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December 25, 2008

Vol 6 • No 50

Scary year

Most years of Century 21 so far have been downers, ranging from glum to grim.

Re global warming

Rob Fisher, Little Rock's tireless environmental champion, shares a response to David Sanders' overheated conspiracy theory regards work in Arkansas and other states on global warming.

NLR kids get the shaft

Mayor Pat Hays' scheme to cram a developer enrichment scheme down the throats of NLR taxpayers was approved at the last minute last night, as expected.

Snyder enrolls for a pension UPDATE

Brummett blogs an overlooked change of circumstance in which U.S. Rep. Vic Snyder, after taking the financially punishing route of passing up a federal pension for several years, enrolled on account of a change in his family situation.

It must be Belgium UPDATE

I've made the switch from Amsterdam to Belgium, thanks to the to-the-minute trains of Europe.


The inexplicably absorbing Puppy Cam, which drew millions of page views to a site that featured a webcam focused on six playful young Shiba Inu dogs in a room-sized pen, is doing re-runs.For a time in mid- to late December the site was off the air after a day or two of showing only three of the dogs.

No sprouts, but, Brussels, man ....

I started my excursion in Brussels with a Leffe Noel beer in an ancient guild hall on the central plaza in a town bustling despite the holiday.

We are all 09ers

Resolved: To blog more in the days to come! Here's an open line for now.

Rebels, rogues and such at WWT

It's becoming an annual tradition. Every year around this time, Lucero, steadily becoming more and more famous, plays an intimate gig at White Water.

Surprised it took this long ...

... for conservative blogs to raise an alarum over the fact that Attorney General Dustin McDaniel opposed -- publicly and frequently, to his credit -- initiated Act 1.

Surprised it took this long ...

... for conservative blogs to raise an alarum over the fact that Attorney General Dustin McDaniel opposed -- publicly and frequently, to his credit -- initiated Act 1.

Profiles in paranoia

How many times have you discussed whether the front or back of an airplane was the safest spot:?

General musings

We're steered to an Esquire magazine article by Wesley Clark about war planning in which he opines:

Where's the justice?

As government officials in cities, counties and the state of Arkansas fall all over themselves -- especially in North Little Rock -- to shovel taxpayers' money into the coffers of hotel builders, parking deck contractors, big bait shops and others, a person operating a one-person in-home office in Little Rock pays a $235 fee for a "business license."Where does one go to get some of that sweet gubmint "stimulus" or "development" money?

Slow news day?

Sounds like it is quiet in Arkansas. But a raucous demonstration is underway in Brussels at the Bourse.

And We're Back

It's been awhile, so sorry for the brief absence, but I wanted to enjoy the holidays and not think too much about all these natural gas related problems and issues.  Rod Bryan from the Arkansas Conservation Alliance sent me this video.  Max linked to it on the main blog awhile back, but I thought it was really informative, so I wanted to post it here.  Let me know what you think about it, and check out Rod's site too if you get the chance. 

The so-called liberal media

A bit of wisdom from Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo. Hearty agreement here.

The end of Alltel

Ark. Business reports filing that says Verizon takeover of Alltel will close Jan. 9. Next question: How many jobs to be lost and how soon?

Obama at Mosaic Templars

Booker T. Washington addressed a crowd of thousands there in 1913. On Jan. 20, in the third-floor auditorium of the Mosaic Templars building, now the Mosaic Templars Cultural Center, the inauguration of the first black president will be simulcast, starting at 11 a.m.

Calling David Sanders

Gov. Beebe said on the radio today that global warming is not a hoax. And David Sanders returned our call:

Thick Syrup begins the year with a podcast

Photo by Arshia Khan. Local label Thick Syrup's jumped into the podcasting fray.

The Weekend: Chucky P, g-force, Chris Denny and more

FRIDAY 1/2Like the flyer says, DJ supremes Chucky P and g-force spin tonight at Cajun's, 9 p.m., $5.

Sign of new times

The sign has gone up on the Clinton school's new space across from the River Market.

Official Razorback Bowl-Watching Simulation Kit

Since the Hogs aren't playing in today's Cotton Bowl (or any other bowl game this year), we thought it would be helpful to provide some instructions on how to authentically simulate the experience of watching the Razorbacks go bowling.

Do-something legislature?

According to the Arkansas Leader, Sen. Bobby Glover, D-Carlisle, will introduce a bill in the next legislative session that would give cities and counties a say in the permitting process that allows private companies to store and dispose of waste produced from natural gas drilling in the state.  Currently municipalities and county governments have no say in the matter.  Just ask the citiziens of Prairie County who are up in arms over a proposed waste site currently awaiting a permit from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.  The only thing the county can do right now is issue a weight limit on all the trucks that will be traveling along the county's narrow roads.  Of course, this isn't the best solution as it will impact local farmers in the area as well.  If the diposal site is approved, one truck carrying gas drilling waste will be going down Prairie County roads every 12 minutes.  ADEQ has no authority to place restrictions on the number of trucks using the roads and citizens are concerned they'll be left to foot the bill when they begin to deteriorate.  In other gas-related news, it looks like falling natural gas prices might have an impact on the amount of money the state is likely to raise from an increase in severance taxes on natural gas extraction.  Head over to the Shale Watch blog for more info on this and related issues.     

Friday To-Do: Lucero

LUCERO9 p.m., White Water Tavern. $20.It's becoming an annual tradition.

McDaniel responds

An earlier blog entry today noted conservative blogging questioning whether Attorney General Bobby Dustin (whoa!

McDaniel responds

An earlier blog entry today noted conservative blogging questioning whether Attorney General Bobby Dustin (whoa!

Friday To-Do: Jimbo Mathus

JIMBO MATHUS9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz. Luther Dickinson, of the North Mississippi Allstars and the Black Crowes, once said that Jimbo Mathus is a link in “the ‘crazy Mississippi white-boy' chain of music that goes all the way back through Elvis Presley to Jimmie Rogers … white musicians playing black music and influencing people in both cultures.” That kind of framing of Mathus' sound might come as a surprise to those who remember him as the animated front man of the swing revival act the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Rigs Down

The Houston Chronicle reports that the number of oil and gas rigs fell this year, with Arkansas losing a total of three.  That's not good for a state that increased the severance tax on gas extraction by five percent and was counting on the money.  Also, natural gas prices are falling, making investments in gas companies a little more risky than they used to be.  The AP, who ranked the natural gas boom in Arkansas one of their top ten stories of the year (saying it made the state recession-proof, and that everybody was getting rich), has this on the projected shortfall in revenue.       

