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September 18, 2008

Vol 6 • No 36

Going after ‘the best job in the world’

David Pryor’s political career curved almost relentlessly upward. Now 74, Pryor began as a reform member of the state House of Representatives, at a time when state government was machine-run, and went on to be a U.S. congressman and governor while the civil rights movement was transforming Southern politics.

Going after ‘the best job in the world’

David Pryor’s political career curved almost relentlessly upward. Now 74, Pryor began as a reform member of the state House of Representatives, at a time when state government was machine-run, and went on to be a U.S. congressman and governor while the civil rights movement was transforming Southern politics.

The female vote

I can't put my finger on why Sarah Palin inspires such furious opposition among many women.

How low can it go?

UPDATE: 450 points lower, at least, is the answer to the headline. From earlier today: The market continues to crater.

Open line

Here it is. BY THE WAY: NY Times poll shows bounce is over. Obama back ahead, if barely.

Lucero Family Picnic

Maybe it was the lights, or the huge stage, or their new record deal, but Lucero is no longer a rag-tag group of hometown (or neighbor) kids, screeching the paint off the walls at Vino’s.

Already Prejudiced

The Liberal Media is like Sasquatch. Believers see it lurking behind every tree, yet no evidence of its existence is ever found.

Orval, Sept.18

What's cooking, Sept. 18

The North Little Rock Chamber of Commerce’s 15th annual “Taste of the Town” will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 24, at Alltel Arena.

Ode to Vino’s

I missed out on Mandrake’s and DMZ, the venues that occupied what became Vino’s.

Mulberry Mountain Harvest Music Festival

When it comes to outdoor music festivals, I’m a skeptic.

Editorial cartoon, Sept. 18

This modern world, Sept. 18

‘Les Mis’

Shrinking one of the behemoths of musical theater into a space the size of the Arkansas Repertory Theater’s main stage had to be no easy task for director Robert Hupp, but he succeeded beyond my wildest expectations during this weekend’s premiere of “Les

Going after 'the best job in the world'

A Senate seat was open; David Pryor was ready. An excerpt from a new autobiography.

Hotel parley

Central Arkansas Library Director Bobby Roberts, hotel developer John McKibbon and architects huddled Tuesday to see if a compromise could be reached on the design of the 7-story aloft hotel McKibbon wants to build in the River Market adjacent to library

Bullying complaint filed

On Jan. 19, 2007, then-9-year-old Justin Abraham says he was attacked on the playground of Glenview Elementary, a predominantly black school in the North Little Rock School District.

Shot in the dark

In April, the Arkansas Times reported the story of North Little Rock resident Tracy Ingle, who was shot in January 2008 by a North Little Rock Police Department S.W.A.T. team executing a no-knock search warrant on his East 21st Street home.

At the fair

I should warn you at the start that this week’s topic is the county fair.

In brief, Sept. 18

At On the Rocks, popular local indie-rock acts Grand Serenade and Big Boots perform, 8 p.m., $5.

The Observer, Sept. 18

In the Bush Legacy Museum on Wheels, a visitor can push buttons on a touch panel and learn how much money his state has paid for the war in Iraq, and what that money could have been used for otherwise.

No country for goofballs

Almost as good as watching a good Coen brothers movie is following the sometimes seemingly out-of-left-field choices they’ll make for their next project.

To-do list, Sept. 18

John Paul Keith and the One-Four-Fives, Mosiac Templars Cultural Center Grand Opening, 'Opening Night with Firebird,' Pop! in the Park, American Classics Festival, 'Pop Doo Wop,' Leon Russell, Secondhand Serenade and 'The Pajama Gang' are among this week'

OA safe

Though the Oxford American magazine has looked like a goner half a dozen times over the years — more a victim of crummy finances than bad writing — fans of the magazine breathed a sigh of relief when the University of Central Arkansas and UCA president Lu

Money talks

If pending applications are approved, the state will be one shy of the legislative cap on 24 charter schools next year.

