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November 12, 2009

Vol 7 • No 44

Fairground welcome

Little Rock wants to keep it. Jacksonville and other towns want to take it away. So, where does North Little Rock stand in regards to becoming the new home for the Arkansas State Fair?


November 2008: For the first time in years, it seemed the heat was on North Little Rock Mayor Patrick Henry Hays during an election.

Dithering Dems

Harold Meyerson wonders what's so different between 2009 and two previous eras when Democrats were elected by a substantial margin "on a platform of urgent change" and held majorities in both houses of Congress - think 1933 and FDR, 1965 and LBJ.  He comes up with two answers.  First, the GOP is different.  There is virtually no place for moderates in the party.  Second, Democrats have "ditherers within their ranks," including our very own Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

Vance convicted in Pressly murder

CONVICTED:  Curtis Vance led from court after verdict. Curtis Lavelle Vance has been convicted on all counts in the beating death of KATV's Anne Pressly.

Open line

Here and now.

Don’t open this ‘Box’

It may sound derogatory to say that “The Box” feels like an old “Twilight Zone” episode expanded to two hours.

Easy does it

SpeakEasy, the new downtown bar and restaurant on Louisiana Street, fashions itself as a supper club.

To-Do List, Nov. 12

National Black Storytelling Festival, Dane Cook, Billy Joe Shaver, "Five Days of Giving," Young Dro / Huey, Chris Michaels, Bishop Allen, Revival Tour, A.A. Bondy / Elvis Perkins In Dearland and Celtic Thunder are this week's top picks.

Political buzz

Buzz is growing that former Arkansas Farm Bureau president Stanley Reed of Marianna is edging closer to a race as a Republican for U.S. Senate, despite a history of voting in Democratic primaries and backing some Democratic candidates, including the incumbent senator, Blanche Lincoln, he’s now thinking about opposing.

Art plus

Opportunities to expand the mind and expend the purse are abundant this weekend and into the next, with art and history exhibits, lectures on Egyptian artifact conservation, Gustave Courbet and contemporary glass blowing along with the advent of holiday art show-and-sales.

Orval, Nov. 12

Wounded warriors rising

Little Rock’s hardest working filmmakers, Brent and Craig Renaud, continue to pull off an impressive slight of hand rarely seen in the world of documentary.

What's Cooking, Nov. 12

Might be time for a road trip, oenophiles.

Loudon Wainwright III

On Friday, along with a friend, I took an impromptu drive up the entire length of our state to sit in a cozy auditorium that wasn’t even a third full.

Words, Nov. 12

“Later, Smith found a 9mm pistol in the back seat of his car. Police believe as Smith accelerated, the door jam struck the assailant’s arm and he dropped the gun.”

‘Follie Holidays’

On one hand it feels very strange to be sent out to review a performance by middle and high school students, even at the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, a professional theater where Equity-certified actors usually tread, and even if the show, “Follie Holidays,” can already be called a hit with audiences clamoring for every possible seat.

Bill Clinton’s proud of his 5-year-old

Former President Bill Clinton got on the phone in New York early Tuesday morning to talk to Times editor Max Brantley about the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Clinton Presidential Center.

Health care

Thank you so much for carrying Mike Clark’s very informed article (“Druggist for Public Option,” Oct. 22).

The Meat Puppets

Once upon a time, two blue-blooded, musically gifted brothers from Arizona started a band.

Bread line

On the same day last week that unemployment went over 10 percent, we had our first bread line at the little community center here.

The Observer, Nov. 12

When the 1999 tornado swept through the homes at Cross and West 28th Street, windows were blown out, trees fell and roofs were damaged.

This Modern World, Nov. 12

Arkansas Symphony Orchestra

The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s performance Saturday at the Robinson Center under the direction of guest conductor George Hanson proved to be unique and memorable despite the standard all-German program.

Mallett turns a corner

Over the course of the season, Ryan Mallett has let quality defenses get into his head.

An apple today

Fall is upon us, and it is time to think of apples.

Smart Talk, Nov. 12

Only 1 percent of Arkansans consider illegal immigration to be an important problem, according to the University of Arkansas’s 2009 Arkansas Poll.

