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September 23, 2010

Vol 37 • No 3

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The Arkansas Music Poll

According to a 100 of the state's finest musicians, critics, DJs and scholars.

Arkansas Music Poll: Acts

Johnny Cash comes out on top.

Arkansas Music Poll: Albums

LPs from Johnny Cash, Al Green and American Princes land in the top ten.

Arkansas Music Poll: Local acts

Ho-Hum, American Princes, Trusty, Soophie Nun Squad, Kevin Kerby/Mulehead, Velvet Kente, 607, Chino Horde, Rwake.

...more like Back Pedal Boredomcycle Schlubs

Revolution just announced, via Twitter, that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club backed out of Friday's show.

Tim Griffin and Club for Growth

The Club for Growth, a wealthy group of rich anti-taxers (see: Jackson T. Stephens Jr.) has endorsed Tim Griffin.

Clinton regrets DADT

Bill Clinton regrets the don't-ask-don't-tell policy on gay service in the military, but said he was boxed in by congressional action and that the policy didn't work as Gen. Colin Powell had said it would.Asked if he regretted it, Clinton — who helped get the policy through Congress in 1993 — said, "Oh yeah, but keep in mind, I didn't choose this policy."

Living off the fat of the legislature

The whole fight about auto and other expenses is turning into a noise machine that washes off just a bit on anybody who serves in public office, but perhaps not on any one person disproportonately.

Arkansas Music Poll results are in!

The Arkansas Music Poll is here.

Do you want a deadbeat as prosecutor?

The headline overstates a bit, perhaps, but I think that's a reasonable facsimile of the theme Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden of Conway is attempting to establish in a news release about his Republican opponent, Cody Hiland.

Financial inferno

A good report from Arkansas Business' George Waldon in the continuing federal trial of Aaron Jones, the wheeler dealer accused of torching his Chenal Valley mansion to score some insurance money to shuffle around to other obligations, including another million-dollar home in Florida and mortgages and advances from friends and relatives galore.

We're over the hump

And you're in the batter's box. Tonight's open line.

Arkansas Music Poll giveaway

So the Arkansas Music Poll doesn't stop here. Rock Candy is going to host a wave of web-only lists, a lot of inevitable debate and—dig this—a chance to win a 7-CD set of the newly rereleased Al Green albums from the 70s.

The Televisionist, Sep. 23

Ranting about 'Undercover Boss.'

Embracing world wide weirdness

The multi-faceted music of Rural War Room.


Can a restaurant that serves grilled cheese sandwiches be gourmet? Yes it can, if it's Hammontree's.

The Week That Was, Sept. 15-21, 2010

It was a good week for: Ryan Mallet, flipflops. It was a bad week for: Mike Huckabee, Janet Huckabee, the Pulaski County School District, Pulaski County School Board Member Charlie Wood, Saline County Kids, the Game and Fish Commission.

What's Cookin', Sep. 23

The Tuf-Nut Shops, on the corner of River Market Avenue and Third Street, is getting two new tenants on November 1.

Q & A: Craig Finn

The man behind The Hold Steady on fame, Ben Nichols and Little Rock at large.

Words, Sep. 23

Parker Westbrook writes: 'What is the plural of the modern word "condominium?" '

Two little girls, and the ghost of a third

DHS, family struggle over the sisters of murdered Hannah Dowdie.

The Televisionist, Sept. 23

Deputy rape case

Still under review.

Tim Griffin's character

An U.S. attorney ousted by the Bush administration said Griffin's behavior should be examined.


But no completion date for Walton's museum.

What the Huck?

Few Republicans are trashing pre-existing condition health coverage. Huckabee is, however.

Lulav deserves national exposure

Chef Lewis Curtis' appearance on 'Hell's Kitchen' bound to be a bump.

Sound bites v. issues

If you distilled the congressional elections in Arkansas down to their essence, it would be this: Republicans own the sound bites and Democrats own the issues.

Huck and The Keester

A near-moderate at one time, Huckabee has grown more and more spooky since he's been able to devote his full time to Republican politics.

Eye on Arkansas, Sept. 23

Pigskin sociology

We're just a page or two into "Carry the Rock" when we realize we're in the hands of a discerning and expert storyteller.

