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December 7, 2011

Vol 38 • No 15

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Art of philanthropy

Walton gift, other donations tracked.

Busing to Crystal Bridges

Walker gift to send students to the museum.

ALEC, the corporate law factory

I've written before about the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a right-wing corporate funded factory for state legislation intended to advance the interests of the people like the Kochs, energy companies, phone companies, big pharma, etc., who support it.

Newt Gingrich: A history of the despicable

Go, Newt, go. That's my mantra.

Working band's bread

You'll need more than just chops to make a living as a musician.

Adam Hambrick wins songwriting competition

And R.I.P Huber Sumlin.

Off-campus crime and Arkansas Baptist

Off-campus housing in Reservoir apartments a magnet for crime.

December book calendar

Food for fines and more.

Chelsea Clinton and the lucky sperm club

Chelsea is smart and poised. She's worked hard at demanding schools and jobs. Would she be precisely where she is today without her famous parents? Of course not. She hasn't claimed otherwise.

Go Greenhouse

Fayetteville's Greenhouse Grille impresses.

Fable becomes history

Americans are losing their grip on reality because it's become too hard to distinguish between propaganda and fact and between fable and history.

Banzai Boozman

"Classicide" is not a word, yet, but we'll need something like it ("economic cleansing"?) if Republicans win their war on the middle class. You can't expect mercy from a party of John Boozmans.

Let there be light

From the state capitol ceremony.

Ray Tarantino comes to Maxine's

Plus Rodney Block.

Blues in the Heights

Somebody wrote in the paper the other day about the blue-stocking neighborhoods of the Heights and Hillcrest. I think they meant silk-stocking.

Curry in a Hurry opens

Plus West Memphis plans a kitchen incubator.

Good week for ice cream fans

Also for rising the college football coaching ladder, high tech gambling and Hog censorship. It was a bad week for state control, fleeing from the courtroom and working Arkansans.

On Pearl Jam and 'Work of Art'

It's hard to put into words how much a band can mean to your life. I'm not just talking about just any band. I'm talking about that special band; the first band whose music really makes you think differently about the world and your place in it, whose songs serve as the soundtrack to a significant chunk of your life. For me, born in the mid-1970s so that I wound up situated squarely in the middle of Generation X, that band is Pearl Jam.

2nd district candidates

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel stirred a little excitement at last weekend's Arkansas Democratic Party convention by promising that news would be coming soon about a candidate to challenge Republican U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin for the 2nd District seat.

New WM3 doc

"West of Memphis" has been in the works since 2008, and promises new interviews and information in the case, including evidence pointing to new suspects.

Making cyber merchants pay

Cyber Monday, online retailers' response the Monday after Thanksgiving to Black Friday, is getting more attention, and local retailers and state and local governments don't like it.

Evicting geese

It's hard to reason with geese, and just about impossible to get them to take a hint. You try to make them feel unwelcome, and either they will or they won't, depending on the dim algorithms that animate geese.

The brain drain

From online comments on Kristian Andersen's Big Idea submission of an Arkansas Business Fellowship ("Stop the brain drain," Nov. 30).

Future feels fine

I read a lot of news media prognostication. So I'm well versed in the doomsday scenarios that imagine print's imminent death; that predict an ever-escalating contraction of whatever you call newspapers once print is dead; that tell me, in so many words, that I've made a bad career choice. Nonetheless, I'm hopeful.

Marriage and impending doom in 'Melancholia'

The opening shots of "Melancholia" depict a tableau of surreal moments captured on and around the grounds of a grand estate and golf course — a mother clutching a child, a horse falling to rest, weather amok — while a blue-and-white marbled ball several times the size of Earth creeps up on our planet. As the operatic score rises and soars, the planet wanders closer and initiates a collision that sends our beloved continental plates flaking away into space like the hide of a pulverized M&M.

A different slant

The Observer has only fond memories of Huttig, Ark., a tiny sawmill town near the Louisiana border in Union County. His beloved Aunt Luna lived there and The Observer visited frequently.

Bald Knob takes on the Razorback Foundation

Hogs' best and worst

ith the regular season now in the rear view for Arkansas, this week's Pearls is about living in the recent past. Grant me this one chance to do the canned "season in retrospect" routine, and I shall reward thee with sporadically amusing observations and possibly one more potshot at the deposed Ole Miss coach!