Nov. 4-10, 2009

It was a GOOD week for … U.S. REPS. VIC SNYDER and MARION BERRY. They joined a narrow majority approving historic legislation to expand health coverage of American citizens.

Time is right for reform

They rushed in droves in the Congress Saturday to prove H. L. Mencken’s maxim that for every vexing human problem there is always one explanation that is neat, simple and wrong.

An apple today

Fall is upon us, and it is time to think of apples.

In Brief, Nov. 12

It’s a night of good time rock ’n’ roll at Sticky Fingerz with Dallas’ Jonathan Tyler and Northern Lights and Tulsa’s the Effects, both of which seem to be steadily rising nationally, and former Getty lead singer Matt Joyce’s new band Nevertrain, 9 p.m., $5.

Transformative? Or Clinton-Lite?

A year after his historic election, Barack Obama stands revealed as something less than the transformative president he aspired and was intermittently projected to be.

Lincoln for her defense

Brummett recounts a conversation with Sen. Blanche Lincoln defending the care in which she believes she's worked to reach acceptable health legislation.


Alabama is roiling with a gambling debate that, it occurs to me, could migrate to these precincts.

Mormons back some equal rights

This is big news, given the Mormon Church's past and continued vigor in working to defeat same-sex marriage.

Other reading to start the day

Noted reading: * An extensive obit today in the New York Times on Donald Harington.

G-men at LuCA

Somebody asks what I can contribute to the scoop by the Democrat-Gazette's Debra Hale Shelton that FBI agents are asking questions at the University of Central Arkansas.

Five dead in Garland County fires

At first glance, this Channel 4 story sounds like something more is at work than a terribly tragic accident.

Weekend To-Do: National Black Storytelling Festival

NATIONAL BLACK STORYTELLING FESTIVAL7 p.m., Peabody Hotel. $15-$300.“Our Soul Looks Back: Stories of How We Got Over!” is the theme of 27th annual National Black Storytelling Festival and Conference, which runs for four days in Little Rock beginning on Thursday.

Thursday To-Do: 'Warrior Champions'

Melissa Stockwell. 'WARRIOR CHAMPIONS'7 p.m., Lakewood 8, North Little Rock.

St. Vincent, Walmart team up

A ribbon-cutting is scheduled Friday and at 10 a.m. Monday, The Clinic at Walmart will open at the retail store at 19301 Cantrell Road.

St. Vincent, Walmart team up

A ribbon-cutting is scheduled Friday and at 10 a.m. Monday, The Clinic at Walmart will open at the retail store at 19301 Cantrell Road.

607 wants to know where the weird girls at

Fi-yah.Especially diggin' the chopped up hook and the outro.It's first track from the 607 and his brother Bobby's new project Ear Fear, which they're debuting the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the Village.

Lou Dobbs for president?

Please, let it be so. (I guess you know he quit CNN last night.)

Palmer anthologized in 'Blues & Chaos'

On Tuesday, Scribner published a massive (480 page) anthology of Little Rock native Robert Palmer's music writing that Rolling Stone's Anthony DeCurtis assembled.

The Night Before Last: deadmau5

dead-eyed at deadmau5. Photo by Sam Eifling.

Halter touts free clinic

Lt. Governor Bill Halter held a press conference this morning to release more details on the free medical clinic that will be held at the Statehouse Convention Center in downtown Little Rock on Saturday, Nov. 21.  The clinic is sponsored by the National Association of Free Clinics (NAFC).  Funds for the clinic were raised mostly due to the efforts of MSNBC's Keith Olbermann, who solicited donations on his nightly news program "Countdown."  Halter said that census burea data shows 450,000 Arkansans are without health insurance.  The free clinic, he said, will be set up to help those people.  He encouraged would-be patients to call and register so that things might go more smoothly.  You can register online here, or call 1-877-236-7617.  Halter said the response from physicians, nurses and other volunteers has been terrific, but others are encouraged to volunteer their time and expertise.  "When Arkansans know there are other Arkansans in need, they step up in a big way," Halter said.  So far, "hundreds" have registered.  The NAFC has said they will try to handle walk-ins, but attention is not guaranteed.  If you want to go, be sure to sign up.  Fore more information, see the press release on the jump.   