In Brief, Sept. 23

Michael Eric Dyson at Philander; Arkansas State Fiddle Championship in Mountain View; AIDS Wolf, Heart Takers, Shoplift, DJs Kichen, Sleek, Cameron Holifield, Risky Biz, Dangerous Idiots, Androids of Ex-Lovers and more in the clubs.

Judicial mystery

Susan Hickey has in recent days still been undergoing background checks for potential nomination as federal district judge, we're told.

Fair play

Anticipatory notes on the upcoming county fair.

Women's history

The assertion the Lesbian Rap Group had become disillusioned with the politics of the Women's Center is a total fabrication.

Cahps and rahbbahs

Ben Affleck scores with Boston heist flick 'The Town.'

The Observer, Sept. 23

There was something odd about the woman smoking on the hiking trail.

Orval, Sept. 23, 2010

Strolling with the oldies

Be still my heart

The Hogs finally played a meaningful opponent last Saturday, and it near killed me.

This Modern World, Sept. 23, 2010

To-Do List, Sept. 23

Robert Earl Keen, Invisible Children benefit concert, The Moving Front, Leann Rimes, Arkansas Queen dance party, Times New Viking, The Three Phantoms.

Q&A: Craig Finn of The Hold Steady

No one's going to accuse The Hold Steady of eclecticism. Over the course of five albums, the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Minneapolis band of 30-somethings has stuck to the traditional rock rituals that hold a guitar solo around every corner and a drum fill between each verse.

Judge backs partisan endorsements

Judge-elect Wendell Griffen is up early this morning. He rises here to defend Judge Karen Baker's acceptance of a $250 contribution from a Republican Party committee in her race for state Supreme Court against Judge Tim Fox.

The Lincoln mystery

Gail Collins writes today about the dysfunctional Senate and the rank hypocrisy of Republicans who blocked the defense spending bill (imagine if Democrats had done that under Bush) because they don't want to end discrimination against gay people in the military and don't want to help immigrant children.

Health care: It's about real people

Meet Gwendolyn Strong. Thanks to health care reform, this three-year-old won't be cut off life-giving ventilators when her parents' insurance policy hits an arbitrary cap.

Viva free food

Free Mexican food? You betcha. Find out how to acquire your tickets to the customer reception at the Mexican Restaurant Association's national convention being held in North Little Rock next month.

Sculpture blooms

A five-foot flower and four other sculptures will be unveiled tonight at the Bernice Garden.

Rowlett on Rowlett

Terry Rowlett will give a talk about his paintings on exhibit at the Fine Arts Center Gallery at the University of Arkansas tonight at 5 p.m.

Billionaires win again

It's beginning to appear certain that Democrats will roll over on taxes — no vote before the election on extending the Bush tax cuts except those for the wealthy.

Sesame Street parodies 'True Blood'

Sesame Street unveils 'True Blood' parody, 'True Mud.'

Which Tim Griffin do you believe?

(Bad) Character-laded Tim Griffin is just all over the map on taxes. He was for the "Fair" Tax.

Thursday: Michael Eric Dyson, AIDS Wolf, The Backsliders

Social commentator, champion of hip-hop, Georgetown professor and a rare example of a modern-day public intellectual, Michael Eric Dyson opens up Philander Smith's "Bless the Mic" series in the M.L. Harris Auditorium, 7 p.m.

A bit more from Bentonville

This week's Art Notes column is about Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Free Hugs

Roving bands of Paul Mitchell cosmetology school students from North Little Rock are wandering the streets of downtown today, giving out free hugs.

More tax cuts for the rich

It is truly hopeless. Now almost four dozen House Democrats have signed onto the idea of not only extending the 2001 Bush income tax cuts for the wealthy, they want to ALSO extend the tax cut on dividends and capital gains (yes, they apply to all taxpayers but the cuts are overwhelmingly of benefit to the wealthy).

Photographer at UALR

Delilah Montoya will talk tonight at UALR about her work in connection with the exhibit "El Grito (Cry for Independence).

Three quickies: Craig, Cash, KXUA

-Roseanne Cash speaks about her father's anti-war streak and his devastation about the Iraq invasion at The Progressive.

Origin of 'Origins'

V.L. Cox gives Annie Abrams a painting Cox says inspired her.