'A Christmas Carol, The Musical' endures

I will unreservedly state that "A Christmas Carol" is one of the most significant stories ever written in English. With it Charles Dickens forged our modern Christmas mythology, carving into the calendar a season that is important both economically and spiritually; he embedded into cultural consciousness what today we take for granted as the "reason for the season" and a month brimming with unmitigated good cheer.

Find fine art

You might think from all the hullabaloo that Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, which opened Nov. 11 in Bentonville, is the only place to see fine art in Arkansas. Happily, that is not the case. You can soak up culture all over Arkansas; here's a selection of what you'll find in the collections of other art centers, both public and university.

A brief guide to class conflict

'Judgement at Nuremberg'

'Kassim the Dream,' Tab Benoit, Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Unknown Hinson and Pat Boone

Newt Gingrich: A history of the despicable

Go, Newt, go. That's my mantra.

Ethics Commission sets hearing on sales tax complaint

I have received a letter from the Arkansas Ethics Commission that says it will hold a public hearing Dec. 16 on my complaint that the Little Rock sales tax campaign committee didn't adequately report expenditures on the successful campaign to pass the sales tax.

Rick Perry's gay bashing gets Arkansas amen

Rick Perry has rolled out the bedrock Republican base catnip — gay bashing — in an attempt to get back into the presidential race.

Wednesday To-Do: "Kassim the Dream"

"Kassim the Dream" screens Wednesday night at Argenta Community Theater.

Wednesday To-Do: Tab Benoit

Tab Benoit plays Stickyz Wednesday night.

Great cookbooks for the holidays: Reader recommendations

We've been talking cookbooks on Eat Arkansas for a little over a week now. On the jump — reader recommendations for great cookbooks this holiday season.

Musing on the power of donor dollars

Museum board members quit over the naming of a museum.

Lottery expense cleanup continues

An Arkansas Lottery Commission subcommittee met today to discuss continuing efforts to respond to shortcomings in a legislative audit and put procedures in place to avoid repeat unfavorable findings.

Jessie Misskelley forced from temporary home

Mara Leveritt reports on her website today about the travails of Jessie Misskelley, the West Memphis Three defendant.

Thursday: Ray Tarantino, Jason Boland and more

Ray Tarantino plays Maxine's Thursday.

Crystal Bridges teams up with the Louvre

Bringing American art to Europe and back again.

Lombardi Liqueurs Closes in North Little Rock

Local entrepreneur Nick Lawrence closes Lombardi Liqueurs after banks refuse to provide small business loans.

Obama follows Bush on morning-after pill

Sad news. The Obama administration, specifically Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, is overruling the scientists and blocking rules to allow over-the-counter dispensation of Plan B, or the morning-after pill to prevent pregnancy, to women younger than 17.

UPDATE: Pat Hays says no decision yet on re-election

Scott Miller, a North Little Rock School Board member and former Argenta News operator, says he hears Mayor Pat Hays won't run for re-election.

GQ on the WM3

GQ Magazine has published an excellent account of how life after prison is going for Jessie Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols since their release on August 19.

Wednesday night line

It's open. Closing out: * MORE CHARGES: New charges filed today alleging more sexual predation of children by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky.

Reserve your tickets for Elvis Lives early

Rock Candy readers can buy tickets for Elvis Lives early.

The Democrats' payroll tax gamble

Talking Points Memo discusses congressional Democrats' gamble on a payroll tax holiday and a plan to leverage it and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts into a sensible tax reform program.

Federal charge still possible in soldier's shooting

Daris Long of Conway told Congress yesterday of his unhappiness about the Army and federal response to the killing of his son, Andy, outside a Little Rock military center by a man who claimed political motives.

Friday To-Do: "Judgment at Nuremberg"

The Weekend Theater's production of "Judgment at Nuremberg" runs Fridays and Saturdays through Dec. 17.

Friday To-Do: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights play Stickyz Friday night.

Alec Baldwin and Ed Rollins talk Huckabee

Alec Baldwin does a radio show and podcast "Here's the Thing." Here, he talks to campaign strategist Ed Rollins, who managed Mike Huckabee's campaign in 2008.