Family business

Somebody should have been keeping an eye on these folks. KTHV reports that a couple in Cabot awaiting sentencing on conviction in an Internet scam a couple of years ago have been arrested again -- along with their 19-year-old son -- for selling stolen goods on eBay.

Open line

Don't fret. Max will be back soon.

Coody, adieu

Yesterday, the Northwest Arkansas Times offered up a glowing, happy trails send off for outgoing Fayetteville mayor Dan Coody, whose eight year term was, let's say, very interesting.

A new voice

Spirit Trickey-Rowan knows a lot about living history. Her mother is Minnijean Brown Trickey, one of the Little Rock Nine. On Monday Trickey-Rowan debuts "One Ninth," a docudrama written from Minnijean's perspective as a 16-year-old girl, at Wildwood Park

Huckabee (preacher, ret.)

The Arkansas Leader does a sober evisceration of Mike Huckabee's complaint that he was constantly described as a Baptist preacher during his presidential campaign.

A handout for Arkansas?

Ernie Dumas in the Arkansas Leader weighs Arkansas's chances for a proportionate share of President Obama's stimulus package.

Death in NLR

An LR man is dead after NLR police used pepper spray to subdue him during a fight with an officer.

Thomas Paine redux

Rep. Lindsley Smith will try again to memorialize Thomas Paine. John Brummett explains and predicts a repeat of 2007.


I'm wondering how many people think that President Barack Obama is going to send people to Little Rock to study the miracle that is the eStem schools merit pay system, as Superintendent Roy Brooks was reported as saying on the front page of the AD-G today.

Oaklawn ban

Yesterday, Oaklawn became the first horseracing track in the nation to ban the shipment of horses from Louisiana race tracks, an attempt to stem the potential spread of the equine herpes virus.

Bush blow to forests

In another last-minute FU to the nation's natural resources, the Bush administration is about to implement a agreement that would let Plum Creek Timber pave roads through Forest Service land, the Washington Post reports. Plum Creek Timber is lately in the real estate business, converting mountain acreage in the West to housing tracts.

Climate change kerfuffle

David Sanders's recent column seems to have caused quite a stir.  Beebe's remarks yesterday that global warming was not a hoax just added to it.  Today, John Brummett weighs in, pointing out some problems with the Sanders article.  One major point of contention is that most of the material likely came from right-winger Paul Chesser, who works for Climate Strategies Watch, a group that exists to "scrutinize global warming policy in the states," and specifically to criticize the Center for Climate Strategies, a consulting firm that has been hired by the state.  From Brummett: 

How the mortgage scammers "f.u."-ed us all

That stands for "fixer-upper"-ed us.Today's Wall Street Journal puts the financial collapse in terms we can all understand.It tells how a three-room shack in Arizona declared "unfit for human occupancy" was mortgaged FOR $103,000!

R.I.P., John Dortmunder

Those of us who devoured the endlessly entertaining crime novels about the pessimistic crook John Dortmunder and his pals Andy Kelp, Stan Murch and Tiny Bulcher, plus the dark novels about a killer named only Parker, are saddened to read of the death in Mexico of the great writer Donald E. Westlake.

And so it begins

The New York Times reports:Breaking News AlertThe New York TimesSaturday, January 3, 2009Armored Column Seen Moving Into GazaIsraeli television showed a column of tanks moving into theGaza Strip on Saturday evening, in what appeared to be thebeginning of a ground offensive against Hamas.

Big cheese

In the tightly knit Internet world, I learned the other day that Jay Barth, Hendrix politics prof, was in France, headed to Switzerland.

Let's open it up

A day of yard work and I'm beat.  Anybody do anything interesting today?  It's been beautiful.  Time to fire up the grill and play guitar on the porch.  Have at it... 


Why won't the Bushes let the Obamas move into Blair House before the inauguration? Brian Goldsmith poses the question.

Arkie in-law

Thanks to The Arkansas Project for the genealogy on Colorado's new U.S. senator, the former Denver school super.

Enabler's farewell

Frank Rich has written a devastating summary of the Bush years. It forgets to mention one thing -- how he and others in the big city press helped Bush ascend with their sneering putdowns of Al Gore.

Fringe art -- poli sci division

John Brummett reintroduces his readers to Rod Bryan, a regular contributor here, and his participation in a new conservation alliance aimed in part at keeping the state from giving away its natural birthright in the exploration for natural gas.

Here we go again

Stephens Media has a variety of legislative advance stories today, including a roundup of the ever-popular social issues.

Minnesota mining

The counting is done and it looks like Franken by 225 votes; the winner will be declared tomorrow.

Death Star to seek more conciliatory approach?

Andrew DeMillo says Bob "Death Star" Johnson is looking at ways to soften his image and strengthen his legacy as the new session approaches.  Top priorities for the senator will include working out the details for the lottery and helping Central Arkansas Water buy land in the Maumelle watershed to protect it from development.  Johnson actually did the opposite in 2005, when he sought to allow construction of large homes in the area.

The perfect fry

My wife has awarded me a golden hall pass to attend meetings of the Audio Visual Club and a gold leaf cluster for dorkiness for producing this video with my little Flip camera of our visit to a museum to the fried potato in Bruges, Belgium.

Missing faces

Enough talk about our own legislature.  David Broder offers a piece on the faces that will be missing when Congress reconvenes this week.  Among the most notable are Obama and Biden, of course.  Sens. Hillary Clinton and Ken Salazar will also be off to fill major cabinet positions.  I think most notably though, Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel will be gone.  Hagel was never afraid to stand up to the Bush administration and his common sense and independence would have served this Congress, and the new administration, well.     

Evolution in reverse

Hunting's never been my thing, though I come from a hunting family.  It is extremely popular in this state with some even taking holidays to start off deer season.  On the weekends, hordes of Arkansans head out to the deer camp to sit in the freezing cold for hours on end in the hopes of landing a big buck.  I'd rather sleep.  I did come across this interesting piece in Newsweek, though, about the evolutionary impact of hunting.  As it turns out, hunting is kind of like natural selection in reverse. 