Guitar nerds, rejoice, Pedal Talk is here!

Duuude. Maker of killer book mixes, local guitar god and Lucky Dog Audio Poster Charles Wyrick just debuted Pedal Talk, a podcast devoted to the most fetishized part of guitar playing — effects pedals.

Former sheriff gets 8 months

Former Newton County Sheriff Jerry Lynn Jones got an eight-month federal prison sentence, was fined $3,000 and ordered to pay restitution of more than $100,000 for failing to report self-employment earnings  while drawing disability payments.

Let us at that Powerball

The Arkansas Lottery has distributed figures that show Arkansas ranked 8th highest among 33 jurisdictions (31 states, D.C. and Virgin Islands) in Powerball gambling per capita this week. We are third highest in the percentage of Powerball players making Powerplay wagers (where you pay a buck to double your winnings on some of the prizes).

Thursday: Charlaine Harris, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, joshua and more

Vampire lady. THURSDAY 11/12Charlaine Harris, the author of the massively popular Sookie Stackhouse novels that provide the inspiration for HBO's "True Blood," offers the Central Arkansas Library's Darragh Distinguished Lecture at UALR's University Theatre at 6:30 p.m., free.

Kris Allen, digested

* Stream Allen's self-titled album, due out for purchase on Nov. 17, here.* Ryan Seacrest and are hosting a contest to bring Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta to the metro area that casts the most online votes.

Vic Snyder on nuclear energy

Courtesy of the limitless frontiers of the Internet, some thoughts from U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder on what pending energy legislation provides on nuclear energy.

Suga City gets 'Call of Duty'

Local rap duo Suga City, made up of Arkansas Bo and Goines, is featured on the insanely popular new video game "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2."

The Stupak amendment

More reporting on the likely significant impact of the Stupak amendment to add new restrictions on abortion coverage by private insurance companies -- restrictions that could mean the end of coverage for many women, no matter the circumstances of their pregnancy, even if they wanted to pay their own money.

Free Candy: Lucero, loving 'Love and Rockets'

Lucero as cherubic young lads? Via Daytrotter.

Need a line?

Here's one.

Life without parole for Pressly killer

AFTER SENTENCE: Curtis Vance leaves court. Brian Chilson photo


According to the numbers, Dane Cook, who's at Verizon tonight, stands at the zenith of the modern comedy mountain. His 2005 album “Retaliation” went double platinum, and he became the second comic to sell out Madison Square Garden two years later. But...

Yes, let's talk about charter schools

Again: We should have charter schools. They should be carefully vetted for ability to succeed and not be allowed to drain conventional public school districts without good cause.

Yes, let's talk about charter schools

Again: We should have charter schools. They should be carefully vetted for ability to succeed and not be allowed to drain conventional public school districts without good cause.

Brockmeier in NY Times

Little Rock writer Kevin Brockmeier is featured today on Paper Cuts, the New York Times' book blog, with a Ben Krain photo.

Abortion, economy, terrorists

A scattering of items worth reviewing: * More reporting, from Judith Warner, on how the Stupak amendment will deprive millions of women of private insurance coverage for abortions.

Soldier shooting suspect in court

Abdulhakim Muhammad, 24, charged with shooting one solider and wounding another in a June 1 shooting at the Little Rock military station, appeared in circut court this morning to seek a delay in his Feb. 15 capital murder trial.

Talk about a long goodbye

When Central Arkansas gets one of those earthquake swarms, many naturally wonder if it's a precursor of another big rumble.

Friday To-Do: Dane Cook

DANE COOK8 p.m., Verizon Arena. $31.75- $101.75.According to the numbers, Dane Cook stands at the zenith of the modern comedy mountain.

Friday To-Do: Billy Joe Shaver

BILLY JOE SHAVER8 p.m., Revolution. $12 adv., $15 d.o.s.He's a hero to your heroes — Willie Nelson called him maybe the best songwriter alive today and Bob Dylan name-checked him on his last album — and one of the last living connections to the outlaw country movement.

