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November 18, 2010

Vol 37 • No 11

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Over lawyer-ed?

The job market for lawyers is tight. Some say it'll get worse.

Law-school front is quiet for now

That could change.

Arkansas stats

What is the job market like for graduates of Arkansas law schools? "Tough," says Susan Schell, director of career services at the University of Arkansas Law School in Fayetteville.

Not so secret identity

Some shuffling's taking place over on Rahling Road, where Gaucho's, Jerry B's and Arthur's Prime Steakhouse are now sharing space.

As the restaurant world turns

New restaurants opening in Conway, closings in Russellville, new chains in Fort Smith and Little Rock and whither The Box? A restaurant news roundup.

New menu at Capi's

The change from small plates to Nuevo Latino is sudden, but it just might work.

Our state's food and traditions

A new journal will explore Arkansas foodways, traditions and even table manners.

Coffee and cream

A new coffee and gelatto bar comes to West Little Rock; Gelattes promises coffee from locally roasted beans and fresh made gelatto daily.

Chocolate gravy and such in Jasper

Where did chocolate gravy come from? Who eats it? Why? These questions come to mind while consuming the Ozark-based creation at Jasper's Ozark Cafe.

Breakfast again, but in Alma

A quick bite of breakfast can be found done well at D's Family Restaurant. Skipping the seasoned fried potatoes would be a mistake.

Golden brown and cylindrical

Now, we as Americans are getting known for our propensity to batter and deep fry everything — I see evidence of this all summer long at fairs and festivals. But fried corn-on-the-cob?

Three words: Red Velvet doughnut

The new PattiCakes Bakery in Conway has a few things you'll want to take home with you — those doughnuts, some scones, and fudge too.

Little Rock's budget plan — tax and spend

Kathy Wellls provides a detailed report on last night's presentation of the proposed 2011 Little Rock budget ($139 million) by City Manager Bruce Moore.

Who broke that airport story?

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette kindly mentioned this morning that the Arkansas Times broke the story about Little Rock National Airport misspending.

Shots fired downtown; suspect in custody

Two separate reports today of unexplained gunfire. * Police are investigating shots fired into offices at the Metropolitan Bank tower at Capitol and Broadway, time unknown.

Election or not in District 24

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel said in an opinion today that the law is conflicted on how to proceed to fill the House District 24 seat in Hot Springs, where Republican Keith Crass was elected following his sudden death.

Best insurance profits money can buy

So how much money did health insurance companies pump into the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to beat back health reform or anyone who supported it.

The cutest breakfast place you've never heard of

An eclectic little country restaurant in the middle of nowhere offers up a no-nonsense, filling (and warm) breakfast on chilly autumn weekends.

A Night at the Opera

No, a Marx brothers reference suggests the comedy is too sophisticated. Three Stooges seem more apt.

Hopping Gallery 26

Stephen Cephalo and Amanda Linn are two of zillions of artists whose works you can see at the gallery's holiday show.

Off we go

The line is open. Final items: * U.S. attorney reports a conviction in the case of the ob/gyn who provided patients with IUDs not made in the U.S. * A man convicted of killing his wife has escaped from the Van Buren County jail.

Since we're talking Christmas

Head over to Heights Gallery.

Turkeys for the taking

Looking for the perfect bird to grace your holiday table but don't want the mess of cooking it? Here's where to start.

Eye on Arkansas, Nov. 28

Airport scandal

You think somebody using a state pickup to commute to work is a scandal? You think the Game and Fish commissioners have been arrogant and insensitive to how high-handed they appear? Get a load of the Little Rock National Airport.

A certain type of bastard

In the 1940s, Abraham Maslow posited a theory known as the "Four Stages of Competence." It describes the process by which we learn. Sound like a load of crap? Yeah, it did to me too.

In Brief, Nov. 18-20

Reckless Kelly at Revolution, Elise Davis and Adam Faucett at White Water Tavern, Cool Shoes at Downtown Music Hall, HumanBeast at ACAC.


A source says he's been interviewed by FBI agents doing background checks on former state Rep. Chris Thyer of Jonesboro for possible nomination to be U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Arkansas.

Name change

I have been concerned by our new senator-elect, John Boozman, and his apparent confusion about the pronunciation of his name. I know of no word in the English language containing two contiguous letters O which are pronounced as if there was only one such O.

