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October 12, 2006

Vol 4 • No 39

Here we go

With less than a month to go and trailing badly in all the polls, you knew A$a would eventually come home to the mother's milk of Republican politics -- whipping people into a frenzy about the imagined evils of gay people.

Find me a link

OK blogsters, find me a supporting link for a hilarious piece on Keith tonight on MSNBC.

Hump night

Why not an open line? (A word of TV criticism: Thanks to the miracle of On Demand cable, I caught up tonight on two episodes of The Wire on HBO.

Hope for Bush?

The past 10 days have borne out the nation’s lowest suspicions about President Bush — that he is only nominally in charge of his own administration — but they raised a glimmer of hope about him, too.


We were raised better than to say clabbered.

Cheer up, Bob

When I read Bob Lancaster’s column in the Aug. 24 Arkansas Times (“Persons of Age” about turning 60), my heart wept for him. He is burdened with a non-imaginative brain and a horde of dull, lazy, non-thinking friends. I soon shall be 95 and am sharing som

This Modern World Oct. 12

The Observer

The Observer stumbled — or, more correctly, tumped into — a way to get smack in the middle of the estrogen-fueled celebration that is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and not suffer acute agoraphobia or vehicular stress. We pass it on in the interest

Wake me when it's over

Scandal, theatrics and petty attacks have been staples of Arkansas governor’s races for as long as anyone can remember. Orval Faubus won the 1964 election by accusing Winthrop Rockefeller of desecrating a rural cemetery. In 1980, Frank White eked out a su

For the college bonds

Last December Arkansas colleges asked for money to build more classrooms and buy equipment because all of them were getting more students than they could handle. The money would come from bonds that the state would sell, which, of course, meant neither yo

Halter's love lessons

Would you believe that the hottest statewide race in this important election year is the contest for lieutenant governor?

Adios Arkansas

One of Gov. Mike Huckabee’s trademark slush funds is no more. We learned this week that his chief of staff, Brenda Turner, notified the secretary of state in July that the Conservative Leadership for Arkansas Political Action Committee (CLAPAC) was going

Assmunch again

Q. If you’ve taken a position on tort reform, I missed it. What is it? A. My position is, you can’t do anything with women like that. I think they’re born that way and you can’t legislate it out of them. Anyway, reform of any kind is just a trick that

Editorial cartoon

Smart Talk

This week: The Big Dam Bridge; Bill Clinton's birthday party; the aging of the governor's office.

Already under attack

The state’s new minimum wage law, in effect only since Oct. 1, is already under attack.

The week that was Oct. 4-10, 2006

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … HOG NATION. The Razorbacks upset heavily favored Auburn and, once again, most seems right with UA football and, thus, the world. (Does the Arkansas Times have a reverse-cover jinx?)

Orval Oct. 12


Early voting for the Nov. 7 general election begins Oct. 23. Like it or not, the Arkansas Times will be making recommendations, starting today.

Designing (African-American) women

The city’s first benefit designer house to feature the work of only African-American decorators — and to be located east of Interstate 30 — will open this weekend with two parties to raise funds for Arkansas Baptist College.

Car craze

You don’t have to be a “gearhead,” as event founder Carol Dolan describes herself, to enjoy all the activities lined up for the third Sonic Drive-In’s Big Cruisefest, set for Friday and Saturday, Oct. 13-14, around the River Market, the Riverfront Park an

Republican for Beebe

Gov. Huckabee called Brummett back about a column earlier in the week outlining how The Huckster seems more in line philosophically with Mike Beebe than A$a. After questioning, Brummett concludes he's still more in line with Beebe on specifics.

Designing retailers

Shoppers might enjoy this NY Times feature on the trend of discount retailers, including Wal-Mart, to open design studios in New York City as they try to shed reputations for frumpy clothing.

Political vlogging

Blogs that traffic in words are Model Ts of the web, compared with the rising video weblogs.

Shameless self-promotion

If you haven't yet, I encourage you to dive into this week's Times, and not only for Warwick's cover story on the race for governor.

Help public radio

I'm reminded that it's begathon time for KUAR. I'll be doing my on-air soliciting next Thursday, Oct. 19, during the usual early morning hours.

Evanescence hits No. 1 on Billboard

Evanescence, the band fronted by former Little Rockian Amy Lee, overtook the Killers this week on Billboard's album chart with its new release "The Open Door," opening No. 1 on the Top 200.


Mark Warner will announce today that he's not running for president in 2008.

Steele departing King Commission

Sen. Tracy Steele is giving up one of his two  public paychecks, a double-dip that has caused him some criticism over the years.

Tempting Faith

A devoted Arkansas Blog reader refers us to what she describes as the "best political blog in Arkansas."

Serious business

You gotta laugh when the D-G runs stuff  like the Thomas Sowell column ("Serious times, serious discussions") it carried today.

