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September 7, 2011

Vol 38 • No 2

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Operations? Capital? Both? Neither?

If you want better streets, you have to vote for a research park.

Poll: tax will pass

Polling commissioned by the Arkansas Times last week showed support for the proposed city sales tax hike across the city, with 62 percent indicating they'd vote for the 5/8ths cent operational tax and 55.75 percent favoring the 3/8ths cent capital tax.

UCA audit update

I mentioned earlier that an independent internal audit unit at UCA was likely to be put in charge of putting together the facts and timeline on the $700,000 Aramark "gift" for UCA president house renovation as part of a deal for a contract extension.

Burgers. Shakes. Salads. Beer. Booze.

Let me at 'em at Big Orange.

A test for them

Now that they're in, they want to make it harder for you to vote them out. So they're proposing all kinds of obstacles and restrictions. If you're a college student, an old-timer, a person of the minority persuasion, they want to make voting such a hassle for you that you'll leave it with them.

The leisure of her company

Leisure can be a pleasure, but the words are not exactly the same.

Good week: the prospects of the Little Rock sales tax proposals

It was a good week for: the prospects of the Little Rock sales tax proposals, Arkansas football, escaping jail and weather. It was a bad week for: The University of Central Arkansas and state revenue.

Fewer voters, not more!

'We the Animals' stuns

Justin Torres' debut novel is a must-read.

God's pickpockets

A gang of parochial-school promoters hit town last month, soliciting public money to advance their private religious views.

Still for progress

The quiet Little Rock school election

Could a write-in candidate win?

Bring on fall

Know your presidents

A multiple-choice quiz on the fiscal records of recent U.S. presidents.

Right, wrong and UCA

Ousted president Allen Meadors may be a victim.

The Arkansas Times Insiders Poll

See the results of the first ever Arkansas Times Insiders Poll.

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival facing financial difficulties

Plus, Porter's Jazz Cafe finally opens.

Arguments - pro and con - regarding Little Rock's sales tax proposal

Another mystery from Conservative Jones, Boy Detective

Festival on the Border, The Body and Braveyoung and Dionne Warwick

Plus, "Memphis Heat," Wine & Food Festival, Handmade Puppet Dreams and more.

Beauty in a prison camp

Rohwer artists' work on display at ASI.

'The Debt' pays off

Everything else the same.

Here comes fall

Labor Day weekend turned out to be the best weekend - bar none - of the year so far for your old pal.

McGehee student who sued over valedictorian title speaks

Highest GPA, but not valedictorian. Was it racial?

Nate Powell's new one

And a new teen section for the Main Library.

Parsing meaning from the Razorbacks win over a cupcake

Hopeful notes following the opener against Missouri State.

G-Eazy, Paul Anthony and Benjamin del Shreve

Plus, Amy McBryde, Tuxedo Flamethrower, Ryan Couron, The Salty Dogs and more.

Natural gas violations

The Arkansas Public Policy Panel has released an analysis of state inspection records of natural gas drilling and production sites compiled by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality showing frequent violations of state environmental regulations, that companies operating in the Fayetteville Shale are not following their own best management practices and that ADEQ is doing little to make sure corrective actions are taken by the violators.

Marina hits snag

Little Rock businessman and state Highway Commissioner John Burkhalter seems to have a knack for hangups with regulatory agencies.

Hillcrest Artisan Meat coming to Hillcrest

Plus, Your Mama's Good Food moving to West Second Street.

House Republicans split on disaster aid cuts

Rift reported in House Republican ranks: Members from storm-ravaged states don't like Eric Cantor's idea to tying disaster aid payments to offsetting budget cuts elsewhere.

The poor get poorer

States are resolving financial problems by cuts in spending on the poor. It will not improve their lot, needless to say.

Coast Guard objects to Little Rock marina

I wrote last week about ongoing negotiations by Highway Commissioner John Burkhalter to win Corps of Engineers approval of a 400-plus boat marina on the Arkansas River downstream from the Clinton Library.

Beebe raps partisan bickering in Washington

The D-G's Gavin Lesnick reports on a speech by Gov. Mike Beebe to the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce in which he said partisan bickering in Washington is unacceptable at a time of great economic problems.

