law by serving on both a county and the state Election Commission. He offers a theory on why they're wrong. Democrats dispute it.

LR records first bank robbery of the year

Striking in a way. Little Rock has recorded 45 homicides this year, but it took until today for a bank to be robbed — a Centennial branch at 2922 S. University.

Thursday: news roundup and the open line

Open line and daily news roundup.

The FBI at the Ledge Edition

Sen. Jake Files’ problems, a major gift from the Walton Family Foundation to the University of Arkansas, Attorney General Rutledge latest intervention into an out-of-state lawsuit and Arkansas Republicans on Charlottesville, Trump and Confederate statues — all covered on this week's podcast, sponsored by 42 at the Clinton Center.

DHS announces 'one-stop-shop' for Medicaid providers

On Thursday, Arkansas Department of Human Services Director Cindy Gillespie announced an internal reorganization of the DHS that will shift 171 employees to a newly created division, impact more than 40 DHS contracts and streamline the agency’s oversight of thousands of Medicaid providers across the state.

Gent v. Arkansas: Porno to the people

In tonight's Unmentionables, presented by Cupid's, we discuss Gent Magazine and its fight to be on newsstands in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. There, in 1963, a Dr. William Brown formed a committee meant to seek out and censor pornography, but a single scrappy newsstand refused to remove the magazines.

At town hall, Little Rock school patrons question state education officials on charters, local control

Two key state board members separately told a reporter afterward that they were undecided about the three applications soon to land on their desk. Brett Williamson and Susan Chambers supported the expansions of eStem and LISA last year, but both indicated they were considering the stakeholder group's recommendation to pause or slow further charter growth.

Sheriff investigating child's death

The Pulaski sheriff's office is investigating the death of a child found unconscious at a daycare.

Arkansas Cinema Society premier opens with a hit

The new Arkansas Cinema Society's first event, a three-days series of films and appearances by some of their makers, opened last night. Good start.

Perry County representative continues attack on Arkansas Tech

Rep. Mary Bentley of Perry County, whose district does not include Arkansas Tech, yesterday continued her attack on the university for what she deems an inadequate expenditure on its agriculture department. She massaged some numbers to make her case

FAQ at UA-Little Rock: Guns on campus

UA-Little Rock is preparing for guns on campus with a webpage about the new law pertaining to concealed carry. It takes effect next week, but not as a practical matter until next year.

Governor sets Nov. 9 execution for Jack Gordon Greene

Governor Hutchinson sets the execution date for Jack Gordon Greene. Lawyers argue Greene is mentally ill and should not be executed.

New owner of Arlington Hotel gripes about Hot Springs safety push

Al Rajabi, CEO of the investment group that purchased the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, has taken to Facebook to complain about resistance from city officials in his hopes to rehabilitate the landmark.

Candidate withdraws from 1st District congressional race

Mike Nelson, an Arkansas county farmer who'd said he'd be a Democratic candidate for 1st District Congress against incumbent Republican Rep. Rick Crawford, distributed an e-mail today saying he wouldn't make the race.

Big Boots EP released in remembrance of Mason Mauldin (1981-2013)

In commemoration of what would be Mason Mauldin's 36th birthday, Mauldin's former Big Boots bandmates have partnered with Max Recordings to release a six-track EP featuring some gems fronted by the late musician, "recorded, rescued, mixed and mastered by Darian Stribling and Jordan Trotter at Blue Chair Studio."

Rick's tips for the perfect end-of-summer cookout

The meat people at Edwards Food Giant have some tips for your end-of-summer cookouts.

Friday: The open line and the daily news roundup

Thank goodness. Friday.

Four signs you need a new car

Are you a person who buys a new car every 3 years like clockwork? Or maybe you’re a “drive it ‘til the wheels fall off” kind of person? It can be hard to decide exactly how long to keep a vehicle before buying a new one, but sometimes you just really need that new car.

ASU opens season with faculty work, posthumous show of paintings by Roger Carlisle

The Bradbury Art Museum at Arkansas State University's fall exhibition season that opens Aug. 30 includes "Vivid Life," an exhibition of works by the late Roger Carlisle, a member of the university's art faculty for 40 years. Carlisle, the recipient of several awards, is known for his colorful landscapes; "Vivid Life" covers several decades of his work.

Hutchinson favors clemency for Jason McGehee

Gov. Asa Hutchinson has announced today his intention to grant clemency for Death Row inmate Jason McGehee, as the Parole Board had recommended earlier this year. This would commute his death sentence to life without possibility of parole.

Democrats want Trump to disband election commission

Democratic U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer is working on a plan to pressure Donald Trump and Republicans to disband the so-called election integrity commission run by vote-purging Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Are you progressive? There’s a flag for you, too!

There is a lot of flag waving going on these days that may leave the more progressive crowd feeling unrepresented. Next week, Arkansas Flag & Banner are blogging about flags that represent worthy causes that get less coverage.