Evolution in reverse

Hunting's never been my thing, though I come from a hunting family.  It is extremely popular in this state with some even taking holidays to start off deer season.  On the weekends, hordes of Arkansans head out to the deer camp to sit in the freezing cold for hours on end in the hopes of landing a big buck.  I'd rather sleep.  I did come across this interesting piece in Newsweek, though, about the evolutionary impact of hunting.  As it turns out, hunting is kind of like natural selection in reverse. 

US blocks action in Gaza

According to the Associated Press, the US blocked a security council resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

Vehicle for jobs

Numerous news outlets (including KATV) are reporting that the new business Gov. Beebe will announce tomorrow is a utility vehicle plant in a former video production plant in North Little Rock.

Just for grins

Bush I would like to see a Bush III in the White House, he told Fox News today.

Downtown down

A power outage has left part of downtown in the dark. Worker at the Stephens Building said the power's been out for a while and that he was told by Entergy that things may be screwy for the next six hours.

There's more than one way...

to stop natural gas drilling.  A University of Utah student, Tim DeChristopher, strolled into a Bureau of Land Management auction in Utah and bid $1.8 million for 13 parcels of land in order to keep those tracts safe from drilling.  He now faces felony charges.  DeChristopher never intended to actually pay for the land.  Now he's looking to raise $45,000 to hold onto it and keep it safe from drilling until Obama gets into office and there's a personnel change in the BLM.  Three websites are trying to help him out:,,  I wouldn't put it past the Conservation Alliance's Rod Bryan to try something similar.  We'll see what happens. 

Vampires in Houston

Arkansas's resident Queen of the Undead, Charlaine Harris -- the Magnolia native whose vampire-themed mystery series was adapted into the well received HBO show "True Blood" -- is headed to the Houston Public Library for a talk on Tuesday.

Here you go...

Let's open it up.  I hope you all had a good weekend...


The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are reporting tonight that Obama is thinking about a $351 billion tax cut to stimulate the economy.His reason?

It...It... Flames, FLAMES...On the Side of My Face

So, the end/beginning of the year has created an odd rhythm of working a few days and having a few days off.  I kind of liked it, since I don't think I ever had to work more than three days in a row, but as usually happens when I get a little time off, I feel like it ruined me just the tiniest bit, too.  What's going to happen on Wednesday, when I realize that I have to get up early for a fourth day in row.  That just seems indecent.

Surprise Delight.

My mom enjoys days when we can catch lunch together somewhere, especially since we share the love of a good food find.  Stout's Diner is one of those great places.

Support for Blago

I'm with Brummett. Odious as the governor of Illinois may be, I don't see how they can justify blocking his legal appointment to fill Obama's U.S. Senate seat.

NLR's big news UPDATE

Those 500 jobs to be announced today in NLR, said to be related to "utility vehicles." Here's an uninformed guess: it's a maker of the mini-trucks that are popular in agricultural and commercial uses worldwide.

Not perfect

New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson wasn't forthcoming with Obama's transition team about the seriousness of a grand jury investigation into a contract awarded a supporter, Politico's Jonathan Martin writes, but critics say the team should have vetted him more carefully.

Lower caps for higher ed

Arkansas Higher Ed director Jim Purcell makes the argument to Arkansas Business that the caps on public college scholarships needs to lowered to ease the burden on non-scholarship students.

The Old Guard is back

Dick Bond, president and chief executive officer of Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE:TSN), announced today he is leaving the company, effective immediately.

Show Me no more

Hussman shoveled a quarter-page of "Missouri Briefs" into the last page of the Little Rock daily's Arkansas section this morning.What's next?

Death Star: Bulldoze Ray Winder

Bulldoze Ray Winder and the Little Rock Zoo and turn the land into a "high-tech" corridor that includes a joined UCA-?

Death Star: Bulldoze Ray Winder

Bulldoze Ray Winder and the Little Rock Zoo and turn the land into a "high-tech" corridor that includes a joined UCA-?

UPDATE: Caterpillar to NLR

More to come, but I just caught news that a Caterpillar motor grader production plan is slated for the vacant video plant in North Little Rock.

Court sniffs at suit

The 20 Arkansas counties that sued cold-medicine manufacturers because the ingredients in their products could be used to make methamphetamines lost their case at the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals today.

Can't wait

News director Dave Elswick over at KARN (FM 102.9, AM 920) says the station will carry The Huckabee Report, which premiered today at 35 stations.

Panetta to CIA

Former Clinton White House chief of staff Leon Panetta is Obama's pick to head the CIA, the New York Times is reporting.

More lists

Ants in My Trance, my new favorite Arkansas music blog (it's not new, just new to me), has collected the top 25 remixes of the year for your streaming pleasure.

Two Ark. connected films deemed worthy of eternal preservation

  Late last year, the Library of Congress, as it does annually, added 25 films to the National Film Registry "to be preserved for all time."

Monday: The Magpies

From Cleveland, the Magpies, formerly known as Roger Hoover and the Whiskey Hounds, return to White Water Tavern for the first time in months.

Monday: 'One Ninth'

Spirit Trickey-Rowan (center) and the cast of 'One Ninth.' 'ONE NINTH'7 p.m., Wildwood Park for the Performing Arts.

It's cold

Photos by Brian Chilson

Act 1 injunction filed

The ACLU of Arkansas filed a motion for temporary injunction today in Pulaski circuit court asking that the state be prohibited from using Act 1 to separate children in state care from family members until its challenge of the law has been settled.

Our Court Reporter Weighs in on the North Texas Game

Believe it or not, the North Texas game wasn’t televised in California. So, I asked my dad - Little Rock resident, Razorback fan and former freshman sensation on the Vanderbilt University basketball team - to share his observations from having attended the tussle at Alltel.

He's good enough, he's smart enough...

And doggone it, people like him.  Well, the people of Minnesota liked him enough to elect Al Franken to the senate by 225 votes.  It will be interesting to see how the inevitable legal challenges play out. 

It's about that time

Open line...

The incentives game

A reader notes the illogical conclusion of local efforts to pay corporate welfare to bribe plants to locate in their fair communities.

UA tuition going up

So says Chancellor Gearhart.

Global warning according to John

Brummett recounts the recent editorial noise about global warming and lands on the John McCain position on the issue.

Been to our food blog, Eat Arkansas, lately? Max has been filing dispatches from Amsterdam and Brussels tasty enough to make you lick your computer screen. Plus, there's a host of posts on all sorts of local food topics.

