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October 23, 2008

Vol 6 • No 41

Templars back in business

No one who was at the dedication — or re-dedication — of the Mosaic Templars building on that Saturday morning last month will forget Ellen Turner Carpenter’s remark at the ribbon cutting. “We made it,” she said.

Child advocates: 'No' on Initiated Act 1

Voices for America's Children, a non-partisan advocacy group, has joined judges, clergy, medical groups, social work professionals and others urging a "No" vote on Initiated Act 1, which would make adoption more difficult in Arkansas.

The call is answered UPDATE

Some Democrats haven't given up on Arkansas. Word comes that Bill Clinton, Dale Bumpers, David Pryor and Mark Pryor will barnstorm the state for Obama.

When life begins

For your reading, philosophical and other consideration is this Court of Appeals decision today. A frozen embryo was successfully used for pregnancy of a woman whose husband had died in an on-the-job accident.

Open line

Go to it.

Teachers OK contract

The Little Rock Classroom Teachers Association has approved a pay agreement for the school year. The School Board will consider it tomorrow night.

More endorsements

Your enthusiasm for the Assmunch political endorsements published in this space last week has inspired the old boy to whip up another batch of them.

Oaklawn says whoa

Oaklawn Jockey Club in Hot Springs is one of the few major horseracing venues in the country that has yet to sign a new equine health, safety and anti-doping pledge.

Editorial cartoon, Oct. 23

The Week That Was, Oct. 15-21

It was a GOOD week for … The ARKANSAS STATE FAIR.

Noisy pizza

I just read your review of the new U.S. Pizza in Hillcrest. Are we the only ones who long for the old funky gas station location?

The Observer, Oct. 23

The Observer hears the Song of the Seed.

To-do List, Oct. 23

This week: Matt White, Big Cruisefest, Hawthorne Heights, 'Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business,' Fred Eaglesmith, Mud Run and Meshugga Klezmer Band.

In Brief, Oct. 23

La Catrina Quartet, Ian Moore, Little Rock Culture Shock, Cool Shoes and more.

'Sex Drive'

Virginity, like food poisoning, is funny to you only after you get rid of it. Until then, it can be hysterical to everyone else. Such is the lot of Ian (a likeable Josh Zuckerman), the protagonist/wanker at the center of “Sex Drive,” a dippy and guilty gu

What's Cookin', Oct. 23

The Station, a grocery and deli, will open, likely in mid-November, in the space that previously housed Little Rock Paint and Wallpaper, in the wedge where Kavanaugh and Markham meet in Stifft Station.

It’s the music, stupid

If this presidential race isn’t a culture war between city dwellers and country folks, then I don’t know what it is.


It’s still a whole week before Oct. 31, but walk into Hobby Lobby or Target or Kroger and you can almost see the boxes of ornaments and strings of lights standing there with their arms crossed, tapping their feet and glancing not-so-subtly at their watche

Changes up for aloft

The developers of the aloft Hotel have decided to bypass the city Board of Adjustment in seeking a height variance for their proposed seven-story building on Clinton Avenue.

Documentary film schedule

Oct. 24-26.

McCain’s desperation

The clearest sign of desperation by John McCain was the campaign’s decision last week to wave the bloody shirt of socialism.

This Modern World, Oct. 23

Tasty Taziki's

One might be confused upon entering Taziki’s Greek Fare, the first franchise of a Birmingham-based chain. The decor suggests a table-service-style bistro, but like a recent spate of chains to come to Central Arkansas, Taziki’s fits in the fast-casual cate

Orval, Oct. 23

For the lottery

On Nov. 4, Arkansas voters will decide on a public policy initiative that tackles head-on our bottom-rung rankings in higher education and personal income.

Wheel of fortune

Arkansas will vote this year on legalizing a state lottery, profits to go to college scholarships. That doesn't mean we support it.

Vote ‘No’ on Initiated Act 1

Arkansas Families First has produced a nine-minute video that offers compelling testimony by real people against the act. Also: Nominees sought for bike awards; political T-shirt wearers beware.

Awakening Dreamland

Ninth Street businesses filled the community's everyday needs. But Dreamland Ballroom fed the spirit.

Early voting

John Brummett provides another easy-to-follow guide on the multiple ballot issues that will confront voters this year.