Sept. 10-16, 2008

It was a GOOD week for … HYSTERIA. Arkansas motorists reacted worse than most in the U.S. at news of rising gasoline prices due to refinery closures forced by Hurricane Ike. They swarmed gas stations to save a few pennies, prompting some temporary shortag

Words, Sept. 18

What did he vet and when did he vet it?

Off-week bullet points

Hurricane Ike may have given us a brief stay of execution, but the dirty bastard did us no scheduling favors.

Speech of the year

The speech of the year, maybe of the decade, was beyond doubt the one written by Matthew Scully, the avenging wordsmith for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Dan Quayle, and recited marvelously at the Republican National Convention by Sarah Palin.

Smart talk, Sept. 18

A note to ASU fans: be sure to root, root, root (or howl, howl, howl) for the Red Wolves this weekend, but – for the sake of a local small business – don’t root TOO hard.

Fouling the Natural State

I’ve recently moved to Arkansas from Wisconsin for a job relating to natural resources. I was excited to move to the self-proclaimed “Natural State.”

Dim sum delights

Dim sum is back at Chi’s Chinese — now Chi Dim Sum and Bistro — but the new owners (members of the Chi family) are a little shy about it.

What? This is about policy?

Let’s put aside for the moment our prevailing political conversation about gender, race, pigs, pit bulls, lipstick and vice presidentially imposed change, whatever in the world that could possibly be.

Two weeks in a row

As qualude-y as ever. Podcast 11.mp3

Thursday: Grand Serenade, Guy Forsyth, Pinebox Serenade and more

Grand Serenade. At On the Rocks, popular local indie-rock acts Grand Serenade and Big Boots perform, 8 p.m., $5.

Book tour

Former Sen. David Pryor will travel to bookstores around Arkansas to promote his new book, “A Pryor Commitment,” starting Sept. 15:

The lying liars

Salon on the monumentally dishonest McCain campaign: He and Palin have no choice but to lie. The truth is too damaging.

Lottery winners

Lucky Sperm Club mega-jackpot winner Jim Walton's $75,000 contribution to defeat a state lottery prompts John Brummett to list all the reasons he's for the lottery.

Forecast: election day woes

Surging registration, problematic machines, Republican vote caging. The potential for all this could make for a chaotic election day in November.

Pickens gases up Wal-Mart

Talk Business reports that natural gas tycoon Boone Pickens thinks he's making headway in convincing Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott to convert the company's diesel fleet to gas-burning vehicles.

Ark. Sup. Ct. Issues Revised Rules For Criminal Cases

For any of you who do criminal appeals ( which I from time to time ) the Ark. Sup.

Alas, Mike, we hardly knew ye

If Jay P. Greene, Wal-Mart endowed professor of teacher union busting and school reform fiction at Walton U., be against you, how can I not be for you?

Straight Talk Express

That would be Sen. Chuck Hagel, not the doubletalking John McCain. In an interview, Hagel said it would be a "stretch" to say Sarah Palin is qualified to be president.

Fighting hate

The poisonous Phelps clan may bring their anti-gay protests to Little Rock this weekend to entertain a meeting of newspaper editorial writers.

Thursday Update

Chris Denny Graham Wilkinson and Chris Denny were just added to the line-up tonight at White Water.  Show starts at 9:30.

Sales tax holiday for Ark.

It's the old everybody-else-is-doing-it argument. And when a retailer as warm, cuddly, outgoing and people-friendly as Dillard's wants it, how could anyone say no?

Bridge to somewhere

A glimmer of progress after many years on converting the old Rock Island bridge next to the Clinton Library to a usuble span for pedestrians and bikers.

