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Road Trip

Road Trip

October 13, 2016

Vol 43 • No 6

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Essential Hot Springs kitsch

The tourist trap lives in Hot Springs.

Road Trip Arkansas

The Times travels the back roads.

11 romantic getaways in Arkansas

From lavish to laid-back.

Follow the Arkansas tamale trail

The hot tamale has a long legacy in Arkansas, and we highlight a few places to stock up a corner of the ice chest with the portable delight.

Arkansas Sprouts

A brief tour of the state's ecological riches with one of Arkansas's foremost botanists.

Six great Arkansas motorcycle trails

Hog the road.

9 essential Arkansas bike rides

Bike routes, paved and rocky.

7 places in Arkansas made famous in movies

Take a jaunt through reel Arkansas.

Arkansas, Believe it or Not!

Five places mentioned in Ripley's Believe in or Not!

10 Arkansas museums to visit

Hit the road for a little history.

Unsung places to see music in Arkansas

Take your travel playlist live.

10 examples of the best Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks

Homes in the hills, compared by style.

Tom Cotton: The 'post-Trump Republican Party'

The Economist was among the publications encouraged to follow U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton around Iowa earlier this week as he campaigned for Iowa Republicans and himself as a 2020 presidential candidate. Precious little was said about this year's presidential nominee.

Let's talk Wikileaks. But let's talk accurately.

The Trump campaign, both the candidate himself and running mate Mike Pence, are endeavoring to make the Wikileaks release of Clinton campaign e-mail the dominant theme in the remaining days of the campaign. The Washington Post explains how they are doing so inaccurately (dishonestly).

Marcus Devine joins Workforce Department

Daryl Bassett, director of the Workforce Services Department, confirms he's added Marcus Devine, a former state agency director, to his staff in an "intermittent" position.

Gold star for Legislative Audit

Legislative Audit has been used during the Republican reign for political purposes and I've been critical of that fact. Fair play today dictates a Gold Star Auditor award to the agency  for telling the truth about a Hutchinson administration trick.

Highway Department postpones Broadway Bridge demolition

The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department has announced postponement of the scheduled demolition today of the concrete arches on the old Broadway Bridge, which is being replaced by a new span over the Arkansas River in downtown Little Rock.

Spending reported in ballot races

Reports are coning in to the state Ethics Commission today on money being raised and spent by committees promoting and opposing ballot issues in the Nov. 8 election.

Gun death toll among children higher than thought

The Associated Press and USA Today Network have combined for a report that says children die far more often from accidental shootings than federal figures indicate — about one every other day.

Friday at last. An open line and the daily video roundup

TGIF. An open line and the daily video roundup of news and comment.

Speaking of terrorism

News reports says right-wing militia were planning an attack on a mosque and housing complex in Kansas. No word yet on the religion of these terrorists.

The Ballot Bust-Up Edition

The state Supreme Court shaking up the ballot, Donald Trump and Arkansas Republicans, Tom Cotton campaigning for president and more — covered on the podcast this week.

Helena Housing Authority head indicted

The director of the Helena Housing Authority has been indicted for taking money from the agency.

Meet the Beatles! At the Clinton Library

Thanks to my wife's volunteer work there I got to tag along last night to an opening party for the new exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Center — The Beatles Are Coming!

Lawyer seeks to reopen investigation of police shooting of Eugene Ellison

Michael Laux, attorney for the family of Eugene Ellison, slain by Little Rock police in his apartment in 2010, has written Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley asking him to reopen a criminal investigation of that death.

Broadway Bridge again resists demolition

Another demolition and another less-than-perfect outcome for the Broadway Bridge, being removed to make way for a new, structurally improved span.

Higher worker pay may pay off for Walmart

Here's some news that many Arkansas business "leaders" will view skeptically: Higher employee pay might be good for their bottom line. And Walmart offers possible evidence.

The ho-hum open line. Another day, another report of a Trump gropee

With today's open line, yet another woman comes forward to talk about an unwanted encounter with Donald Trump.

