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December 10, 2009

Vol 7 • No 48

En pointe

The second act of “The Nutcracker” is unfolding behind the picture windows of Shuffles & Ballet II, a dance studio in a west Little Rock shopping plaza.

Digital lipstick traces

Arkies learned long ago about the perils outlined in today's NY Times (link fixed)  to spin a trend story out of Tiger Woods' troubles:

Teabagger rebuked

Teabagger Steve Kiefer, who chums up securities customers with TV and radio advice shows, has been sharply countered by securities regulators for his claim that he was investigated for improperly inflating commissions on account of his anti-Obama politics.

Halter mulls Senate race

Report confirms that Lt. Gov. Bill Halter met recently with liberal bloggers and political activists about a primary challenge to U.S. Sen. Blanche Lincoln.

Pulaski teachers to walk out UPDATED

A special meeting of the Pulaski County School Board began at 2 p.m. today Employee pay was on the agenda.

The Observer, Dec. 10

Our pal Gerry is directing a stage production of “A Christmas Carol” that premieres this Friday night (call the Conway Dinner Theater at 501-339-7401 for info and tickets!) and The Observer, always the handy sort, has been pressed into service as a prop maker.

Regal pop

Celebrated indie throwback the Dutchess and the Duke makes its Little Rock debut at Sticky Fingerz tonight.

From Wal-Mart to the White House

Quick: Name the wunderkind from Hope who went to the White House in 1993.

Words, Dec. 10

Let’s get that economy housebroken:

Minority rules

Even in what has been a spectacularly dishonest debate over health-care reform, attacks on Sen. Blanche Lincoln by the opponents of reform are notable for their hypocrisy.

Dec. 2-8, 2009

It was a GOOD week for: ECONOMIC OPTIMISM. State revenue was reported up sharply in November and housing sales also rebounded, thanks to a federal tax credit.

Post-season bullet points

The worst thing about seeing this wild regular season shake out is how anticlimactic and over-determined the whole bowl selection process feels, which seems especially counter-intuitive since chaos has become the norm.

Editorial Cartoon, Dec. 10

Trim this budget

The city of Little Rock budget is tight.

In Brief, Dec. 10

The hard touring Benjy Davis Project, from Baton Rouge, plays sing-along alt-rock at the Village with Nelo and Andrew Hoover opening, 8 p.m., $10 adv., $12 d.o.s.

What's Cookin', Dec. 10

The House has secured former Boulevard Bread Co. owner Scott McGehee as its executive chef.

Again, no gifts

I told you this last Christmas, but I need to repeat it as you obviously weren’t paying attention.

The Medicare scare

Rare is the day for oldtimers that the postman does not deliver from one to three pieces of mail from insurance companies urging us to switch from regular Medicare coverage to their Advantage plans.

Lottery promotion

A report from the Arkansas Lottery reveals a million-dollar winner in the first 12 weeks of lottery ticket sales.

The Worst of the year

Text sent five minutes into “Transylmania,” during opening credits: “Already the worst movie I’ve ever seen!”

Get Dizzy

In the Pixar film “Ratatouille,” the very critical critic Anton Ego goes into Gasteau’s Restaurant, disregards the menu and tells the waiter to bring him something excellent.

Regal pop

Celebrated indie throwback the Dutchess and the Duke makes its Little Rock debut at Sticky Fingerz tonight.

LR’s sacred cow

The city of Little Rock faces tough times. Revenue is down. City workers will be laid off next year.

Smart Talk, Dec. 10

A tax credit for first-time home buyers set the housing market in Arkansas on fire in October, with total housing sales up 24 percent over the same month in 2008.

Orval, Dec. 10

‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’

The Arkansas Repertory Theatre’s production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” opens with an approximation of a magic trick and that feels appropriate in more ways than one.

Straw vote? That’s not the story

HOT SPRINGS — The straw vote was the third biggest story of the state Republican Party’s gathering at the Arlington Hotel here Saturday.

To-Do List, Dec. 10

Destry / Bear Colony, Michael Burks, Arkansas Chamber Singers, 4 x 4 Crew's "Jackpot Party," Spectrum, Four on the Floor, Roast of Angry Patrick and Sonny Burgess and the Pacers are this week's top picks.