Ark. makes national headlines

A New York Times editorial today looks askance at Act 1, personified in the case of a grandmother unable to adopt her abused grandchild because she lives with someone out of wedlock.

Nathan Dick transfers to UCA

Former Hogs Quarterback Nathan Dick (pictured, #10) will head to UCA. 

A giant dies

Margaret Kolb, one of the brave members of the Women's Emergency Committee to reopen Little Rock's schools in 1958, died last night at the age of 81 89. Much of the business of the WEC was run out of Kolb's home in Hillcrest; she operated the telephone tree that kept members informed of WEC actions and was under surveillance at the time by pro-Faubus forces.

A giant dies

Margaret Kolb, one of the brave members of the Women's Emergency Committee to reopen Little Rock's schools in 1958, died last night at the age of 81 89. Much of the business of the WEC was run out of Kolb's home in Hillcrest; she operated the telephone tree that kept members informed of WEC actions and was under surveillance at the time by pro-Faubus forces.


The rich Fayetteville news blog Iconoclast tells us today that the UA has a No. 1 to boast of: It's tops in the nation in the ratio of athletic expenses to total instructional expenditures.

Giving Caterpillar plant legs

Scott Miller of the North Little Rock Daily News wonders about the wisdom of that city's $13 million incentive package for Caterpillar, which includes tax credits, building an electrical substation and a wastewater treatment plant, and cheap electricity.

Burris not seated

Blago's nominee to take President-elect Obama's Senate seat shows up and is shown the door: the secretary of the Senate rejected his credentials this morning.

An ill wind

Blade manufacturer LM Glasfiber is laying off more than 150 employees and temporarily shutting its Scott Hamilton facility, it announced today.

Bank robbery

The Bank of America branch on 4024 West Markham, across from UAMS, was robbed today, and police already have a suspect. The robber was armed with a semi-automatic pistol and was described as a black man who appeared to be about 40 years old, 5'-8"or 5'-9", wearing a dark hoodie and a baseball cap with the words Little Rock across the brim.

Clinton's Stuart Smalley moment

"I remember looking in the mirror one day when I first started to shave, thinking, "'No matter how hard you work, you'll never be John Coltrane or Stan Getz.

Tyson fined $500,000

Tyson Foods pled guilty in court today and was ordered to pay the maximum fine for violating worker safety regulations.  In addition to the fine, the company will be placed on probation for one year.

Here comes the Family Council

Jerry Cox said today the Family Council Action Committee will file a request to intervene in the ACLU's challenge to Initiated Act One.  He said the FCAC has not done so yet but was "moving in that direction."  Yesterday, the ACLU filed an injunction to suspend enforcement of Act One until their challenge is settled.  A clerk for Circuit Judge Chris Piazza said the judge would not rule on the injunction today but would likely schedule a hearing in the next couple of weeks. 

Here comes the Family Council

Jerry Cox said today the Family Council Action Committee will file a request to intervene in the ACLU's challenge to Initiated Act One.  He said the FCAC has not done so yet but was "moving in that direction."  Yesterday, the ACLU filed an injunction to suspend enforcement of Act One until their challenge is settled.  A clerk for Circuit Judge Chris Piazza said the judge would not rule on the injunction today but would likely schedule a hearing in the next couple of weeks. 

Finding a new Lu

The UCA presidential search committee met for the first time today.  According to a press release, the meeting was called to finalize language to use in an advertisement for the position.  Jack Gillean, Vice President for Administration at UCA, said the committee decided to hold off on the final wording of the ad in order to consult their various constituencies.  The search committee consists of student, faculty, staff, administration, community and board representatives.  Gillean said the committe did not have a hard and fast timeline for the search but they do hope to have a recommendation for the job by this summer, and approval of that recommendation by the end of the summer.  He was quick to point out, however, that they did not want to "sacrifice quality for speed."  That's probably a good call.  UCA doesn't need any more trouble.       

Hooking the Horns

Tonight, the Texas Longhorns roll into Bud Walton Arena for their visit to Fayetteville since 1991 and only their second game against the Hogs in the past 18 years.

If they're for it ...

It's bound to be just a slap on the hand. The Farm Bureau board voted today to support the Attorney General's proposed animal cruelty legislation.

Lawmakers talk session

In a Q-and-A as entertaining as it was informative, incoming Speaker of the House Robbie Wills and incoming Senate President Pro Tem Bob Johnson met with reporters this afternoon at the Arkansas Press Association to discuss the upcoming legislative session.

Early warning

Bloggers, this might be an open line. I feel a cold, and a bed, coming on.

White Men's Club?

I think Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich's choice to replace Barack Obama as Illinois senator is a fine man. It's not his fault that Gov. Blagojevich allegedly tried to sell the senate seat to the highest bidder.

Another New Year Celebration

2009 is the Year of the Ox... at least, it will be in a few weeks.  Want to celebrate in style?  The folks with the Asian Pacific Resource and Cultural Center are hosting their annual Asian New Year Celebration Dinner on Saturday, January 24th at Chinese Pavilion Hunan Restaurant in Sherwood.  It's a nine course authentic and traditional Asian dinner, and a pretty good time, too.  I've been to this celebration several times over the years, and the hubster and I always enjoy ourselves.  Specialty dishes we've encountered include such delicacies as jellyfish, bird's nest soup, thousand year eggs, nian gao (sweet sticky rice pudding), and special dumplings.  There's always something for everyone.  The evening isn't just about food -- there's also door prizes, sing-alongs, and an auction that benefits the Asian Pacific Resource and Cultural Center.  If you like to sample cuisine that's not your standard American fare, mark the event on your calendar.  Tickets are $26 for adults, $18 for kids 8-12 and $12 for kids 4-7.  For more information, contact Wilma Houston at (501) 224-2490 or (501) 366-7035 (daytime) or at before January 16th.

Art and Ale.

Been out to see the great Andy Warhol:  15 Weeks of Fame exhibit at the Arkansas Arts Center?  Boy, you've missed something quite excellent.  Well, if your tastes range between haute cuisine and hawt art, you're in luck.


The Hogs just took down eternal rival Texas, 67-61. That's two wins over two top ten teams in one week.The pollsters won't forget us next week.Michael Washington is the steadiest go-to Hog since Joe Johnson.ESPN's making fun of Pel's wardrobe now, but the red blazer was obviously the key to the game.