Money for black farmers

Sen. Blanche Lincoln announced today she'd joined other senators to introduce legislation to pay the more than $1 billion settlement to black farmers for discrimination by the Agriculture Department.

Lincoln and Pryor — again

Arkansas's senators Mark Pryor and Blanche Lincoln were again the ONLY Democrats to join a unified Republican voting bloc, this time in opposing majority rule votes in union elections for airline and railway workers.

Boozman votes against small business

President Obama pushed his big small business legislation, with billions in credit and tax breaks, through the House today.

The line is open

I'm out. You're on.

Bernice Garden update

Check this sculpture out.

Counting down the days until 'Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid'

Helena native Mary Lambert, Blanche Lincoln's sister, is directing the made-for-TV Syfy flick, "Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid."

Ross v. Rankin: Rank is the word

Something called the Arkansas Tea Party (do they represent 10, 10, 1000 people?) claims to have endorsed Beth Anne Rankin, the deer-in-the-headlights Republican candidate for 4th District Congress.

School report — UPDATE

OK. I bagged out. I cooked dinner.

Weekend: Rural War Room, Androids of Ex-Lovers, Dangerous Idiots

FRIDAY 9/24 The Ozark Folk Center State Park in Mountain View kicks off two days of catgut and rosin with the Arkansas State Fiddle Championship, $10.

Friday To-Do: Invisible Children-Carti Kids Benefits


Saturday To-Do: The Moving Front

THE MOVING FRONT9 p.m., White Water Tavern. $5.

Clinton says goodbye to fries

Former President Bill Clinton says in a CNN interview that he's gone to a near vegan diet.

The stealth campaigners

The New York Times reports today on stealth political spending in unprecedented sums, mostly for Republicans, by big groups that are able to mask their sources of money. The group targeted in the article has been active in Arkansas.

The GOP's 'war on arithmetic'

Paul Krugman nails it: On Thursday, House Republicans released their “Pledge to America,” supposedly outlining their policy agenda.

Pigskin politics

The state's in a tizzy over tomorrow's Razorback football game at Fayetteville against Alabama. Go Hogs.

The GOP's wedgie to America

As ever, Jon Stewart has the best analysis of the Republican Party's so-called Pledge to America.

Cathedral School to add a grade

The Cathedral School at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, currently a a PreK-5 school, will add a sixth grade next year and also is also considering adding grades 7 and 8.

Friday To-Do: Robert Earl Keen

ROBERT EARL KEEN8:30 p.m., The Village. $25 For the better part of 25 years, Robert Earl Keen has been the very definition of troubadour, a Lone Star musician with his dial permanently set to "tour."

Sunday To-Do: 'I'm on a Boat!'

'I'M ON A BOAT'5 p.m., Arkansas Queen. $15 general, $25 VIP.

Sunday To-Do: Leann Rimes

LEANN RIMES4 p.m., Reynolds Performance Hall, UCA. $40-$50.

J. Roddy-Business get busy on NPR

"Don't Break the Needle," "Full Growing Man" and "Brave Man's Death" got the NPR treatment yesterday when the four-headed, fuzzy-faced J. Roddy Walston and The Business beast went into the "World Cafe" studios.

Artists for Ovaries

Benefit auction tonight above Bill St.

Merle to Fayetteville

Merle Haggard to play Fayetteville Nov. 10.

The Arkansas Reuben

Almost as pervasive as the ubiquitous burger and more popular than fried chicken, the Reuben sandwich inexplicably graces a high percentage of menus at Arkansas restaurants. Why is that?

Tommy Smith hospitalized

This just in from KABZ (The Buzz) Tommy Smith, host of The Show With No Name on KABZ 103.7 The Buzz, had a medical emergency live on the air this morning around 9:30 a.m. 911 was called and he was transported to the nearest hospital.

Kris Allen is not famous enough to score Arkansas v. Alabama tickets

Kris Allen can't get Ark.-Ala. tickets; Johnny Cash and Taylor Swift cover same territory and Beth Ditto gets run through the British tabloid ringer.

Free Candy: The Moving Front's "Lottery"

Download a new track from The Moving Front in advance of the band's CD release concert on Saturday at White Water.