HUGH MANN!2009'S WINNERAP Little Rock, Ar. -- Arkansas Times newbie blogger Hugh Mann won 2009's coveted Authentic Heirloom Collectors' Edition Norma Bates Plaque of Excellence Award for the "Huckabee Haiku" sweepstakes midnight Wednesday with this memorably profound entry:“Reach out upward palm.

Ranking U.S. high schools

US News and World Report is again ranking U.S. high schools. The ranking is more involved this year, beginning with an evaluation of standardized test scores.

Bah, humbug

The Pulaski County Tea Party's idea of a good Christmas party is to bring the national grinch, Dick Armey, to town.

Remembering Jodie

The El Dorado News-Times blog reports on yesterday's memorial service for long-time legislator Jodie Mahony of El Dorado.

Acquittal in animal cruelty case

Monticello Live reports an acquittal in what's believed to be the first prosecution under a new state felony animal cruelty law.

Pity for the docs? Not exactly

John Brummett examines the complaint from richly paid medical specialists that efforts at Medicare cost-cutting could affect patient care.

Thursday To-Do: Destry - Bear Colony

DESTRY/BEAR COLONY8 p.m., Vino's.The members of Destry and Bear Colony shouldn't have any trouble finding something to talk about.

Pulaski teachers protest

Fox 16's David Goins posts some instant video via Twitter on the protest at the Pulaski School District administration building by teachers on a one-day strike over the School Board's decertification of the teachers' union as a bargaining agent.

President Mike Huckabee

Monthly polling shows all Republicans gaining on President Obama, with Mike Huckabee doing best, in a virtual dead heat -- 46 Obama, 45 Huckabee.

Flip the Bird.

We may be in the breach between the turkey days of Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it's never too early to learn better ways to bake the bird.  Paul Ward extolls on the benefits of inverting your poultry for better cooking, on the jump.  Step by step instructions included.

A coach for Central High?

The Little Rock School Board will have a special meeting tonight to consider creating a new full-time position at Central High for the remainder of the year to hire a football coach  to succeed Bernie Cox.

Thursday To-Do: The Dutchess and the Duke

THE DUTCHESS AND THE DUKE9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $8.Jesse Lortz sings in a country baritone somewhere between Jagger at his gentlest and Stephin Merritt on allergy medicine.

The health care two-step

I can't count the number of Republican news releases and front groups blasting Arkansas's two senators for whatever they do on health care, including their recent participation in  potential compromise legislation.

Thursday: Benjy Davis Project, River City Men's Chorus, 'Joseph,' more

The hard touring Benjy Davis Project, from Baton Rouge, plays sing-along alt-rock at the Village with Nelo and Andrew Hoover opening, 8 p.m., $10 adv., $12 d.o.s. The River City Men's Chorus closes out its short run of holiday performances at Trinity United Methodist, 7 p.m., free.

Ads attack Gilbert Baker UPDATE

I haven't seen them yet, and I can't find a copy on YouTube yet, but a labor-funded political group has begun running TV ads in Arkansas blasting Republican U.S. Senate candidate Gilbert Baker.

Freethinkers sue secretary of state

COMPETITION?: If this creche can be erected at the Capitol (one of the ugliest nativity scenes in the world according to the Freedom from Religion Foundation), why can't the Society of Freethinkers erect a winter solstice exhibit?

Lincoln: "progress" on health compromise

Sen. Blanche Lincoln told reporters today that as talks of a compromise on health care legislation move forward, the Senate is "steering more toward private insurance and less toward public insurance."  Lincoln said that not all the details had been worked out and that senators were waiting on more information and guidance from the Congressional Budget Office.  When asked if she thought the Senate was working toward a bill she could vote for, Lincoln was noncommittal, saying, "I hope so and I think so."  Although it would be, as some have suggested, a huge victory for the Obama administration if the Senate could move forward on health care before Christmas, Lincoln says that's possible but not probable.  "I do think that there are possibilities if people come back to the focus of what we're trying to do and look at what's actually in the bill, look at all the positive things that are in the bill.  Hopefully we can be pragmatic and not try to do the impossible but do the things that are going to be meaningful and help us move the ball down the field.  We address health care issues every year in Congress, so the idea that we have to do everything now is unnecessary," Lincoln said.

Have at it

I'm moseying on. HOLD THAT TIGER: I have to add that a British court has issued an order blocking publication of nude photos or videos Tiger Woods.