Don't let the doorknob hit you

More fine reporting in the Democrat-Gazette today on the saga of the former Republican legislator/grifter from Massachusetts who drops into Arkansas sporadically to pick up a $150,000 paycheck and monumental travel reimbursements for allegedly running the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System.

What are they thinking?

Another D-G story today bears comment. It's about the understandable concern on the part of some Pulaski County JPs that the overdue and necessary jail expansion may not be supportable at the moment by current  revenues.

Home intrusion slaying

This came overnight from LRPD: Communications received a 911 call at 9:42 p.m. from 5209 Holly Springs.

Home intrusion slaying

This came overnight from LRPD: Communications received a 911 call at 9:42 p.m. from 5209 Holly Springs.

School Board member responds

We reported a couple of days ago on the official enrollment report on the Little Rock School District and the loss of students to charter schools.

Joe the Plumber doesn't wear Manolos

The Sarah Palin fashion saga puts pricey haircuts in the shade. Deservedly.

Annals of wackjobery

You knew that U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) was a wackjob, even before she talked about anti-American congressmen, even before she put the deep kiss on G.W. Bush after a State of the Union.

Poll watching UPDATE

The Arkansas Poll from the University of Arkansas is out. As I predicted this morning, it continues to show a good spread for John McCain in Arkansas.

Alltel deal challenged

Roby Brock at Talk Business reports that competitors are raising objections to the Verizon-Alltel deal.

Thursday: Ian Moore, La Catrina Quartet and more

Ian Moore. One of Mexico's strongest string quartets, La Catrina Quartet, performs at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, 7:30 p.m., $10-$20.Popular singer/songwriter Ian Moore returns to Sticky Fingerz, 9 p.m., $8 adv., $10 d.o.s. Nashville prog-rockers the Sound and the Shape come to White Water with the See, 9 p.m., $5.

Today's video

Pass it around.

Calling election junkies

My friend Johanna Miller Lewis, UALR history prof, sends word of a panel on this year's presidential election at 6:30 p.m. tonight at UALR's Dickinson Auditorium.

ASU: Remedial work needed

The Jonesboro Sun reported today that Arkansas State is under NCAA review after reporting itself that had erroneously certified 23 athletes as academically eligible when they were not.

And about 2012

Don't count me among those who think this election is over. Nonetheless, a lot of Republicans seem to be leaning in that direction.

The hotel battle UPDATE


The hotel battle UPDATE


Doane to depart

-- Video courtesy the Tolbert Report,  Paul Doane, executive director of the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System, told a legislative committee today that he will resign.

Involuntary Hiatus

It's been a crazy week around here.  I haven't been able to keep up with the blog as much as I would have liked.

Library: still no on hotel

The Central Arkansas Library System board of directors voted today to approve a letter from CALS director Bobby Roberts that reiterates the library's opposition to a new seven-story hotel proposed for the corner of Clinton Ave. and Commerce Street, even though changes to address their concerns about height and scale of the building have been made.

The To-Do List Podcast, 10-23


Afternoon waster: '30 Rock' a week early

If you have an office or sit in a corner or work without supervision, surely you've discovered Hulu, the streaming TV and movie site.

Houston Dale Nutt: Good Times, Bad Times

By game time Saturday, anti-Nutt feelings will understandably be at a fever pitch among Razorback fans, but we thought that now would be an appropriate time to reflect on both the good and the bad of his tenure.

Thursday To-Do: Matt White

MATT WHITE9 p.m., Juanita's. $10 adv., $12 d.o.s.New York musician Matt White's career could be a case study for what's becoming a new model for music industry success, one that's defined by social networking sites and product placement.

Pressly update

Today's statement from the family of KATV morning anchor Anne Pressly, severely injured in a beating during a home intrusion Sunday night or early Monday:

Pressly update

Today's statement from the family of KATV morning anchor Anne Pressly, severely injured in a beating during a home intrusion Sunday night or early Monday:

Whitbeck gets six years

Little Rock business executive Frank Whitbeck, 61, was sentenced to six years in prison today on his guilty plea to a count of mail fraud in embezzling from  his insurance company.

Workingman blues

The state Supreme Court today declined to consider whether the state's Workers Compensation Commission is unconstitutionally stacked against injured workers.

Your turn BUT ALSO

I'm whupped. Been a newsy day.

Favorite Political Ad this Year

Some candidates run 100% negative ads.  Then others have  ads like this one: Happy days are here again !   I hope.


