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Best & Worst 2019

Best & Worst 2019

December 1, 2019

Vol 45 • No 28

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Toast of the Town 2019

The best of bars, beers and booze in Central Arkansas and beyond.

The Best & Worst of Arkansas 2019

Our annual look back at the highs and lows of the year.

Atlas Bar's worldly spirits

Tony Poe’s Atlas Bar takes a page from the family business.

Kensuke Yamada: putting the 'ma' in art

UA Little Rock sculptor’s ceramic figures both invite, keep a distance.

Cannabis comedy: A Q&A with Matt Besser on his stoner stand-up special, 'Pot Humor'

A Q&A with comedian and Little Rock native Matt Besser about his new stand-up special "Pot Humor," which explores stoner culture, pot semantics and parenthood.

Ode to OG Kush

Arkansas dispensaries share their best-selling strains and products.

The racist roots of anti-unionism in Arkansas

Motivated by money and white supremacist beliefs, the state farm bureau, chambers of commerce and others lined up with segregationists to enact the ‘right to work’ law.

A year at the picture show

The Observer is a movie buff of some renown, even though the ticket prices and fees and concession prices and all the other stuff that pays for Brad Pitt and our local theater owner to live in the style he is accustomed to can really rack up.

On a leash

Trump and Arkansas's congressional delegation.

Teachers, impeachers

The biggest stories of November.

Ernest Dumas reflects on John Walker

A veteran journalist reflects on the life of civil rights champion John Walker.