I've Never Been Prouder

of a Razorback team. What a game - I still can't quite believe that we won it, especially after Fortson and Washington had to miss so much of the first half with foul trouble.

'Come back with a warrant'

Criminal-defense lawyer John Wesley Hall makes the prosecution work.

Had to happen

William Clark's departure from the construction firm founded by his father, now wholly owned by the Dillards.

Lowest of the low

Few are going to regret G.W. Bush's departure. But before the usual suspects start talk about low approval numbers for Congress, do take note that the public differentiates substantially between Democrat and Republican members of Congress.

Ark. education makes Top 10

Education Week's ranking of the states on education policy, finance and equity puts Arkansas in the No. 10 spot.

The Rep: Back on Main

Slow fund-raising will slow the pace of renovation of the Arkansas Repertory Theatre. As a result, the Rep will produce most of the coming season's shows in its home on Main Street.

Democrats rethink Burris

It's beginning to look like Senate Democrats will accept Roland Burris, the disgraced Illinois governor's nominee to fill Barack Obama's Senate seat, after all.

Pulaski voting OK

County Clerk Pat O'Brien announced today that the U.S. Justice Department would not oppose Pulaski County's motion to end the 2004 consent decree that grew out of the failure of the county's election system.

Great minds and all

The Fayetteville Trucker posed the very question that The Iconoclast poses in a blog post today.

Black and white and red ink all over

The Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper, owned by Little Rock's Stephens family, announced this week the  combination of sections for cost-cutting.

RIP, Buddy Habig

Habig (center), with his rhythm section, drummer Jason McHughes (left) and bassist Ivan Yarborough (right).

Local book news

Ted Parkhurst, who co-founded August House (and sold it in 2005) and currently serves as the publisher of Butler Center Books, has launched a new publishing venture.

Off Center

Off Center, the official name of Norman Jones’ new incarnation of the space that used to house Easy Street, will open at 7 p.m.

Make plans: Benefit for Luke Hunsicker with Lucero

In case you haven't heard, there's a benefit for the American Princes' Luke Hunsicker on Friday at Revolution with Lucero, Big Boots and Whale Fire.

The Hog Blogger: You Guys Excited Yet?

For at least a few hours, it felt like the disco era. Granted, the Bud and I didn’t “exist” back then, but humor me. With a weathered Eddie Sutton collecting cheers and a psychopath patrolling the sidelines in a blazer stolen from Frank Broyles’ drive-in closet, it didn’t matter that the screams from the sideline weren’t coming from underneath an Afro.

Arkansas rap's best hope?

Jones with Killer Mike. After taking most of last year off, it's time to play Rock Candy's favorite guessing game: Who's gonna be the first Arkansan to break through to the national rap game?

Stealing from the elderly

It doesn't get much worse than this.  The Arkansas Securities Department issued a cease and desist order to R. Kyle Stewart of Mountain Home, a former A.G. Edwards employee who bilked over $600,000 from two elderly Baxter County residents.  In one case, Stewart listed himself as the beneficiary of his 89-year-old client's charitable trust.  Stewart also persuaded another 102-year-old client to invest $340,000 in CCK Corp., of which Stewart was the president.  The company's only asset was a checking account that Stewart himself used.  The state's securities commissioner scheduled a hearing to determine whether Stewart's broker-dealer agent and investment adviser license should be revoked.  Hmm...  IN THAT SAME VEIN: Feds today announced indictment of Harold S. Long, 45, of Jacksonivlle for securities and wire fraud.

It's Not You, It's Me.

“It’s not you, it’s me.” Five little bitty words feel like the weight of a million.

School leader out

Jerry Peters, long-time senior regional director of Webster University's Little Rock operation, left the post around the first of the year.

New media at Capitol

Roby Brock says House Speaker Robbie Wills will roll out a website that will include YouTube coverage and power point presentations.

Dueling lawyers

We know you'll want to respond to Jerry Cox's call for contributions to the Family Council's legal defense fund to preserve Act 1.

Argenta shake-up

After a little more than a year in business, North Little Rock's Argenta Seafood Company has closed.

So long to Aydelotte's

According to its website, Aydelotte's, the fine dining restaurant in North Little Rock, has closed and will be remodeled and reopened as a U.S. Pizza in the near future.

Just so you'll know

A deconstruction of the claims that the election is being taken from Norm Coleman.

You Bet We're Excited

The Hog Blogger asks us if we're excited. Well, um, yeah.

Downtown's Little Secret.

Lawmakers, take note.  Madea's Home Cooking is back in session.  The little house at 7th and Appianway (off the Woodrow Street exit) is once again rocking with the fragrance of good home cooking at reasonable prices, after a two week holiday break.

Tis the season

One of my family's most memorable Christmases was spent with in-laws in Paris. The French tradition is to celebrate the holiday with the feast of feasts.

Changing America

A friend sends along word of an on-line voting effort to compile a list to present to President Barack Obama on 10 things that need changing in America.

A win for Franken

Another important decision went Al Franken's direction today in Minnesota. I think just about everybody says the odds now slightly favor him -- currently with a 48-vote lead -- as the next senator from Minnesota.

Smiles returning to the faces

Hope is the best gift, and this Christmas is the first in years that Americans have received it.

Please, Hogs, don’t hurt ’em

The Jim Thorpe Classic gave us some good roundball — better than expected.

Smart talk, Dec. 25

Our Insider column last week reported that Little Rock District Court Judge-elect Mark Leverett had asked for an official opinion on whether he could hold onto a part-time job as a public defender in Sherwood after he takes office in Little Rock Jan. 1.

Bush’s legacy

President Bush seems finally to be fixating on his legacy, but it has been obvious for a long time.

GOP's new star

Princella Smith's candidate for president didn't win in 2008, but the Arkansas native won national recognition as she worked with Newt Gingr

Rising star

“My life pretty much changed overnight.”

Editorial cartoon, Dec. 25.

Race and Arkansas

My interpretation of what guest writer Michael Dougan suggests in his article, “Come Home, Barack,” in the Dec. 4 issue of the Times, is that Barack Obama should have run as a white man here in Arkansas.

New Year's Eve To-dos

607, Free Verse / Weakness for Blondes, Cory Branan, The Munks, Rivertop Party and Vicious Vic are a few New Year's Eve choices.

Five things to anticipate in 2009

1. Girl Talk. All the kids get down for dance floor populist and sonic collagist Greg Gillis, AKA the DJ of the millennium.