Labor's work for Elliott

MSNBC devotes quite a bit of acreage to essentially pose the question why organized labor is wasting a lot of money and organizing labor on Joyce Elliott's race for 2nd District Congress.

Lincoln and Tim Griffin, together

Speaking of Tim Griffin, Sen. Blanche Lincoln uses his conversion on the "fair" tax in her latest ad attacking John Boozman for supporting the 30 percent national sales tax.

This week in Arktube: Snuff reviews, Field Hockey for virgins, and chemistry!

It's Friday, which means it's time for Rock Candy's latest pointless time waster: This Week in Arktube.

Challenge filed on usury amendment

As hinted in an article earlier by Doug Smith, a lawsuit has been filed challenging proposed constitutional Amendment 2 on the November ballot.

Seats limited for West Memphis 3 case

The Arkansas Supreme Court has sent out guidelines for attendance at oral arguments next week, Sept. 3, on Damien Echols' attempt to overturn his conviction and death sentence in the West Memphis Three murder cases.

About those debates

The Lincoln campaign sends word that there has been no progress made in setting up town hall-style debates with Rep. John Boozman.

Could Texas secede? Please?

There they go again.The Texas State Board of Education today passed a resolution warning textbook publishers to scrub their books of "gross pro-Islamic, anti-Christian" bias.

Death in Marianna

Witnesses say a Marianna animal control officer beat a dog to death. The police say the dog was already dead when picked up.

Dr. William Harrison dies at 75

Dr. William F. Harrison, the Fayetteville obstetrician and gynecologist, died this morning, friends report. He'd become a central figure in the debate over abortion rights.

Lesbian flight nurse reinstated

A federal judge has ordered the Air Force to reinstate Maj. Margaret Witt, a skilled flight nurse thrown out of the service because it was learned she was a lesbian.

The eagle's flying

And the line is open. PARTING NEWS NOTE: Hawker Beechcraft is laying off 350 companywide.

Verdict in medical suit

A Pulaski circuit court jury returned a $20 million damage award after less than two hours of deliberation in the lawsuit over the wrong side brain surgery at Children's Hospital.

Ex-legislator aims for retirement help

Interesting story in this week's Petit Jean Country Headlight. You all undoubtedly remember Charles Ormond, the former Arkansas legislator who pushed repeatedly for a casino gambling amendment that would make him state gambling czar.

Living off the fat of the legislature

A little game day special on the life and times of Arkansas legislators. The subject is the Capitol Hill Building, an apartment building across Fourth Street from the Capitol in which the state has invested millions to provide cut-rate housing for 48 lucky legislators, chosen by the House and Senate.

Boozman plays Arkansas for chumps

That's what John Brummett says of John Boozman and his disingenuous advertising with the professional actor/fishermen.

The down side of electing judges

Would the federal courts have provided the necessary backup to end legal discrimination in the U.S. if they had been elected, rather than serving life appointments during the civil rights struggles?

Don't forget Arktube

David Koon's Arktube — his roundup of Arkansas-related bits of interest on YouTube — is now viewable in its weekly home on Rock Candy.

Early, early line

Football and family call. I'll check back tomorrow.

Lincoln explains

John Brummett offers Sen. Blanche Lincoln another chance to explain why she (and Mark Pryor) alone joined a Republican filibuster that kiled amendments to the defense spending bill she favored — related to open gay military service and a path to citizenship for aliens who came to the U.S. as children.

Another tribute to Harrison

The New York Times today has a feature obituary on Dr. William F. Harrison, the abortion rights defender, who died Friday in Fayetteville.

Bush's brain is back

The Times today details Karl Rove's leadership of a a movement of Bush-era strategists and zillionaires to create a "durable" political structure, fueled by stealth money outside the Republican Party apparatus for GOP ascendancy.

Give us those yearning to breathe free

This one's for Times publisher Alan Leveritt: Ezra Klein in the Washington Post. It begins: I have a plan that will raise wages, lower prices, increase the nation's stock of scientists and engineers, and maybe even create the next Google.

Brownings returns?

Too good to be true? New Facebook and Twitter accounts claim Browning's Mexican Restaurant is returning to The Heights.

Sunday thread

Another slacker Sunday for me. I did encounter some good carnitas in a Mexican restaurant n Benton, however.