The Mind of Matt: In Indy, and 'The Departed' is one great movie

Rock man and movie man Matt Smith is in Indianapolis, which I find through Matt is known as the "Circle City."

If you like Ridley Scott

Here's a profile of some of his films in the London Times.  His latest film A Good Year is out November 10th.

What I'm seeing this weekend

Michel Gondry's (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) latest film The Science of Sleep is out at Market Street Cinema.  Another Gay Comedy (also known as Another Gay Movie) also opens at Market Street and reviews are not great (although it stars Arkie Ashlie Atkinson).  Here's what the New York Times had to say,What pleasure is to be had from the material — the frank addressing of sexual anxiety and social pressure, a nicely built and frequently undressed cast — is offset by a worldview that casts the lone African-American character as a libidinous go-go boy and finds it clever to provide subtitles for an Asian cheerleader speaking English.

To do Thursday: The Galways headline Symphony's "The Masters" show

Sir James Galway, the virtuoso flute player, and his wife, Lady Jeanne Galway, will perform with the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra at 8 p.m. today at Robinson Center Music Hall.

Mondo bizarro

It has been widely reported that the strange evangelist K.A. Paul (pictured) had a sitdown with House Speaker Dennis Hastert.

And speaking of The Huckster

Gov. Mike Huckabee keeps telling John Brummett that he's going to get down to campaigning for Arkansas candidates any day now.

You know you're in trouble . . .

when even the tools at Bloomberg and The Heritage Foundation start putting out the word what a bunch of treacherous bunglers you and the rest of the Rovers are.

L.A. Times Tom O'Neil on Oscar snooping

Says O'Neil, Eavesdropping on what Oscar voters say after screenings held on weekends at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in Beverly Hills is a fave (and very naughty) derby pastime.

20 weeks to Oscar

There have been three movies released in Arkansas with any real Oscar potential: An Inconvenient Truth, Little Miss Sunshine, United 93, World Trade Center and The Departed.  Thankfully, that all changes on October 20th when several Oscar-caliber films arrive on screen.

Lite gov ., Round II

David Koon reports from Conway on taping of the AETN debate that will be aired at 8 p.m. today:

Roger Ebert hopes to be back for Oscars

Pulitzer prize winning film critic Roger Ebert, who has been recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from his salivary gland a subsequent emergency surgery when a bllod vessle burst, hopes to be back for the Oscars.  The AP has the full story.For those of you who read Roger's reviews or subscribe to his e-mail service, he'll have his first review in several months out on Friday.  He's reviewing The Queen.

Speaking of Roger Ebert

His television show "Ebert & Roeper" airs at 11:30 p.m. Saturday nights on KATV.  I don't have TiVo, so I have to manually tape it when I want to see it.  That hasn't been much lately, but this week New York Times film critic A.O. Scott is co-hosting with Richard Roeper.  They're talking about Infamous and Deliver Us From Evil, the buzz-heavy documentary about child sex abuse in the Catholic church, among others. 

Maybe 'Marie Antionette' isn't so bad after all

Says A.O. Scott,Ms. Coppola, who drew upon Antonia Fraser’s revisionist biography of Marie Antoinette, “Marie Antoinette: The Journey,” in preparing her script, is less a historian than a pop anthropologist, and her portrait of the young queen, played with wily charm by Kirsten Dunst, is not so much a psychological portrait as a tableau of mood and atmosphere.

Women, good films and the NY Film Festival

Here's an article by NY Times film critic Stephen Holden.  It highlights some of the good upcoming films with lead or supporting actress potential that previewed at the New York Film Festival.  Holden doesn't crucify Marie Antionette either.  Hmmm.

J.R. and Henry's Sports Column: Good times for Hogs

J.R. and Henry: Football, basketball, good times On Saturday, the leader of the Southeastern Conference’s Western Division will be in action.

Responding to comments

Oliver Stone writes,Again, another sad comment about Hollywood. No. 1 "The Departed" is out, but most of this list is STILL TO COME.


Poll says: Southerners aren't too crazy about the stupid war in Iraq either.

Hutchinson Misses the boat when it comes to state enforcement of immigration laws

Hutchinson Misses the boat when it comes to state enforcement of immigration laws     Asa Hutchinson, of all people, should know that the Arkansas Attorney General has nothing to do with enforcement of illegal immigration.

Name Who Is Running For Treasurer

Has anyone heard anything about a candidate for Treasurer getting caught taking personally taking down the other candidate's signs in Pine Bluff?    Could just be a vicious campaign ruumor.

Bruce James Calls the Hogs, Oct. 12

The game against Auburn was secured when the Razorbacks came out at the start of the second half leading 17-10, starting on their own 20, in front of a hostile crowd, and drove it out to the 50 and flipped the field.

