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August 25, 2005

Vol 3 • No 32

Coke (the drink) addiction

The American Beverage Association announced a change of heart last week on soft drinks in school. With public opinion — and science — turning against them, soft drink peddlers announced support for school policies reducing school availability of so

Willie John's 'Fever'

Little Willie John of Cullendale gave us “Fever.” The song has been re-recorded by dozens, but few can match the original “Fever,” recorded March 1, 1956.

Orval Aug. 25

Justice denied

Anyone who wishes to see how the American judicial system can be prostituted for political purposes will never need to look further than United States v. Jim Guy Tucker, 03-3559, as the case will finally be catalogued at the 8th U. S. Circuit Court of

Make your Getaway

HEBER SPRINGS — The restaurants that artist/chef Bryan Sink has been involved with in some way would darn near fill a column of the Arkansas Times’ dining listings. A couple of them have managed to live on after Sink’s departures.

Words Aug. 25

>“We [engineers] have great, not grate, influence over vast fleets of cement trucks and earth-movers, and I shudder, not shutter, to think how difficult it would be to get in and out of the Heritage West building [home of the Arkansas Times] if a ten-foot

More picks Aug. 25-31

The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff’s national award-winning “Hip Hop Project” was such a show-stopper at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre earlier this month, it’s back in Little Rock for an encore. “The Hip Hop Project: Insight to the Hip Hop Generati

Moms and princes

An ABC-affiliated TV station in Salt Lake City refused to air an anti-war ad featuring Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, because, according to the station, the ad was “inappropriate commercial advertisement for Salt Lake City.”

This Modern World Aug. 25

Hot hit

BENTON — The Royal Players’ production of “Guys and Dolls” is a treat for those wanting to catch a great family event at the tail end of summer, complete with great acting performances and a live quartet that -– despite the musical’s New York setting –-

Bad theories

I’ve been reading the Good Book and have discovered it does indeed disallow the theory of evolution and most other theories as well.

Simply ‘Beautiful’

While the mass exodus from Saigon signaled the end of the Vietnam War for most Americans, some of the cruelest injuries are still being inflicted 30 years after the fact. For the half-Vietnamese, half-American children many G.I.s left behind, the war is s

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Plaza in Rogers; Capital Hotel; J's Place. Capsule reviews: Satellite Cafe; Casa Mexicana

Rolling Stones offer bargains

It probably seems crazy to suggest that a concert with a top ticket price of $301.75 has some bargain tickets, but it’s true: There are some deals to be found in the Rolling Stones show coming to Alltel Arena on March 9, 2006.

Editorial cartoon Aug. 25

Make it snappy

So yes, yes, there’s this thing online called eBay where you can auction off or buy anything from high-dollar golf clubs to great-aunt Mable’s yellowed doilies. No news there.

Blind-sided in Seattle

At the central downtown plaza next to the frenzied Starbucks with the outside seating, Sam Ledbetter was about to cross Fifth Street headed for Pike’s Market. Some of you know this has to be Seattle.

The decline of reason

Remember the story of Galileo Galilei? The Italian astronomer in 1633 was convicted by the Roman Catholic Church of heresy for proving that the earth moves around the sun. His finding contradicted biblical scripture, which says that our planet is t

Top-ranked teams have few tests outside league

Other than Texas and LSU, the college football teams with the best chance of playing for the national championship on Jan. 4 will be more sternly tested in league play than outside their conferences.

The week that was Aug. 17-23, 2004

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … DEATH WITH DIGNITY. After J.T. Scott buckled his terminally ill mother, Pamela Lowrey, into his car at the Little Rock airport, he noticed she had died. Rather than go through the formalities of

TV highlights

ORIGINS: HOW LIFE BEGAN 5 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 27 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) While suggesting that the world came into being by means other than divine hocus-pocus might be fighting words for your average fundamentalist Christian, science

The Observer Aug. 25

The Observer fears for the middle school boys of Jacksonville. On the advice of the National Association for Single Sex Public Education, the school board has decided to plunk them in rooms cooled to 69 degrees F., where teachers will shout numbers at the

Sticky Fingerz gets NO funk

Bonerama, a seven-piece, funky-fresh brass ensemble from New Orleans that put on a well-received show at Riverfest in May, will be tooting at Sticky Fingerz on Saturday, Aug. 27.

The Insider

Bill Clinton will headline an Oct. 14 fund-raiser for the Democratic Party of Arkansas at the new Palisades home of Mike and Beth Coulson. (Mike is the president of Coulson Oil.)

Letters Aug. 25

Your cover story Aug. 11 was written to inform people how easy it was to have your private information viewed on the Internet. For people not as Internet savvy, this article was a virtual “How To” manual on getting this information. For a clever thief,

Smart Talk Aug. 25

Much has been written about the extensive loaner auto programs from which universities around the state benefit, particularly the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. It might interest you to know that UA takes probably the strictest approach to rep

The high cost of gas

The short guy using the gas pump next to mine slammed the hose back into the machine and said out loud to no one in particular, “I never thought I would live long enough to have to pay $45 to fill up my car.” I and another fellow grunted our agreement

Child welfare system near crisis

Ten years after court-ordered reform of the state child welfare system was begun, the state Division of Children and Family Services still struggles to meet its goals, according to Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, and the reason for the Divis

Jesse and Hope

Teen heartthrob Jesse McCartney (no relation to Paul) brings his mix of rap and pop/R&B to Alltel Arena on Wednesday, Aug. 30. The opening act is the striking Hope Partlow, another teen up-and-comer who will balance the show for the young males in the

Donald Hays

The of creative writing at the University of Arkansas, says Lee Creek is his favorite place.

UA, UCA exempt from conflict-of-interest law

The Arkansas Times’ Insider column Aug. 18 pointed out that John David Lindsey, a subcontractor who installed artificial turf for the University of Arkansas football practice field at Fayetteville, is the son of James E. Lindsey, a member of the UA Board

Mary Gay Shipley

Blytheville bookstore owner finds comfort in her shop.

Azucena Rios

The North Little Rock singer, translator and bartender finds comfot at a bridge.

Randi Romo

The founder of the Center for Artistic Revolution goes back to the land.

Rex Nelson

The governor's communications director can guide you to a back-room deal.

Maureen James-Barnes

A UALR librarian is drawn to her garden.

Joseph McBride

Arkansas School for the Blind student's favorite place is Arkansas Governor's School.

Clif Chitwood

Osceola developer loves the big river.

A pilgrimage to Crawford, Texas

Crawford calls to us. My friend Alison and I are compelled to go to Crawford and see Camp Casey for ourselves. We follow every little tidbit of information about what is going on down there in Texas. We have to go. Something important is happening. We dec

Pennant fever

If the Arkansas Travelers are going to have any more home games in 2005, they have to win the second half of the Texas League East Division pennant.

My favorite Arkansas

Like any lady worth having, Arkansas has her blemishes and scars. Still, and despite a lot of things not going her way in the recent past — clear-cutting, Wal-Martification, paper mills and more than our share of robber barons snidely enough to fit right