Supreme Court Justice Brown to retire at end of 2012

Arkansas Supreme Court Justice Robert L. Brown has announced his plans to retire at the end of 2012, two years before his current term ends.

Chad Causey won't run again in 2012

Democrat Chad Causey, who was defeated by Republican Rick Crawford in the 2010 race for 1st District Congress, has put aside thoughts of trying again in 2012.

Cedell Davis playing White Water Thursday

Cedell Davis plays White Water Tavern Thursday night, with Old Warhorse.

The case for corporate welfare

Hugh McDonald, Entergy Arkansas boss and boss of Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce, and French Hill, boss of Fifty for the Future, give on the jump the corporate bosses' pitch for a $38 million corporate welfare slush fund in the pending proposal to raise the Little Rock sales tax by 200 percent so city government can increase operating spending by 26 percent a year.

Republican voter suppression, Chapter II

Wisconsin Republicans have passed a voter ID law to suppress voting by poor and minorities who tend to vote Democratic.

The Arkansas Times Insiders Poll

See the results of the first ever Arkansas Times Insiders Poll.

Friday To-Do: "Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin'"

"Memphis Heat" opens at Market Street Cinema Friday.

Republicans press McDaniel on Broadway opinion

A couple of Republican state legislators complain that Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is overdue in delivering an opinion on whether Shane Broadway is qualified by statute to hold the office of director of the Higher Education Department.

Friday To-Do: "The Guys"

Elizabeth Reha and Terry Moore star in The Weekend Theater's production of "The Guys."

Thursday: G-Eazy, Katmandu, Stars Go Dim and more

G-Eazy plays Stickyz Thursday night.

Ray McKinnon on 'Sons of Anarchy'

Big doings on the fourth-season premiere of FX's biker juggernaut "Sons of Anarchy," last night, including the release of almost a dozen members of the Sons of Anarchy after 14 months in prison and the debut of a key character played by some-time Little Rock resident Ray McKinnon.

Sierra Club: Coal bad for your health

Sierra Club organizers and other environmental groups staged a protest today at the Pulaski County Courthouse Rose Garden.

Get on the Arkansas Times Blues Bus

Time's tickin' for those of you considering hopping on the Arkansas Times Blues Bus to the King Biscuit Blues Festival in Helena-West Helena.

Stephens Media investment sours

Stephens Media, the company owned by the Little Rock-based Stephens financial empire and whose properties include several Arkansas newspapers, is looking like a loser in its venture to make money off suing people for infringement of newspaper copyrights.

Tim Griffin honored by Religious Right favorite

Nice coincidence. I just noticed U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin was honored recently as congressman of the week on the Jordan Sekulow Show.

The midweek line

The line is open. You got anything.

Tax supporters feeling cocky

I'm not surprised the backers of the Little Rock 200 percent sales tax increase are feeling cocky.

Republican presidential debate

Urggggggh. Cheers for mass executions.

Tapes replay unfolding of 9-11 attacks

The New York Times this morning releases a compilation of audio tapes from planes, flight controllers and others — with accompanying transcripts — of the disaster than unfolded Sept. 11, 2001.

Fact-checking Republican candidates

The New York Times rounds up a few of the whoppers told by Republican presidential candidates last night as they tore down the Democratic administration.

Video game targets Huckabee, other Fox figures

The Wall Street Journal brings news of a new video game — Tea Party Zombies Must Die!

Pryor works to prevent repayment for FEMA errors

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor has announced he's won Senate committee approval of his measure to waive repayment of disaster assistance paid in error by FEMA.

Friday To-Do: Wine & Food Festival

The 14th annual Wine & Food Festival is at Wildwood Park for the Arts Friday night.

Burger joint of the week: Stoby's

Most folks don’t think of Stoby’s as a burger joint. It’s best known for a big sandwich called The Stoby that consists of three different types of meat, two cheeses and whatever else you want to throw down on there, on whatever bun you like. But the burgers are pretty notable.

Whose interests are you voting for?

The Little Regional Chamber of Commerce is pounding all social media outlets with endorsements of the half-billion-dollar city sales tax increase.

Weekend To-Do: Festival on the Border

The Fray is one of several acts playing Fort Smith's Festival on the Border.