Arkansas poultry magnate backs Trump PAC with $2 million

Ronald Cameron, the wealthy poultry executive from Little Rock, has turned up as major benefactor of his third presidential candidate this cycle — Donald Trump.

The inspiring Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's campaign for president illustrates again the double standard applied to women. Some writers get it. They even find the supposedly unlikable Clinton inspiring.

Little Rock Pridefest set this afternoon

Parade and Festival Celebrate the Diversity of Little Rock This Weekend The 2016 Little Rock Parade and Pridefest will be held Sunday, October 16th from 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. at the Clinton Presidential Park.

The Pride on Parade open line

A successful Pride Parade, another boffo Saturday Night Live skit on Donald Trump and the ongoing effort to mine political dynamite from the dump of Russian-hacked Clinton e-mail are part of tonight's open line.

NAACP takes a stand against charter school growth

The NAACP board of directors last weekend confirmed a resolution that urges an end to expansion of charter schools.

Presidential candidate Tom Cotton in Iowa

Here's another take on Sen. Tom Cotton's visit to Iowa last week to plow ground for a race for president in 2020. Readers came armed with Cotton's record.

Broadway Bridge contractor got a two-day headstart on six-month project

A reader posed a question about the Broadway Bridge project and the Times has an answer:

Rutledge announces re-election bid two years out

Republican Attorney General Leslie Rutledge has announced that she'll run for re-election in 2018 and told reporters at AP and the Democrat-Gazette that she'll file her first campaign finance report today. It's not on file yet.

Arkansas cities lag on LGBT equality

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has released its ranking of 506 cities, including eight in Arkansas, on equal treatment of LGBT people. Arkansas cities fared poorly.

McCain vows permanent gridlock on Supreme Court appointments UPDATE

Sen. John McCain said in a radio interview today that Republicans in the Senate would block any U.S. Supreme Court nomination put forward by Hillary Clinton as president.

Medicaid expansion reaches more than 320,000 Arkansans

Human Services Director Cindy Gillespie has provided the monthly report to Gov. Asa Hutchinson on enrollment in the Medicaid expansion program enabled by the federal Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Former judge Boeckmann indicted on federal charges

Former District Judge Joseph Boeckmann of Wynne, who stepped down from the bench in May amid a judicial conduct investigation that he traded light sentences for sexual favors from defendants, has been indicted on federal charges

Pennebaker's 'Ozark Topography' is fountain choice

Glass artist Ed Pennebaker's 13-foot-tall sculpture of tall, multicolored glass panels was chosen for temporary installation in the Carrie Remmel Dickinson Fountain in front of the Arkansas Arts Center.

Monday: An open line and the video roundup

The Monday open line and daily video.

Fatal shooting by police in Benton

KARK is reporting the fatal shooting of a 17-year-old by Benton police.

Leslie Rutledge's early money taps poultry, utility, gas, oil sources

Gas, poultry, oil and utility money figured prominently in early fund-raising for Attorney General Leslie Rutledge's re-election bid in 2018.

Trump's threat to a fair election

Combine states with a history of voter intimidation and loose gun laws and you've got an ominous recipe given Donald Trump's emphasis on virtually non-existent voter fraud.

A legislator gets huffy about 'his' state surplus

Interesting story in the West Memphis Evening Times about finagling by Sen. Keith Ingram with "his" general improvement fund money.

Obama raps Donald Trump for whining, flattery of Putin

President Obama cuts loose on Donald Trump's "whining" about a rigged election and his "flattery" of Vladimir Putin.

Arkansas Times Presents Marjane Satrapi's "Persepolis"

In concert with Film Quotes Film and Riverdale 10 Cinema, Arkansas Times Film Series presents Marjane Satrapi's "Persepolis," an animated version of the author's two autobiographical comic novels.

The Onion assesses election 2016 in Arkansas

The Onion's 50-state guide to elections this year offers this wisdom on the top issues in Arkansas.