Tony Alamo gets 175 years

Our news partner Stephens Media has this breaking news headline on the Texarkana sentencing of evangelist Tony Alamo for taking children across state lines for sex.

Pollster looks at 2nd District

Could Obama and health care create problems for U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder? Robo-polling outfit testing those premises currently.

KFSM takes a news cruise

KFSM photo The KFSM Channel 5 news team in Fayetteville will have to do without a satellite truck for awhile.  On Wednesday, a photographer and a reporter parked the van – fully equipped for satellite broadcast from any location – near the bank of the White River in Fayetteville to cover a dramatic water rescue. The station covered the story, complete with photo.

The Weekend: Shiprocked!, Spinning Jenny, Runaway Planet, The See, Magic Hassle and more

The See. Photo by Heather Canterbury.

Weekend To-Do: 'Five Days of Giving'

“FIVE DAYS OF GIVING”9 a.m., Clinton Presidential Center. Free.Time flies.

More Hawker Beechcraft layoffs

Roby Brock has a report on an undisclosed number of additional layoffs at the Hawker Beechcraft plant at the Little Rock airport. Two blog readers with friends on the workforce there says the number is sizable, perhaps 175 of a remaining work force of more than 400.

Saturday To-Do: Young Dro - Huey

Dro. YOUNG DRO / HUEY9 p.m., Mims Gymnasium, Philander Smith College.

Truth, justice and the West Fork way

David Koon's story about the West Fork fifth grader, Will Phillips, who had his reasons not to join a Pledge of Allegiance recitation at school and resisted official coercion to do so has continued to circle the globe.

Saturday To-Do: Chris Michaels and the Cranks

CHRIS MICHAELS7 p.m., Oyster Bar. $5.Chris Michaels has been around.

Sunday To-Do: Revival Tour

REVIVAL TOUR6 p.m., Juanita's. $13 adv., $15 d.o.s.The Revival Tour has been revived.

Sunday To-Do: Bishop Allen

BISHOP ALLEN8 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $10.Maybe Christian Rudder can get an early Thanksgiving.

Which judge would you vote for?

I've commented before about the many sharp and newsy blogs covering Fayetteville and points north in the golden Northwest.

Open mic

Test it out.

Vance jury favored death

Fox 16 has done some jury research work and finds that the jury leaned in favor of the death penalty for Curtis Vance, convicted of capital murder in the beating death of Anne Pressly.

Clinton's proud of his five-year-old

Former President Bill Clinton chats with Max Brantley about the fifth anniversary of the opening of the Clinton Presidential Center

Senate candidates, please attend

Wendell Potter, the former insurance executive who's become a staple of evening TV in talking about dirty secrets of his former trade, will be in Little Rock Nov. 23, brought by the progressive group Health Care for American Now.

Tres magnifique

It's a very slow day. But the New York Times breaks through with a feature on the sudden popularity of the French bulldog in Astoria, Queens.

Dog day

I asked for them. Dog photos.

Sexual hijinks in Washington County

Haven't seen coverage of the sexual harassment lawsuit against Washington County sheriff's office leaders around here, though it's been mentioned by readers here.

Dog days continue

 I think I'm onto something with this dog photo thing. Forget charter schools.

Line's open

I may not have time for more pooch pix. But it's been fun.

Bishop Allen

Little Rock native Christian Rudder brings his indie band to Sticky Fingerz.

While Obama dithers ...

... opportunities slip away. Here it's his inexcusably slow pace of filling judicial vacancies, particularly while holding overwhelming nunbers in the Senate.

Putting words in mouths

Great story in NY Times this morning. Lobbyists for a giant biotech outfit planted talking points in speeches of an estimated 42 members of Congress, remarks crafted to fit both Dems and Repubs.

For the record

At least 2.5 million Arkansans did NOT go deer hunting yesterday.

Blue Dogs and the tough issues

Michael Tomasky reports in depth in the New York Review of Books on the Blue Dogs in the House and their impact on health and other legislation.

Open line

It's your turn. Local news headlines: death of Pulaski teen Friday in ATV accident.

