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November 3, 2005

Vol 3 • No 42

Smart Talk Nov. 3

Wally Hall on the sorry state of Hog football; classic movies at the Clinton Library; retail rumors.

Eying a race

Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Jason Willett confirmed rumors that he is considering a run for the Dist. 75 seat in the state House currently held by attorney general candidate Dustin McDaniel.

Bruce James calls the Hogs

Bruce James says the Hogs are due for a win and South Carolina will be the loser.

More picks Nov. 3-9

The Arkansas Symphony showcases violinist Andrew Irvin; Red Hawk reads his poetry; Wildwood has ballet; 'Oklahoma' plays Fayetteville. And if Elvin impersonators are your bag, LR has a good one.

Interviewing the interviewer

Don Elkins’ career in broadcasting began in the Navy and his work has subsequently appeared on ABC News, the BBC, CNN, and CBS. Now in Northwest Arkansas, Elkins is the news co-anchor of KNWA, based in Fayetteville and owned by Nexstar, which also owns KA

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking: Capsule reviews: Vino's; Fayrays in El Dorado.

Women in the Senate

The feature film at the14th Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival a couple of Sundays ago was “14 Women,” which tells about the number of females who are now U.S. senators.

Orval Nov. 3

Eat, and now drink, at Oak Street Bistro

Oak Street Bistro may be known outside Faulkner County primarily as one of the two Conway restaurants that earlier this year were granted private-club permits that allow them to serve alcohol in exchange for charging diners a nominal membership fee once a

Krauss worth the wait

We probably weren’t alone in feeling a little indifferent Saturday leading up to the Alison Krauss and Union Station show at Alltel Arena.

TV highlights Nov. 3

RED LIGHT DISTRICTS 9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5 A&E (Comcast Ch. 51) On the first day after the creation of the universe, it’s a sure bet somebody sold somebody else a little bit of tail.

Taking the estate out of estate sales

There’s a segment of the population that just gets the heebie-jeebies at the very notion of an estate sale — picking through a dead person’s possessions before they’re even room temperature in the grave.

Sonic heights

Coheed and Cambria fans paced to keep warm on the cold Clear Channel Metroplex parking Oct. 26 while they waited for the doors to open. There was no need to rush. This show — with three other bands — ran four hours.

Editorial cartoon Nov. 3

Letters Nov. 3

Usually I take every bit of publicity generated about the Historic Arkansas Museum as positive, even if some of the facts come out wrong. But please allow me to respond to last week’s “$500,000 log cabin” article, which got many of the facts right, but se

A blog-eat-blog world

Chris Battle, who is managing Asa Hutchinson’s campaign for governor, on May 3 sent an e-mail message to a presumably large number of Republican sympathizers across Arkansas. “I would like to set up a conservative blog, or a number of them in different

Son of a storyteller

With a narrative, storytelling approach to rock and Americana that could be attributed to his genes — or at least the time spent with dad, the acclaimed novelist and screenThe younger McMurtry’s first CD, “Too Long in the Wasteland,” was produced by John

Asa's blunders

Asa Hutchinson, the presumptive Republican nominee for governor, made another embarrassing blunder last week when he was telling a State Chamber of Commerce audience what he thought would be music to their ears. As governor he would cut business taxes.

This Modern World Nov. 3

'Saw II' more than a sequel

I’m not one of those doomsayers who foresees the downfall of Western Civilization every time Marilyn Manson puts out a new album, but I do feel like a few words need to be said about “Saw II.” Maybe most surprisingly, they’re going to be in its defense.


I hope you and yours had a Happpy Halloween, which I guess is an oxymoron since Halloween is about scary stuff and extortion and certainly not about anything having to do with happiness.

A jackpot for the house

Nov. 8, voters in Hot Springs and West Memphis will decide whether to allow race tracks in those cities to add “electronic games of skill.” It’s certain they’ll support the tracks. This vote is a result of a bill rushed through the opening days of the

Life and death at the Weekend Theater

“The Exonerated,” a moving Off-Broadway play that’s been one of the most popular small-house theater shows in New York for several years, will be performed at the Weekend Theater beginning Friday, Nov. 4.

Nice lady

In an article about a scandalous Wal-Mart memo detailing how the company could protect profits by endangering employees, the New York Times wrote on Oct. 29, “The company also says a push toward more part-time workers — many of whom would not be eligible

Words Nov. 3

Not rashness but rest: “While it will take a long time to restore a sense of normalcy in many places, the town is finally getting some much needed help, residents said Friday.”

The Observer Nov. 3

A friend of The Observer noticed during Central High’s homecoming week that her daughter was setting off to school in a pair of shoes she’d borrowed from Mom without asking.

The week that was Oct. 23-29

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … GOV. MIKE HUCKABEE. He completed another marathon (so did Janet Huckabee), this one the Marine Corps marathon in Washington, D.C., smack in the middle of the media-industrial complex. So what if taxpayers paid to fly him up on

Book notes

A roundup of books of interest, spanning novels, Civil War history and the weather next year.

All along the trolley line

If you’re at all the observant type, it might just take you one trip on foot along the trolley route in downtown North Little Rock to notice that a lot of the empty buildings have the same sign in the window: the name V3, and a phone number.

Hail to the chief

We thought it was curious that Gov. Mike Huckabee always utilizes Andrews Air Force base when he travels to the Washington, D.C., area.

What we’re reading

Arkansas best-sellers list.

The governor's flight log

A list of the trips for which Gov. Mike Huckabee has used taxpayer-financed State Police jet service since Jan. 1.

Stephen Lynch likes to ‘freak people out’

Quite a few rock careers started out with singers just entertaining friends with their own compositions. Stephen Lynch got his start by amusing his college housemates.

What's happening in November

A list of events at area bookstores.

A book for football fans

In 1957, while the state was being vilified nationally for the Central High desegregation crisis, the Tigers’ football team not only went undefeated, it won every game impressively, all while practicing amid parked helicopters and Army tents. The squad wa

Hendrix presents Velvet Underground founder

John Cale performs in free show Friday.

Have plane, will travel

Gov. Mike Huckabee has used the Arkansas State Police plane to travel to and from destinations outside of the state more than 30 times during 2005, according to flight logs reviewed by the Arkansas Times.

A mother lode of redevelopment

Maybe you don’t think so. Maybe you’ve driven down North Little Rock’s Main Street lately and noticed how many storefronts are still as empty as they’ve ever been. Maybe if you went exploring, you turned down Sixth Street, still heavy with plywood-cov

What Daisy Bates wasn’t

Grif Stockley has made a worthy contribution to the historical literature on Arkansas, as well as the Little Rock Central High desegregation crisis, with his new biography. While the title may erroneously lead potential readers to think of Mrs. Bates as a