Sharing the wealth

At the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Oversight Committee meeting held this afternoon, Deputy Director Loren Hitchcock said that $1 million of the bonus money Game and Fish received from its lease of wildlife management land to Chesapeake Energy for gas exploration would be split between the Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission and the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.  ADEQ is notoriously low on inspectors to oversee current and future drilling operations in the state, and could use the help.  They won't get much, though.  According to Hitchcock, ADEQ will receive $350,000 to pay four additional inspectors over the next two years.  Game and Fish has said before that they cannot legally divert the funds to meet other needs other than constitutionally mandated fish and wildlife activities.  So how is it legal to provide DEQ with money for more inspectors, but not share with other state agencies?  More on this to come...

Do numbers count? UPDATE

I can't link it, but you perhaps saw an article in the paper this morning that said the federal court desegregation monitor had raised serious questions about the Pulaski County School District's compliance with desegregation orders.

UALR: Let's play Power Ball

The UALR Board of Visitors endorsed the state lottery proposal today. It will produce money for college scholarships.

Open line

Take it away.

Counting the days

One of the 11th-hour outrages of the Bush administration has been the effort to allow health care workers to not provide information to women about not only abortion but other medical procedures, thus opening a way to deny help with contraception.

Texting while driving

California has moved to ban cellphone use in train cabs after the gruesome commuter train wreck involving an engineer merrily texting while he drove.

Texting while driving

California has moved to ban cellphone use in train cabs after the gruesome commuter train wreck involving an engineer merrily texting while he drove.

Get your barbecue on

McClard's doesn't rank quite so supremo with some bbq-heads in Arkansas anymore. The competition is tougher, for one thing.

Tortilla flats busted

This will not stand. I visited the Buffalo Grill in Riverdale last night to pick up the family's standing to-go order, a grilled tuna platter and the tortilla flat.

Friday To-Do: John Paul Keith and the One Four Fives

  "Secondhand Heart," recorded at White Water.

Clark Duke to "Kick-Ass"

Greenwood, Ark. actor Clark Duke.

Way to go, matie!

-- Brian Chilson photo What do you do to make a bunch of soulless nutcases abandon their post at the Convention Center?

Health care on the Mississippi

Remember when health insurance was the big issue in the presidential race? Trudy Lieberman, writing for the Columbia Journalism Review, journeyed to the heartland, in this case Helena-West Helena, to see what people thought about the health insurance plans of John McCain and Barack Obama and to figure out how their plans would affect real people who were uninsured or underinsured in one of the neediest area of the country. In a six-part series (the link is now fixed; it is to the sixth part of the series, but links to other articles are at the top of that story) she reports that people know little about the plans beyond catchphrases — British- or Canadian-style socialism, for example — and that neither plan was apt to do much for any of them, except a planter family whose income was high enough to benefit from McCain’s laissez-faire plan to give tax credits for insurance premiums.

Spanking: unintended consequences

I told you earlier in the week that a Booneville school principal's smart decision not only to whip high school kids but to allow filming of his pastime on reality TV had been warmly received by Internet paddling fetishists.

Spanking: unintended consequences

I told you earlier in the week that a Booneville school principal's smart decision not only to whip high school kids but to allow filming of his pastime on reality TV had been warmly received by Internet paddling fetishists.

Death at the Zoo

Jodie, the Little Rock Zoo's oldest chimpanzee (she was about 50), has died. The following sound like anybody you know?

The art of the chopper

The Times' gearhead David Koon visited the new art motorcycle exhibit, which officially opens tomorrow, at the Clinton Library, and produced this video.

The Weekend: Brad Williams, Kevin Kerby, Plu farewell, Ashtray Babyhead, Moving Front and more

Brad Williams. FRIDAY 9/19The Salty Dogs front man Brad Williams shows off his country tenor at an intimate show at Studio Joe, which also features local troubadour Kevin Kerby, 9 p.m., $5.

The "free" market at work

So it looks like the U.S. government is going to bail out the whole financial industry.

Saturday To-Dos: American Classics Festival, Mosiac Templars grand opening and more

 AMERICAN CLASSICS FESTIVAL 10 a.m., Clinton Presidential Library. Free-$25.

