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September 22, 2005

Vol 3 • No 36

Empty promises

In three weeks, we have seen the terrible consequences of having a government that could not prepare for an onrushing disaster or cope with it. It will take longer, a couple of years maybe, but we will see the terrible consequences of a government tha

Whither the matzo ball soup?

Lulav, the kosher restaurant that’s opened at 220A W. Sixth St., makes much out of its niche, from its exterior signage touting the California Sephardic cuisine to the wait staff’s generous sprinkling of b’tay avons (bon appetit!) before courses. We calle


There comes the time when you can’t even get a little sick without wondering if you’re going to die.

More picks Sept. 22-29

James Brown at UCA; cabaret at Wildwood; more shows for "Steel Magnolias" at the Rep; a wine festival; the River City Men's Chorus; a murder mystery dinner theater, and a new exhibit at the Museum of Discovery are among the attractions.

TV highlights

MOST HAUNTED 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 23 The Travel Channel (Comcast Ch. 34) While we’ve never been afraid of ghosts, we’ve always been afraid of what might happen to us if we ever saw one.

Political games, profound policy

George W. Bush so sank when the occasion demanded rising that he became to the presidency what the Razorbacks are to college football. Now, with Karl Rove back at work after a kidney stone problem, King George II rallies.

Brown-eyed songwriter at Acoustic Sounds

There are few us, young or old, who don’t know the song “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue,” and associate it with the vocals of Crystal Gayle, the mermaid-tressed little sister of Loretta Lynn.

The Insider Sept. 22

We broke this news first on the Arkansas Blog: A tearful First Lady Janet Huckabee announced last week that she would abandon plans to build a 7,000-square-foot executive residence on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion.

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Bubba & Garcia's; Cornerstone Deli. Capsule reviews: Aisha's; Faded Rose.

Oh, lordy

For a long time now, I’ve been worried about Nicolas Cage. I’ve always been a fan, all the way back to “Raising Arizona” — all the way back to “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” when he wasn’t even “Nicolas Cage.” I thought he richly deserved an Oscar even b

The Observer

George Wittenberg is an architect and artist who in the past few years has painted scenes of his travels and mailed them back to himself, the stamp artfully placed with the help of whatever post office he’s using. He’s done watercolors of places he’s been

Where's Huck?

Is it worse to find that Governor Huckabee is unaccountably missing or that his secretive spokesman/brother-in-law is not?

Editorial cartoon Sept. 22

This Modern World Sept. 22

Exhibits? What exhibits?

Ah, museums. So noble, so educational, such loftier places than shopping malls to spend an afternoon.

In review: Lovett and violinist

Lyle Lovett fronts a 17-piece band that sounds like Duke Ellington collaborated with Ray Charles and played gospel-tinged country for fun. Comparisons to musical legends don’t cut it, though, because nobody writes songs quite like Lovett. His dry wit is

Free abortions

Three Arkansas physicians are giving free abortions to pregnant women who are victims of the Katrina hurricane.

Moral of the story

Many urban planners regard the rebuilding of New Orleans as an opportunity, rather than a burden. The city had fundamental problems that were almost impossible to overcome because of political and economic pressures. But the devastation caused by Hurrican

Orval Sept. 22


For some time, I’ve been seeing and hearing the phrase due diligence and wondering exactly what it meant, though one could make a pretty good guess. Ron Sturgeon explains it in a new book, “Green Weenies and Due Diligence: Insi

The week that was Sept. 14-20

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. He said in Iowa that he was indeed considering a run for president. OK, he should have said this first in Arkansas. But we applaud his ambition. We also look forward to 2008

Conflicting signals

Gov. Mike Huckabee, exploring a race for president in Iowa last weekend, separated himself from other GOP wannabes by saying this was not the time to talk about federal tax cuts. The war in Iraq and Hurricane Katrina dictate more prudence.

Smart Talk Sept. 22

Two weeks ago, we checked gasoline prices on and found a 50-cent range in the price of a gallon of regular (cheapest at a Citgo in Guy; most expensive a Fuel Mart in Turrell). Most of the highest prices were concentrated in Northea

Letters Sept. 22

I was very disappointed to see the Arkansas Times including in its Insider column (much less as the lead article) the lawsuit concerning the new UALR Law School professor, Robert Steinbuch. I think that there are much more interesting and worthwhile thin

Frost warmed the blues scene

Frank Otis Frost, who was born April 15, 1936, in Auvergne (Jackson County), became known as a premier Delta bluesman of the latter 20th century, with his talents sought for albums, movies and in concert around the world.

Vince Vaughn rides into town

The charismatic Vince Vaughn has appeared in two of the most successful movies of the summer, has just finished filming “The Break-up” with Jennifer Aniston and has a new comedy cranking up shortly.

Huckabee veto stopped ethics bill

An Aug. 25 Arkansas Times article concerning possible conflicts of interest by college and university trustees failed to mention that earlier this year the legislature approved a bill to regulate business dealings between trustees and their institutions

Another tough week for the Hogs

What James says: If I was Frank Broyles, I’d make them all ride the school bus down there after last week’s embarrassment.

Race would be 'grueling'

First Lady Janet Huckabee has quit her job with Hanke Brothers, the siding company, she told the Times last week, because she is too busy with other things, including visiting Katrina evacuee camps and helping organize relief efforts. That doesn't m

A tempting benefit

Myles Savage, the lead singer from the Platters, has organized stars from other legendary pop/R&B groups the Coasters, the Drifters and the Temptations for a Katrina Assistant Relief Effort (KARE) concert on Saturday, Sept. 24. The show begins at 7 p.m. a

When is an Indian not an Indian?

The federal government is questioning grants totaling $1,089,745 that 24 Arkansas school districts have won based on the number of their American Indian students — a population that’s made a meteoric jump over 2002 census figures, if the documents accompa

Brace yourself for Motley Crue

Vince Neil’s partially torn calf muscle will not slow down Motley Crue, which brings its raucous power metal rock to Alltel Arena on Friday, Sat. 23.

Huckabee for president?

For months he has been raising his national profile, traveling around the country to deliver speeches and promote his latest book, “Quit Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork.” He assumed the chairmanship of the National Governors Association this summ

Orval Sept. 29