Thrill ride

Tony Scott and Denzel Washington reunite in 'Unstoppable.'

The Observer, Nov. 18

The Observer's old friend, birding partner, radio reporter and freelance writer Nancy King died recently, and one of the remembrances of her that came to light was the article she wrote for the Quapaw Quarter Chronicle in 1993 about the faux Socks.

Orval, Nov. 18, 2010

Words, Nov. 18

I don't know that I've ever seen 'bites' referred to as 'cuts.' 'Cut' as a verb means "to penetrate with or as if with a sharp-edged instrument or object." As a noun, 'cut' is "the result of cutting, as an incision, wound, passage, or channel."

Distractions, frustrations and real adversity

As much as Hog fans like to complain about being overlooked by the national media, I'd wager the Auburn Tigers would love to send a share of that attention west. In a year when the SEC's marquee programs have struggled, Auburn's been the bright shining hope. But their bulb is flickering.

This Modern World, Nov. 18, 2010

The To-Do List, Nov. 18-22

Jonathan Safran Foer, Brad Paisley, Cody Belew, "River Market on Ice," "Beethoven and Blue Jeans," Reverend Horton Heat, Kurt Vile and the Violators, Ken Stringfellow.

Ethics and other trivial pursuits

Robert Moore, the speaker-designate of the state House of Representatives, got quoted as telling a reporter last week that he was concerned about substantive issues instead of ethics reform. He instantly took it back when I got him on the phone.

The Televisionist, Nov. 18

On "My Big Friggin' Wedding," "NOVA: The Search for Solomon's Mines" and "Carrie."

The Week That Was, Nov. 10-16, 2010

Good week: Mike Huckabee, the Little Rock police, Dr. Charles Welch, state employees. Bad week: Arkansas, Little Rock National Airport, Rep. John Burris, Arkansas Lottery Commission.

What's Cookin', Nov. 18

Green Cuisine, the mobile food trailer we told you about back in August, is now open. Lori Moore is serving lunch Monday through Friday in a vacant lot on Sixth and Chester, adjacent to the lot that serves Vino's.

Can the 2nd District be saved?

Republican Tim Griffin's 58-38 victory in the 2nd District Congressional race wasn't a surprise, given advance polling. But the margin of victory for a far-right Republican was somewhat surprising given the district's representation for 14 years by U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder, a liberal Democrat.

Meals on wheels

The Food Truck does mobile dining right.

U.S. Pizza

We've eaten pizza for breakfast many times; but we'd never been to a pizza brunch until a recent visit to the U.S. Pizza outlet in Hillcrest.

Budget balancing

How hard would it be to get the budget in balance? Not as hard as you imagine, given a small quotient of political courage, and not nearly as hard as the president's deficit-reduction commission makes it out to be.

Mathieu survives $40,000 ad buy

Commission: 'Error in judgment,' but no punishment.

'Billy' bows

Bonnie Montgomery and Britt Barber's nationally anticipated folk opera "Billy Blythe" debuts scenes on Friday.

Fire Ron Mathieu

If Ron Mathieu wanted to give $40,000 to a private Christian school his son attends, he should have taken it from his own pocket. They'll be safer in the long run if they dump Mathieu now.

New on Rock Candy, Nov. 18

Two months after new ownership took control of Juanita's, the restaurant/venue's talent booker is taking an "indefinite absence." What does this mean for the future of live music at the venue?

Pulaski group off to China

The blog that stirred the broth in the recent hot races for Pulaski County School Board is back at it.

Lincoln: Commitment shy

Sen. Mark Pryor, through a spokesman, made himself clear yesterday. It is no time to raise taxes for anyone.

Thursday To-Do: Jonathan Safran Foer

The Crain-Maling Center of Jewish Culture, an organization that aims to "enhance knowledge about Jewish culture and raise awareness of Jewish life" at Hendrix, went a long way towards furthering its mission by bringing Jonathan Safran Foer to campus.

Thursday: Reckless Kelly, The Elise Davis Band, Mr. Happy, more

Fresh from having Bruce Springsteen sit in for its sound check in New Jersey, Texas-based Americana outfit Reckless Kelly return to Revolution with tour mates The Happen-Ins, 9 p.m., $12 adv., $15 d.o.s.