Sunday To-Dos: Leon Russell and Pop Doo Wop

LEON RUSSELL8 p.m., Revolution. $25.In the history of pop music, no one can touch Leon Russell as a session man. When he was just 14, he lied about his age to gig at a Tulsa nightclub, where he reportedly played behind Ronnie Hawkins and the Hawks (who'd later, of course, become the Band) and later landed a job touring with Jerry Lee Lewis.

Lunch for one

Cooking Joel DiPippa writes about a pleasure of life in LR that's not easily matched in most big cities -- dashing home for a home-cooked lunch.

Lawyer convicted

Tax lawyer Barry Jewell has been convicted of tax evasion, Arkansas Business reports.

County budget work begins

JP Allen Kerr sends along a memo on Pulaski County budgeting for 2009. He says all departments that submit budgets at or below 2008 numbers will get an instant seal of approval.

Palin pales

It's Atwater/Rove Politics 101. Go after your opponent's positives and turn them into negatives. So far, so good. While we're on the subject, more on how God made her governor.

Lottery lawsuit

The Family Council has filed a lawsuit against the state lottery amendment contending that the ballot title and description are misleading.

Sen. Baker's big tent

We reported a while back that Sen. Gilbert Baker had the benefit of a UCA-provided tent and UCA crew for a campaign fund-raiser at the home of UCA trustee Michael Stanton.

Open line

Whew. I quit.

Opposition to hotel plan

The Little Rock Downtown Neighborhood Association opposes a waiver of the River Market design district rules to allow a seven-story aloft hotel on Clinton Avenue across from the River Market.

American Classics Festival

In the inaugural edition of a festival devoted to Americana, the Clinton Library skips over apple pie and baseball for an icon borne out of the “Easy Rider” '60s, the quintessence of American badassery — the chopper. With motorcycles as art, barbecue and

Vote smart

Project Vote Smart, a bipartisan project to arm voters with information on candidates' positions on issues, rolls a bus into LR today (Saturday).

To quote Barney Fife

Nip it. Nip it in the bud.

The lying liar

Sloppy work here. Stephens Media lets Republican Sen. Gilbert Baker get away with saying the state Ethics Commission's advisory opinion yesterday confirms he'd done no wrong in using a University of Central Arkansas tent and crew for a campaign fund-raiser.

Main Street wisdom

John Brummett checks in with Bubba McCoy on current political wisdom. Among others, Bubba thinks Sarah Palin is hot, but less qualified than an East Arkansas used car dealer to be president.

Newspapers and the Internet

Democrat-Gazette Publisher Walter Hussman took his campaign against free access to newspapers on the Internet to the editorial writers conference in Little Rock yesterday.

Hold that text

Now it's the New York Times weighing in on the dangers of texting while engaging in other activities.

Chairman Pryor

David Pryor was ratified last night as the new Democratic Party chair in Arkansas. DeMillo's weekly column considers whether this will require a change in Pryor's nice-guy image.

Foo, pig

You think maybe Houston Dale is happy not to be coaching the Nutt remnants in F'ville this year?

Mosaic Templars opening

Sorry for this late posting on the opening of the Mosaic Templars Museum this morning -- been out and about.

Fresh start ...

... on an open line. And also, a message from a sponsor.

Alamo compound raid UPDATE

Breaking news of a federal raid of "evangelist" Tony Alamo's compound at Fouke, related to allegations of sexual abuse of children who live there and child pornography.

If only you had an RV ...

... then you, too, would be getting first-class treatment by NLR city government. Regular residents, not so much. Argenta News continues its watch over the commodore.

All is not lost after all

Brummett notes the upswing of Obama's situation, though swing states such as New Mexico and Colorado are much up in the air.

The fogey vote

Both the LA Times and Washington Post prominently feature stories on how financial turmoil has upset retirement hopes and plans for millions of Americans.

Who's running Alaska?

Alaskans aren't happy that the McCain campaign seems to have taken over state and even local government.

Vietnam: the forgotten

Have some time? Try Sydney Schanberg's long piece on evidence of U.S. prisoners left behind in North Vietnam and the history of efforts to cover it up, an effort in which former POW Sen. John McCain has played a part.