Health care reform survives in 4th circuit

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has dismissed Virginia's challenge of the health care reform legislation.

UCA trustees meet Friday on investigation

The University of Central Arkansas Board of Trustees will meet by telephone Friday morning to consider Interim President Tom Courtway's proposal to turn over investigation of the Aramark "gift"/presidential mansion renovation controversy to the internal audit office, which will report to the Board's audit committee.

Saturday To-Do: Arkansas vs. New Mexico

Arkansas takes on New Mexico at War Memorial Stadium Saturday.

The race is on for north side Senate seat

Looks like we'll have a contested primary for the state Senate seat currently held by term-limited Mary Anne Salmon of North Little Rock.

Weekend: Julie Scoggins, The Salty Dogs, Tuxedo Flamethrower and more

The Salty Dogs play White Water Tavern Friday night.

Kevin Lewis surrenders law license

The Arkansas Supreme Court today accepted the voluntary surrender of the law license of Kevin Lewis, the attorney who has pleaded guilty to swindling banks out of $47 million in a scheme built on bogus bond issues.

Walton Arts plans significant renovation of the Arkansas Music Pavilion

Walton Arts, which purchased the Arkansas Music Pavilion in Fayetteville in February, announced today a major overhaul of the venue, which will see it move from in the middle of a parking lot to a grassy space.

Verizon to release more Taylor Swift tickets

On Friday at 5 p.m., Verizon is releasing new tickets for the sure-to-sell-out Taylor Swift concert scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Annals of Republican vote suppression

They just keep showing their (dirty) hands. Told you yesterday about a story in which Wisconsin officials are trying to keep secret as much as possible the availability of free voter ID cards for people trying to jump through hoops Wisconsin Republicans have thrown up to suppress vote by older and minority voters.

Sen. Bruce Holland found guilty of fleeing deputy

Republican Sen. Bruce "Fireball" Holland of Greenwood had his day in court in Perry County today on charges he'd tried to evade Sheriff's Deputy Ray Byrd in a 20-mile chase at speeds of more than 100 miles per hour.

The Thursday line

* EX-PROSECUTOR CITED IN AUDIT: A tipster calls attention to a legislative audit released today for 2010 activities of then-Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden of Conway. UAMS employees not happy with Chancellor Dan Rahn's advocacy of Little Rock tax increase.

Another peek at CBMAA: Sandow Birk

News from Catherine Clark Gallery in San Francisco.

While we're on the subject: Joseph Decker

Another CBMAA painting revealed, via Facebook.

Tonight: "The Arts in Art: Tango"

Free fun at the Arts Center.

The Kochs target our water supply

The Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity has many pet projects, one of which being to mischaracterize very modest land use rules for the Lake Maumelle watershed as an assault on property rights.

Obama: The painful reality

As noted by readers earlier, even Paul Krugman was pleasantly surprised by the breadth of President Obama's jobs speech last night, even as he noted the painful bottom line: Of course, it isn’t likely to become law, thanks to G.O.P. opposition.

Pieday: Chocolate bourbon pecan at Ralph's Pink Flamingo BBQ

A sausage on every plate. That should be the motto at Ralph’s Pink Flamingo BBQ in Fort Smith. Except the pies, of course.

Statements issued in Maumelle whirlpool death

Belatedly, here are statements issued yesterday afternoon by the family of Dexter Williams, whose body was found in a whirlpool tub in Maumelle on Labor Day.

Prosecutor will ask jury trial for Sen. Holland

Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley of Little Rock, whose office covers Perry County, says his office will insist on a jury trial if Sen. Bruce "Fireball" Holland follows through with his vow to appeal convictions Thursday in Perry District Court for fleeing a deputy who was chasing him for speeding.

College tuition costs exceed inflation

To that headline, I'm tempted to add — duh! State auditors today said most Arkansas colleges raised student costs over the last five years by amounts in excess of the 11.6 percent inflation rate from 2005 to 2010.

Shane Broadway won't seek higher education job

Shane Broadway, the former senator who was Gov. Mike Beebe's choice to be permanent director of the state Higher Education Department, won't seek the job.

