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November 10, 2005

Vol 3 • No 43

The Bentonville shuffle

While I’m not one of the rabid Wal-Mart haters — it’d be kind of hypocritical of me, given than I’m often spotted in one of their stores with my cart mounded over with goods, most still moist from the tears of sweat-shop laborers — I do tend to get a litt

Controlling authority

Max Brantley is on vacation. Contributing editor Mara Leveritt is taking his place this week.

More picks Nov. 10-16

Some of Central Arkansas’s leading restaurants will be represented at the annual Silent Sunday, a benefit for the Arkansas School for the Deaf. The Nov. 3 event at the Statehouse Convention Center will also include live music and other fun.

So, what’s the truth?

As seen in the thriller “Where the Truth Lies,” the answer to finding the truth –- when one person’s entirely accurate version of an event might be completely different from another’s — is that you sometimes have to make yourself a part of the story in or

The Observer Nov. 10

Eugene Buchanan of Bryant has a bone to pick with The Observer’s recent musings blaming “men with guns” for the passenger pigeon’s demise. “Let me try to re-educate The Observer on a few points,” he asked.

Tough time for newspapers

Big-city daily newspapers are having a tough time these days largely because people aren’t buying their papers every day. Only four of the 20 biggest papers have gained in circulation, and the gains were small, like the 2,600 new readers the New York Time

Wal-Mart on film

Though Wal-Mart might be the cheapest place in town to buy toothpaste and socks, critics — environmentalists, labor unions, advocates of small-town America — have long said there is a social price to be paid for the mega-retailer’s discounts. Now, a new d

The week that was, Nov. 2-8

IT WAS A GOOD WEEK FOR … AUTOMOTIVE ASSEMBLY. The chairman of a Japanese company, Hino Motors Ltd., said the company would begin production of commercial trucks at Marion in 2007. Arkansas officials were caught off-guard by the announcement.

The aristocrats

Never mind that President Bush’s popularity and moral authority are sinking to historic levels, his campaign to remake the United States in the image of Louis XIV’s France is continuing right on pace.

Dazzling Cirque Dreams comes to Little Rock

The circus becomes a theatrical spec-tacle when Neil Goldberg’s “Cirque Dreams” takes the Robinson Center Music Hall stage for three shows Monday through Wednesday, Nov. 14-16.

What does the Democratic Party stand for?

At the end of this year’s legislative session, state senators cast secret ballots to elect their next president pro tempore. Reliable accounts said the vote was split 18-17 in favor of Democrat Jack Critcher, who represented “The Brotherhood,” a coalition

Well protected

So what if Gov. Mike Huckabee is using the Arkansas State Police plane to fly around the country? What’s the big deal?

Cale commands

John Cale Hendrix College Nov. 4

Friday night sights

Assemblages, oils and charcoal sketches by New York artist Lawrence Finney and watercolors by Judy Shantz Honey will be featured along with other works at the downtown gallery event 2nd Friday Art Night.

Weekend Theater tackles injustice

I was thrilled when I heard last year that the Weekend Theater would attempt “The Exonerated,” a play I had seen off-Broadway in 2003.

Friday night sights

Assemblages, oils and charcoal sketches by New York artist Lawrence Finney and watercolors by Judy Shantz Honey will be featured along with other works at the downtown gallery event 2nd Friday Art Night.


Not fearsome casualties in Iraq, not hungry and homeless in America, not degradation of the environment everywhere can distract President Bush from his top priority — tax cuts for the rich. These are the folks who put him where he is, they and the Supreme

It’s a bird, it’s a plane … it’s Bad Mike

Bad Mike is back, unless he just flew out again on the State Police airplane.

The Insider Nov. 10

While Central Arkansas Water awaits a ruling from Circuit Judge Mackie Pierce on its request for an expedited trial on the condemnation of Deltic Timber property in the Lake Maumelle watershed, Deltic has asked the judge to put off the trial for a year.

Damgoode finally lives up to its name

As a house full of Ellis Island mutts, the folks at the Arkansas Times are all about the American Dream. The whole reason we’re here, after all — is that back in the far-and-away, a relative of ours believed that somewhere in the world, there was a land w

Smart Talk Nov. 10

We caught a glimpse of a recent Nielsen SoundScan list of best-selling albums in the Little Rock area. SoundScan is a marketing survey of CD/cassette sales in all stores, as well as data collected from Internet music downloads. The Billboard Hot 100 comes

Words Nov. 10

Our discussion of overused words of the 2000s (Oct. 20) brought an e-mail from Michael Haddigan. “Last year’s word was ‘metrosexual,’ ” he writes.

TV Highlights Nov. 10

ALASKA: SILENCE AND SOLITUDE 8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10, AETN (Comcast Ch. 3, Broadcast Ch. 2) While we’ve never been the type to chuck it all, pack what we can fit in a duffel bag, and split for Alaska, there is something about this last America

Letters Nov. 10

Your story (“The state’s $500,000 log cabin,” Oct. 30) about the Historic Arkansas Museum’s development of a program to educate better both young and older visitors about an earlier time in Arkansas’s history and evolution (our state motto, The Natural St

Go nuts for the Asylum Street Spankers

The Asylum Street Spankers bring high-octane, no-amps-needed country, blues, jazz, ragtime and rap to Sticky Fingerz on Monday, Nov. 14.

Bruce James calls the Hogs

Ole Miss has to have the ugliest offense in America.

IQ review

Q. The people who believe in Intelligent Design appear to think of intelligence as a good thing. A very good thing indeed. A godly thing, the defining attribute of the Creator no less. Yet we hear that President Bush launched the Iraq War because o

What's cooking-capsule reviews

What's cooking/capsule reviews: Reno's Argenta Cafe, Argenta Coffee Co., Margo's Catfish Diner.

Hit and run on the Constitution

State Rep. Bill Stovall of Quitman, the rube-talking country merchant who is speaker of the Arkansas House of Representatives, will never be confused with a lawyer, but he is a shrewder constitutionalist than anyone who is associated with the big intersta

Orval Nov. 17

This Modern World Nov. 17