You call this a clash?

One headline declared that Gov. Mike Beebe and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter were clashing over how to spend lottery money on scholarships.

‘Slumdog Millionaire’

Every souse scribbling with golf pencils Tuesdays at the Flying Saucer’s trivia night has the same dream: that somehow, the particular questions that night might align with the useless knowledge they’ve accumulated despite years of eschewing study for car

Words, Dec. 25

A report of a “black panther” prowling near Conway was met with skepticism by a spokesman for the state Game and Fish Commission:

The Observer, Dec. 25

We’re all of us standing in lines this time of year, which gives us an opportunity to listen in to conversations around us.

Christmas twitter

Orval Faubus used to say that the only Christmas present he ever got as a boy on the family farm at Greasy Creek near Huntsville was a lard sandwich.

Finding a niche

It’s been a bad year for the economy but it’s been particularly lackluster for newspapers.

Without a ‘Doubt’

It’s not terribly often that you come across a movie that manages to be tense and suspenseful using dialogue instead of chase scenes, that’s philosophical without being ponderous, that’s heartbreaking while avoiding schmaltz.

From deep in the earth, Vesuvio

Vesuvio set off just a quiet tremor in the dining scene when it erupted about three months ago.

Library lurks

A dispute over a River Market hotel development was settled last week when it was announced that the McKibbon Hotel Group wouldn’t build an Aloft Hotel at Clinton Avenue and Commerce after all.

Orval, Dec. 25

Bah, humbug

A column in a newspaper dated Dec. 25 should be a gimme.

What's cooking, Dec. 25

Ya Ya’s Euro Bistro is slated to open January 22nd in the Promenande at Chenal.

This modern world, Dec. 25

NewYear’s Eve in brief

At Cornerstone, long time blues-rock jam band Parachute Woman mixes covers and originals, 9 p.m., $5.

Dec. 17-23, 2008

It was a GOOD week for … HOTEL CONSTRUCTION. McKibbon Hotel Group moved its proposed site for a new Aloft Hotel one block south of the original site at Clinton Avenue and Commerce Street to avoid opposition by the neighboring Central Arkansas Library Syst

Ho, ho, ho

Brummett should have done one of those Christmas column chestnuts. He defends Sen.Blanche Lincoln's deliberateness on card check legislation.

'Clean' coal?

Right. Get a load of the wonders of it in the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Who's excited now?

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve, hooting at Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid in the National Lampoon take on a family Christmas.

Who's excited now?

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve, hooting at Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid in the National Lampoon take on a family Christmas.

Calling Charlie Brown

Rock on

Have you checked Lindsey Millar's Rock Candy blog lately? Check it out. At the top  is a monumental alphabet worth of 2008 on the local music scene, with lots of free sounds to sample.

Merry Christmas Everybody

Thanks for your readership and comments ... you've made writing this blog a lot of fun for us.

Done and done

Can I stay conscious until 8 p.m.? Can you?

In brief, Dec. 25

Silverton, or the Silverton Family, as they’re calling themselves these days, aim to revive the folk movement in Arkansas.

To-do list, Dec. 25

Big Cats, Kwanzaa, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, American Princes / Smoke Up Johnny / Eclipse Glasses, Lucero, Jimbo Mathus and Arkansas v. North Texas should make for ample entertainment options after Christmas.

The year in pop culture in Arkansas, A-Z

I came close. I almost ran a heartwarming essay about a live Nativity scene.

NLR's navy

Scott Miller's NLR Daily News notes that NLR Mayor Pat Hays is doubling the city's cost of running his submarine fleet.

Change we can hope for

Here's something Barack Obama could do quickly. Reverse a last-second assault on reproductive rights by the Bush administration.

Another Bush?

As Jeb Bush moves closer to a run for U.S. Senate in 2010, it's time to begin planning for his presidential run.

You said it!

In fact, most of us are saying it. CNN is reporting that 75 percent of the American public has this farewell for George W. Bush: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Norma predicts her Top Ten 2009 Predictions are coming up!Astrounding 100% Accuracy!Plus -- Amazing Red Dot!

When the going gets tough...

... the tough don't go shopping. Despite huge price cuts all over, the early prediction is no post-Christmas pickup to make up for slow Yule sales.

Birds of a feather

Chip Saltsman, Mike Huckabee's campaign manager and now seeking the Republican National Committee chairmanship, may have done himself in.

Open line

Here's to you. Note: There may be some sporadic blog service in the days ahead.

Take Out Time.

There are certain times of the year where sitting down to a table with family is important.  What follows within a matter of days (and sometimes hours) is the incredible urge to let someone else cook.

The year that was

Brummett compiles some bests and worsts. Sarah Palin figures prominently.

Fort Smith Blues

The rogues at Hill Street station had nothing on a Fort Smith cop, suspended for 12 days for an impressive list of rules violations.


  Sylvia Browne has NOTHING on me!   Nor Judy Heavenly, the “Blue Dot” floozie in the National Enquirer.

The Benevolent Mr. Richards

Rolling Stones lead guitar man Keith Richards has donated an autographed guitar for an auction to benefit the Rector High School Helping Hands Foundation in Jonesboro.  The foundation was established in 2006 to help financially disadvantaged students.  Richards has quite a history in Arkansas.  He even got a pardon from former governor Mike Huckabee for a 1975 incident involving reckless driving and a concealed knife.      

Attention, Hempstead County

From Tennessee:A burst dike at a coal-fired power plant in eastern Tennessee spilled millions more cubic yards of ash than originally estimated, officials said Friday, and residents feared the muck coating their neighborhood was endangering the area's drinking water.About 5.4 million cubic yards of coal fly ash, a byproduct of burning coal, broke out of a retention pond at the Kingston Fossil Plant, Tennessee Valley Authority spokesman John Moulton said.

Speaking of bests and worsts

Long day. I'm still in O'Hare and hoping for the best.

Saturday To-Do: American Princes - Smoke Up Johnny - Eclipse Glasses

  AMERICAN PRINCES / SMOKE UP JOHNNY / ECLIPSE GLASSES9 p.m., Revolution. Since guitarist and vocalist Collins Kilgore moved to New York awhile back, the Princes, like the Big Cats or Ashtray Babyhead, have mostly scheduled their Little Rock shows around holidays.

Open line...

