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45th anniversary

45th anniversary

September 1, 2019

Vol 45 • No 25

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45 years of the Arkansas Times

High school alums celebrate their 45th class anniversaries with reunions, why not us? We’re celebrating our sapphire year by looking outward, rather than inward, with stories that reflect the times. Here’s the way we were (the most popular song of 1974, by the way), the way we went and the way we are now, year by year.

The 1980s in Arkansas art: UA Little Rock, Mitchell Williams pair up

The Mitchell Williams Corporate Collection joins artworks from the UA Little Rock collection to create "Paired Collections: Contemporary Art in 1980s Arkansas.

Pope County casino gambit

Convoluted casino proceedings; Gates gets probation, agrees to repay state; Suhl commuted; and new Arts Center leader.

Showing crooks God’s love

If you are among the many Arkansans who weep over the occasionally stern treatment of white-collar crooks, July 29 had to be a heartwarming day.

Remembering 'Smilin' ' Bob Lewis

James Robert Lewis — better known to his peers and fans as “Smilin’ Bob” — was born in Paris, Arkansas, and died at his home in Van Buren. Those facts, taken alone, might give the impression that Lewis lived only one life. If half of the stories people tell about him are true, though, Lewis lived several lives in succession, and yet all at once. 

Inconsequential News Quiz: Shoes, shoes, shoes Edition

Play at home, while keeping an eye out for wayward boa constrictors!


South Asian NWA

Excerpts from oral history interviews with restaurateurs in Northwest Arkansas.