Highway cops make drug bust

Arkansas Highway Police say they discovered more than $1 million worth of heroin and methamphetamine during a safety inspection Thursday at Alma of a truck carrying auto parts from California to Georgia.

Jeff Dunham returns to Verizon Arena

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham, who Pollstar named the top-grossing comedian in 2009, is bringing a new show called "Controlled Chaos" to Verizon Arena next year.

2nd Friday: "The Art of Living" Rohwer exhibit

2nd Friday Art night is upon us, and Concordia Hall in the Arkansas Studies Institute will be a super stop.

Arkie poultry magnate pitches in to Kochs

Mother Jones, in extensive reporting on major fund-raising for conservative political campaigns by the Koch brothers, has compiled an insiders list of the wealthy who have added millions to the Koch bankroll to tear down government regulation and taxes on the wealthy.

Run, Commodore Hays, run

I keep hearing there's no chance North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays will run for 2nd District Congress next year against the radical Tea Party Republican, U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin, who succeeded Vic Snyder.

UCA board OKs change on investigation

Short and sweet. There was no discussion and no dissent when the UCA Board of Trustees met today to turn an investigation of the Aramarak proposal to finance renovation of the president's house over to the school's internal audit office.

ALA at Cantrell Gallery tonight

Artist Darrel DeMoss won first in figurative and best overall in the Arkansas League of Artists' second annual juried exhibition, which opens today at Cantrell Gallery, 8206 Cantrell.

Hogs coach Petrino makes gift to Children's Hospital

From the Stephens Media Arkansas News Bureau: Bobby Petrino and wife Becky announced a $250,000 donation to Arkansas Children’s Hospital on Friday and the Arkansas football coach said he will lend his name to a golf tournament to benefit the hospital.

Senator Holland fails to follow judge's order

Much as I like the photo of Sen. Bruce "Fireball" Holland in his cowboy hat, I thought a more appropriate shot would be a Perry County jail mugshot taken yesterday following his conviction in Perry District Court of fleeing a deputy, speeding and improper passing in a high-speed cannonball run across two counties in his Nissan 350Z.

Tonight at Boswell-Mourot: Samuel Gray

Photorealist shows charcoals and spray paint on vinyl.

Flying Fish opening in Bentonville

The owners of the Flying Fish seafood restaurant are "working feverishly" to open in Bentonville in time for the Nov. 11 opening of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, its publicist says.

Highway Dept. counsel put on leave for pay scam probe

I'm hoping for a detailed report from Fox 16 on the legislative audit discussion today about the unauthorized practice in the Highway and Transportation Department's legal division of giving employees regular time off for personal time whether they'd earned the time or not.

Reflecting on 9-11

Rabbi Eugene Levy of Temple B’nai Israel in Little Rock sends along an editorial with a worthy message: As we consider the anniversary of Sept. 11, we should urge the government to end torture.

The Fireball and Politi-fights Edition

The American Jobs Act, the Little Rock sales tax election, Sen. Bruce “Fireball” Holland and the chaos at UCA are covered on this week's podcast.

Tonight: Charly Palmer at Hearne Fine Art

The Atlanta artist will be at tonight's reception and give a talk Saturday morning on his work.

The monthly art troll: at HAM, Christ Church

HAM and Christ Church are part of tonight's art troll, aka 2nd Friday Art Night.

Rohwer exhibit opens tonight; novel set near internment camp due soon

"The Art of Living," the promising exhibit of art made by Japanese craftspeople interned at the Rohwer near McGehee during World War II that Leslie Newell Peacock writes about in this week's A&E Feature (and on her Eye Candy art blog), opens at 5 p.m. today at the Arkansas Studies Institute's Concordia Hall.

Georgia-Pacific could lay off 700 in Crossett

Talk Business has a scoop on news that Georgia-Pacific will indefinitely suspend operations of a sawmill and plywood plant in Crossett in November, a move that could mean layoffs of 700.

Friday night finale

Or not. But the line is open.

Charter Schools: UA sets discussion

The University of Arkansas Department of Education Reform, the Walton-financed effort to advance the family's education views, has scheduled a program Thursday on a favorite cause — charter schools.

The road to sexual equality

Speaking of events this coming week: The Human Rights Campaign's On the Road to Equality bus tour has scheduled a number of stops in Arkansas next week.