Mid-Towne marvel

So there are deals, and there are deals. Then there are those rare, beautiful times when you turn a corner and your eye falls on something you weren’t really even looking for, and it’s gorgeous, and then you see the price, and the heavens open up and the

What's cooking/Capsule reviews, Oct. 12

What's cooking: Michael Selig, the chef and owner of Vermillion Water Grille at Third and Commerce streets, will be the guest chef for the October River Market Cooking Club class. Capsule reviews: Pasta Jack's, Saddlecreek Woodfired Grill

FAIR forecast

If the weather continues to be dry and comfortable, Arkansas State Fair officials expect close to 450,000 people to take in the carnival midway, the livestock exhibitions, free concerts, an array of food and the professional rodeo when the fair opens Frid

Theo’s doesn’t live up to hype

FAYETTEVILLE — Theo’s American Kitchen, which is just off Dickson Street, has been the subject of a lot of hype, but for me, it didn't deliver.

Rolling the rock away

Christian rock band Third Day lit up the Alltel Arena stage last Thursday with opening act the David Crowder Band. The “Wherever You Are” tour show was inspirational, with encouraging messages of love and hope.

New gallery makes a Scene

The curtain will rise again when the Arts Scene Gallery and Art Market makes its debut Saturday, Oct. 14, at 201 Maple St., in the former Rye Furniture.

Relax a little

This week in Little Rock we’re “taking it easy” (but not too easy, mind you). With a great lineup of laid-back country/folk rock bands, it will be hard not to get your fill of whiskey inspired/heartbreaking/sin-toting/woman-chasing songs — some of the tra

Fitz Hill’s good fight

Dr. Fitz Hill, the first-year president of Arkansas Baptist College and a former star college football player and coach, learned long ago that he could use the public’s interest in football to make them aware of problems that usually go unnoticed.

Poisoned trees test landscape law

How well the city’s tree preservation laws are working is being put to the test by a hotel on Interstate 430, where buffer trees in front of the business’ electronic sign were mysteriously poisoned and girdled with chain saws.

TV highlights, Oct. 12-18

ED WOOD DOUBLE FEATURE 1 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 14 Turner Classic Movies (Comcast Ch. 30) FRONTLINE: THE LOST YEAR IN IRAQ 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 17 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) I PITY THE FOOL 9 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 18 TV Land (Co

The cost of growth

In Bentonville, they need another high school. It won't be cheap. And this story doesn't even mention the million-dollar football coaching staff, field house, etc. that will be required.

Inside Bush's brain

Wash. Post: President Bush finds the world around him increasingly "unacceptable."

Philip Martin weighs in on Blade Runner, All the Kings Men

in today's Arkansas Democrat Gazette.  Check it out.    

Nothing good

Poor reviews for Another Gay Movie and Man of the Year in today's Dem-Gaz.  No reviews for Grudge 2 or The Marine.  Those movies are certain to suck.

'Little Miss Sunshine' campaigns for Oscar

Little Miss Sunshine is the first screener to hit mailboxes for members of the Academy and the Hollywood Foreign Press.  6,000 screeners of the film were mailed this week, according to the Los Angeles Times.  Next up: 11,500 screeners to members of the Writers Guild of America and 2,000 to members of the Screen Actors Guild.

Roger Ebert gives 'The Queen' 4 stars

Mirren is the key to it all in a performance sure to be nominated for an Oscar.

About counting chickens

Paul Krugman expresses what I've been feeling -- a touch of pessimism about the mid-term election -- despite all the reasons for a strong Democratic vote -- on account of the Republican firewall, dealt with so well in Tom Hamburger's new book, "One Party Country."

King Biscuit blues

It oughtta be a blues song. About how Helena lost King Biscut as the name of its still popular blues festival because it wouldn't pay the tab demanded by the owner of the name.

It's back -- public drinking

It's not exactly surprising, but work is underway again to pass legislation to allow Bourbon Street-style street drinking in the River Market.

And speaking of public drinking

We told you earlier this week that the UA had sent out a gentle reminder to football fans that state law prohibits consumption of alcohol in public and that campus cops would be patrolling football tailgate parties with that law in mind.

And speaking of public drinking

We told you earlier this week that the UA had sent out a gentle reminder to football fans that state law prohibits consumption of alcohol in public and that campus cops would be patrolling football tailgate parties with that law in mind.

Huck: foot-in-mouth disease

Gov. Mike Huckabee's attack yesterday on Oklahoma Attorney General Drew Edmondson didn't impress the Tulsa World, which today commented in an editorial headlined, "We don't (heart shape) Huckabee."

Clinton: Right-wing has hurt U.S.

The big dog's take on electoral politics is optimistic. Abramoff-bribed Republican Rep. Bob Ney's guilty plea doesn't help the GOP either.