  Oh, my darlings, I know this will be like learning there is no Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy is actually your dysfunctional parents slipping their spare change under your pillow whilst you’re sacked out in Dreamland.

Q&A: Matt Besser, Part 3

Welcome to the third and final part of our Q&A with the world's funniest Hog fan, Matt Besser (click here for part one and here for part two).

‘W.’ wins by a landslide

In the interest of full disclosure, let’s just go ahead and get it out on the table right now: I can’t stand W. I’m not talking about director Oliver Stone’s new film “W.” That’s actually pretty good — funny, poignant and interesting. No, I’m talking abou

Still docs a plenty

As the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival enters its closing weekend, there’s still a wealth of compelling films left to screen.

Still docs a plenty

As the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival enters its closing weekend, there’s still a wealth of compelling films left to screen.

Early traffic warning

Former President Bill Clinton and other big-name Democrats will rally the troops for Barack Obama at 5 p.m. today at Fourth and Main in North Little Rock.

Make a pledge UPDATE

I'll be slacking this morning in favor of begging money for KUAR-KLRE. Call 569-8485 or hit and make a pledge.

Catching up

Back at work, I find e-mail has stacked up. Tidbits: Anne Pressly's family will talk to media this afternoon.

Weekend To-Do: Big Cruisefest in the Rock

BIG CRUISEFEST IN THE ROCK10 a.m., River Market. Free.Grease monkeys, hot-rodders, low-riders, motor heads and general car enthusiasts, take note.

Weekend To-Do: 'Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business'

‘JUNIE B. JONES AND A LITTLE MONKEY BUSINESS'7 p.m., Arkansas Children's Theatre. $11-$14.Try this on for a mix-up.

Friday To-Do: Hawthorne Heights

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS7 p.m., the Village. $17-$20.Casual pop fans might remember Hawthorne Heights from several years back, when the emo band's label urged its street team (read: over zeal-ous fans) to boost one of its releases into the number one spot on the Billboard charts ahead of an album by Camden-born crooner and R&B star Ne-Yo by moving the latter around in stores and otherwise obscuring it.

Friday To-Do: Fred Eaglesmith

FRED EAGLESMITH9 p.m., White Water Tavern. $15 adv., $20 d.o.s.Canadian singer/songwriter Fred Eaglesmith has been compared to Bruce Springsteen, John Prine and Woody Guthrie.

Halloween Countdown: Stan Lee is a Misfit

The origin of the Misfits' logo. Not so creepy.

Opie, Andy and Fonz

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die   Readers have mentioned this already, but it's right up my alley.

Beauty's only skin deep

But intellectual ugliness is to the bone. They're paying Sarah Palin's makeup artist more than they are paying to give her foreign policy advice.

A mighty wind, the sequel

More jobs from the wind energy business. Today's news means 700 jobs in Jonesboro, according to the state's news release.

Comping the cops

The Times of North Little Rock has an interesting story by Jeremy Peppas this week -- on the jump -- about the widespread practice there and elsewhere of cops getting comped apartments in return for the security they provide by being on-premises.

Pressly improving UPDATE

Anne Pressly's father, Guy Cannady (at right in photo), talked about her injuries in an interview today with ABC.  The photo is from his meeting with local press later in the day.

Pressly improving UPDATE

Anne Pressly's father, Guy Cannady (at right in photo), talked about her injuries in an interview today with ABC.  The photo is from his meeting with local press later in the day.

The Weekend: Little Rock Culture Shock, Cool Shoes, Cory Branan and more

FRIDAY 10/24Formerly known as Inksplosion, Little Rock Culture Shock brings together tattoo artists, custom bike makers and all sorts of freaks at the Clear Channel Metroplex for three days, beginning at 6 p.m. tonight, $10-$25.

Beebe: Look for the anti-union label

The Arkansas Project thinks Gov. Mike Beebe was channeling his lobby-friendly side (anti-union, in other words) during a TV interview given while he was attempting to drum up business for the state in New York.

Beebe: Look for the anti-union label

The Arkansas Project thinks Gov. Mike Beebe was channeling his lobby-friendly side (anti-union, in other words) during a TV interview given while he was attempting to drum up business for the state in New York.

Saturday To-Do: Mud Run

MUD RUN9 a.m., Two Rivers Park. $25-$35.There are foot races and then there's Mud Run.

