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October 27, 2005

Vol 3 • No 41

The week that was, Oct. 19-25

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … The RACE FOR THE CURE. More than 40,000 ran and walked in Little Rock to raise money to fight breast cancer on a gloriously crisp Saturday.

The Observer Oct. 27

The Observer was a wiseacre in high school, not the sort likely to be a teacher’s pet. But he found himself choked up last week by the death of his high school Latin teacher, a tough and formidable woman who devoted decades to the only children she ever h

Editorial cartoon Oct. 27

Cracker’s Lowery knows area well

Multi-instrumentalist and singer David Lowery, founder of Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, calls Richmond, Va., home, but he feels comfortable when he’s in Arkansas, which most fans will say is not often enough.

TV highlights

TUCKERVILLE 9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29 TLC (Comcast Ch. 68) While country music queen Tanya Tucker has a reputation as a hard-drinking, hard-fighting, rhinestone-bedecked, hell-on-wheels broad, the truth is she’s left most of that behind her.

Friends in high places

So many Brutuses, so few Antonys, President Bush must be saying. (No, really, he could be a fan of “Julius Caesar.”) No president may have taken as many wounds from men high in his administration while he is still in power. So many of them are trusted a

Letters Oct. 27

Some of you may have heard about the “Endangered Species Recovery Act.” It is essentially the undoing of a 1973 law. This new proposal has several very scary provisions that will gut the Endangered Species Act of any possible effectiveness by denying, amo

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Chloe in Fayetteville; Tom's. Capsule reviews: Moe's; Double D's.

Government in secret

Early this week, the Little Rock City Hall website mentioned that the City Board agenda Tuesday would include a report from a “new revenues” task force. This was a surprise to many city hall watchers and even several members of the city board. What

Smart Talk Oct. 27

The estate tax, the lawsuit 'crisis' and a new website to serve gay people in Arkansas are the topics.

A cold but enlightened 'Country'

On more than one occasion, this reviewer has been known to exclaim “God Bless Gloria Steinem.” It’s not that I necessarily want to celebrate somebody who thinks I’m as useless to her as a bicycle is to a fish. It’s just my way of saying thanks to all thos

Flu over the cuckoo's nest

I don’t understand all this concern over the bird flu. I mean, I’m as much of an animal lover as anybody, but Lord have mercy we all get the flu from time to time when one of these big epidemics occurs, and all there is to do for it is take some Tylen

From Gilbert and Sullivan to country

Music reviews from Wildwood, Alltel and Sticky Fingerz.

Orval Oct. 27

New homes in old neighborhoods

It seems to me that there are a lot of changes in the way new homes are being built in old middle-class and upper-class neighborhoods in Little Rock and North Little Rock.

Irony run amok

I wish that, just once, I could get through the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette editorial page without wanting to claw my own eyes out. Just once.

Old-fashioned prisons

It’s been said before, but bears repeating: Visitors who come to Arkansas looking for an authentic 19th-century experience could get their fill by touring the state prison system.


Pat Lile writes, "Today in the Dem Gaz I read this example of words used backwards to the normal order: 'By early Thursday, tale-tell signs emerged...'"

This time, it’s the crime

When Watergate was etched into the public consciousness — the moment when America lost its political innocence and after which elected leaders could no longer be fully trusted — the cover-up was said to be worse than the crime.

Arkansas politicians graded and ranked

A reader in Fort Smith sends an electronic message inviting me to do something. Actually, I get a lot of messages from readers inviting me to do something. But this qualifies as that rare invitation I actually can relate in a family newspaper.

This Modern World Oct. 27

The Insider Oct. 27

Our list of real estate transfers this week includes a house purchase by Jermain Taylor, the world middleweight boxing champion.

Dombek opens the door

New work, new gallery — two reasons to go to the George Dombek exhibit that opens Friday, Oct. 28, at Argenta Art Gallery, 401 Main St., North Little Rock.

Saturday night’s all right for fright

The big night of Halloween revelry for most area clubs has been set for Saturday, Oct. 29, with costume contests, drink specials, spooky music and more.

Brother's keeper

Though it’s a celebrity that none of us would want to be saddled with, David Kaczynski is resolved these days to the fact that he will forever be known — in news accounts, in his personal life, probably even in his obituary someday — as the Unabomber’s br

Trucking to the Gulf

It was a funny exchange, Wal-Mart merchandise tracker Danette Willson acknowledged. At the request of the Red Cross, Willson was sending clothing and other needed items to their shelters in Baton Rouge and elsewhere, and among the things needed were bras.

A third try for Alison Krauss

For the third time, Alison Kraus has a show set at Alltel Arena. Will she make it?

Altruism or PR?

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., through its foundation and directly, will give more than $200 million in cash and in-kind donations in 2005, $30 million more than it gave away in 2004. But Betty Feng and Jeff Krehely’s “The Waltons and Wal-Mart: Self-Intere

Looking back and ahead at documentary festival

If the crowd of this year’s Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival came searching for truth, they might have found one on opening night: Corn liquor and Mountain Dew Code Red is a foul, foul combination.

Those who got

The following Arkansas institutions were the top beneficiaries of foundation grants in 2003, according to data compiled this year by The Foundation Center in New York.

HS film festival schedule

Here are the details for the closing days of the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival.

Private grantmaking foundations

A ranking of the biggest private foundations in Arkansas.

Money changing

Facts on private foundations in Arkansas.

The most generous

Here's a ranking of foundations in Arkansas by amounts given.

The two (new) faces of Ed David

Ed David, the hard-working independent creator of the Faded Rose, finally has Bubba and Garcia’s up and running in Riverdale, in the building that was the original Rose before he built a bigger home next door for his eternally popular New Orleans cooking.

Philanthropy storms in to aid Katrina casualties

Nature has battered the globe in the past year, sending devastating earthquakes and hurricanes East and West. Seldom have natural forces cre-ated so much havoc in such a short period of time. But hard times bring out the best in people, and philanthro

A man for all seasons

Ever since Bob Hupp took over as producing director of the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, the well-traveled Joseph Graves — he’s such a vagabond, it’s hard for him to pinpoint an actual residence — has found a regular stopping-off spot at The Rep, playing se

More picks Oct. 27-Nov. 3

Ailey dancers, soul singer Brian McKnight, the Boo-seum Bash, lots of theater, a kids show by the symphony and Ashlee Simpson are on the card in Arkansas. Also, see accompanying articles on Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival by clicking "Best Bets" in

Taking offense and seeing lots of it

Gunner DeLay, local lawyer and frequent politician, strolled into the Fort Smith Athletic Club where I sat watching the live telecast of Patrick Fitzgerald’s news conference.