Yet Another Republican Representative Is A Criminal

Republican Representative Ney pleads guilty to bribery and corruption. Is it really a scandle when it seems to be the norm?

Have you seen the new Chris Henry vid?

Local rock singer-songwriter Chris Henry has "Greater Good," one of my favorites, up on

The Mind of Matt: Football out of state

While the rest of us were worrying about the Hogs vs. Auburn last weekend, Matt Smith was in Indy rocking it out and catching a pro football game.

Pine Bluff paper mill sold?

We hear that International Paper has entered into an exclusive agreement to sell its Pine Bluff mill and other beverage packaging facilities to Carter Holt Harvey Ltd, Australia's largest forest products, pulp, paper & packaging company.

Ho hum -- Beebe wins

Another day, another poll with a double-digit lead for Mike! A$a backers will undoubtedly discredit the source, Mike's!

To do this weekend: Fair, Fair, Fair

Central Arkansas has two months out of 12 where you can absolutely count on so many things to do, you won't get them all done even if they didn't run them the same days, the same times, even sometime on the same block.

Wal-Mart takes a $78 million lick

A Pennsylvania jury tabs Wal-Mart $78 million for forcing workers to work off the clock.

In a church near you

It's loved and reviled but it's a fact of Arkansas political life. The Family Council's voter guide is on-line.

Eastwood and Brokaw talk 'Flags of Our Fathers'

Here's the interview.

He's been everywhere, man

The Huckster keeps tell Brum that he'll be working hard in Arkansas for his fellow Republicans soon.

Friday night lights

It was too good a night not to go to a football game. So I did.

Another Republican crook

My mail box is full from blog readers alerting me to another Republican congressman under investigation for trading favors.

Of Foley, football and hair

Brummett dances through several topics today. He still doesn't think much of Houston Nutt, for example.

Perfect weather for ...

The midway at the State Fair, not to mention the swine barn, etc. Brian Chilson swung by yesterday afternoon.

It's not what you know

It's who you know. Or so they say.

Not-so-hot button?

You wouldn't know it from the A$aholts of the Arkansas Republican Party, but this NY Times report on the power of gay marriage as a political issue is interesting:

Eye on the Hogs

Today's NY Times has a sports page feature (by stringer Rainer Sabin, brother of you-know-who) on quarterback Mitch Mustain and Gus Malzahn, the coach whose move from Springdale High to UA cemented Mustain's own recruitment by the Hogs.

Huck a long shot

Perhaps you've become aware of the various on-line markets that now exist for "futures" trading on every proposition under the sun, including election outcomes.

Calling all kids

I'm reminded that the Clinton Presidential Center is the location today for a casting call for a Nickolodean reality series that will track kids through a nine-month program of healtheir living.

David Poland of Movie City News carves up 'Flags of Our Fathers'

There are very few reviews out about the latest project from Clint Eastwood and Paul Haggis.  Variety and Hollywood Reporter both loved.  David Poland, writing for Movie City News, did not.

Wal-Mart watch

Wall Street Journal reports everybody's favorite retaler is tightening up on sick policy for workers.

The Pulaski County Election Wants You !!!!!!

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a bit of a political junkie - I like political news, debates, the issues, and even the commercials and mudslinging ( even if I find it tasteless and undignified) Another  less partisan area I enjoy is the entire election process as well as election law, and even the act of voting.

The vote machine

Another story, this one in NY Times, that indicates Republicans' believe their efficient vote-turnout apparatus will overcome an admitted edge in Democratic Party enthusiasm in November.

The Virginia brief

John Grisham fans -- and even others -- might enjoy this Washington Post piece about a dustup the novelist has gotten involved in because his Porsche was almost towed from a parking lot outside a fancy Charlottesville, Va., market.

Saturday night

Fire away.

Huckabee falls in line

Lame duck Gov. Mike Huckabee tells Brummett that he now supports instant removal of the full sales tax on groceries, as would-be Republican successor A$a does.

Electricity sticker shock

Deregulation of electric rates has not produced much, if any, beneficial competition. What's worse, the NY Times notes, is the end of some legal safeguards against shocking rate increases.

The new minority

Married couples are now in the minority among American households. The numbers by no means suggests marriage is dead or necessarily that a tipping point has been reached.

Retail scene

Just got an e-mail announcing the "grand opening" Monday of Midtowne Little Rock, the new "lifestyle" shopping center across University Avenue from Park Plaza.

Bush: calm in the storm

Now it's the Washington Post examining the continued confidence of Bush and his brain Rove that the Republicans will retain their congressional majorities.

What if you are one?

A$a, who hit it big trading his federal job for lobbying and penny stock riches, unavoidably comes to mind thanks to this Wash. Post article:

The source

The 527 attacking Mike Beebe (and occasionally some smaller Democratic candidates) is clearly a Republican organization, though A$a has insisted there's no coordination.