More insight on Pressly jury

The Times' David Koon had a lengthy interview today with a member of the jury that convicted Curtis Lavelle Vance of the capital murder of KATV's Anne Pressly, but couldn't reach a unanimous verdict on recommending the death penalty for her rape and beating death.

Bondy's back

Ocean-deep lyrics combined with steadily paced songs mark the work of Auguste Arthur Bondy. Shedding the alt-rock genre of the 1990s (as a former member of Verbena) in favor of country-tinged mellowness, Bondy brings to mind a two-stepping couple alone on the barroom floor, ignoring the bartender's pleadings for last call.

Good for GM, good for U.S.

Quarterly report indicates things may be turning around at General Motors. It could be on target for early payback of government loans.

A quiet dinner out

Local Republicans are circulating an e-mail, on the jump, from a doctor's wife happy about getting in U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder's face over his health care vote during dinner with his wife at Graffiti's.

A quiet dinner out

Local Republicans are circulating an e-mail, on the jump, from a doctor's wife happy about getting in U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder's face over his health care vote during dinner with his wife at Graffiti's.

Roadside politics

Brandon Cogburn snapped this photo along U.S. 71 south of Mena. The signmaker is, presumably, not a Republican doctor's wife.

Snyder faces tough race

The robopoll on the 2nd District shows U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder ahead, but really in a statistical dead heat with three Republican candidates who range from little known to totally unknown.

That Really Is Amore.

Ah, romance. There are things in this world that just cry out romantic… roses, Valentines, those cute teddy bears with magnets in their noses that look like they’re kissing.

Lottery sales move up

Arkansas lottery ticket sales continue to increase, to almost $10.9 million in the week ended Nov. 15.

Housing sales up UPDATE

Here's the Arkansas Realtors monthly housing sales report and it contains good news. Home sales were up almost 10 percent in September compared with the same month in 2008.

Monday To-Do: AA Bondy - Elvis Perkins in Dearland

AA Bondy. AA BONDY / ELVIS PERKINS IN DEARLAND9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz.

Race and health care

Here's some provocative research to consider: Even among the most extreme opponents of President Obama's push for health care reform — those who equate his proposals to Nazi death camps or Soviet gulags — there's little overtly expressed racism.

GOP : Money talks in Senate race

Interesting. The Republican Party of Arkansas plans an early cattle show for its U.S. Senate candidates at a meeting Dec. 5 in Hot Springs.

Will Phillips on CNN

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Last Weekend: Billy Joe Shaver

Billy Joe at Rev. Photo by Jeff Holder. Billy Joe ShaverNov.

Grover Norquist lays down the law

Thus sayeth Norquist about Mike Huckabee's presidential aspirations: Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform and one of the most influential voices in the modern conservative movement, says he will be keeping a close eye on the activities of potential candidates over the next year and will be sure to tell Republican voters who’s a team player and who’s out for themselves.

Lamar in football playoffs

For high school football fans: The AAA football playoffs will proceed. Lamar High has successfully sued its way onto the field.

Go Nuts.

It's that time of the year, when the trees give up their nutty fruit and hulls crunch underfoot.  With us, we miss out on the meaty goodness of pecans; the squirrels having long exhausted their supply of ammunition aimed at our dog.  But we know somewhere we'll find a roadside vendor who happens to have a bushel or bag full of cylindrical brown spheres ready for the nutcracker.

Go Nuts.

It's that time of the year, when the trees give up their nutty fruit and hulls crunch underfoot.  With us, we miss out on the meaty goodness of pecans; the squirrels having long exhausted their supply of ammunition aimed at our dog.  But we know somewhere we'll find a roadside vendor who happens to have a bushel or bag full of cylindrical brown spheres ready for the nutcracker.

Bad year on the farm

When it rains .... The UA Division of Agriculture now estimates Arkansas crop losses so far this year at more than $300 million, not including $83 million in lost wages.

Back to the little planes

I broke a little piece of news as I was departing Little Rock National Airport on my recent vacation. I sent in a blog note (courtesy of the airport's free wireless) that American Airlines was planning a switch to MD 80 full-sized jets for four flights a day to Dallas.