Alamo children in custody

State Police said today that the state had at least temporarily taken custody of children at Tony Alamo's compound at Fouke where a federal/state raid was launched yesterday.

Corporate welfare shell game

The Log Cabin Democrat reports on Conway efforts to recruit Hewlett-Packard workers to move from Colorado or Massachusetts to the new H-P facility in Conway, purchased with $45 million or so in corporate welfare.

UCA balances the books

Doug Smith of the Times reported this first a few weeks ago, but the Log Cabin has further details today on UCA's cut of scholarship spending to avoid deficit spending.

Sunday thread

Weave on.

Reagan had it backwards

In re the financial crisis: Brummett invokes Reagan's famous line as the government, once again, provides the solution for private sector failures.

Adios 50-state campaign

Arkansas is not formally among the states written off so far by Obama. But I think that's only a technicality.

Adios 50-state campaign

Arkansas is not formally among the states written off so far by Obama. But I think that's only a technicality.

First Nixon

Now Lt. Gov. Bill Halter to China. Ping Pong anyone?

Bailouts for the rich

The cash-for-trash bailout of investment world millionaires cannot help but recall when Sen. Blanche Lincoln stuck it to the working man in bankruptcy "reform" legislation.

The lying liars

Palin proved a liar again. It's arguably worse if she's telling the truth: that she wanted to fire a state employee for trying to go to Washington against her wishes to lobby for federal money to fight Alaska's extraordinarily high rate of rape.

Checking the data miners

A Wall Street Journal reporter checks the accuracy of marketing profiles compiled by Acxiom and other data miners based on web searches and other data.

Mad Men and 30 Rock, all up in some Emmys

Mad Men wins!  Mad Men wins the Emmy for best drama! YAY!

Arkansas owns the Americana Music Awards

He's from Texas, but we claim him, mostly, because he claims us. Over the weekend, Arkies represented in a major way at the Americana Music Awards in Nashville.

The Alamo nightmare

An Oregon recounts her experiences as a child in an Arkansas compound with Tony Alamo and his dead wife.

Governor in LR

Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour will be in Little Rock next week -- Tuesday, Sept. 30 -- for a $250-a-head luncheon to raise money for the Republican effort to elect John McCain.

Rockettes tix on-sale

The front rows are bound to be leggier. Tickets go on-sale today for the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" starring the Rockettes.

Snake handlers UPDATE

Susan Altrui at the Little Rock Zoo offers a TV tip for tonight: Our herpetologist, Randall Berry, will be featured in tonight’s episode of Extreme Forensics on the Investigation Discovery Channel.


An interesting report from Alaska: the preacher who's sure Palin tried to ban his book about gay people; her belief that man and dinosaurs walked the earth together; her picketing of an abortion provider during an effort to drive abortion out of the state.

Monday: David Gilmour film and Ruby Dee and the Snake Handlers

I'd love to see who comes out to this, though not enough to actually go.

Monday To-Do: 'Pop Doo Wop'

‘POP-DOO-WOP'7 p.m., Trinity United Methodist Church. Free.The 50-member River City Men's Chorus kicks off its season with a nostalgic revue of the last 60 years of pop music.

No conflict

City Attorney Tom Carpenter said there was no rule prohibiting an employee of Moses-Tucker from voting on a Riverdale District design committee considering  the Aloft Hotel proposal being handled by Moses-Tucker.

Wait a minute

The markets don't like it, but it would appear Democrats have learned a lesson about being rushed into precipitous and momentous decisions by President Bush.

The Weekend: Little Feat

Little Feat's Paul Barrere Little FeatSept. 20, Clinton Presidential Library GroundsLittle Feat has become the quasi house band at Cindy and Chip Murphy’s, and the group was back in the oil-company do-gooders’ back yard for Chip’s birthday shindig Sept. 19.

