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September 15, 2005

Vol 3 • No 35

Bring it on!

The dipwad FEMA guy has quit -- white of him -- and I'm herewith nominating ol' moi for the job. My credentials are every bit as good as Brownie’s — I made them up, as he did — and like him I have no qualifications or experience to get in the way.

What's cooking

What's cooking: Zaffino's.

Ingram Hill not just pretty faces

Though the name could fool you, Memphis-based Ingram Hill is not a solo act; it’s a young Memphis-based pop quartet that is making waves on the Southern rock front. After a few months away, the group returns for what’s sure to be a packed show at Juanita’

Bubba takes stock of Hog Nation

At times like these, amid such hogaholic distress, people invariably encourage me to get back in touch with Bubba McCoy over east of here. As you may recall, he majored in hearts, spades and dominoes from 1965 to 1970 at Fayetteville. Some seem to th

Don't wait for 'November'

Every once in awhile a reviewer runs across one of those movies that really won’t let you do your job without becoming one of those people moviegoers love to hate: the schmuck who has already seen it, and wants to tell you all the good parts while you’re

'Magnolias' bloom

During one act of the Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s “Steel Magnolias,” the six women sitting around Truvy’s beauty shop joke that one of the ladies’ husbands would not dare come down to Truvy’s because “it’s women’s territory.” That same thought might h

The cruelest tax

After a week of numbing media images of the human despair that was being hauled from the Deep South and dropped off across the country, the postman brought me an even more frightening warning. It was a personalized letter to us senior citizens from

Making a difference

The campaign websites for gubernatorial candidates Mike Beebe and Asa Hutchinson were designed by the same company. Both sites have the same basic elements, shuffled around so the similarities won’t be too obvious. You will barely find a reference to

Naw’lins blues

While I’m prone to take my frustrations out on the homely, misshapen and slightly hunchbacked editorial page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, every once in awhile, their news side pops a boner that can’t be ignored.

Editorial cartoon Sept. 15

The Observer Sept. 15

The brick exterior wall of The Observer’s office building now sports a dotted outline, in bright blue chalk paint, of two figures. From a distance, one might think it’s an unusual upright crime scene, or maybe graffiti. Closer inspection reveals that it i

The Insider Sept. 15

The results of the 2004-2005 body-mass index measurements of Arkansas’s schoolkids suggests that, while kids aren’t losing weight, the tool that’s testing them is accurate.

Letters Sept. 15

My ire has been building ever since Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast, but it is not against what you may think. My ire has been waxing against an expanding roster of people like the Arkansas Times, which has a large audience and great influence, yet sees

TV highlights

NOW: THE RESPONSE TO KATRINA 7:30 p.m. Friday, Sept. 16 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) n The PBS program “Now” has joined the ranks of news programs like “60 Minutes” as a bastion of hard-hitting journalism.

A neighborly joint jumps the river

You’ll find neither Poncho nor a villa at 600 N. Tyler Street. But you will find Poncho’s Villa, a 38-year-old North Little Rock restaurant that jumped the river a few weeks ago because a street widening project is taking its previous home on East Broa

Touchdown Club a winner

David Bazzel may seem to some folks to be the most over-exposed person in Arkansas via TV, radio and as Arkansas Times readers’ annual choice as the state’s sexiest man. But give him some credit for starting some of the best events in the capital city.

A tax for Pulaski Tech

When Pulaski Technical College in North Little Rock opened in 1991 it had 850 students. This year there were 7,947 students, the largest enrollment of any of the state’s other 21 two-year colleges. It even ranks fifth in the number of students who atten

Words Sept. 15

Mari B. Lee writes: My son and I were playing Scrabble. I used the word plode, he challenged, we checked the dictionary and I lost. How can there be words such as explode and implode without there being a root word, plode?”

Smart Talk Sept. 15

Eureka Springs is cutting-edge again. Thanks to the Lovely County Citizen, we’ve learned of an international, er, movement that began in Germany to protest President George Bush in a singular fashion. Pranksters around the world are now making small flags

‘Moral values’ hypocrisy

Arkansas Court of Appeals Judge Wendell Griffen subs as a guest writer this week for Max Brantley. His subject: the failure of "moral values" proponents to help the poor and vulnerable.

This Modern World Sept. 15

Fab Four touchdown

Fab Four touchdown

Johnson and Griffen

If the owners of the two existing race tracks in Arkansas were seeking legislation giving themselves exclusive rights to casino gambling in the state, a franchise worth many millions of dollars, it might be appropriate for a legislator to call for crimi

Orval Sept. 15

Bruce James on the Hogs

Looks like it's going to be a long night for the Hogs against USC.

The week that was Sept. 7-13

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … ARKANSAS. The care of people displaced by Katrina went smoothly, with a drop in numbers at mass shelters and acts of kindness in the tens of thousands. The arrivals aren’t without cost — some 70

Delivering Broadway, and more

Larry Payton and his wife, Kay, created Celebrity Attractions in Tulsa nearly 22 years ago, and it appears the venture has been successful. The Paytons now are producers of the national tour of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” and they recently purchased the to

Travs aim for title

The Arkansas Travelers can win a Texas League championship before the home fans when the team plays host to the Midland RockHounds at Ray Winder Field beginning Thursday, Sept. 15. Midland was the home team for the first two games of the best-of-five seri

Meet you at the State Fair

Ralph Shoptaw found the gears already turning nicely when he took over in mid-May for the retired Jim Pledger as general manager of the Arkansas State Fair. Plans were already in place to bring in some name music entertainment — for example, modern rock b

Anniversary parties

Violinist Corey Cerovsek will help the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra celebrate its 40th anniversary on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 17-18, but the entire year has a special feel for the ASO, with pops concerts featuring the likes of Michael McDonald in March,

Drawing show No. 10 at the AAC

Details, details. That’s the emerging theme of the Arkansas Arts Center’s 10th National Drawing Invitational, which this fall will bring some 100 works on paper by top contemporary American draftsmen to its galleries.

The fall arts calendar

Here's a complete statewide list of music, theater, visual arts and other entertainment on Arkansas's calendar this fall.

Hurricane relief: A woman's world

If you are a man, unless you’re traveling with a female partner or a child, the reality two weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit seems to be that your options are more limited than the average evacuee’s.

Dealing records to the Max

At the top of our Fall Arts roundup: Burt Taggart isn’t going to kid anyone: He’s an architectural draftsman first. When local people hear his name, architecture is probably what comes to mind. His father, also Burt Taggart, had his name on one of the

Violinist starts Symphony celebration

Canadian Corey Cerovsek, a world-class musician and violin virtuoso in the eyes of international music critics for the past 15 years, will help the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra celebrate the beginning of its 40th anniversary season with two concerts this w

If it's merit, legislators lose

Not long ago I allied with the state Legislature on the unending school reform case, which, '¹ll wager, is soon to become even more unending. That was when the issue was procedural and even extended to the delicate balance of power between the judicial a