Stanley Reed is in

It's official. Former Farm Bureau president Stanley Reed of Marianna is in the race for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate to oppose a woman he's supported with financial contributions, Sen.Blanche Lincoln.

Blues pedigree

Michael Burks inherited the blues. His grandfather played Delta-style acoustic in the South Arkansas juke circuit, and his father often backed Sonny Boy Williamson II and other name acts.

Missing link

Stephens Media's account of Stanley Reed's entry into the U.S. Senate race as a newly minted Republican doesn't include mention of his campaign manager, David Sanders, (former?)

Listen to 'Christian' radio?

If not, you've been missing some ads blistering Sen. Blanche Lincoln. Sometimes, you are known by your enemies.

Friends on the bench

A Florida ethics panel has opined that it creates the appearance of conflict of interest when a judge "friends" a lawyer on a Facebook account.

The plight of immigrant students

This is a story with resonance in Arkansas, where a proud band of public officials have worked to provide education to children of illegal immigrants against the tide of anti-immigrant sentiment.

Pulaski school woes

The support staff union at the Pulaski County School District decided last night not to strike today.

The bottom line

The Democrat-Gazette completed a six-part series today with the delayed lead of the story: A second test of remains at the state Crime Lab showed Nov. 30 that they are those of Carmeletta Green, who'd been missing since her mother left her at their Little Rock home to work in 1982.

Friday To-Do: 4X4 Crew's 'Jackpot Party'

4X4 CREW'S ‘JACKPOT PARTY'9 p.m., Gusano's. $10.It's housecleaning time for the 4X4 Crew.

Incumbent protection -- Dem version

The Arkansas Democratic Party announces that it has purchased air time to thank Sen. Blanche Lincoln for her superb work on health legislation.

Friday To-Do: Arkansas Chamber Singers

ARKANSAS CHAMBER SINGERS7:30 p.m., Trinity Presbyterian Church. $10-$15.As it has for some 30 years, the Arkansas Chamber Singers devotes a special program to the holidays.

Friday To-Do: Michael Burks

MICHAEL BURKS9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. $10.Michael Burks inherited the blues.

Friday To-Do: Spectrum

DJ/video artist Cameron Holifield, loved by the ladies. Photo by dandiwer.

Smokin' for the Holidays.

Shopping, baking, visiting, wrapping, partying, making lists, preparing, decking -- there's a reason this is the busiest season of the year.  With a holiday party every weekend (or weekday, even) and relatives coming in from afar, trying to find time to get it all done is a hassle.

Pay caps for bailout execs

The Obama administration has announced cash pay caps for executives of company's that benefitted from government bailouts.

The 19th Duggar

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar welcomed their 19th child today. She's Josie Brooklyn, according to a Twitter from Jon Woods.

House hires KATV reporter

KATV's Amanda Manatt has been hired as the new communications officer for the House of Representatives.

10-digit dialing coming to 870 area

The state Public Service Commission announced today that it will adopt an "overlay" plan to cope with the coming end of available telephone numbers in the 870 area code in Arkansas.

The Weekend: DJ Icey, Androids of Ex-Lovers, Rodney Block, Jason D. Williams, 'A Christmas Carol' and more

FRIDAY 12/11The third edition of “Winter Whiteout” at Revolution brings together familiar elements — breakbeat hero DJ Icey, local dudes Jared Lawler, Michael Shane, Sleepy Genius, Justin Ewell and Jason D.

Saturday To-Do: Sonny Burgess and the Pacers

SONNY BURGESS AND THE PACERS8 p.m., Legion Event Center. $6.Maybe they'll put it on the web sometime, or you could just pick one up.

The year of the gun

-- From A survey story looks at the nationwide push this year by the NRA to lift gun restrictions in cities and states.

The year of the gun

-- From A survey story looks at the nationwide push this year by the NRA to lift gun restrictions in cities and states.

Saturday To-Do: Four on the Floor

Photo by Brian Chilson. FOUR ON THE FLOOR9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz.

Saturday To-Do: Roast of Angry Patrick

ROAST OF ANGRY PATRICK9 p.m., Juanita's. $10.Besides featuring talent-starved hacks as guests of honor (Gene Simmons, Larry the Cable Guy), Comedy Central's occasional roasts do have some redeeming values, especially if you catch a late-night broadcast and avoid the ritual agony of 57,000 bleeps.