The Weekend: Sean McConnell and Wade Bowen

Sean McConnell and Wade BowenSept. 19, Sticky FingerzRootsy singer-songwriter band rock was the order of the day as a near full Friday night house welcomed Wade Bowen and Sean McConnell to the Sticky Fingerz stage.

'Professional courtesy'

When a Bryant police officer stopped a Little Rock police officer on suspicion of DWI, a report of the incident says, the LR officer requested "professional courtesy."

Welcome, Norma Bates

Bloggers know Norma Bates. (Though they may not know Norma Bates like I know Norma Bates.)

Open line

File here.

Tony Alamo speaks

Well, Tony Alamo (pictured ) often speaks, and speaks, and speaks some more, as you’re doubtless aware if you’ve ever stumbled upon his AM radio program.

Hello, Vegas

Wow. Lawyers for Lt. Gov. Bill Halter's pro-lottery committee filed to intervene in the lawsuit seeking to remove the state lottery amendment from the ballot.

That gas boom?

A gas glut, and reduced prices, has prompted Chesapeake Energy to trim its drilling plans, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Beebe feels the heat

Might Gov. Mike Beebe's honeymoon be ended by his Global Warming Commission? Brummett analyzes the proposition today.

Education at the Zoo

Here's an installment in our periodic Ask the Blog feature. An item yesterday about the Little Rock Zoo prompted a question from a reader about the status of the Zoo's education program and a long-planned veldt display.

A rave for Rolando's

A reader mentioned Rolando's in Kat Robinson's earlier tribute to McClard's BBQ. She's been and loves the "South American treasure" on Central Avenue in Hot Springs.

Eyes on the shale

Here's the first entry on our new Shale Watch blog, intended to monitor developments in the exploration of the Fayetteville shale gas deposit.

Clinton for Obama

Bill Clinton, in the course of saying some nice things yesterday about Sarah Palin, mentioned that he'd be campaigning for Obama in Arkansas.


Weird celebrity endorsement of the day: boxer Jermain Taylor (and his wife) for the lottery amendment.

Another sneaky Bush power-grab

Paul Krugman explained on Olberman's show last night that Congress (including a lot of Republicans) are well-advised not to blindly rubber-stamp Paulson's trillion-dollar bail-out of the Wall Street mess.Buried deep in Paulson's hastily crafted plan is, Krugman said, Section 8.What does Section 8 do?Krugman says it grants Paulson unlimited authority to do whatever he wants with the trillion bucks.

Newspaper casualty

Dwane Powell, an Arkansas native editorial cartoonist for more than 30 years at the Raleigh News and Observer, has had his job reduced to part-time as part of cuts in the newspaper staff.

Newspaper casualty

Dwane Powell, an Arkansas native editorial cartoonist for more than 30 years at the Raleigh News and Observer, has had his job reduced to part-time as part of cuts in the newspaper staff.

Media world news

Leslie Heizman, who has been general sales manager at KTHV, is moving to CJRW as senior vice president.

Tuesday To-Do: Secondhand Serenade

SECONDHAND SERENADE8 p.m., Juanita's. $16 adv., $20 d.o.s.Would you call me a cynic if I admitted that the first time I heard Secondhand Serenade, I immediately imagined some covert-ops mix-maker adding its weepy white-boy anthems to a torture playlist?

Tuesday To-Do: 'The Pajama Game'

‘THE PAJAMA GAME'7:30 p.m., Robinson Center Music Hall. $15-$42. It's an unlikely premise for an award-winning musical.

Flash: Cheney no longer president

House Repubs won't swallow bailout.

The race for Senate in Conway

Rep. Steve Harrelson's Under the Dome blog has handy links to YouTube of TV ads in the Joe White (D) vs. Sen. Gilbert Baker (R) race for state Senate.

Coward or Douche Bag?

In the fall of 2007, I did something I never imagined I would do; I signed up on eHarmony.

Bloodsucker slouches off

A major payday lender/check casher/usurious bloodsucker is departing Arknasas, A.G. McDaniel announces.