Saturday To-Do: Meshugga Klezmer Band

MESHUGGA KLEZMER BAND8:30 p.m., Afterthought. $8.Right on schedule (by which I mean, after so long I can't remember), the Meshugga Klezmer Band returns to the Afterthought.

J. Hawg's Pick 10

Last week, having bared my soul and lack of sophisticated picking, I had my best results ever in Pick 10, getting 8 out of 10 right.


  In keeping with the high political tone for which this blog is noted, I share THIS.

Fatal attraction

Republicans have gone to acting like Democrats, killing their own young. I love it.

In touch with voters?

Joe White, the Democrat running for Senate against incumbent Sen. Gilbert Baker, a Republican, says Baker is out of touch.

Let's play football

Hog fans go Nutts tomorrow. With the Ole Miss kickoff looming, I thought I'd post this column by Robert Shields, who confesses he kind of misses ol' Houston Dale.

Open line

Click image to enlarge So shoot me. I couldn't get over to the rally in NLR.

Liberals R Us

Responding to whines from the McCain camp, John Brummett goes looking for the so-called liberal media.

Encouraging news

With Republicans madly suing all over the country to limit voter turnout, it's good to continue to hear details of the depth of Obama campaign organizing.

Encouraging news

With Republicans madly suing all over the country to limit voter turnout, it's good to continue to hear details of the depth of Obama campaign organizing.

McCainiacs on the march

Speaking of angry, hate-filled people: The "Religious" Right is stepping up its alarmist attacks on Obama.

Dave Bisbee is wrong

The senator and candidate for Benton County judge thinks JPs can meet "one-on-one" to discuss county business.

Looking ahead

Newsweek polled voters on their preferred Republican nominee in 2012, presuming a McCain defeat.   Romney: 35 The Huckster: 26 Palin: 20

Open line

Early startup. I'm going to stand in the early vote line and get 'er done today no matter what.

Anchorwoman dies

Anne Pressly, the KATV morning anchor who was beaten in her home earlier this week, has died of her injuries about half an hour ago.


Bumping this to the top because . . . well, because I can.

A Very Dark Nutt in Fayetteville

Just when you thought the Hogs had run out of new ways to break your heart in a close game, they top themselves once again.

The diva

Amusing story here about tensions between John McCain's people and Sarah Palin. Caribou Barbie wants to speak for herself.

The races for legislature

The Arkansas legislature will remain overhwhelmingly Democratic no matter what happens Nov. 4. But the Republican Party thinks it can pick up seats.

Credit where due

It's perhaps late in the game -- and the state's cause seems lost -- but Brummett notes that Arkansas Democratic leaders have stepped up appropriately for Barack Obama in recent days.

The lying liars at work

The Bush Justice Department wants you to be disqualified from voting if a data entry clerk makes a typographical error.

Press watch

I note today that the Associated Press, but not the Democrat-Gazette, mentioned that former President Bill Clinton urged people at Obama rallies in Pine Bluff and Jonesboro yesterday to vote AGAINST INITIATED ACT 1.

Pressly tribute

Brian Chilson photographed the remembrance placed outside KATV anchor Anne Pressly's home on Club Road.

A Huckster shall lead them

Now it's none other than Daily Kos himself nominating Mike Huckabee to lead the Republican Party out of the wilderness after the presumed (this kind of talk drives me nuts) defeat Nov. 4.

Zen and the Art of Hog Maintenance

After swallowing two very bitter pills of SEC defeat here in the last two weeks, none as bitter as the last one for obvious reasons, I thought I would consult the "The Little Zen Companion" that I keep by my bedside.

Halter: Against Initiated Act 1

"The last thing we need to do," says Lt. Gov. Bill Halter on the campaign trail yesterday, is to make it harder to find good homes for children who need them.

Palin shucks her duds

  Catch your breath, boys.

Loserman: A tune change

The odious Joe Lieberman has suddenly started talking nice about Barack Obama. Come January, Mark Pryor will still take his calls.

Open line

Here you go.


   Oh, honeys, this is so rich! Like ME, come to think of it!

UCA shooting -- two dead

KATV Channel 7 is reporting that the campus of the University of Central Arkansas is on lockdown at this hour after reports of gunfire on campus.