Conviction first, then trial

So a Guantanamo detainee has been convicted of a conspiracy count by a U.S. jury in a trial without terror incidents on U.S. soil and he seems likely to spend the rest of his life in prison.

Steele to lead Black Caucus

Soon-to-be Rep. Tracy Steele has announced he'll lead the 15-member Legislative Black Caucus in the coming session.

Crystal Bridges opens in a year

Crystal Bridges, the Walton-financed museum of American art under construction in Bentonville now has an opening date — Nov. 11, 2011.

Crystal Bridges sets opening date

Director Don Bacigalupi makes the announcement.

Wyatt off payroll

Les Wyatt, former president of Arkansas State University and more recently a professor of art and higher education, has asked for and received an unpaid leave of absence from the university.

Bridge design unveiled

Details from the news release:

Copyright caper limited

The Stephens Media backed effort to gin a handsome profit by suing bloggers who reprint portions of news articles in Stephens-owned and other newspapers (including Democrat-Gazette publisher Walter Hussman's properties) will be narrowing its field of targets as a result of unfavorable court rulings.

Filling legislative vacancies

A few more thoughts on the House District 24 vacancy created by the untimely death of election winner Keith Crass of Hot Springs, a Republican.

Court to study broadcast rules

The Arkansas Supreme Court today appointed a committee today to review its rule on broadcasting court proceedings because of recent controversy over Circuit Judge Mary Ann Gunn's broadcast of drug court in Washington County.

Watch a trailer for 'The Gleaning'

There's a filmsplosion in Arkansas. Cameras and other equipment are relatively cheap and everyone's got a story to tell. This one, set in Central Arkansas and featuring a lot of White Countians (woot, woot!), seems to be about teen angst and mystery. Possibly of the supernatural variety?

Grabbing for corporate welfare

Corporate Arkansas, through its lobbyists at the chambers of commerce, just can't stop grabbing at tax dollars (even as they preach at the rest of us about the beauties of the free market).

Charles Henry James: A look back

M2 Gallery opens the show tonight.

Visions of grandeur — GOP style

Mark Darr has named 10 — count 'em, 10 — people to his "transition team."

Down with earmarks

Harmonic convergence. Incoming U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin sent a brief news release today announcing that he'd proudly voted along with every other House Republican to ban earmarks in the 112th Congress.

String 'em up

The line is drawn. Here's a weird oen, though: * Fayetteville physician arrested for threatening a woman to silence her about alleged sexual advances.

Last call for Flying Burrito

It's a goodbye to a franchise, but the closing will clear the way for the opening of a new River Market Mexican restaurant next spring.

Oh, Pho

Pho Thanh My to bring Vietnamese Noodle Soup to Shackleford Road.

Marion Berry: Worst person in the world

In a year in which he drenched himself in shame, U.S. Rep. Marion Berry added a crowning touch — he joined the minority that defeated extension of unemployment benefits.

Lottery officials named in lawsuit

Bridgette Frazier, a former staff attorney for the Arkansas Lottery Commission, sued the Commission, director Ernie Passailaigue and deputy director Ernestine Middleton in federal court today over her forced resignation Nov. 19, 2009.

Friday To-Do: 'Billy Blythe'

'Billy Blythe,' the nationally anticipated American folk opera from Bonnie Montgomery and Britt Barber debuts this Friday night.

Weekend: Benjamin del Shreve, Cool Shoes, Tyrannosaurus Chicken

This weekend brings another edition of Cool Shoes dance party to Downtown Music, Benjamin del Shreve to Sticky Fingerz, the ex-Soophie Nuns in HumanBeast to ACAC and more.

Friday To-Do: Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker

One of the biggest tours in country music rolls through town this Friday with Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker and Poyen native Justin Moore taking to Verizon Arena for their H2O Tour.

Friday To-Do: Cody Belew

Cody Belew, the blue-eyed soul shouter, headlines a Friday night concert at Wildwood Park for the Arts, benefiting Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central Arkansas.

Saturday To-Do: River Market on Ice

The River Market Pavilions turn into a winter wonderland for the next few weeks when the downtown center turns into an outdoor skating rink.

