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Road Trip 2020

Road Trip 2020

October 1, 2020

Vol 45 • No 37

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Arkansas destination dining

Drive for food, camp, repeat.

Placemaking with public art in Arkansas

From social justice to just fun, murals are enlivening urban areas.

Exploring the great outdoors with everyone else

Tips from State Parks and The Nature Conservancy.

LatinX on stage in Northwest Arkansas

The troupe tells stories of their lives with original drama, hip-hop, song and poetry.


If you've watched this space for a while, you know that a few Halloweens back, we 'fessed up to one of the slightly more embarrassing secrets in our life: that for most of The Observer's 20s, Yours Truly and his brother looked for Things That Go Bump in the Night all over the state.

The Inconsequential News Quiz: Let’s Get Ready to Electorally Rumble Edition

Play at home, while swearing on all that is holy you will vote!

A Q&A with Arkansas Secretary of Health Jose Romero

The Times asked him about his background and his work heading up the state’s public health effort to contain the coronavirus.

One-term Trump

Barring an October surprise.
Dragan Vincentic

Arkansas medical marijuana millions

Plus, more news on the pot Rx front.