Black Apple Delight.

Frequent contributor Joel DiPippa sent along this tasty little morsel... with notes. After seeing the story in this week's Arkansas Times about the Arkansas Black Apple, I remembered a dessert from a dinner party at Ciao Baci a few years ago.

Last Weekend: Dane Cook

Dane CookNov. 13, Verizon ArenaIf you didn’t know that the core of Dane Cook fans reside within the teenage and college student sectors, 4,014 of made their presence felt last Friday, by arriving well past the designated start time, constipating the beer lines and talking louder and faster than all three of the evening’s performers combined.

Robert Palmer back in the New York Times

"The Hand of Fatima" trailer. The New York Times writes about Little Rock born music critic Robert Palmer today.

Feds indict: NLR corruption UPDATE

News from the U.S. attorney's office of a major indictment with a tantalizing indication of more to come in the area of public corruption in North Little Rock.

Open line

Belatedly, here you go.


In North Little Rock, Pat Hays is showing exactly what a strong mayor can accomplish. Not everyone approves.

Happy 5th birthday to us

The Clinton Library fifth anniversary events remind me that the Arkansas Blog is just a few days older.

2nd District cool to Lincoln

More on that 2nd Congressional District robopoll, this time on Sen. Blanche Lincoln's numbers. Democrats in the district think she's too conservative. About half of the independent sector of voters think she's too liberal.

More from the Pressly jury

TodaysTHV posts an interview with a juror in the capital murder trial of Curtis Lavelle Vance for the rape and beating death of Anne Pressly.

When is gambling not gambling?

Or when is a slot machine not a slot machine? When it's a "sweepstakes" machine of the sort that's proliferating in Ohio.

Children's gets $1 million

The Little Rock-based Stella Boyle Smith Trust has given $1 million to Arkansas Children's Hospital for construction of a new south wing.

Ark. tax burden unfair UPDATE

Coming tomorrow: LITTLE ROCK – A new study to be released Wednesday will reveal how poor Arkansas taxpayers shoulder twice the burden than do the richest taxpayers.

Ark. tax burden unfair UPDATE

Coming tomorrow: LITTLE ROCK – A new study to be released Wednesday will reveal how poor Arkansas taxpayers shoulder twice the burden than do the richest taxpayers.

Day of service

The Clinton Presidential Center's 5th anniversary commemoration includes service activities. Here are some of the roughly 100 volunteers and City Year members working at the Oak Forest Community Garden as part of the Clinton Foundation's "five days of giving."

McDaniel ripped on West Memphis 3 work

A group working to overturn the convictions of the West Memphis 3 is ripping Attorney General Dustin McDaniel for his blind defense of the shoddy prosecution and convictions (on, it should be noted, McDaniel's home political turf in Northeast Arkansas.)

McDaniel ripped on West Memphis 3 work

A group working to overturn the convictions of the West Memphis 3 is ripping Attorney General Dustin McDaniel for his blind defense of the shoddy prosecution and convictions (on, it should be noted, McDaniel's home political turf in Northeast Arkansas.)

Crystal Bridges commissions Dombek

From two dimensions to three. George Dombek, the Goshen (and New York) artist known for his crisp paintings of rocks, flowers and trees, will create a bronze sculpture based on his bicycle-tree paintings for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Alice Walton’s project in Bentonville.The museum announced commission this morning for Dombek and Pat Musick, formerly of Arkansas, who will create “A Place Where They Cried,” a sculpture to commemorate the forced migration of the Cherokee, Muscogee Creek, Chickasaw, Choctaw and Seminoles in 1837-39.

Ozark cop Tasers 10-year-old

The Texas granny who got Tasered was one thing. But a 10-year-old girl?

Review: Kris Allen's debut

Kris Allen"Kris Allen," 19/JiveIt’s hard to imagine this panning out any other way. Think about it; this time last year, Kris Allen was a Conway kid with a glimmer of hope at getting more than a few seconds of airtime on “American Idol.” So far this year, he’s spent five months aboard the “Idol” rollercoaster, and the other five enduring a career’s worth of publicity, touring almost non-stop and, oh yeah, finding time to record his debut album.As a TV show, the “Idol” formula is golden: In a marriage of two of our most cherished values — populism and celebrity — America gets to elect a new pop star (or at least it’s a convincing illusion).