Saturday To-Do: Arkansas Symphony Orchestra's "Beethoven and Blue Jeans"

Following the dress-down trend in the symphonic music world, the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra trades in black ties for t-shirts with "Beethoven and Blue Jeans," offering up pieces by Beethoven, Manuel Ponce and Stravinsky.

The planes of the SEC

The Chronicle of Higher Education has taken a look at the high-flying planes of the Southeastern Conference.

Saturday To-Do: Reverend Horton Heat

No one's done more to carry the psychobilly flag than Reverend Horton Heat, the long-lived gonzo Dallas trio; they return to punk up Little Rock this Saturday for a gig at Juanita's.

Felt up at the airport

The uproar about more invasive security checks at airports doesn't seem to be going away.

Saturday To-Do: Kurt Vile and the Violators

Indie-rock golden boy Kurt Vile comes to town for a hotly-anticipated show at White Water Tavern.

Man v. Food

I note that Adam Richman, star of the Travel Channel's Man v. Food will speak at the Clinton School at 6 p.m.

Kushmaul, Parkhurst, Thompson, Lewis

Third Friday Artwalking tonight.

News networking in NWA

Michael Tilley, the former dead-tree journalist who bosses The City Wire news website in Fort Smith, announces here a new partnership to share resources with KUAF, the public radio station in Fayetteville.

LR activist reaps Oprah's 'Favorite Things'

Oprah Winfrey closed out her season today with her "Favorite Things" show in which audience members are showered with lavish gifts. In the crowd: Little Rock rights activist Randi Romo.

Refusing federal health benefits?

In a letter to Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and soon-to-be House Speaker John Boehner, Democrats are asking Republicans to refuse the federal health care benefits offered to congressmen based on their strong opposition to "government-run healthcare" voiced during the campaign and the battle over health care reform. What will the Arkansas delegation do?

The best 'Potter' yet

To be perfectly honest with you, I didn't care much for the first few movies in the "Harry Potter" series.

Starlite Diner: rant averted

This summer I’ve been lamenting one thing strongly — the lack of 24 hour non-chain diners in Central Arkansas. But not now.

Panel recommends Judge Simes' removal

The state Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission has again found Judge L.T. Simes of Helena-West Helena ran afoul of the ethics code by ruling in a case in which he was personally embroiled.

Huckabee and constitutional convenience

Former Governor Mike Huckabee says the executive and legislative branches of government can supersede the courts when they do not agree with their rulings.

Justice delayed ...

Somebody asked where Arkansas's senators stood now that Sen. Harry Reid has announced his intentions to seek a vote after Thanksgiving on the ban on gay military service.

Game and Fish attacks Nelson

A new wrinkle in former Game and Fish Comissioner Sheffield Nelson's legal battle against the Commission's governance and his criticism of recent efforts to limit information the agency releases under the Freedom of Information Act.

Good night ladies ...

... farewelll gentlemen. But before I sign off: * To dream or not to dream: A bill is in the works, a Dream Act, to emulate other states and allow college help, such as in-state tuition, to graduates of Arkansas high schools and long Arkansas residency who arrived in the country as children of illegal aliens.

LR Airport gets its money back

Little Rock National Airport announced this afternoon that it had cancelled its controvdersial advertising contract with Little Rock Christian Academy and gotten its $40,000 back.

State news headlines

A reader last night inquired on the whereabouts of our constantly updating feed of Arkansas news headlines.

Imagine for a moment ...

... if it had been House Speaker Nancy Pelosi escorted around an airport security feel-up station?

The new victims of discrimination

New York Times columnist Charles Blow writes on the mind-boggling development of the belief among conservative whites that they are the victims.

Clip and save

The editorialist in the Arkansas Leader predicts Sen. John Boozman and U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin (if he's still around) will be front and center for dedications of the rebuilt Little Rock National Airport and the improved Interstate 430-630 interchange when dedication ceremonies are hold.

From the right: Sarah Palin reality

Recommended reading: Matt Labash in the Weekly Standard on Sarah Palin's reality TV show.

Pat O'Brien goes out with a bang

The 17 Pulaski County circuit judges have ordered Circuit Clerk Pat O'Brien not to shred existing paper legal filings. He wants to go paperless. The judge say the system isn't perfected. Though he has only weeks left in Arkansas, O'Brien says he'll appeal to the state Supreme Court.

