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October 20, 2005

Vol 3 • No 40

The church-state divide

Last week I attended the annual meeting of the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State at the All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church. The influence of the neoconservatives in this country has doubled since President Bush took office and s

More picks Oct. 20-26

Cellist Zuill Bailey will guest with the Arkansas Symphony; novelist Carlos Fuentes is in town; there's a new wine tasting room in town at Altus; Boo at the Zoo is back; a tale of the Depression continues at the Rep. And more.

TV highlights

ERIC CLAPTON: THE ROBERT JOHNSON SESSIONS 1 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 23 AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) When you get a chance to catch “Slowhand” Clapton, perhaps the best living guitar player, paying tribute to one of the men he calls great — a gu

‘Proof’ unhurt by move to screen

It’s always a gamble when a beloved play, book, television show or movie is adapted for another medium, but the recently released “Proof,” adapted from David Auburn’s play about a daughter and her brilliant, mentally ill mathematician father, successfully

The Observer Oct. 20

The Observer is an inveterate, degenerate packrat. We keep everything, especially scraps of paper. Our desk drawers are so full of flotsam that one of these days, we’re sure the damned thing is just going to drop through the floor and kill one of the peop

The migration of cool

It wasn’t long ago that Fayetteville was arguably Arkansas’s cultural and intellectual capital. Much of the vitality was drawn from the students and professors at the state’s flagship university, but it also benefited from its isolated position, nestled h

Living for Friday's

While we’re just snotty and anti-corporate enough around here that we’d rather have a so-so meal at a mom and pop restaurant than a good meal at a chain, even we realize that the chains have their place.

Our 'public' schools

The Democrat-Gazette reprinted Sunday a column by one of the Wall Street Journal’s right-wing editorial writers. It trumpeted the first year of an experiment at Little Rock's Meadowcliff Elementary. There’s been no serious analysis yet of the results, eit

Hot Springs gets Vaporized

Fumes will be emanating from downtown Hot Springs Thursday, Oct. 20, through Oct. 29 with the “Valley of the Vapors” Music and Film Festival at Schapiro’s on Central, 601 Central Ave. The promoters scheduled the festival in tandem with the Hot Springs Doc

Move over, ponchos

I’ve never exactly been the fashion-forward type. No matter what the trend, odds are I’ll think it’s at least borderline hideous for the first year or so. Flared jeans? Hated them. Capri pants? Gave me hives.

More West Memphis soul

After helping craft the Memphis R&B sound of the 1960s, trumpeter Wayne Jackson of West Memphis had many avenues to explore.

This Modern World Oct. 20

Letters Oct. 20

It was revealing to read in the Arkansas Times Oct. 6 letters from two residents of the ‘burbs that seem to express not only fear of the poor but hatred of the poor as well. Perhaps such sentiments are widely held. If so, they could go a long way towards

Who was Daisy Bates?

Daisy Bates’ name is synonymous with the struggle for civil rights in Little Rock. A street named in her honor bears testament to her role. But, as years pass and memories fade, precious few know much about the woman who rose to national prominence du

A friend in a high place

All that President Bush wanted to do was to put someone on the U. S. Supreme Court who would always be his friend because he might one day need one there. He remembered when Bill Clinton desperately needed friends on the court and didn’t have them, even a

HS Documentary Festival schedule

Here are the details on the movies opening the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival -- time of screening, length and brief description.

The week that was Oct. 12-18

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … The STATE FAIR. Glorious weather meant great attendance, a record crowd of 438,000.

The state's $500,000 log cabin

There’s no way to know, of course, how a time-traveling 19th-century Arkansas homesteader would react if he turned the corner at Second and Cumberland and came upon the Historic Arkansas Museum’s latest restoration project. But here’s my guess: He’d la

Approaching the unthinkable

U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., wants to reinstate the draft. His is an equal-opportunity proposal: “To those who say the poor fight better, I say give the rich a chance.”

Smart Talk Oct. 20

This week: The Democrat-Gazette editor's version of Little Rock history. A legislative idea to watch from Indiana. A check on the state's effort at registering voters.

The Insider Oct. 20

Previously announced plans for Main Street that included a new home for the Arkansas Repertory Theatre between Second and Third streets and a dinner theater at the old Center Theater — all on land owned by the Stephens financial empire — have changed.

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Sports Page, Loca Luna, Bubba and Garcia's. Capsule reviews: Nan King, On the Border.

Wes Clark snubs Bill Halter

It’s not that anyone had any reason to believe that Wes Clark and Bill Halter were close, or that Clark had any obligation to Halter, or that the general didn’t have every right to prefer Mike Beebe for the Democratic nomination for governor.

Bruce James calls the Hogs

The Hogs go down again, Bruce predicts.

Casting stones at 'Crowns'

Now that I’ve frustrated a few diehard Motley Crue fans and lovers of big-hair, big-show ’80s music with a recent column on the Crue’s bawdy, explosive show last month, I turn the focus 180 degrees: to the Casting Crowns show at Alltel Arena last Friday

Words Oct. 20

It isn’t reigning rain, you know, it’s reining violets: Ruby Mettler of Hot Springs found this in the local paper — “When Dan Stuart and John Condon died, Louis Cella took the reigns, spearheading the return of live racing to the Oaklawn facility.”

Orval Oct. 20

Editorial cartoon Oct. 20

On the wrong foot

There are horses called closers that get out of the gate poorly, then take their sweet time about it but usually make the big redemptive late run, and that’s about the only reason I haven’t already given up on the 21st century.

African American art

If I seem to harp on Samella Lewis, the artist and chronicler of African-American art history, it’s because she brought something important to town.

Stellar cast worthy of classic play

The standing ovation given to the “Of Mice and Men” cast at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre opening night was not only well deserved, but a confirmation that Robert Hupp has once again successfully brought John Steinbeck’s words and images to fruition onst

Go ahead, Panic

After a year off from touring and finally taking a breath after losing band co-founder Michael Houser to cancer, Widespread Panic has roared back in 2005 with a new live album and a powerhouse tour that reaches Alltel Arena this Saturday.

Spa City Docs

A “hillbilly” hootenanny gets the 14th Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival cranking on Friday, Oct. 21, and the 10-day festival will feature leading international filmmakers and award-winning and nominated documentaries of the past two years.