You be the judge

There are people I know -- mature people of sound judgment who are not prone to exaggeration -- who think you can make the case that the toe-sucking, two-timing Dick Morris is the sleaziest person in America.

Tuesday: Mickey Avalon, Chooglin, etc.

Mickey Avalon. Rapper Mickey Avalon, famous for songs like "My Dick" (yep), headlines at the Village, with Beardo, Ke$ha and more, 9 p.m., $20.Big CCR fans Chooglin' bring punked-up R&B (with horns!)

Sierra Club opposes White Bluff work

The Sierra Club reports on its effort to oppose a ratepayer-financed $1 billion investment to extend the life of the White Bluff coal burning power plant.

The shame of Arkansas

U.S. Sens. Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, alone among Democrats, and Joe Lieberman joined 40 Republicans to back a measure by the certifiably loony Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma to interfere with transfer of Guantanamo detainees to the U.S. for criminal trials.

More gambling options

The Arkansas Lottery Commission today approved sale of Mega Millions multistate lottery tickets beginning next year.

You ARE being watched

That $1.25-million Bugatti? That super special car sold by a Jonesboro exotic car dealer to a fellow who promptly drove into Galveston Bay after being distracted by a pelican and a dropped cell phone?

Open line

Take it away.

Can't quit the Celts

The Celtic onslaught on Central Arkansas continues. In the last year, we've seen the Boys of the Lough, Celtic Woman and about this time last year, Celtic Thunder. Our Scots-Irish roots must run deep.

What? No cedar outhouse bank?

Matt Gross, who writes the Frugal Traveler blog for the New York Times, recounts some of his travel souvenirs, including a Ping Pong ball gun picked up at an Arkansas convenience store.

Will Lincoln oppose debate

Yet another story, in NY Times, identifies Sen. Blanche Lincoln as pivotal -- and a likely obstacle -- to health care legislation.

New mammogram guidance

I'm wondering about local reaction to the huge national story about a federal panel's changed recommendations on breast screening.

Ozark: Shocking place. UPDATE

You know an Ozark cop Tased a 10-year-old. You know the cop has defended his action.

Keep On Growing.

Love gardening but hate the winter down-time? Foundation Farm in Eureka Springs is offering two workshops next month that could ensure year-round crops for your garden plot.

Suffer the Arkansas poor

Here's that study mentioned earlier on the disproportionate tax burden faced by poor and lower-income working families.

Wednesday To-Do: Celtic Thunder

CELTIC THUNDER7:30 p.m., Robinson Center Music Hall. $40-$120.The Celtic onslaught on Central Arkansas continues.

Wednesday: Monte Montgomery, Divas and Dudes, Lucious Spiller Band

Monte Montgomery. Guitar Player magazine called him one of the "Top 50 Greatest Guitarists of All Time."

Times slipping by: Vote in Toast of the Town

A friendly reminder: No bitching allowed with Chili's wins best margarita in Toast of the Town, our first annual booze and bars poll, if you don't take time to vote.You've only got a little more than 24 hours to vote online before the poll closes.

2 Repubs to Mark Pryor: Up yours

U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor's membership in the "Gang of 14" avoided a Democratic filibuster of some terrible judicial appointments by George Bush.

UAMS: Happy anniversary

E-mail to UAMS staff: From: Long, HoseaSent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 4:38 PMTo: HR Newsletter DistributionSubject: Change in Holiday Leave Policy We have reviewed our annual leave and holiday structure recently, comparing ourselves with other universities and state agencies.

Save our ducks

The Sierra Club pleaded yesterday that environmental regulators not extend the life of the White Bluff coal-fired generating plant because of environmental damage done by such plants to air and water.

Fun in the Repub primary

The following takes my mind momentarily off all the grim words I heard at the Clinton Library luncheon about U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln's re-election campaign.