Templars back in business

No one who was at the dedication — or re-dedication — of the Mosaic Templars building on that Saturday morning last month will forget Ellen Turner Carpenter's remark at the ribbon cutting. “We made it,” she said. “We made it. We made it. We made it.”

Biden blabs

Joe Biden's departure from script last week wasn't exactly a surprise, John Brummett writes today.

Talk about scary

A diehard Repub blog reader calls my attention to a webpage with patterns to adapt your pumpkin to your political preference.

Mayor makes nice

The race for mayor of North Little Rock has grown heated, with lead challenger Bubba Lloyd, endorsed by police and fire groups, gigging Commodore Pat Hays on his lavish riverfront spending while electric rates rise and neighborhhood concerns languish.

On the bonus trail

Pulaski Justice of the Peace Phil Stowers sends a note about the Quorum Court meeting Tuesday at which JPs will consider another pay bonus for county employees, a bonus plan that also covers county elected officials.

UCA suspends classes UPDATE

There'll be no classes at the University of Central Arkansas in Conway today as the campus copes with a Sunday night shooting outside a dormitory that left two students dead.

Dillard's scrap gets personal

Arkansas Business reports on a letter sent by unhappy Dillard's shareholders to company board members seeking removal of William Dillard II as company CEO.

A kind word for ACORN

Ernie Dumas, writing in the Arkansas Leader, provides a little useful context on ACORN, which the Republican Party is busy trying to blame for the world's economic collapse.

Ten Law Firm Names That Make You Scratch Your Head

(From the Great American Lawyer Blog) Ten Law Firm Names That Make You Scratch Your Head: Do Egos Continue To Drive Law Firm Naming Conventions.

Charity begins at home

Mike Huckabee has been busy since leaving the presidential campaign. He turns up somewhere every week, either at for-pay events or advancing the Republican campaign.

Notes from the Field: CharlieHog Attends the Red-White Game

Being expats, we were unable to attend Friday night's Red-White basketball game. However, like last year, we were able to persuade CharlieHog, proprietor of the excellent HogNation site and the terrific new RazorbackNine baseball blog (and perhaps most importantly, our very first commenter), to file an eyewitness report.

Closing the achievement gap

A legislative panel heard ideas today for closing the "achievement gap" between different racial and socioeconomic groups.

Vote now: Best restaurants

Balloting has begun in our annual Readers Choice restaurant contest. You can go on-line to vote by clicking You get but one opportunity to vote.

Family-friendly candidate?

Republican Kyle Reeves, who's trying to snag an open House seat in Searcy, has been accused in a lawsuit of discriminating against an employee -- ultimately firing her -- because she was pregnant.

Ted Stevens guilty

The Alaskan U.S. senator, a beneficiary of lots of free stuff (sort of like another Alaska politician of note), apparently didn't convince a jury with his lame alibi.

Ark. skinhead makes headlines

This is all I know from MSNBC website at the moment, but ..... sigh. Thanks to Roby Brock for the tip.

Dobbins' appeal denied

The state Supreme Court today denied Dwayne Dobbins' appeal of a circuit court ruling rejecting his lawsuit to get onto the ballot as a Democratic candidate for state House of Representatives.

Reshaping the King Commission

No doubt that the M.L. King Commission needs to be streamlined. Executive Director DuShun Scarbrough weighs in on his ideas on the subject in a lengthy release on the jump.

Police and the Pressly matter

LR Police Chief Stuart Thomas issues a lengthy press release addressing those with discontent about lack of information forthcoming in the beating death of KATV anchor Anne Pressly.

The rallying continues

The Democratic Party has announced that Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson will join Sen. Mark Pryor and his dad, David Pryor, the Party chairman, in a round of political appearances around Arkansas this week.

Monday madness

It's on.

In Remembrance

Fear, Satan’s most powerful tool, is the root of all evil. Fear itself is my greatest fear.

I Could Just Eat You Up!

I'm the kind of person who likes to exercise, so long as I can pretend that I'm not actually working out.  I listen to music while watching TV as I run so that there's plenty of stuff to think about besides how much further I have to go.  The catch is there are only two TVs at my gym, so sometimes I don't have a say in what I end up watching.

UCA suspects identified

The University of Central Arkansas has identified four suspects taken into custody in the slaying of two students on campus Sunday night.

Who you calling racist?