Trump pardons Arpaio, bans transgender military recruits

Trump pardons Arpaio as expected. Issues transgender military ban Dark day with more to come.

Charge against pastor upgraded to felony

Crime notes this morning includes news from the Log Cabin Democrat that a domestic battery charge against the lead pastor of a Conway church had been upgraded to a felony because of the extent of the victim's injuries, including a fracture of his eye socket.

ASU football ticket theft ends with charges

KAIT in Jonesboro reports the arrest of two men in connection with efforts to resell 10 season tickets to Arkansas State University football games that had been stolen from a mailbox.

Cataloguing Confederate monuments, including latter day tributes

The Washington Post has an interesting feature on Confederate monuments around the U.S., beginning with a quiz inviting readers to identify where 10 of the monuments can be found. (Several are in northern states.

ACS Night 2: "Paterson," "The Force Awakens," and Adam Driver

The second day of Arkansas Cinema Society's inaugural weekend was all about the actor Adam Driver. Here's what you missed.

One killed by police after officer wounded in Pine Buff

A man was killed by Pine Bluff police during a parking lot dispute last night after he reportedly wounded another officer.

Faith and forgiveness in Fort Smith

Got time? Read this New York Times magazine treatment of a Fort Smith youth who vandalized the local mosque and the people who forgave him.

An open line on violence in Little Rock

The open line includes more violence in Little Rock even as a big crowd demonstrated its desire to bring it to an end.

The deluge in Texas

Harvey hammers Houston with epic rainfall — 24 inches in 24 hours.

Why Charlottesville happened

The deadly events caused by a white supremacist march in Charlottesville get a close examination in today's Washington Post. Police are coming in for criticism for not establishing buffer zones and, worse, not acting when violence occurred.

ACS Night 3: David Lowery's heartfelt monsters

Both of David Lowery's film showed on Saturday revolve around delicately crafted, easily messed up creatures of fantasy. How does he make those monsters work for both a kid's film and almost dialgoue-free film about grief?

The Texas deluge open line, plus national press for El Dorado

Here's the Sunday open line. Also: Texas flood news of relevance here and an El Dorado angle in today's New York Times.

A local legislator stands up for Arkansas Tech

Arkansas Tech's hometown state representative has taken exception to an attack on the school by a fellow legislator.

Congressman's LR school appearance canceled after complaints

Parents at Gibbs Elementary in the Little Rock School District have shared a chain of e-mails with me that indicate a scheduled appearance at the school today by U.S. Rep. French Hill has been canceled. If parents' complaints led to the cancellation, it's a shame.

The ghost of Hurricane Sandy; the record of Texas and Cotton votes lives on

The federal government, of course, should move mountains of money to help the people of hurricane-stricken Texas. But we shouldn't forget congressmen from Texas and Tom Cotton who once thought hurricane relief aid was a bad idea.

Because Cammack Village police might need an armored vehicle

The flow of news obscures some smaller, but significant events, such as Donald Trump's decision to override an Obama administration rule and return the flow of military surplus to local police agencies.

Facebook expands gift of virtual reality gear to Arkansas

Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced today that Facebook would expand its gift of virtual reality gear to all Arkansas high schools.

Eyes in the sky coming to Arkansas highways

Been keeping up with Hurricane Harvey flooding through the eyes of Texas highway webcams? Wondered if Arkansas has, or will have the same? Wonder no more.

Monday: Today's news and the open line

Today's open line and the daily news roundup.

Necessities for a tailgating party

Fall, football, and tailgating: as American as apple pie. Make sure you’re ready for football season so you’re not scrambling to organize your tailgate party at the last minute.

One world; two flags

Are you a concrete or an abstract thinker? Either way, there is an Earth flag that will appeal to you.

High school football opens with a streak

Social media lit up last night with images of a streaker who dashed from the stands at War Memorial Stadium during the fourth quarter of the Joe T. Robinson-Hot Springs Lakeside game Monday night.

Re military surplus: Daily use of grenade launchers?

Small point on Donald Trump's restoration of supplying military surplus to local police: Only transfer of serious armaments had been put off-limits.

Prosecutor sees FOI violation by Fort Smith city board, won't file charges

40/29 reports that Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel Shue of Fort Smith has released a letter saying he believes members of the Fort Smith City Board violated the Freedom of Information Act by discussing board business in e-mails.

Woman shot in leg at 17th and Elm

KARK reports a woman was shot in the leg at 17th and Elm this morning when she tried to break up a fight on the street involving several people.

Baptist, UAMS form health alliance

News releases from Baptist Health and UAMS say the two organizations intend to enter a health care alliance.

Judge dismisses Palin suit against New York Times

A federal judge has tossed Sarah Palin's lawsuit against the New York Times over an editorial that drew connections between her and gun violence.

State Police prepared for Thursday night Razorback game in Little Rock

The Razorback football game Thursday night at War Memorial Stadium will mean changes to traffic patterns around the stadium.

Tuesday: The open line and video roundup

The open line. Also, the daily flood report.