Legislators target double-dipping

A legislative committee voted today to expand its look at double-dipping by public employees -- drawing both retirement and regular pay.

How can you lose?

By commenting on this open line? Which reminds me: The Arkansas Lottery rolls out a new "draw" game Monday, Cash 3.

How can you lose?

By commenting on this open line? Which reminds me: The Arkansas Lottery rolls out a new "draw" game Monday, Cash 3.

Friday night test -- UPDATE

Is anybody on-line at 7 p.m. Friday?

Friday night test -- UPDATE

Is anybody on-line at 7 p.m. Friday?

En pointe

Ballet Arkansas, with its first professional troupe in a decade, presents "The Nutcracker" at Robinson Center Music Hall on Saturday and Sunday.


Brummett's descriptive is as good as any for the ever-expanding field of candidates for U.S. Senate.

The Ark. GOP cult

Arkansas's cultish Republican legislators are in the news, amusingly, on The Arkansas Project. It seems they don't like their cult being referred to as a cult.

Mack the nice

Mack McLarty, once chief of staff to President Clinton, joins a Washington Post roundtable on health legislation.

We already have death panels

They are called private insurance companies.

The line is open

I have some other things to do, plus, it seems dead out there. Except for Republicans trying to block budget bills in Congress.

Minority rules

Even in what has been a spectacularly dishonest debate over health-care reform, attacks on Sen. Blanche Lincoln by the opponents of reform are notable for their hypocrisy.

Tribute to Jodie Mahony

Brummett concludes that the late Jodie Mahony was the most influential policymaker of the last three-plus decades, and that would include a pretty fair country legislator from Amagon who now occupies a big office on the second floor of the Capitol.

Your tax money at work

Since it's a slow Sunday, I think I'll share a letter to the editor that commments on a letter by former state Rep. Robert Johnston and my column last week about the city of Little Rock's determination to send sales tax pennies of struggling city resdients and visitors to the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Slacker Sunday

Not sure what I did today. Maybe you can do better.

Holiday Baking Time.

It was a mostly successful day in the kitchen.  Among the bounties now carefully packed in plastic wrap and aluminum foil:  Apple Bread.  It's a new recipe that'll become a mainstay in the repertoire.  Two tweaks for next batch -- tarter apples and some nutmeg.  Check out the process I went through at Tie Dye Travels.

LR’s sacred cow

Even amidst tough times, the city of Little Rock anticipates sending another $200,000 -- same as last year -- to the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce in its 2010 budget.

The Clemmons clemency

From the beginning of the Maurice Clemmons clemency discussion, liberals have urged compassion for Mike Huckabee's role in freeing the man who's believed to have killed four law officers.

We are all Bolivians

Bolivia has nothing to do with Arkansas? Read about the disappearing glaciers in the context of the climate conference.

Honor for Will Phillips

Will Phillips, the West Fork fifth grader whose symbolic refusal to recite the Pledge of Allegiance became known worldwide after David Koon's story in the Arkansas Times, was honored over the weekend in Fayetteville by Mitchell Gold, a gay rights advocate, during a program at the library.

The Carrot Bread Experiment.

As I mentioned before, I'm trying out some new recipes to add to my arsenal of holiday baking.

Win Daughtry tickets

UPDATE: Congrats to Neal Moore and Bonnie Whaley, who answered correctly. It was "The Letter" by the Boxtops.

I swear to God

Recent news events in North Carolina prompt a reminder that the Arkansas Constitution says atheists may not hold public office or serve on juries.

Board OKs LR charter school UPDATE

The state Board of Education today approved an application for a charter school targeting black males.

Joe Loserman

Now threatening to filibuster to stop a Medicare expansion as part of health legislation, Joe Lieberman endorsed the idea in his 2000 campaign and as recently as three months ago.

Tune In: Julian Lennon, Scott Cook and Charles Wyrick on 'The Early Show" tomorrow

James Scott Cook. Maybe Wyrick can get his own dreamy pub photo in New York.

Freethinkers win solstice display

Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright sided today with the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers. She directed Secretary of State Charlie Daniels to give the group the same consideration for installation of a winter solstice display that he gives to display of a Nativity scene on the Capitol grounds.

Pleas entered by NLR men

North Little Rock Alderman Sam Baggett and former Alderman Cary Gaines pleaded innocent to federal charges today.