I know it's early, but I've got to head over to Christmas Number Two with the family (today's the only day that every one will be in).  Having a huge extended family is a blessing and curse.  Will this ever end?  Hopefully Max is safely in the air by now... Have at it.  

Ups and downs

Feel like you're drowning in year-end best-of and worst-of lists?  Well, here's one more to add to the mire.  In addition to yesterday's offering of the year's best and worst, today columnist/blogger John Brummett offers the year in ups and downs.  Among those that are up: Gov. Mike Beebe, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter and Senator Gilbert Baker.  On the downside: former UCA president Lu Hardin, who left the university amidst controversy and Sen. Blanche Lincoln who faces what is likely to be a tough re-election campaign in 2010. 

A new low?

A De Queen woman was arrested for selling cookie-dough to raise money for a military homecoming and then walking away with the money.  Julie Milligan Owen sold $456 worth of nonexistent cookie dough to raise money for a homecoming ceremony for soldiers returning home from Iraq.  Pretty low.  I'm reminded of a film that was released a while back called "The War Tapes."  The documentary follows three US soldiers throughout their tour of duty in Iraq.  Each of the soldiers carried personal video cameras and shot the footage themselves.  When they returned home, filmmakers followed up with each of them to find out how their experiences there had changed their lives.  If I remember correctly, PTSD was the rule, not the exception.  It's a great account of what it's like to fight in a war only to return home and find out that the administration that sent you there doesn't care about you anymore. 

If it's Sunday...

... it must be Amsterdam. The Brussels flight left on time and arrived on time.

Dubya's Little Gifts

Rolling Stone, in a parting look at Bush's torrent of last-minute "F.U.'s" to America, lists the appointment of Federal Judge Leon Holmes of Arkansas's Eastern District as one of Bush's five worst judicial parting gifts.It cites Holmes' admonition of women to "submit" to their husbands as the reason for his selection.

Obama and Warren, again

Frank Rich revisits Barack Obama's decision to make Rick Warren "pope" of his inaugural. It examines both sides of the issue, but notes you can't get around the essence: Warren defamed gay people; Obama rationalized about it.

Dept. of wretched excess

In a year-end roundup of notorious people's 2009 resolutions, The Wall Street Journal quotes Mike Huckabee as looking forward to:"The launch of my new radio commentary on ABC Radio [to augment his TV show on FOX], and I hope to work on another book."

Snyder staying put

Taking a much-needed break from the Cowboys game, I stumbled onto this from David Kinkade over at The Arkansas Project.  It looks like Vic Snyder has once again dashed the hopes of Arkansas Republicans, this time those that would like to see him step down.  David Sanders of Arkansas News Bureau had it first.  Apparently, any rumors of a Snyder retirement, whether due to the new addition of triplets or for any other reason, have been greatly exaggerated. 

Open line time...

My internet's been real spotty all day.  If anyone was ever thinking of blogging from anywhere near the southwestern corner of the state, I'd seriously re-think it.  Rhode Island is neither a road, nor an island, discuss...

The SEC West Just Got More Interesting...Again

It seems that the coaching carousel never stops spinning. Because the SEC West isn't rife with enough coaching drama already, apparently, the powers-that-be at Auburn have decided to bring one Mr. Gus Malzahn into the fold to spice up the Tigers' yearly matchups with Arkansas and Ole Miss. I'm already getting lost in all the subplots...

Scary year

The LR Zoo’s new vampire bat wasn’t the only alarming spectacle in Arkansas in 2008.

A loss for words

The Huckster has nothing to say about Chip Saltsman, his chosen candidate for RNC chairman, and his unfortunate decision to send that "Magic Negro" CD around to voters in the contest.

Doing the math

Running through my e-mail, I've come across a note asking for further examination of NLR Mayor Pat Hays' claim that a new hotel downtown -- with its schoolkid-financed parking deck -- would create 350 jobs.

Doing the math

Running through my e-mail, I've come across a note asking for further examination of NLR Mayor Pat Hays' claim that a new hotel downtown -- with its schoolkid-financed parking deck -- would create 350 jobs.

Warren courting

Rick Warren is better than Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. So says John Brummett in his editorial this a.m.

Warren courting

Rick Warren is better than Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson. So says John Brummett in his editorial this a.m.

Trash talk

A story in D-G today (no link available) goes into greater depth about something we've mentioned several times previously -- the city of Little Rock, or some of its nominal leaders, are clearly aching to privatize the landfill.

Situation wanted

Bud Cummins, the former U.S. attorney in LR, couldn't have asked for a better resume builder than the interview in the D-G today about his employment travails since he was forced out of office by the Bush administration.

News never takes a holiday

In theory, everyone at the Times is off this week. But we're trying to keep the blog alive through a network of contributors and periodic e-mail checks.


Is this a long-standing fashion trend that I just missed, or is it a whole new thing:Coming back from New York recently, we flew right over LR and landed at Bush Airport in Houston to switch planes and come back north to LR.

Caution: Opportunists at work

I guess I should be happy it's not more opportunistic gay bashing. But union bashing -- in a right to work state with a tiny and dwindling union population -- is just about as repugnant.

Going Dutch

I'm in Amsterdam and will head to Brussels later in the week. I've always said you can travel or take pictures, but not both.

Wally Watch: December 28, 2008

Wally Watch: Where we read Wally Hall so you don't have to. Dec. 28, 2008: Bowl experiences have been ride to remember.

Traffic tickets DID take a holiday

With no tickets made to come due in LR on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, there's going to be a crush in traffic court next week.

Go-o-ol-lee, s'prise, s'prise s'prise

As Gomer would say. Politico, the Internet political website, lists Mike Huckabee as the No. 1 political surprise of the 2008 campaign:

Open, at last

Sorry, blog devotees. While you all were back at work (or not) I spent a day in the woods looking for rare woodpeckers and not having much luck.

Drinking Yourself Fat.

Few would argue that of the two drinks shown above, the Baskin Robbins Heath Bar Shake contains more calories.  But which of these is the healthy alternative?

The magic Huck

The Huckster, after earlier dismissing the flap, has been prompted to issue a statement on Chip Saltsman's "Barack the Magic Negro" gift CD as part of his campaign for Republican national chairman.

Alltel closing nears

Roby Brock speculates a Jan. 6 closing for the Verizon-Alltel deal, based on new regulatory filings.

Alltel closing nears

Roby Brock speculates a Jan. 6 closing for the Verizon-Alltel deal, based on new regulatory filings.