Take it away

The line is open. Brian Chilson's photo is from the River Market ice skating rink, which opened today.

Closer scrutiny for state lottery

Sen. David Johnson, co-chair of the lottery oversight committee, tells Stephens Media that closer scrutiny is in store for the haphazard operation oversee by some overpaid Gamecocks who should be presented with tickets home sooner rather than later.

An opportunity for state nickname trivia

John Brummett columnizes on former colleague David Sanders' silly and trivial maiden legislation to change the nickname of Arkansas from the Natural State back to Land of Opportunity.

Taking Palin seriously

Funny. I went to a football watching party yesterday and had a long political chat with a thoughtful ideological opposite.

Browning's setback

A construction setback means no Browning's until January, or later.

Hillary Clinton: No more runs for office

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reiterated today that she plans no future runs for elective office.

The line is open

Anything to say for yourself? I note: * Mike Huckabee was speaking to religious conservatives in Iowa today.

Monday To-Do: Ken Stringfellow

Monday night is huge when Ken Stringfellow, the college rock god whose long musical career has seen him as part of The Posies, Black Flag, R.E.M. and Memphis greats Big Star, uses a vacation day to play a rare solo engagement at White Water Tavern.

Norris Church Mailer dies at 61

An extensive obituary in the New York Tiimes this morning on Norris Church Mailer, the Arkansas native and writer who published this year "A Ticket to the Circus," a memoir about her life with Norman Mailer.

Health care repeal?

Not going to happen. Article in New York Times explains.

Where's the Tea Party?

The Tea Party and at least two Republican candidates raised sand last year when the Pulaski Quorum Court voted itself a 4 percent pay raise on top of an earlier 4 percent one-time bonus.

Speak no ill of charter schools

Interesting item on a movie critic banned temporarily from screenings of Paramount pictures. Coincidentally, the banning came after she wrote critically of "Waiting for Superman," the one-sided documentary on the glories of charter schools, dramatized by several children hoping to win lottery draws to attend some highly touted charter schools.

Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker and Justin Moore pull out all the stops at Verizon

A little after 10:30 p.m. on a Friday night in North Little Rock, big fish are looking enormous on the huge video screens in Verizon Arena and country music's brand-new Entertainer of the Year is rocking "I'm Gonna Miss Her"; while a crowd of 9,688 sings along.

The carless culture

I'm blessed to be on the mailing list of Debbie Pelley, a dedicated and energetic wingnut whose writings over the years have spanned everything from the evils of certain types of teaching methods to the glories of Jim Holt.

Who owns the Blue Dogs? takes a look at the financial muscle behind the new leaders — such as Heath Shuler and Mike Ross — of the depleted Blue Dog contingent in the U.S. House.

Increase the severance tax

Sheffield Nelson, the former gas executive and Republican gubernatorial candidate, wrote an op-ed for the Democrat-Gazette over the weekend and has been quoted about the state's need to revisit the gas severance tax, increased at Nelson's instigation in 2008.

Plenty of pocky and cosplay at Arkanas Anime Festival

In Bentonville this weekend the Arkansas Anime Festival was held at the sold out Clarion Hotel and Convention Center.

New Jersey targets bullies

New Jersey has passed anti-bullying legislation. The idea, said a sponsor, is to make it clear it is not "optional" to respond to harassment of students.

Dinner for Thanksgiving orphans

Wonder where you can go to have Thanksgiving dinner served up for you? A list of restaurants open on Turkey day.

Dinner with Bill Clinton?

Like to join the former president for dinner at Cafe 42. It'll cost a minimum of $25,000, but he hopes to auction the opportunity for more.

The readers take over

Line is open. Closing tidibit: * Jason Tolbert has done some digging into the amount of money ad/PR man Craig Douglass has made working for the commission studying ways to raise highway money and doing communications work for the House of Representatives.

The Arkansas Lottery question

When you're paying your top two officials nearly $600,000 a year and they still can't get the simplest sorts of financial procedures done properly and when periodic reviews are required (somewhat akin to the supervision given a parolee), you have to ask lottery commissioners: What exactly would be a firing offense?