John Brummett analyzes the recent Arkansas Poll that attempted to get at the question of how many Arkansans might vote against Barack Obama on account of his race.

Suspect in Pressly case? UPDATE

I note the Democrat-Gazette this morning chose not to pick up on reports yesterday that suggested the LRPD might have information pointing to a specific person in the beating death a week ago of KATV's morning anchor Anne Pressly.

McCain's mercenaries

Funny item. A British newspaper finds that the woefully disorganized McCain campaign has had to hire paid canvassers -- unlike Obama's volunteer legions -- to get out the vote in Iowa.

Methodists on the march

United Methodists will travel the state this week to campaign against the lottery amendment.

Stodola to D-G: *@#!

Members of the Heights Neighborhood Association have been copied on a letter an unhappy Mayor Mark Stodola sent to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette last week following an editorial on Anne Pressly's beating.

Standing in the Shower Thinking...

From contributor Rod Bryan: When water is committed to a class 2 injection well, it is taken off the human radar.

Students protest at UCA

Politics roll on amid other news. A group of UCA students has announced plans for a protest this afternoon at which they plan "to demand that state Sen. Gilbert Baker [Republican, Conway] publicly disclose his involvement in brokering luxury housing for his son at UCA."

Students protest at UCA

Politics roll on amid other news. A group of UCA students has announced plans for a protest this afternoon at which they plan "to demand that state Sen. Gilbert Baker [Republican, Conway] publicly disclose his involvement in brokering luxury housing for his son at UCA."

Vote suppression roundup

The Repubs are at work in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Virginia. But the Obama team is fighting them every step and winning plenty of rounds.

Poll porn

Blogger Atrios uses the phrase "poll porn" to signify unusually good results. That would certainly apply to Pew's latest -- a 15 percent lead for Obama among likely voters and a 19 percent edge among people who have ALREADY voted.

Tell Me If This Sounds Self-Pitying, But...

...does it seem like the football Hogs lose more than their share of heartbreakingly close games?

Belatedly, the Grades Are In

You surely had severe withdrawal symptoms yesterday when we failed to post our usual Monday morning summaries of Chris Bahn's and Alex Abram's grades of the latest Hog game.

For our neighbors to the South

Is Shreveport the next Fort Worth?  Drew Pierson of the Shreveport Times looks at shale developments in Texas and wonders if Louisiana can learn any lessons. 

PA Republicans Take Honest Look at Shale Impact

How refreshing!  Republicans in Pennsylvania are looking at the impacs of the Marcellus Shale play and trying to come up with honest solutions for dealing with possible problems.  One solution: a natural gas tax.  This might help take care of the roads once the trucks are gone, the schools once they're over-croweded, and maybe the water once it's polluted.  Talk to some of the officials around here, like Sens. Johnson and Gilbert at the UCA Shale Summit, and you'll get a totally different view on how natural gas companies should be taxed. 

Halloween Countdown: Ace Spade and the Whores of Babylon tonight

Rock Candy's favorite local ghouls, Ace Spade and the Whores of Babylon, are sure to pull out all the stops tonight at Pizza D.

The DJI roller coaster

What the Dow taketh away, the Dow giveth back, a bit. The industrial average closed up almost 900 points today. The market likes the sound of an interest rate cut.

Stephens paper wields axe

Some Arkansas newspaper employees undoubtedly hope that what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.

Gas Line Explosion in Caddo Parish, LA

(Henrietta Wildsmith, Shreveport Times) This is down around my neck of the woods (the Texarkana area).  Shreveport is the parish seat of Caddo Parish.  Apparently there was a gas line explosion today at about 130 p.m.  One person was injured.  The Shreveport Times has more.

Early voting: a tip for the wise

If you're planning to vote early, your best bet in Pulaski County is the county building at Broadway and Markham.

Charges announced at UCA

MURDER SUSPECTS: From left, Brockman, Perry, Toney, Wade. Prosecutor Marcus Vaden of Conway said today that he'd prosecute the four suspects in the fatal shooting of two UCA students on capital murder charges.

Horror Stories....

In honor of Halloween, why don't you send in your horror stories or other goulish experiences related to natural gas issues in AR, whether it's drilling, water issues, noise-complaints, or whatever else ails you.  Feel free to include any other questions or concerns.  Send to 

Betting on the lottery

The campaign to pass a state lottery has announced that it raised more than $185,000 in October.