Early reviews for 'The Prestige': thumbs down

Here's a surprise.  Early reviews from the trades on Christopher Nolan's (Memento, Batman Begins) latest film The Prestige starring Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are not very good.

'Running with Scissors': great acting, outrageous story

Says Hollywood Reporter, Necessarily episodic in its structure, the film wallows in the darkly comic absurdities of the story, resulting in many undeniably funny but less than convincing scenes.

High praise for Annette Bening in 'Running with Scissors'

She's getting a lot of love from early reviews, even if the film is a bit out-there for mainstream audiences.  Writes Sean Smith for Newsweek, At turns hilarious, vicious, gorgeous, hideous, imperious and pathetic—often in a single scene—Deirdre is the kind of flashy role that allows an actress to chew serious scenery, but Bening doesn't do it for a second.

P. Martin starts sketching out a Top 20

Here's his working list from his blog: The DepartedBabelThe QueenHalf NelsonJesus CampVolverThe Last King of ScotlandHollywoodland -- I don't care what Bill Vickery says.The House of SandQuinceañeraSketches of Frank GearyLittle ChildrenL'Enfant (probably 2005 release, therefore not eligible)Cars -- Now I'm really stretching ...

I reviewed 'The Departed' this week for the AR Times

For some reason it's not up on their website, but pick up a print copy and check it out.

'Little Children' director Todd Field on NPR

right now.  98.1 FM.  The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell.

Revisiting the Polanski case

The New York Times has an interesting article in today's paper about a forthcoming documentary on acclaimed film director Roman Polanksi (Chinatown, Rosemary's Baby, The Pianist) who was convicted of having sex with an underage girl.  He fled the US before his sentencing date and now lives in France.

Kick back and listen


Sunday . . .

I'm still hoping to make it to The Science of Sleep today at Market Street.  Just finished listening to Todd Field on Elvis Mitchell's radio show The Treatment.  I picked up the DVD of A Prairie Home Companion this weekend and watched it again.  There's some excellent commentary and the film is delightful.  It was released too early to make any noise in the awards race, although it could make a late-year charge if it's nominated for  Best Musical/Comedy at the Golden Globes.  Still has a shot at writing award as well.

Coming soon

It's the beginning of a new week.  The weekend of October 20th is jam packed with anticipated movies.  Flags of Our Fathers, Marie Antoinette and The Prestige all open in wide release.

The Gay Old Party

Just in time for Sunday afternoon readers, NY Bill comes through with a free link to another great Frank Rich column, this one on the two faces of the Republican Party when it comes to gay people.

UA v. ASU: Beebe dodges artfully

Wally Hall today suggested that if Mike Beebe were to become governor, he might push for his undergrad alma mater, ASU, to play UA in football.

UA v. ASU: Beebe dodges artfully

Wally Hall today suggested that if Mike Beebe were to become governor, he might push for his undergrad alma mater, ASU, to play UA in football.

Seen on the street

A reader yesterday commented on seeing former President Clinton near Cotham's yesterday. We understand he dropped into Little Rock to pay a call on former Sen. David Pryor, recuperating from quadruple bypass surgery.

Elect Me Because I'm More Homophobic Than My Opponent

 As accurately predicted by many of our well known Arkansas editorial writers - the Hutchinson campaign has quickly tried to shift the focus of the governor's race to gay marriage, gay foster parents, and as he called Mark Foley, that "Hollywood crowd."    (I guess Ronald Reagan and Arnold wouldn't have been a member of that crowd?)  All-gay, all the time is his new theme.

The Huckster in Mich.

Gov. Mike Huckabee took his healthy living message to Ypsilanti Saturday. Same old, same old mama lecture.

Fact-checking the DOG

Have you checked out our Blog page, particularly Snafu, a very smart veteran who's interested in defense issues and who posts from the western wall of Arkansas?

The Problem Of Home School Violence - Is It Worse Than Public Schools?

    Reading Mike Masterson's editorials in the Arkansas Gazette is about as fun as going to the dentist.

Best Picture buzz building for 'The Pursuit of Happyness'

Says Tom O'Neil of the LA Times, Yes, perhaps. Oscar voters do make exceptions for inspiring films about real people who transcend hardship or illness.

‘The Departed’: extraordinary

“The Departed,” Scorsese’s first venture back into the life of the mafia underworld since “Casino,” is one of his best.

The Republican trump cards

Brummett writes: Battered on presumed strengths -- national security and trust among "values" voters -- the Republican Party has two cards to play -- would-be House Democratic leaders Nancy Pelois and Charles Rangel.

Watching the money flow

Both political parties are recalibrating their political spending in the final days of the campaign, but the interesting fact here is the number of states where the Republican Party is being forced to spend money to defend its incumbents.