All race, all the time

John Brummett deconstructs an e-mail smear of President Obama attempted to depict as cooking up a scheme to pay reparations of a sort to black people.

Pushing for stricter gun laws

A group of mayors led by New York's Michael Bloomberg hasn't given up the fight on pushing for tougher gun laws aimed at curbing the trafficking of weapons that wind up in the hands of criminals.

Southwest buys Air Trans

You have to figure there will be some expanded flight opportunities and more price competition that will benefit Little Rock air travelers from Southwest Air's purchase of Air Trans.


Wait until G. Smith jr (CSA, Hon.) hears about this: Bob McDonnell, the Republican governor of Virginia, announced Friday morning that he will not declare next April "Confederate History Month."

State Police join Hog call

Radio show callers this morning had a few gripes — in between moans about the Hogs' loss to Alabama — about the intense State Police patrols along the interstate between Alma and Fayetteville Saturday as hordes streamed north to be part of the record crowd at Razorback Stadium.

Last chance to see ...

Tonya McNair, Kyle Boswell and Eric Freeman at Boswell-Mourot.

Leann Rimes cancelled

It's one cancellation after another this month, isn't it? Leann Rimes, who was scheduled to play a special acoustic session at UCA's Reynolds Performance Hall yesterday, backed out, last minute, due to illness.

Have you seen this man?

Age: 37Height: 6'0"Race: African-AmericanAliases: Clayton Bigsby; Tron; Chuck Taylor; Leonard Washington; Silky Johnson, Player Hater of the Year, 2000; Sir Smoke-a-Lot

Fox and its house candidates

Politico has suddenly noticed that Fox News employs four people, including Floridian Mike Huckabee, who are potential candidates for president in 2012.

Lincoln speaks to the animals

Political Animals that is. Sen. Blanche Lincoln will address the group at a lunch on Tuesday, October 12.

Where is the Hoga?

Inspired by a question raised here last week, KUAR's Ron Breeding updated the statud of the Hoga, the Navy tug that North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays has wanted to add to his maritime museum for several years.

All is not lost in Texas

I urged Texas secession last week on the news that the Texas Board of Education had endorsed a resolution finding a "pro-Islamic/anti-Christian bias in textbooks."

Arkansas Bo's new single is the jam

The latest from one half of Suga City, Conduit's own Arkansas Bo, is called "Cup Inside a Cup" and the hook, looped throughout the track, samples a chopped and screwed bar from a Drake song

How to excite women voters

Men Are Sorry, Chapter Umpteen: More polling with confirmation of a broad pro-Republican male gender gap, made worse by greater enthusiasm (read anger) among men.

More Facebook strangeness

What's Jerry Barakat up to, selling retail space in West Little Rock?

A bigger heart to break

Though I don't cotton to the idea of glory through suffering, elite athletes can often get a little boost from humility.

Opulent breakfast

You think by now I'd be very tired of breakfast. But I'm up for more, after a morning soujourn at Lulav. Very much so.

Sooie: A boost from humility

A boost from humility could be in store for the Hogs after Saturday's devastating loss to Alabama, argues A Boy Named Sooie.

Stimulus for broadband work

The state of Arkansas has received about $7.7 million in federal money to improve broadband connectivity.

Monday, Monday

The night is yours. I'll probably keep humming "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" for two or three more days.

Mattie, Rooster, Tom and 'The Beef'

At last! Now we can get to fantasy casting "Dog of the South."

Fiesta at Dickey-Stephens

Several hundred people turn out to enjoy the hospitality of Mexican restauranteurs at Dickey-Stephens Park as part of the Mexican Restaurant Association's convention, in town this week.

The rich get richer UPDATE

Census data shows the gap between the income of rich and poor is wider than it has ever been.

How well do you know religion?

A Pew survey on basic religious questions found a deep ignorance about religion, including questions about a respondent's own faith.

Does size of a school matter?

Small schools are better, right?Meet the 4,100-student Brockton, Mass., high school and learn about its academic turnaround.

Tuesday To-Do: 'The Three Phantoms'

'THE THREE PHANTOMS'7:30 p.m., Reynolds Performance Hall, UCA. $30-$40 Who needs a full Broadway show?