Hey, French, meet some kids

Here's a chance for U.S. Rep. French Hill to get together with some kids in the Little Rock School District.

Sexual diversity and orientation: flags can say it all

Rainbow flags are displayed in many cultures around the world as a sign of diversity and inclusiveness, of hope and of yearning.

Arkansas highway cameras are now on-line

The Arkansas Department of Transportation says its highway cameras are now online.

Lawsuit filed in downtown club shooting

KARK has a news release from a local law firm seeking damages from operators of the Power Ultra Lounge for injuries suffered by someone in the club when shooting began and ultimately left 25 wounded.

Congressman who assaulted reporter refuses interview with victim

Montana Republican who assaulted a reporter has backtracked on his vow to sit down with the reporter for an interview.

Antwan Phillips wants to make a difference in reducing Little Rock violence

KARK/Fox 16's push to do something about Little Rock violence includes a spotlight on people trying to make a difference — in this episode Antwan Phillips, a lawyer at Wright, Lindsey and Jennings.

Christie: It's a lie to say Sandy relief was pork-filled. Looking at you, Tom Cotton

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie responded sharply on TV last night to the alibi from Sen. Ted Cruz (and others in Texas) that their votes against Hurricane Sandy relief could be justified by unnecessary pork in the legislation. Tom Cotton has long told the same lie.

Obama: A gift that keeps on giving to the haters

After resisting for several days, I felt compelled to share a meme that's turning up repeatedly among Donald Trump supporters on social media. Spoiler: No Obama wasn't president during Katrina.

Central High students develop app and tour to allow visitors to walk in the footsteps of the LR Nine.

A team of Little Rock Central High School students is working with the Arkansas Regional Innovation Hub and the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site to develop an app that leads visitors on a walking tour that follows in the footsteps of Little Rock Nine member Elizabeth Eckford as she tried to attend classes on her first day at Central High on Sept. 4, 1957.

Four arrested, $500K seized in raids on two Pine Bluff gambling halls

Four people were arrested in Pine Bluff overnight was police swooped on two illegal gambling houses that sound more like mini-casinos, with officers citing 20 patrons, pulling the electronic guts from over 75 gambling machines, and seizing nearly a half million dollars in cash. 

Guardian UK reports on the failing state next door

Guardian UK recently published a deep and enlightening dive into the fortunes of Oklahoma, the Republican-dominated state where the petroleum industry largely holds sway over environmental regulations, fracking-driven earthquakes rattle the land, school teachers make less than convenience store clerks, 1-in-12 residents has a felony conviction, and Gov. Mary Fallin's best idea to help stave off an ongoing budget meltdown was to proclaim Oilfield Prayer Day, asking Oklahoma residents to use the power of prayer to halt falling global oil prices.

"The Plant" becomes "The Momentary" in Bentonville

That great big Bentonville cheese factory that brothers and Walmart heirs Tom and Stueart Walton are turning into a Mass MoCA-style contemporary art facility, which has been referred to as "the plant" by the folks working on the project, now has a real name: It will be called the Momentary, sister institution Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art announced today.

Stops to make on the drive from Little Rock to Fayetteville

Two of Arkansas’ major metropolitan areas are Little Rock and Fayetteville, but if you rush from point A to point B, you’ll miss out on a lot of great Arkansas sights. Here’s just a handful of worthwhile stops to make on the drive from Little Rock to Fayetteville!

Baxter the only county that does not recognize MLK day, but it could soon

The Baxter Bulletin reports that the county's Quorum Court’s Personnel Committee on Monday voted to make Martin Luther King Jr. day a paid holiday, which, if it passes the full Quorum Court in October, would make the county the last of Arkansas's 75 to do so.

Bill Clinton to speak at Central High 60th anniversary ceremony on Sept. 25

Registration for the event is free, but seating is limited. The ceremony will be held in the high school's Roosevelt Thompson Auditorium.

Ecology matters – run that up a pole!

Ecology is the one cause everyone can get behind. If you recycle or reuse, if you have thrown away your aerosol cans, if you use less throw-away paper products or if you have taken any steps to go green then the ecology flag is for you.

Today's headlines and an open line

Headlines for August 30, 2017 include a lawsuit filed against Power Ultra Lounge, the busting up of a Pine Bluff gambling ring, a student-developed app for Central High, and details on an upcoming visit by President Bill Clinton.

Join us Sept. 21 for Pig & Swig!

Make plans to join Arkansas Times at 6 p.m. Sept. 21 for Pig & Swig, an event centered around two of life's finest pleasures: sippin' whiskey and fine swine. The event, which benefits the Downtown Little Rock Partnership, will be held at the Heifer Project Pavilion and Urban Farm near the Clinton Center.

Stop by Edwards Food Giant for a variety of 100% pork butt sausages

Edwards offers several different types of sausages including chorizo, Italian links, kielbasa, bratwurst, and even chicken sausage. Come visit the Meat Experts!