More ethics violations for Bryant Republicans

Bryant Mayor Jill "Republican" Dabbs and Bryant City Clerk Heather "Republican" Kizer have been rapped by the state Ethics Commission for improper campaign finance reporting.

Pipeline regulation lacking

I have to snort every time I hear U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin say that government regulation is getting in the way of the economy.

HRC at Boswell-Mourot

The Road to Equality starts at Boswell-Mourot.

Friday gallery review: Rohwer, Palmer, Gray

Made it to three galleries last night, two on the 2nd Friday Art Night art troll (by trolley) — Arkansas Studies Institute and Hearne Fine Art — and another reception in the Heights, at Boswell-Mourot.

Woo pig, open line

It's tailgate time, isn't it? Noted: * HUCKABEE DEFENDS ISLAM: Mike Huckabee seems here to stand up for the inclusion of Muslim clerics in 9/11 events.

The perils of Rick Perry

Everywhere I turn this morning, alarms that the Republicans may be poised to nominate Texas Gov. Rick Perry as their presidential nominee.

Hog tribute at War Memorial Stadium

Matt Turner, anchor at KNWA, posted this photo last night on Twitter. It shows the success of the Razorback's football game patriotic observance.

9-11 remembered

The 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks will be marked in Little Rock with a 2 p.m. observance at the Capitol and an ecumenical (including those without religious beliefs) observance at the Clinton Presidential Center at 2:30 p.m.

Monday To-Do: Handmade Puppet Dreams

Heather Henson screens Handmade Puppet Dreams at UCA.

The Sunday night line

I'll leave the line open with one of Brian Chilson's photos of emergency responders who paraded down Capitol Avenue today to begin the 9/11 observance at the state Capitol.

AEDC director 'gravely ill'

I received an e-mail Sunday evening from a UAMS spokesman regarding Maria Haley, executive director of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission, who was admitted to the hospital Friday after falling ill at work.

Campaign against Little Rock sales tax

The group opposing the Little Rock $500 million sales tax increase gathered a small crowd yesterday to hear Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen outline reasons to oppose the tax, particularly the portion that wraps some police and fire expenditures around a $38 million economic development slush fund.

Robbery in church

Fox 16 has some video of victims of the Sunday School robbery yesterday of the Third Missionary Baptist Church on W. 17th Street.

They're all Bozos on this bus

You know who that headline is talking about, don't you? John Brummett's assessment.

UA officials considering enrollment cap

The University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, which has enrolled more than 23,000 students this fall, has begun talking about a 25,000-student enrollment cap so that the campus can catch up with recent jumps in enrollment.

Another cost-cutting Republican exposed

Good reporting on the European junket enjoyed by South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, another self-proclaimed fiscal conservative.

Tuesday: Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick plays at UCA Tuesday night.

Black babies not 'normal,' according to DHS website

A reader points out some racially charged wording on the Arkansas Heart Gallery website, where the Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Children and Family Services houses info about adoption.

Bank of America to cut 30,000 jobs

The huge Bank of America job cut was announced today, a reduction that will take place over several years and partially be accomplished by attrition.

Fayetteville CPA pleads guilty in fraud

U.S. Attorney Conner Eldridge has announced that Kimberly O'Dell, 50, a Fayetteville CPA, has pleaded guilty to swindling clients — including the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and developer Thomas Terminella — of more than $1.5 million.

Reflections on 9-11: Hot Springs mayor-style

I don't think any commentary is necessary. Just a quote from Sunday's Hot Springs Sentinel-Record, quoting Mayor Ruth Carney: “ If my sons had been on those two planes there would not have been 9/11.”

Little Rock tax campaigners amend ethics form

The Committee for Little Rock's Future, which is pushing the half-billion-dollar Little Rock sales tax increase, amended its campaign finance filing Friday in response to my complaints that it was woefully, maybe illegally, inadequate.

The mean streets of Little Rock

The weekend roundup of criminal incidents in Little Rock is quite a read. It doesn't include anything about a War Memorial tailgate party brawl mentioned on The Buzz this morning that reportedly required constabulary intervention.

Tuesday: The Body and Braveyoung

The Body and Braveyoung play Downtown Music Hall Tuesday night.