Supreme Court upholds $48 million verdict; strikes punitive damage cap

The Arkansas Supreme Court today upheld a $50 million verdict in Lonoke County for farmers who said they were damaged when genetically altered rice from the Bayer CropScience.

Annie Lee at Pyramid-Hearne today

The creator of Black Americana — collectible dolls, paintings, figurines and furnishings — is in town.

Supreme Court overturns death penalty over sleeping, Twittering jurors

The Arkansas Supreme Court today reversed the capital murder conviction and death sentence of Erickson Dimas-Martinez in Benton County because Judge David Clinger failed to call a mistrial or dismiss jurors who'd either slept during the trial or who'd disregarded the judge's instructions and used his cell phone to Twitter during the trial and jury deliberations.

Friday To-Do: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra comes to Verizon Arena Friday.

Hollyfest tonight at Ketz

Ketz Gallery, 705 Main St. in Argenta, kicks off its three-day art sale with a preview tonight from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Court stays FOI ruling on police force records

The Arkansas Supreme Court today granted an emergency stay sought by the city of Little Rock to block Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen's order that it release information about Police Lt. David Hudson's history of use of force.

Friday To-Do: Unknown Hinson

Unknown Hinson plays Juanita's Friday night.

Waltons could buy a third of U.S. population

Salon reports on an economist's analysis of the wealth of the Walton family. It puts it terms you can understand.

Weekend: "Ark in the Dark," Rodney Block Christmas show, Elise Davis Band and more

Rodney Block and The Real Music Lovers play a Christmas show at Twelve Modern Lounge Friday night.

Burger joint of the week: Red Door

Little Rock diners already know Red Door for great brunches on the weekends, amazing baby back ribs, the place to get your old Bene Vita kicks and some Blue Mesa cheese dip. But how does its "Really Good Burger" measure up?

Monticello educator arrested on Internet sex charge

State Police news release: Steven Mark Noble, 57, of Monticello was arrested at his home without incident this morning by Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division.

Two dead in shootings at Virginia Tech

Twitter posts from the Virginia Tech student newspaper of a shooting on campus with a fatality.

1 percenters rule with Senate Republicans

Senate Republicans today filibusteredthe nomination of Richard Crodray to head the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Dior ad features Gossip song

This was brought to my attention by the sharp-eyed Times photographer Brian Chilson. It's a Dior ad that features Charlize Theron getting all dudded up for some kind of glamorous fashion thingy and then struttin' it on the runway.

Republicans in Congress — it's all about the stunts

U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin had a press release Internet ready when Republicans passed legislation to address a problem that doesn't exist.

Gossip guitarist to play Type Truck event

Brace Paine will play at Electric Heart Tattoos Thursday night.

Senator announces formation of Irish caucus

First: No jokes about gas and the Irish. Sen. Jason Rapert of Bigelow, a prominent member of the Shale Caucus, has sent a letter to legislative colleagues — read it here — about the formation of an Arkansas Irish Caucus.

Michelle Duggar has miscarriage

People magazine reports that Michelle Duggar, 45, has had a miscarriage in the second trimester of her pregnancy.

Thursday night line

It's open. Final words: * SOVEREIGN IMMUNITY: The Supreme Court heard oral arguments today on whether the state was immune from lawsuit from ad man Ed Dozier's suit that the state is infringing on his trademark of "Arkansas lottery" some years ago.

Get your nog on!

Who has the best egg nog in town? We'll find out tomorrow night at the Historic Arkansas Museum.

Tropical Smoothie to open in downtown YMCA building

Tropical Smoothie scheduled to open in the historic downtown YMCA building.

You say you want an iconic bridge?

Into the discussion of coming up with a design for an "iconic" bridge to replace the Broadway Bridge in Little Rock comes some real dreamers with a Facebook page for the Diamond State Span.

Tug of war on Pulaski Tech culinary school

Mayor Mark Stodola's push to get Pulaski Tech to build downtown a new building for culinary and hospitality school students has set off a metropolitan area contest.

The Little Rock police protect their own

These have not been good days for the Little Rock police department, recently gifted wiith millions of dollars by taxpayers for service expansion.

Crank factor emerges in 4th District congressional race

Jason Tolbert reports that D.C. Morrison, the crackpot who was injected into the 2008 Democratic U.S. Senate primary to further damage Democratic efforts to hold the seat, now is traipsing down to the 4th District from his Little Rock home to enter the Democratic congressional primary there.