Anthony Lane on 'Marie Antionette'

Writes the New Yorker film critic, It is hard to hate the film, whose silly fizz makes it simpler and less creepy than her earlier projects.

Christian Bale

New York Magazine has a story on Christian Bale, the star of The Prestige.

Election 2008: a simple choice

It's R or D, Krugman writes. An imperial presidency or not.

The Oklahoman to Huck: Buzz off

Thanks to Oklahoma's venerable McCarville Report for news of another Oklahoma newspaper -- the editorially very conservative Oklahoman in OKC -- unimpressed by Gov. Mike Huckabee's attack on Okla. Atty. Gen. Drew Edmondson for going after Arkansas chicken industry pollution in Oklahoma waters.  The Tulsa World earlier blistered Huckabee.

Weekends should be four days...

     Mr. Ricky never seems to have enough time.  This weekend being no different as it was run, run, run.  I did have a chance to see The Weekend Theater's production of The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds and it was pretty good.  The cast was great, but Amanda Taylor as the science fair competitor that boils the flesh off a cat and rebuilds the skeleton for her entry stole the show with a mere 2 minutes.  While the acting all around was superb, the show is set in a time when the nuclear age was just beginning and some of the parallels it tries to draw between the wonder of the atom and the lives of the characters is lost on a twenty-first century audience.        The show was sold out for its' final performance and the rest of this upcoming season should see full houses.  Remember, make your reservations early, this weekend I Am My Own Wife will have a one-night performance on Saturday.  501-374-7601 for reservations, for details on everything happening at The Weekend Theater.

Will they be mocked?

60 Minutes featured it last night and now ABC is running with a report on David Kuo's "Tempting Faith," an inside look at the White House's cynical use of evangelicals, a key part of the Republican base.

Porn stars ...

... in Jim Holt's latest. On the jump.

You might be a bandwagoner if:

     Seriously, Mr. Ricky is getting tired of the Hog Bandwagon. Everyday on Drive Time Sports, what do I hear?  How good the Hogs are, how good Mitch Mustain is gonna be, how no one can touch are tailbacks, how we don't have room for Peyton Hillis (that’s like saying we don’t have room for another Ferrari) in the offense because of all the new talent, yada yada yada.  Freakin bandwagoners, back in September they were going to string Dale up and now "we could technically play for the National Championship."  Ahhhhhh!  Yes, if fifteen of the top teams in America manage to lose three games apiece and the hand of God comes down and touches the BCS computer, we will play for the National Championship.  I give you this rant of a list: You may be a bandwagoner if:

The center holds

I hadn't been following it much, but I remarked yesterday at my wonder that Arnold Schwarzenegger seemed headed to easy re-election in liberal California, despite some huge disapproving votes on ballot issues and more than one screwup in leadership.

The Mind of Matt; Some new movies, and more from Indy

Matt Smith takes a look at a couple of new movies and has a few more highlights from his Indy trip (that's beautiful Indianapolis above):

10 dumbest in Congress

Radar compiled this list. No, no member of the Arkansas delegation made it.

Responding to comments

Amy sounds off on the 9-11 films United 93 and World Trade Center,How can you say that a movie like United 93 or World Trade Center be worthy of an oscar?

J.R. and Henry's Sports Column: BCS a mess

J.R. and Henry: The BCS is already a mess “Blow it up.” That was our initial reaction when the Bowl Championship Series rankings were announced Sunday.

The coordinated campaign

Thanks to the man from Greasy Creek for noticing that the Coalition for Arkansas' Future had filed another quarterly report with the IRS.

Gang of thieves

No, this is not a post about the former Bush FDA chief heading to the slammer or the tightening FBI noose around the Republican congressman from Pennsylvania.

Midtowne opens

They held the grand opening of Midtowne Little Rock today. On the jump, you'll find a news release with what's open now at the new University Avenue shopping center and the schedule for businesses, including a couple of restaurants, yet to come.

Murder case to jury

This is a weird one in Fayetteville. More background here.

Hogs' first LR game set for 6 p.m.

As many rumors as have been flowing about the Arkansas Razorback football program, the worst we had been hearing was that the Louisiana-Monroe game in Little Rock on Oct. 28 would be at 11 a.m.

Halter cuts ad buy -- UPDATE

Arkansas Business has a good scoop on-line this afternoon. Bill Halter has sharply cut his TV ad buys.

Better than Karl Rove

Let the Republicans bring the corrupt likes of Karl Rove to town for A$a. The Democratic campaign organization is bringing somebody with a shining future and no unsavory past to town to rally voters.

Peter Travers on 'Flags of Our Fathers'

Flags of Our Fathers is a film of awesome power and blistering provocation. An amazing feat, since Eastwood is tied to the nonfiction best seller that James Bradley wrote about his father, John “Doc” Bradley, the last survivor among the six soldiers who raised the flag on Iwo Jima.