McDaniel finally issues opinion on Broadway appointment

Since Shane Broadway removed himself from consideration last week as a candidate for permanent director of the state Higher Education Department, Attorney General Dustin McDaniel had an easy opening to finally issue his official opinion on whether Broadway could be appointed to the job.

Payback is a, er, Huck

How sweet it must be for Mike Huckabee. He can say something sane and agreeable to any portion of the reality-world political spectrum and still get some sweet payback against Rick Perry, who shunned the Huckster in the 2008 presidential race.

Little Rock Zoo accreditation tabled

The national organization that accredits zoos has tabled reaccreditation of the Little Rock Zoo because of continuing questions about zoo finances.

Tuesday: "Gospel Without Borders"

New Millennium Baptist Church in Little Rock will screen the film "Gospel Without Borders" Tuesday night.

Republicans just don't know when to quit

Arkansas Republicans scored a political victory today. A victory's a victory, even if the issue hadn't stirred up much popular alarum.

Police make arrests in church robbery

Little Rock police announced today that they'd arrested three suspects — two of them juveniles — in the robberies of 18 people during Sunday school yesterday at the Third Missionary Baptist Church on W. 17th Street.

"Where Was God on 9-11?"

Artists' answers coming Friday.

OW Pizza: Grav Weldon

Photographs from South America, Alaska, Chicago, Arkansas ...

Monday, Monday

The line is open. Closing out: * LOTTERY: Gov. Mike Beebe reappointed Dr. George Hammons of Warren to the Arkansas Lottery Commission.

Sales tax election today

It's election day in Little Rock. On the ballot: increasing the current half-cent city sales tax by 200 percent, to 1.5 cents on the dollar.

The politics of higher education

The law is the law and it demanded that the "perfectly suitable" Shane Broadway be denied the permanent job as director of Higher Education, John Brummett writes.

Bright spots in education

I watched some of the state Board of Education meeting yesterday and was struck by information reported here on the continuing increase in the number of students taking Advanced Placement courses in Arkansas and the more encouraging fact that growth in the percentage of students scoring passing grades is exceeding the growth in participation.

Amazon retreats on Internet sales tax

Amazon has struck a deal not to push for a referendum on California's law to collect sales tax on Internet transactions in return for a delay in enforcement.

The U.S. gets poorer

New Census data shows more people in poverty, declining median income and a rise in number, though not percentage, of people without health insurance.

Who'll watch the gas drillers?

I'll be on the lookout for coverage today of a legislative committee's discussion of proposals to provide for better state oversight of the safety of gas exploration in Arkansas.

Ted Parkhurst at Thea

Parkhurst paired with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra's String Quartet.

Why Democrats should root for Rick Perry

It's all about the opposition. That old cliche is inevitably recalled in this national polling on presidential politics — President Obama leads all Republicans, with Mitt Romney the closest contender.

Food bloggers unite to end hunger

Wanna compete? Sign up with the Arkansas Rice Depot in the Delete Hunger food bloggers drive.

The sales tax vote watch

I had no idea that it was so easy to get a list of people who participated in early voting.

Fayetteville smokers cross the street

With smoking banned on all state college property in Arkansas, University of Arkansas smokers apparently are crossing the street to off-campus smoke holes — like the Leverett Elementary School.

Cabot judge to run for Court of Appeals

Circuit Judge Philip Whiteaker of Cabot has announced he'll run for the Court of Appeals seat currently held by Judge Raymond Abramson.

Joe Johnson has a 500-square-foot shoe closet

Joe Johnson has a 500-square-foot closet for his shoes.

The mighty macarons

MaryClare Macarons, created in Hot Springs, are featured over on Serious Eats: Sweets.

Brad Neely is coming to Adult Swim

Fort Smith native Brad Neely, who we called "the funniest man on web TV" in a 2007 profile, is headed to regular TV.

'Paradise Lost' three films a 'masterwork,' Variety says

Variety, as usual, is one of the first with a review of "Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory," the latest documentary on the West Memphis Three from filmmakers Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky. It's a glowing review, though as it notes, the film that debuted at Toronto isn't the finished project. That'll come Oct. 10 in New York.