Sunday To-Do: Pat Boone

Pat Boone, who believes the President of the United States was born in Kenya, plays UCA Sunday.

Busy Friday night: Uptigroves, Leflar at HAM

"Found-Fired-Formed," Meshugga Klezmer Band and the 7th Ever Nog-off make this a must-do.

Police, suspect trade gunshots after robbery

Police traded gunshots with a suspect after a robbery of a market on Baseline Road last night.

ASU student arrested for gun in dorm

An ASU student who brought a gun to his dorm "for protection" was arrested for possession on campus after the .357 handgun discharged accidentally while he was showing it to a friend.

Title game coach's house catches fire

Doug Loughridge, who'll lead Charleston High School into a state championship football game in Little Rock tonight, had a rough start to his day.

Pieday: Coconut cream at Lucy's Diner

Good pie, 24 hours a day? Yes, you’ll find it in Fort Smith or Rogers at a little diner called Lucy’s. It’s a good stop-in for late night conversations and breakfast anytime.

Small businesses and taxes, seeking truth

Do small businesses really make expansion decisions based on tax rates? Good report here, an admiring review of NPR reporting on the subject.

Sexting goes awry in Faulkner County

Police beat item of the day from the Log Cabin Democrat in Conway: A woman made contact with a Faulkner County Sheriff’s deputy to report that she had received an indecent photo on her cell phone.

Busy Friday night: "Ark in the Dark"

Ad man Ron Robinson's collection of film posters at Concordia Hall.

NLR emergency sirens triggered accidentally

North Little Rock emergency sirens went off accidentally about 9:30 a.m. this morning and were heard in Little Rock as well before the three-minute cycle could be completely shut down.

Busy Friday night: Patterson and Barnes

Paintings of Arkansas musicians from "Our Own Sweet Sounds" exhibition on display.

Loblolly Creamery debuts in Green Corner Store

Operating out of the historic soda fountain corner of the Green Corner Store on 15th and Main, the newly-opened Loblolly Creamery serves locally made ice cream, sweets and sodas.

Labor Relations Board drops Boeing case

The National Labor Relations Board has dropped the case alleging unfair labor practice against the Boeing Corp. for locating a plant in South Carolina as retaliation against union workers in Washington.

Busy Friday night: Matt McLeod show and sale

His holiday art show and sale at P.H. Christian.

And at Stephano's: Extravaganza kickoff

Music, art, martinis, eggnog, artist demonstration ...

Adam Faucett at Carl's Country Club

Adam Faucett live.

Hypocrisy watch: U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin

U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin is Twittering today about his visit to Arkansas Children's Hospital and the amazing work they do there.

The Morally Bankrupt Sack of Garbage Edition

The latest Week in Review Podcast.

Open line — plus bank fraud, protests, goose hunts UPDATE

Kevin Lewis gets 10 years in federal prison for bank fraud. Sebastian County employees are reinstated. Central High students counter-protest. Goose "hunters" show their rears.

Saturday signing: Wittenberg

"Postcards from Little Rock" available.

Evanescence to Verizon Arena, play Nobel concert

Evanescence will play Verizon Arena in January.

Severance revealed for Hog coach Willy Robinson

Willy Robinson will get the equivalent of four months' pay — about $108,000 — after resigning as defensive coordinator for the University of Arkansas football team.

It's not all in Bentonville

This week's "The Big Picture" feature looks at other places to see fine art in Arkansas.

De Queen roiled by column on football fans

Mix high school football, the rise in people of Latino heritage in Arkansas and a newspaper editorial and what have you got?

Keep your eye on Moscow

When this many riot police assemble in Moscow, it's probably not a good sign of things to come.

Occupy LR targets Koch brothers on Maumelle rules

Speaking of Occupiers: Occupy Little Rock, which has made protection of the Lake Maumelle watershed one of its key issues, has announced on Facebook that it will attend a barbecue at 1 p.m. today at Joe T. Robinson Middle School as a fund-raiser for a group attempting to block land use rules in the watershed.

The line is open

Not much to report. However: * BOBBY PETRINO SPEAKS: BMFP finally emerged after post-LSU seclusion and much staff shuffling to meet reporters today.