Have you heard of 'The Hoax'?

It's the film about Clifford Irving, the guy who wrote the bogus biography of Howard Hughes and almost got away with it.  The film stars Richard Gere and Alfred Molina.  Here's a favorable review from Variety."The Hoax" fearlessly wades through the slippery psychology of a shameless liar -- the late writer Clifford Irving -- who sold a bogus "autobiography" of Howard Hughes to McGraw Hill and came close to pulling off the publishing scam of the century.

My review of 'The Departed'


Mailing it in

You have to give credit to a.g. candidates Dustin McDaniel and Gunner DeLay. They appeared on stage with the Green Party candidate, Rebekah Kennedy.

On the payroll

Woody Anderson, the Democratic candidate for Third District Congress, is drawing a salary from his campaign fund, new reports show. This is unusual, but legal, the article notes.

On the payroll

Woody Anderson, the Democratic candidate for Third District Congress, is drawing a salary from his campaign fund, new reports show. This is unusual, but legal, the article notes.

How desperate are the Repubs?

They have The Huckster critiquing Mike Beebe duck hunt photos, that's how desperate they are.

Wal-Mart watch

They're making a big expansion in  China. Will workers there be as happy as these demonstrating in Florida over cuts in hours and a new absence policy?

Rallying the base

Bush employs the talk radio strategy. Conservative mouthpieces can expect a White House invitation in the mail.

The old bump and grind

Has 'freaking' reached Arkansas prom floors yet? If so, why hasn't Mike Masterson written about it?

What's in your queue?

Reds is still in my queue (there's a short wait from Netflix), Once in a Lifetime and American Gun.  You?

On the radio

Jeremy Hutchinson, the former legislator and newly minted lawyer, goes on Pat Lynch at 9 today to defend Uncle A$a's dogged battle to preserve inadequate education in Paron.

On the radio

Jeremy Hutchinson, the former legislator and newly minted lawyer, goes on Pat Lynch at 9 today to defend Uncle A$a's dogged battle to preserve inadequate education in Paron.

Leo goes green

In my film star political play of the week, Leonardo DiCaprio has signed on to help develop a reality series based on the environment.  "E-topia" will chronicle the eco-friendly reconstruction of an American town as it is transformed into a "'green' utopia of tomorrow."

Q & A with George Clooney

  He weighs in on who he thinks should run for President and other issues.  Here's a hint: no Arkansas connection to his pick.

"Bad" movies I love

Here's the story from EW. Yes, I saw Drive Me Crazy, Sweet November, and A Knight's Tale in the theatre.

Top 10 WWII films

  On the eve of the release of Flags of Our Fathers, MSNBC releases a list here.

Christopher Nolan

The director of Momento, Insomnia, Batman Begins and the upcoming The Prestige.  Here's a story.  Lots of comparisons to Stanley Kubrick, for those of you that are fans of his work.

Here's a show I'd like to see at Alltel Arena

This came in late yesterday from the publicist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but no set locations for the tour yet, though I have heard some rumbling ...

300,000,000 People

  According to US census demographers, the United States population hit the 300,000,000 mark at around 7:46 A.M. today.  Wow, that's a bunch of folks.  To see how things have changed since we hit 200 million in 1967 or way back when it was a measly 100 million, clickity, clickity.

What's next for the jail -- UPDATE

What now for dealing with an underfunded, inadequate Pulaski County Jail after the voters' recent defeat of a sales tax to shore up the operation?

What's next for the jail -- UPDATE

What now for dealing with an underfunded, inadequate Pulaski County Jail after the voters' recent defeat of a sales tax to shore up the operation?

The Mind of Matt: A visit to the 'Brickyard'

Matt Smith, who likes his music loud, certainly would be right at home at the Indy 500 where the cars are equally ear-jolting.

Mom and pop newspapers

For newspaper junkies, here's some timely fodder for the premiere Wednesday night of a documentary on the rise and fall of the Arkansas Gazette.

Family values at work

We don't know why the NY Times didn't feature this one on its webpage. But we thank a paper reader for noting it.

Publicity seeker -- UPDATE

The Republican campaign tells us that independent Rod Bryan has filed suit in Pulaski Circuit court to force his way into the scheduled gubernatoridal debate tonight between Mike Beebe and Asa Hutchinson.

Simon is heard from

After lo these many years of letting University Mall distintegrate into a dangerous, hollow, grimy pile of mold and pigeon poop -- and finally within inches of losing a federal court suit over its management -- the universe's largest property developer, Simon Property Group, has hired a local PR firm to declare it has only the best interests of the mall, midtown and the entire city at heart.