UALR provost finalist for Connecticut job

Checking into a potential administrative change at UALR, I learned that Provost Zulma Torro, who is executive vice chancellor, is one of three finalists for president of Central Connecticut State University.

Clinton Airport starts $20 million in concourse work

The Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport today rolled out plans for a $20.6 million concourse renovation that is expected to take a year to complete.

Tuesday's open line and the daily video

Here's the Tuesday open line, plus the daily video of news and comment.

Cherokee Nation poured $6 million into defunct casino amendment; Oaklawn and Southland spent near $1.5 million

Casino owners poured almost $6 million into campaigns for and against a casino expansion amendment for Arkansas that was struck from the ballot by the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Hello, Kansas. Meet Gov. Asa Brownback Jr.

Gov. Asa Hutchinson puts the War Memorial Stadium budget on the chopping block, but that's nothing compared to what's happening elsewhere. Even disabled children will feel the knife, even if the Governor's Mansion, the insurance commissioner and those hankering for another tax cut aren't so unlucky.

Bus rides free on election day

Rock Region Metro, the local bus service, is providing free bus service on election day, Tuesday, Nov. 8 to help people get to the polls.

School closures targeted in Little Rock School District budget talks

Committee meetings begin today in the Little Rock School District on "facilities utilization." In other words, the district, which has no elected school board after a state takeover for academic deficiencies in a handful of schools, will be looking for schools to close to meet a $37 million budget cut in 2017-18.

Deal closed on former Sears shopping center, plus medical buidlings

The redevelopment of the former Sears shopping center at University Avenue and Interstate 630, reported first here last week, is confirmed with announcement today of sale of the property.

El Dorado native Qui Nguyen's "Vietgone" tells a refugee love story

A New York premiere is underway for “Vietgone,” El Dorado native Qui Nguyen’s play about his parents, Quang and Tong Nguyen, meeting at a Fort Chaffee refugee camp after fleeing (or, in Quang’s case, being evacuated) from Vietnam.

Your tax dollars at work against medical marijuana

The fight for Arkansas to join most of the rest of the United States in providing legal marijuana for medical use with advocates lined up against the unending-power of the state.

Haas Hall cleared for another charter school campus in Rogers

A predominantly white charter school in Northwest Arkansas gets the usual Education Department approval for expansion into territory of heavily Latino school districts.

Breitbart airs 1980 assault complaint against Bill Clinton

A woman identified as Leslie Milwee, a  Fort Smith TV news reporter in 1980 when Bill Clinton was governor, has given an extended interview to Breitbart, a right-wing news outlet once headed by Stephen Bannon, the leader of Donald Trump's campaign, in which she said Clinton groped her sexually.

Wednesday's open line and the daily video

Here's an open line and the mid-afternoon news roundup.

Congressmen grab air time to blame something Congress did on others

Heard the one about the little restaurant in Arkadelphia that's going to have to close because of mean old federal bureaucrats? Maybe you'd be interested in the rest of the story.

How to get ghoulish as a grown-up

Sure, Halloween is for the kids. But it doesn't have to be!

Clinton wins final debate

Hillary wins final presidential debate.

New frontiers in space: NASA scientist talks exoplanets, Hubble's successor and more

An in-depth interview with Arkansas native Amber Straughn, who is on NASA's project science team designing the James Webb Space Telescope.

Making Minor Arcs: Bear Colony's Matthew Putman on long-distance collaboration

From four members of Bear Colony comes "EP01," the new release from Minor Arcs, a four-track, visually-leaning sampling project. If you've already been enjoying the fruits of that collaboration, here's a peek into the group's long-distance creation process, how it all started, and where it might be headed next.

Ballet Arkansas moves to Creative Corridor

In a ribbon cutting ceremony this morning, Ballet Arkansas celebrates its move to a new studio space at 520 Main Street along the Creative Corridor, and begins rehearsals for “The Nutcracker” and "Paquita" in the space only a half hour later.