Rapert takes stimulus money for gas conversion

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported this morning on the use of about $2.2 million the state has allocated to convert vehicles to run on natural gas.

Lobbying at the county level

Stray thought: A variety of advocates have been engaged in the opposition to Pulaski Quorum Court adoption of land use rules for the Lake Maumelle watershed.

Restraining Medicaid at whose expense?

Interesting story today from John Lyon of Stephens Media on a Beebe administration proposal to rein in Medicaid costs by establishing service centers to handle developmentally disabled people supported by Medicaid-financed programs.

Sunday line

Open to you. Slow, except for the Pleasant Pointe Apartment fire in West Little Rock, shown in photo above sent on Twitter by KATV's Todd Yakoubian.

Dan O'Byrne out from Jacksonville job

Dan O'Byrne, who left the Little Rock Bureau of Convention and Visitorsth a little more than a year ago for a bigger job in Jacksonville, Fla., is out.

Education: It's the poverty, stupid

An op-ed in the New York Times by a Duke professor and education writer joins the growing chorus that the education reformers are giving too little attention to the root cause of a huge proportion of the problems in education — poverty and the difficult family life it brings.

Occupy Wall Street is making a difference

Here's another commentator writing at length about the influence of the Occupy Wall Street movement and how perilous the income inequality question is for Republicans.

Cirque du Soleil's Dralion at Verizon Arena

Cirque du Soleil's Dralion will be at Verizon Arena Dec. 13-14.

Equality? Why stop with schools?

A Texas school superintendent, writing in the Washington Post, says his eyes have been opened by No Child Left Behind and the disaggregation of data that forces educators to address gaps between rich and poor, black and white and so on.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra: cliches on parade

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is premised on reviving the rock opera. The production value is great, but there's no substance behind the showiness.

Check out a trailer for The Rep's "A Christmas Carol, The Musical"

Here's a trailer for Arkansas Repertory Theatre's "A Christmas Carol, The Musical," which runs through Christmas Day.

Culinary school debate joined on Facebook

A Facebook page is up pushing the idea to relocate Pulaski Tech's culinary and hospitality program from Southwest Little Rock to Sixth and Main.

Sierra Club: LS Power to drop 2nd coal-fired unit at Plum Point

The Sierra Club announced today it had struck an agreement with LS Power to cancel plans for two additional coal-fired electricity generating stations, one of them a second unit for the Plum Point plant near Osceola.

Another (armed)candidate for 4th District Congress

Thanks to Mike McNeill's Magnolia Reporter for news of yet another Republican candidate for Congress in the 4th district.

Great cookbooks for the holidays: Eat & Explore Arkansas

Christy Campbell's compilation covers the great foods you'll find in many Arkansas kitchens, festivals and restaurants. A definite addition for anyone interested in our state's cookery.

Best nog in the state

You can enjoy these nogs yourself. The folks at the Historic Arkansas Museum have graciously posted the winning recipes over on their website for your perusal.

Why we must allow guns at church

To combat knife fights.

No lobbying forms on file for Lake Maumelle players

UPDATE ON AN ITEM FROM YESTERDAY: The Pulaski County clerk found no lobbying registration forms on file for several of the people who've been working to organize opposition to the land use ordinance for the Lake Maumelle watershed that is pending before the Quorum Court.

Paragould teacher, warned before, reluctantly takes down Nativity Scene UPDATE

And a Merry Xmas to you, too, from the pages of the Paragould Daily Press.

New Big Cats album out tomorrow

The latest album from The Big Cats is out Tuesday.

North Little Rock lists its goose hunters

Looking for some wild goose meat for Christmas dinner? Having eaten some, I can't recommend it over the domestic variety, particularly with the soupcon of golf course seasoning.

Renaud brothers Occupy doc debuts tonight

The Renaud brothers documentary on Occupy Wall Street premieres tonight on The Current.

Bill Clinton in LR to sign his new book

I'm still lacking a few details, but former President Bill Clinton will be in Little Rock Monday, Dec. 19, to sign copies of his new book, "Back to Work: Why we need smart government for a strong economy."

Monday, Monday

The line is open. Parting words: * TOP THIS LEDE PARAGRAPH: Suffocation of prostitute fiancee; meth and bondage sex party; incinerated corpse.