Mike Huckabee, selling and 'splaining

Mike Huckabee appeared at the Clinton School today. He was promoting his book and answering questions again about his clemency decision in the case of accused cop-killer Maurice Clemmons.

Corporate welfare

I'll be writing more this week about taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies of the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Corporate welfare

I'll be writing more this week about taxpayer and ratepayer subsidies of the Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Hogs' fashion spread questioned

As if the Razorback men's basketball team doesn't have enough problems: Now Arkansas Business has raised questions about a magazine fashion feature in which Hog basketballers donned duds loaned  for the shoot by participating merchants.

Monday madness

Make your own kind of music.

Casting call: True Grit in LR

We've mentioned previously that the producers of a new film version of  "True Grit" are looking for fresh talent for the film, particularly for Mattie Ross, the teen looking for the killer of her father.

From Wal-Mart to the White House

As the head of a foundation created by Rob Reiner, Hope native Chad Griffin put together the wildly unlikely legal team of Theodore Olson and David Boies to head the challenge of California's Proposition 8, the gay-marriage repeal voted last year.

Saving NLR postoffice ...

... sort of. Argenta News reports that the Laman Library in North Little Rock is negotiating to buy Main Street postoffice for library use.

New jobs for Arkansas UPDATE

Roby Brock says an economic development announcement at the governor's office this morning will be one of the biggest win-wins for the state in a long time.

Watch: Julian Lennon, Scott Cook and Charles Wyrick on 'The Early Show'

No love for Scott Cook from the CBS producers. It is, after all, his single, too.

Two dead identified

The bodies found in burned pickup near Sweet Home have been identified as 28-year-old Michael Palmer and his two-year-old daughter Hannah Dowdie.

Sen. Hendren gets serious

Sen. Kim Hendren of Gravette has announced that he's put $200,000 of his own money into his campaign for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.

We report, you decide

At least one participant in a union-sponsored forum yesterday on the need for health care reform is curious why the Democrat-Gazette quoted at length (sub.

BREAKING: Kroger news

Mindful of the neighborhood bias of the editor, our battalion of reporters is always on the lookout for Hillcrest news.

BREAKING: Kroger news

Mindful of the neighborhood bias of the editor, our battalion of reporters is always on the lookout for Hillcrest news.

Tuesday: Graham Wilkinson and the Underground Township, John Willis and more

Graham Wilkinson. Austin folk rock outfit Graham Wilkinson and the Underground Township (led by Hendrix alum Wilkinson) return to White Water Tavern, 10 p.m., donations.John Willis plays piano at SpeakEasy, 9 p.m., free.It's a night of local hard rock with Around the Six and Eddie and the Defiantz at Juanita's, 9 p.m., $5.

Washington marriages imperiled

The Washington, D.C. City Council has legalized same-sex marriages in the city. Traditional marriages in the city are officially doomed.

War Memorial's new press box

Check out the new $7.3 million press box to be built on War Memorial Stadium in time for the next football season (UL-Monroe and LSU). The construction will include 494 enclosed "club" seats, up from the current 218.

Howard Dean: Kill the health bill

He's among the best informed in the country on health care. He's been willing to compromise.


A University of Arkansas athletic department news release says of the Celebrate society magazine fashion shoot involving Razorback basketball players and the coach -- we didn't know nothin'.

Mmmmm... molasses.

Here's another one for the recipe box... a fantastic recipe for molasses cookies from blog reader craighead gal.  Looks like I need to head back to the store for more ingredients.  Recipe on the jump. 

Fire away

An early start for the open line.

Kamikaze mission

Redemption is one thing. Stupidity is another.

Union sues Pulaski School District

The Pulaski Association of Classroom Teachers has sued the Pulaski County School District for the School Board's decision last week to end recognition of the union as a bargaining agent for teachers.

Enter Stanley Reed

Having learned one terrible lesson in the mad health-care debate, that it is near fatal to appear weak and indecisive, Senator Blanche Lincoln relearned another verity last week. Shifting political fortunes will dispose of some of your best friends. Example: Stanley Reed.

Raise your glass

Spencer Jansen and the Capital Bar lead the way in Toast of the Town, our first annual reader's choice booze and bars poll.

Get Dizzy

An old flame moves to Little Rock.