Liberal counter-offensive

Organizing is underway for a liberal media effort to counteract the money conservative groups poured into the mid-term elections.

'Party' time at Quorum Court

A commenter last night claims a Tea Party protest is planned at tonight's Pulaski County Quorum Court meeting over planned county pay raises and a bike trail expenditure.

Huckabee sniffs an opening

I shoulda known. Nate Silver notes rapidly rising unhappiness on more intrusive body searches at airports (not for all, remember, though that distinction is becoming irrelevant along with overlooked.)

Don't forget the cell phones

A new study finds what many have long suspected but the data has not generally supported — polls based only on landline surveys are biased toward Republican candidates by a significant margin.

Unemployment rate up to 7.8%

The Arkansas unemployment rate in October edged up to 7.8 percent from 7.7 the previous month.

Reminder: Enter the 2011 Musicians Showcase

Time's tickin', y'all. We're looking for local acts to enter our annual battle of the bands to be held beginning January 27 of next year at Sticky Fingerz and concluding on March 4 at Revolution. As usual, the contest is open to any act (solo or group) in Arkansas who specializes in original material.

Cliff Lee family gives $1 million to Children's

Kristen and Cliff Lee (he's the major league pitcher who lives in Little Rock) have given $1 million to Arkansas Children's Hospital to endow a chair in pediatric hematology/oncology.

Pho packed

West Little Rock turns out in droves for a little Vietnamese noodle soup at the opening of Pho Thanh My.

Game and Fish still firing at Nelson

The Game and Fish Commission — lawyered up and PR-agencied up — has distributed a news release on its court pleading saying Sheffield Nelson's lawsuit against the Commission should be dismissed for failing to state a cause of action.

Saunders to serve term, then quit

Fox 16's David Goins reports that state Rep. Rick Saunders of Hot Springs, a Demiocrat, will complete his current term and then leave office at the first of the year.

Tuesday: Whale Fire, David's Pegasus, Joe Firstman

Tons of free and "pay what you can" shows in town tonight with locals Whale Fire at Sticky Fingerz, David's Pegasus at White Water Tavern and Joe Firstman at Juanita's.

Christie's eye-opener

Asking Alice to pick up a few things at auction next week.

Just say no to health care

Survey says people think congressmen who ran against health care reform should not take government health insurance.

Open line Tuesday

Now's you chance. Odds and ends: * Fellow named Robert Dean, acting as own attorney, sued in federal court in Little Rock today claiming new TSA screenings and searches are unconstitutional.

Womack's son pleads in drug case

U.S. Rep.-elect Steve Womack's son entered a plea bargain yesterday to a charge arising from methamphetamine dealing, KFSM reports.

Rogers beats Tea Partyer

Rogers voters gave a decisive win yesterday in a mayoral runoffman to Council member Greg Hines, who defeated Kurt Maddox.

No tolerance for sexual harassment

Interesting story in Democrat-Gazette today. Andy Davis writes about a state parole worker unhappy that a state Parole Board member, Jimmy Wallace of England, got little more than a tsk-tsk and some counseling on sexual harassment for asking to see a tattoo on her breast, talking about sexual matters with female employees and remarking on the "eye candy" in the office.

Gov. Beebe says ...

Roby Brock has a good roundup of Gov. Mike Beebe's remarks on a Q&A on AETN last night.

Robbie Wills' form letter: Bad form UPDATE

Aw, gee, you almost feel sorry for him. Except that House Speaker Robbie Wills' apparent decision to blanket all 2010 political candidates with form letters — congratulations to winners, attaboys to losers — was so shallow it was doomed to the embarrassment it has now reaped Of course Wills sent a syrupy letter of condolence to everyone, no matter how insane or evil, including Billy Roper, the neo-Nazi who was a write-in for governor.

Mornings full of breakfast

A morning in the life of a woman searching out the best breakfast in Arkansas... and the four breakfasts consumed that day.

Avery, Wyeth, and maybe a Rockwell

A look at blog commenters' picks for CBMAA, and a note on Sotheby's.

Closer to home

For Carver kids, art and science helps their world take wing.

When guns are outlawed ...

... maybe a Republican legislator with a curious tale of a search for a woman he couldn't name might not turn up with a holstered sidearm on an abortion clinic parking lot in Minnesota.