Tuesday To-Do: Times New Viking

TIMES NEW VIKING10 p.m., White Water Tavern. $5 suggested donation.

Lincoln's fair attack on 'Fair' Tax

Funny. When the fall senatorial campaign got underway, Rep. John Boozman said just because he sponsored the 30 percent national sales tax known as the "Fair" Tax didn't mean he supported it.

For a clean Lake Maumelle

An environmental group pushing for the best possible pollution control rules for the Lake Maumelle watershed reminds that Thursday, Sept. 30 is the deadline for comments on land use proposals.

The Arkansas lottery at one

Lt. Gov. Bill Halter, the father of the Arkansas lottery, naturally finds much to like at the conclusion of the first year of the lottery, particularly a tripling of students receiving state scholarship assistance.

Panel again seeks Simes' removal

A panel of the state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission has recommended the removal of Phillips County Circuit Judge L.T. Simes from the bench, this time for his actions in trying to get a fired police chief reinstated.

Death of a Los Angeles teacher

From the Los Angeles Times: As a teacher in an impoverished, gang-ridden area of South Los Angeles, Rigoberto Ruelas always reached out to the toughest kids.

Progress on state trauma system

State officials today said major steps had been taken toward the comprehensive trauma system envisioned in 2009 legislation with designation of trauma centers in Little Rock, Pine Bluff and Memphis.

Pollution doesn't pay

El Dorado-based Murphy Oil will pay $1.25 million in penalties as a result of Clean Air Act violations at two of the company's petroleum refineries (one in Wisconsin, the other in Louisiana).

Obama has a messsage

And it's a good one, highlghted by Talking Points Memo from President Obama's interview with Rolling Stone: It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive right now to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election.

Cheese dip countdown

The First Annual World Championship Cheese Dip Competition October 9th at Dickey-Stephens Ballpark in North Little Rock could be just the thing to cement our state's position on the culinary map.

Crystal ball gazing: update

They seem a little out there for Walton. Thoughts?

The Party of No

Jim DeMint announces plans to bring the already glacial Senate to a halt. And voters are supposedly prepared to blame Democrats for congress' failures to get things done for the American people.

Robbery on Kavanaugh

Here's the police report on that apartment intrusion mass robbery on Kavanaugh Boulevard last night.

Arson case to jury UPDATE

Arkansas Busiiness is covering the final day of the trial of lawyer/developer Aaron Jones, accused of setting his Chenal Valley mansion afire to collect the insurance and help himself out of a tight financial spot.

Candidates say the darnedest things

Republican congressional candidate Rick Crawford has a new TV out saying he won't cut Social Security.

Dombek in sticks

The artist is showing two new series of works at his Goshen studio.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals to Hendrix

Hendrix College, Central Arkansas' best music venue, is opening up their doors to the public this time around for an October 7 show featuring folk-rock/blue eyed soul outfit Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Republican priorities

Politics have truly gone down the rabbit hole. Within the space of five minutes I've received: 1) A news release from Republican Tim Griffin, the nightmarish successor to Vic Snyder, demanding that Congress stay in session until it completes action on extending tax cuts to all, particularly the wealthy.

The readers take over

I'm headed for the barn.

Talk is cheap; popular programs aren't

Republicans talk a good game — tax cuts (very specifically detailed) and spending cuts (not so specific.)

West Memphis 3 on national stage

Thursday's arguments before the Arkansas Supreme Court on Damien Echols' challenge of his conviction and death sentence in the West Memphis Three murders commands attention in the New York Times today.The article, by former Democrat-Gazette reporter Joe Stumpe, focuses on new DNA evidence and potential juror misconduct in the trial and notes the attention celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Natalie Maines and Eddie Vedder have brought to the case.

Beebe's lead remains strong

Nate Silver's fivethirtyeight blog still puts Gov. Mike Beebe at a 98 percent re-election probability with a 15-point (56-41) lead over Republican Jim Keet.

GOP files suit over cars

As promised, the Arkansas Republican Party has filed its lawsuit over free cars provided various state officials.

Last night: Times New Viking @ WWT

Times New Viking. They killed it.

UA claims most lottery scholars

The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville says 4,173 students enrolled there this fall are receiving lottery scholarships, the most at any one college campus.