Taxing smokes

State Rep. Gene Shelby is talking about a 50-cent-a-pack tax increase on cigarettes to pay for a state trauma system and other health purposes.

Forever young

John Brummett explains today why he's giving blogging another go. He notes he'll be taking reader comments this time around -- after review.

By any other name ...

... it's still a doughnut. Is there a culture without a fried dough treat?

Pre-Ledge thinking

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman is worried that governors will respond to the fiscal crisis in the way that Herbert Hoover did -- by balancing their budgets with severe cuts in social programs.

The party of old Southern white men

Here's another view on Chip Saltsman's distribution of that "Barack the Magic Negro" CD to potential voters in his race to head the Republican National Committee.

Hurricane casualty

Bush aides believe (bad link corrected) the administration's handling of Katrina did the president in with the public.

Hurricane casualty

Bush aides believe (bad link corrected) the administration's handling of Katrina did the president in with the public.

Minnesota circus

Keeping up with the senatorial doings in Minnesota? Franken leads by a hair.

Feeling Bullish About the Hogs

Yesterday my esteemed Razorback Expats colleague J. Hawg 3 wrote an impassioned post about why this year's Arkansas basketball team simply isn't that good.

Blago to all: Eh

Meet the new U.S. senator from Illinois.

ACLU sues

The ACLU filed its lawsuit today challenging the constitutionality of Act 1, the homophoboic state law that goes into effect Jan. 1 to require would-be foster and adoptive couples to be married.

Arkansas, naturally

If I could embed it I would, but I can't so you'll have to go here to see Rod Bryan's video on the politics of oil and gas drilling.

No moving

Man, oh man, what bad news on the Arkansas real estate scene: Home sales in November were down 35 percent from November 2007, the biggest decline in 2008. Arkansas Business elucidates.

Open line

Over to you, people.  


The Hogs beat Oklahoma!

This won't stand

Sens. Pryor and Lincoln give a thumbs-down to that Illinois senatorial appointment.

She has a dream

State Rep. Lindsley Smith of Fayetteville dreams that reason will prevail in the Arkansas legislature and pour the mighty stream of equal rights down on women.

Hog tie in DWI fatality

Arkansas Business reports on suspected involvement of former Hog back Mark Pierce in Texas case.

Suds to Fayetteville

It's only a suspicion, but I think there's more to this story about multiple applications for convenience store beer sales in Fayetteville.

Suds to Fayetteville

It's only a suspicion, but I think there's more to this story about multiple applications for convenience store beer sales in Fayetteville.

The case against Act One

Reading further on the ACLU lawsuit against the act that bars adoption and foster parenting by unmarried couples, I find a clear imperative -- it's about people, not the law, though the constitutional argument is compelling.

Argenta's New Year's Eve countdown

I wish I could link you to Jake Sandlin's detailed story in the Democrat-Gazette today about NLR Mayor Pat Hays' midnight school tax grab -- his plan to run a grievously flawed Tax Increment Finance plan through the City Council before it turns into a rotten pumpkin at the dawning of the New Year tonight.

Climate conspiracy

David Sanders calls attention to his column today. Happy New Year, David.  He has discovered that dangerous left-wing wackjobs -- the sort of zanies who believe in clean air, in other words -- have financed efforts leading to climate study commission work in Arkansas and other states.

Count ALL the ballots

Seems a simple idea. But not for Republican Norm Coleman. The Minnesota senator, trailing in his re-election race, won't count ballots in Democratic counties if they don't comply with non-existent rules.

About those virginity pledges

Still more evidence that they don't work. The patterns found here suggest further that comprehensive sex education (including birth control) is the best approach to preventing pregnancy.

Stop the presses!?!?

Blake Rutherford's always-thoughtful blog takes a rational look at the future of printed newspapers and offers a sensible solution:"Still, with no discernible solution in sight and the market bearing down on newspapers, I propose this hypothesis: Allowing the market to dictate the future of the newspaper business will result in a recognizable void - perhaps for an extended period of time - in the ways news is reported at the community level."What’s the end result?

The Hog Blogger: The Morning After

Allow me to begin with a disclaimer. First, I am a heterosexual male.

NYE To-Do: Vicious Vic

VICIOUS VIC8 p.m., the Village. $10 adv., $15 d.o.s.The Village, as it typically does, keeps it electro on New Year's Eve.

NYE To-Do: Rivertop Party

RIVERTOP PARTY8 p.m., Peabody. $40 adv., $20 d.o.s.This is where the masses will congregate.

NYE To-Do: The Munks

THE MUNKS9 p.m., Afterthought. $20.For those who like to take their dose of rollicking gypsy folk rock seated, the Afterthought is the spot on New Year's Eve.

NYE To-Do: Cory Branan

CORY BRANAN9 p.m., White Water Tavern. $5.Just a few days before Lucero returns to White Water, another big name with a close relationship with the bar headlines.

NYE To-Do: Free Verse - Weakness for Blondes

Free Verse. FREE VERSE/WEAKNESS FOR BLONDES9 p.m., Sticky Fingerz and Revolution.

NYE To-Do: 607

6079 p.m., Gusano's. $5.After winning the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase and releasing an album with his brother Bobby, 607 did something he'd never done before.

The Revolution Will Not Be Downloaded

     I was so proud of myself when I came up with this title. Of course, then I Googled it.

Come on in my kitchen

Guitarist Delaney Bramlett ― whose own Delaney and Bonnie and Friends variously included Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Jimi Hendrix and George Harrison ― passed away Saturday, December 27, at the age of 69.The Mississippi native reportedly died due to complications following gallbladder surgery at a Los Angeles hospital.Bramlett first became popular in the '60s on the TV music series Shindig and then with his band Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, which featured Bramlett and then-wife Bonnie Lynn.


New Insurance Commissioner

Former state legislator and insurance executive Jay Bradford will be the new state Insurance Commissioner starting Jan. 15.

Advance deposit wagering

Oaklawn Jockey Club, the Arkansas division of the Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association and TrackNet Media have finalized an agreement on advance deposit wagering.

Screwing America for years to come

Rolling Stone rounds up G.W. Bush's  big finale  F.U. to America.

Ringing in the New Year

Early for you. Late for me. Mortar blasts and fiery rockets are already exploding all over Amsterdam and a huge throng has gathered in the city's Dam central plaza to greet the midnight countdown.