She talks with angels

“With Angels,” the Arkansas-connected Web TV show I told you about a while back, debuts today on

Tuesday talk

Clean slate.

Warning, This Might Sting a Bit

Normally I prefer to look ahead to the next game rather than dwell on the last one (that's because, more often than not, the last one hasn't been worth dwelling on lately), but given the significance of the Ole Miss matchup and the rather unique way in which it ended I think we need to indulge in a little group therapy before we can move on.

It may be the year of the lottery

As of this writing, no president or chancellor of a public college or university in Arkansas has publicly endorsed a proposed state-lottery amendment that would create scholarships for students to attend those institutions, though Lt. Gov. Bill Halter expects some will before Election Day.

Faith-based budgeting

Tom Courtway, acting president of UCA, admitted straight up yesterday that the college is in a tight spot to cover a line of credit and a $3.5 million state advance.

Money talks, every day

I see a hired consultant can't decide between Fayetteville and Bentonville for a new performing arts venue for Northwest Arkansas.

Gilbert Baker: No friend of women

Democrat Joe White, who's at least causing Republican Sen. Gilbert Baker a little discomfort in his half-million-dollar effort to seek re-election to a job nominally worth $15,000 a year, adds an important reminder to the record  about Baker's recently found devotion to women's rights.

Political parallels UPDATE

A reader recommends this Jake Tapper piece (link fixed) on the graspy and backstabbing Sarah Palin.

Hastings back on duty

Several have asked about Lt. Terry Hastings, the lead LRPD media spokesman, who's been absent in articles about recent crimes.

The Fonz

In the off white get-up. Also, not Kanye.

Gun found

UCA police say they've found a gun they believe was used in the slaying of two students on campus Sunday night.

The legislative rundown

Rep. Steve Harrelson's Under the Dome blog has a handy listing of what he believes to be the most hotly contested races for state legislature.

Capi's coming

Trio’s owners Brent Peterson and Capi Peck plan to open their new restaurant, Capi’s, in the Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center sometime before Thanksgiving.


After only eight months in business, Wrought Iron Grill and Pub has closed on President Clinton Ave.

'No' on Referred Question 1

I see the Wildlife Federation has scheduled a news conference tomorrow. I presume it will be to re-emphasize its opposition to Referred Question 1, the $300 million general obligation state bond issue.

As Seen on Deadspin

There's some good Arkansas-related stuff featured on (perhaps's greatest competitor for the title of "#1 sports blog on the web") this week.

Racial profiling by trooper? UPDATE

The state Court of Appeals today tossed a highway marijuana bust of a Mexican national, Martin Hinojosa (pictured), driving a car with an Arizona license plate.

Woo Pig! Eat healthy

The Fayetteville Trucker reports from the friendly confines of Reynolds Razorback Stadium in Fayetteville: This will be the last home game for fans to try the health food inside Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Easy money

The Federal Reserve cut its lending rate to 1 percent. The market is generally static at the expected news.

School rumor control

It is easy to get skittish around a crowd of kids, particularly in a week marked by shooting deaths on a college campus.

UCA to hold forum on campus safety

The University of Central Arkansas is inviting students, parents, faculty and staff to a forum to discuss campus safety after the recent shooting.  The panel discussion will include interim President Tom Courtway, members of UCA law enforcement, the UCA Division of Student Services and the UCA Department of Housing and Residence Life.  The event will be held on Monday at 6 p.m. at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center on the UCA campus.  You can find directions here.   UPDATE: This post originally said the forum will be held tonight.  Reset calendars to Monday.

Halloween Countdown: George Hamilton is Dracula

  Sadly not showing on TV this Halloween.

Arkansas Film Series brewing

The Little Rock Film Commission is teaming with Market Street Cinema to launch an Arkansas Film Series at 7 p.m.

Wyrick to Villines: Give up the bonus

I'm surprised it took Republican Phil Wyrick, a candidate for county judge, a full day to get this news release out.

'Most Wanted' on Pressly case

Fox 16 announces that Fox's "America's Most Wanted" is in town to shoot segments on the beating death of Anne Pressly.

More foster home woes

The Beebe administration is apparently serious about cleaning up foster care problems in Arkansas. And, it should be noted, there are problems to solve.

More Proud Moments for the Hogs

Okay, so Gregg Douche-yell is embarrassing. So is this.