Simon is heard from

After lo these many years of letting University Mall distintegrate into a dangerous, hollow, grimy pile of mold and pigeon poop -- and finally within inches of losing a federal court suit over its management -- the universe's largest property developer, Simon Property Group, has hired a local PR firm to declare it has only the best interests of the mall, midtown and the entire city at heart.

Debate update

A$a! and Mike! will debate tonight at the Clinton Library.  7 p.m. on KARK, Channel 4.

Didn't some dillweed name of Chalabi tell us the same thing?

It's this sort of BS that got us into Iraq!

Brad Pitt, Oscar?

At this point anything is possible.  Nevertheless, Pitt's first challenge is deciding which category to campaign for.  Originally, it was thought he'd go for lead.  He is Brad Pitt, after all.  But now it seems that there may be a push in the supporting category.  Both categories are stacked this year, so we'll see what happens.  Tom O'Neil has the scoop.

Time weighs in on 'Little Children'

Little Children does not have quite the bleak discipline of Field's more keenly judged In the Bedroom.

It's a boy!

The Little Rock Zoo's baby gorilla has been sexed. News release on the jump.

Why Independent Candidates Get Labeled Wackos

In the last blog I wrote about rod bryan, I rhetorically asked: what would rod and Lendall prefer?

The long digital arm

It's just been called to my attention that there's a local angle in an interesting NY Times story today about how criminal records that are officially expunged sometimes aren't cleansed from private data accumulation companies, with sometimes unpleasant consequences.

Round III

Sorry, I actually went to the gubernatorial debate and chatted with folks after for a while.

and Bingo was his name-o

I'll tell you a quick joke:   How do you get a group of old ladies to say f@ck ?    Just yell  Bingo ! Almost as exciting as the Arkansas treasurer's race ----  there is a proposal to legallize charitable bingo.

Thanks, Mitt

We've told you that the Republican Governors Association has pumped $500,000 into the Arkansas governor's race.

Volunteer to join Hall of Fame

Carl Kittrell will be inducted in the Senior Arkansan Hall of Fame on October 24 at the Arkansas Aging Conference in Hot Springs.

UAMS to seminar on infertility treatments

Physicians from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) will conduct a free seminar on infertility from 10 a.m.-noon Nov. 4 in the Jo Ellen Ford Auditorium of the UAMS Donald W. Reynolds Institute on Aging.

Corruption counts

New poll shows Republicans in deep trouble in battleground Ohio. The reason: corrupt politicians.

Good for McDaniel, sort of

Earlier this week, AP's Andrew DeMillo had an interesting interview with Democratic atty. gen. candidate Dustin McDaniel in which he reiterated opposition to same-sex marriage but indicated support for civil unions, as a means to provide legal protection for unmarried couples.

A change of direction

Wall Street Journal: For years, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. asked Wall Street to come to its headquarters town of Bentonville, Ark., for its annual presentation to analysts and investors.

Annette Bening


Fun with numbers

The Arkansas Virtual School -- a byproduct of a little scam cooked up by Bill "Slots" Bennett to funnel public tax dollars to home schoolers and organizations that sell services to the home schoolers -- has claimed another famous victory in test scores.

The Huckster as centrist

His turn on Imus today. (Does a centrist deny Medicaid abortion funding to a retarded teenager raped by her father?

Pour on the coal

Pollster Stan Greenberg on the growing Democratic surge and why donors must step up to insure a bigger congressional majority.

Warren Stephens on city politics -- UPDATE

Stephens Inc. CEO Warren Stephens raised some eyebrows this afternoon when he used an award acceptance speech to share some specific opinions about the direction of Little Rock politics and development.

Get ready to vote

Having paid for a parking place through 33 years of employment downtown, I'm not so sympathetic to Circuit Clerk Pat O'Brien's plea yesterday for more tax money to pay for parking for his employees.

Simon sez

Reps of Simon Property Group paid a call today on Roby Brock, who reports on his session here. I must have been away when they tried to call to arrange a meeting with the Arkansas Times.

Pastors receive anti-Beebe letter

Chris Pyle, the former director of family policy under Gov. Mike Huckabee, recently sent a letter to Arkansas church pastors urging them to get involved in the governor's race.

Donaghey deal nixed

The people who hoping to turn the Donaghey Building into condos and commercial space won't be buying the Metrocentre parking deck across Seventh Street from the Main Street landmark.

Shameless KUAR promotion

Reminder: It's KUAR pledge drive. It concludes Friday, but Rosi Smith of Children's Hospital and I will be doing our begging tomorrow (THURSDAY) from 6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m., rather than our customary closing day slot.

My First Real Interview: Rebekah Kennedy - Candidate for Attorney General

I caught some of the Attorney General's debate the other night.Even though I'm personally a McDaniel supporter, I was impressed by the performance of Rebekah Kennedy, the Green Party Candidate.