Tuesday talk

It's open.

Lying liars and the liars that lie for them

The New York Times catches McCain in still another ginormous whopper: Breaking News AlertThe New York TimesTuesday, September 23, 2008 -- 7:15 PM ET-----McCain Aide's Firm Was Paid by Freddie MacOne of the giant mortgage companies at the heart of the credit crisis paid $15,000 a month to a firm owned by Senator John McCain's campaign manager from the end of 2005 through last month, according to two people with direct knowledge of the arrangement.

Sarah wrap

Palin remains hermetically sealed -- the mystery candidate. The McCain campaign clearly has no fear about the unhappy press reaction, any more than it fears the reporting on its thoroughly dishonest advertising and talking points.  This to-hell-with-truth-and-transparency approach reflects a coldly cynical view of the voter.


The invitations to chicness never cease! Tonight's was for a concert by a pre-eminent cellist of his generation, Zuill Bailey.

All in the family

State Sen. Hank Wilkins IV, a Pine Bluff Democrat, is using money from a controversial $91,909 state-funded, substance-abuse-prevention grant awarded to his church to hire his son as the program's coordinator.

Casinos and the constitution

More on the question of whether a simple vote of the legislature could allow casino gambling (as if the racinos at Oaklawn and Southland are not already casinos.)

Charity begins at city hall

A Springdale construction worker -- given $100,000 to give away from his father's estate -- spread it around Springdale city hall.

Why John McCain keeps lying

Why? Because facts don't matter.

Big Dog does the Daily Show


Dickinson talks 'Mats

The Memphis Flyer has a nice interview with LR native Jim Dickinson about producing the Replacement's "Pleased to Meet Me" at Ardent Studios in Memphis.

Totally Soophie

Totally Michael is a one-man band out of Bloomington, but originally from Cabot, who specializes in syrupy sweet dance-anthems about cheerleaders and prom and Winona Ryder.

Not what the doctor ordered

A new report issued by the National Resource Defense Council looks at the health impact of natural gas drilling operations.

Home alone Part II

Joel DiPippa files a second report on the pleasure of being able to dash home for lunch and put a little verve in the cooking at the same time.

Last Night: Stella Fancy

Photo by Aaron Sarlo. Stella Fancy is a seven-piece mishmash of other bands' members, a Little Rock all-star assembly consisting of players from Moving Front, Knucklewalker, Tokyo Ho's and Stankflipper.

Free Candy: "Faubus Fables" (with words), TV on the Radio and Marnie Stern

Charles Mingus "Original Faubus Fables"Today, on the 51st anniversary of the integration of Central High,  here's the original version of a Charles Mingus classic.

Cemetery complaints

A news release from Sen. Irma Brown indicates people aren't happy with state and city action on cleaning up Haven of Rest Cemetery, a historic black cemetery on 12th street that was targeted for improvement in 2007 legislation.

Wednesday: Dunbar Windmill Benefit and 'Project Runway'

The Dunbar Community Garden is hoping to install a Windmill both as a teaching tool and to power a greenhouse in the winter.

Islamofascism and the Quorum Court

Phil Wyrick has done it. He's found a way to work 9/11 into the race for Pulaski County judge.

More on LRSD talks

A more detailed list of talking points has been assembled by the Little Rock School District's attorney, Chris Heller, to send to the state attorney general's office for discussions about bringing an end to the desegregation lawsuit.

Huckabee: I want money

Jonathan Martin notes that The Huckster doesn't miss an opportunity to pass the collection plate. Mike Huckabee is using the financial crisis as a lead-in to a personal fund-raising appeal for his own PAC.

Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

It's Superhero Day at the Library!  Most of my costume decisions are based on what I have hanging in my closet at the time.  Which is why my standard last-minute costume is typically "hooker."  Make of that what you will.  But for Superhero Day, I realized that I owned a Superman tank top (purchased on the cheap for a "rockstar" costume that I must confess was vaguely "hooker with blue hair."  It's a fine line with me, really.)