More alcohol taxes

I don't know if a serious petition drive effort underlies former MADD Director Teresa Belew's proposed initiative to add a dime tax to each alcoholic drink to raise money for drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Bill Gates, freethinker

Thanks to Pat Lynch for picking up notice on a Microsoft blog in Seattle that Bill Gates will be among those featured in the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers' winter solstice display at the Capitol, just permitted by a federal judge.

Little Rock turbine plant delay

Polymarin, a wind turbine manufacturer, is delaying plans to open a Little Rock plant that was to employ 600.

No need to make New Year's plans

...when you can just say home and watch Kris Allen ring it in on FOX.

Mike Huckabee: Both sides now

During an appearance this week at the Clinton School, former Gov. Mike Huckabee denied that his religious faith affected his clemency decisions.

David Gordon Green forms new production company

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride. LR native David Gordon Green has teamed with actor Danny McBride ("Eastbound & Down," "Pineapple Express"), director Jody Hill and Warner exec Matt Reilly to form Rough House, a new comedy production house, according to the Hollywood Reporter.Green, McBride and Hill are all alums of the North Carolina School of Arts (Jeff Nichols went there, too).Sounds promising.Green and McBride's latest project, the period comedy "Your Highness," is due out next year.

Beth Ditto, fashion icon gives Beth Ditto a big plug in its year-end wrap-up, calling her "2009's for-the-people, by-the-people style icon."More: Fashion and music have a history of getting into bed together (just ask Kate and Pete), but the relationship has never been cozier or more publicity-friendly than in a year that gave us Beyoncé in Gareth Pugh, RiRi in the front row, and Gaga in not very much.

Holmes nominated for judgeship

At last a suggestion has been made for an open federal judgeship in Fort Smith, available because Judge Robert Dawson is taking senior status.

Wednesday: Chris Michaels and the Cranks, Kevin Gordon, Joan Red and more

Chris Michaels. It's a Shreveport reunion at White Water.

Tune In: Kris Allen on Letterman, Gossip on Carson Daly

The news never stops with Arkansas' biggest pop stars.Tonight, they'll do battle on late night talk shows, though the fight won't exactly be fair.

Power lunch report

Word to the wise: If you want a table at lunch at the Capital Bar, go early, like 11:30 a.m.

Christmas gift idea

For the black lab owner on your Christmas list (what, about 1 million Arkies?), you'll want the new Game and Fish conservation plate, won't you?

Bring back the union?

A Pulaski County School Board member who wasn't present when the Board voted 4-2 to end recognition of employee unions -- triggering a one-day strike and a lawsuit over breach of the negotiating contract -- wants the board to reconsider the decision, KTHV reports.

This week in the Times

Speaking of the Capital Bar, as I was earlier: It was one of the big winners in our first Toast of the Town survey of the state's best watering holes.


      AP Little Rock, Ar. – Judge Ellen and Max Brantley accept the Norma Bates Authentic Heirloom Collectors' Edition Plaque of Excellence Award on behalf of “Huckabee Haiku” Winner Hugh Mann from Norma Bates Wednesday at the award luncheon at Bates’ home.

Correcting Mike Huckabee

It's a full-time job, holding the glib but factually challenged former governor of Arkansas to the facts.  Here, the Arkansas Leader sets out to correct nationally televised misstatements by Mike Huckabee concerning his clemency for accused cop killer Maurice Clemmons and his mangling of provisions in the Senate health care legislation.

Big pharma at work

U.S. Rep. Marion Berry issued a statement today regretting Senate failure to pass a measure that would allow import of cheaper drugs from Canada and Europe.

Jim Holt for U.S. Senate?

Jim Holt, who got 44 percent of the vote as a Republican opponent to Sen. Blanche Lincoln in 2004, has not been coming to the phone for reporters.

Don't Want To Cook?

I can't imagine why you'd want to pass off the responsibility of feeding your family at this important time of year... unless, of course, you just don't have the time.  Or the initiative.  Or... well, you get the point.  So are you looking for places to order those dishes that you'd rather not slave over?  I have a short list over at Tie Dye Travels.  Alternately, tell me where you go for those things that you'd rather order and pick up than mix up and bake.   

Divine Secrets of the CBG.

Wanna see something cool?  You know those great fried black eyed peas that are complimentary to diners and drinkers at Capital Bar and Grill?  Ever wondered how they're made?