Potential sites for research park revealed

The Little Rock Technology Park Authority will hold a community briefing at 4 p.m.

BREAKING: A reprieve issued for Burns Park geese

I didn't see the full discussion, but I caught the tail end of the North Little Rock City Council meeting tonight at which the Council agreed with Mayor Pat Hays to postpone next week's planned controlled goose hunt in Burns Park to reduce the flock of near-domesticated waterfowl.

Chenal Valley's impact fee on the rest of us

It is to splutter to read City Director Joan Adcock's words in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this morning.

Paragould school puts Nativity Scene back up after protest

It's true as I heard last night — the Greene County School Board in Paragould has caved to the religious tyrants and an insubordinate elementary counselor, Kay Williams, who's continued to put Nativity scene displays in her classroom despite repeat instructions not to do so.

Fear spreads of fracking-caused earthquakes

The New York Times reports on the national spread of concern that drilling practices in searching for gas through hydrauulic fracturing can cause earthquakes.

Republicans blame Democrats on pipe plant jobs

Welspun, the pipe plant in Little Rock, says it will lay off 60 temporary workers because of a slowdown in shipments related to delays in the Keystone pipeline from Canada through middle America.

Morning Wake-Up: The Cozy Kitchen

I love it when a new restaurant manages to catch that old time country feeling.

Arkansas doesn't seem likely for Romney in GOP primary

Politico writes about the race in the South for the Republican presidential nomination. If the Republican state legislators are any indication, voters here like Rick Perry-style politics.

Tim Griffin makes McCaskill's 'earmark' list

earmarks, Tim Griffin, Claire McCaskill

Man shot at downtown ATM

Randy Gasper, 52, of Walnut Ridge told police he was shot in the calves by a man who tried to rob him at an Iberia Bank ATM at 2nd and Broadway about 6:30 p.m.

Lobbying for downtown culinary school intensifies

The downtown business establishment has turned up the heat on the lobbying effort to get Pulaski Tech to move its culinary school downtown, a subject the Tech Board is likely to decide Thursday.

Broadway Bridge design winner to be announced Wednesday

Metroplan will announce the winner of the design contest for a Broadway Bridge replacement tomorrow morning.

Care standards violated at state veterans home

The Arkansas Advocates for Nursing Home Care is outraged at both a long list of standard of care violations found at the state Department of Veterans Affairs nursing home in Fayetteville and also at the manager's assertion to a newspaper that the violations were minor.

Tonight: Windsor Drive, Montgomery Trucking, "Festivus for the Best of Us" and more

Born of Osiris headlines a big show at Downtown Music Hall Tuesday night.

Arts Center wins Luce grant

The Arkansas Arts Center, operating on the tightest budget in years, has had to do without crucial curatorial positions.

Feds propose ban on cell phone use while driving

CNN: The National Transportation Safety Board Tuesday called for a nationwide ban on the use of cell phones and text messaging devices while driving.

Will Barnet film tonight

Documentary on New York artist tonight at the Arts Center.

Copper theft leads to NLR mineral oil spill

North Little Rock officials report that thieves who broke into an electric transformer construction site on Highway 391 near Galloway to steal copper parts caused a released of 2,500 gallons of mineral oil, some of which ran into a nearby body of water.

Maumelle group corrects Farm Bureau

I and others have already noted that it is incorrect and/or dishonest for the Arkansas Farm Bureau to suggest it has linked arms with the Citizens Protecting Maumelle Watershed in opposition to land use proposals up for committee consideration by the Quorum Court tonight.

First selection for LR Film Fest's horror show

The first film has been selected for the Little Rock Horror Picture Show, the gore-and-scares sister fest to the Little Rock Film Festival scheduled for February.

Tuesday topics

The line is open. Final notes: * RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY PARK: Going to the Authority Board meeting at 4 p.m.

Latest 'Lost Souls' garage rock comp out

Psych of the South's latest compilation of Arkansas psych-rock is out now.

Cirque du Soleil backstage footage

Backstage footage of Cirque du Soleil's Dralion performers.

'Ruthless' is hard-boiled

That means Samurai swords, an eye-patch wearing baddie and a British-accented moll in this teaser for a forthcoming local film.