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Natives Guide

Natives Guide

December 28, 2017

Vol 44 • No 17

Natives Guide: The Heights

It's the top.

Natives Guide: Hillcrest

The people's republic.

Natives Guide

A day in the life of the neighborhoods of Little Rock and North Little Rock.

Natives Guide: Park Hill, Levy and a bunch of North Little Rock

Forge a connection with the neighborhood.

Natives Guide: River Market district

Up from the grave to become the center of everything.

Natives Guide: Midtown-Riverdale

The east-west link.

Natives Guide: Southwest Little Rock

Delicious diversity.

Top residential sales in Little Rock

For 2017.

Natives Guide: Argenta

The original city, for original thinkers.

Natives Guide: Downtown Little Rock

It's back.

Gun death opens New Year on Dickson Street; many shots fired in LR

40/29 reports a man was killed and a suspect is in custody after a shooting about 12:45 a.m. this morning on Dickson Street in Fayetteville.

Details emerge on Colorado shooter

The man suspected of shooting five deputies, one fatally, in a Denver suburb before being killed himself has been identified as Matthew Riehl, 37.

Jan Morgan announces Republican run for Arkansas governor

Jan Morgan, the Hot Springs gun range owner, announced her expected Republican candidacy for governor at a New Year's Eve party in Hot Springs.

Hutchinson announces campaign team

Gov. Asa Hutchinson began his re-election campaign today with the announcement of his campaign leadership:

The drug war fails by attacking supply rather than demand

The thought isn't original but it bears repeating:  In a New York Times op-ed today, former Secretary of State George Shulz and Pedro Aspe write of the failed war on drugs.

The pigskin open line

The open line includes more details on a shooting in Fayetteville and a note on the poor showing by the SEC in football bowl games so far.

Supreme Court could open door to collection of sales tax on ALL sales

The U.S. Supreme Court may open the door to forcing Internet retailers to collect state and local sales taxes even in states where they have no physical presence. It should.

The Jan Morgan experience

Guns, memes, and steel.

South Carolina lawmakers want to build monument to non-existent black Confederate soldiers

The Lost Causers are nothing if not committed to their myths. Let's hope Arkansas legislators don't get any ideas.

Paul Spencer raises $135,000 in fourth quarter

Paul Spencer, one of two declared Democratic candidates for the state's Second Congressional District, announced his fourth quarter fundraising totals today.

Voters prioritize CHIP; GOP Congress not so much

It has now been three months since the federal government allowed funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) — which provides health coverage for 9 million lower-income children, including 400,000 kids who are covered by ARKids — to lapse. This December poll from Politico and Harvard caught my eye: When given a list of 15 domestic policy issues identified in the media as potential areas on which Congress could take action this year, the top priority was renewing CHIP funding.

Trump administration seeks to sabotage the census

The Trump administration seeks to add a citizenship question to the census for the first time in 70 years, likely creating a chilling effect for undocumented immigrants that could badly skew the results.

Bending the cost curve? New data shows that health spending growth has slowed dramatically.

One rather remarkable finding from a new Kaiser Family Foundation report, based on newly released National Health Expenditure data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: Health spending continues to grow, but per capita growth has slowed and is now much closer to the GDP per capita rate of growth.

March again! With a focus on voting: Jan. 20

The March on the Polls will be held Jan. 20 and will team up with the 8th annual Rally for Reproductive Justice. Speakers will address the democratic ideals that are facing threats: Immigrants, and DACA. Public education, particularly the Little Rock School District. Sex education. The struggle of LGBTQ Americans.

Walmart shoplifting punishment program suspended

An alternative punishment program for Walmart shoplifters has been suspended after backlash, reports the Wall Street Journal. It was touted as restorative justice but a judge called the program "textbook extortion."

PCSO: Body found in Arkansas River identified

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office announced today that they have identified a man whose body was found floating in the Arkansas River on December 30.

Open Line

Over to you.

How Donald Trump learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

I was offline last night, so I woke up this morning blissfully unaware of our preening president's prattling provocations. Well.

Jan Morgan watch

Going viral.

Fayetteville commits to 100 percent clean, renewable energy

The city of Fayetteville yesterday became the fifty-fourth city in the nation — and the first in Arkansas — to commit to 100 percent clean and renewable energy.

Fatal police shooting of Ozark man after domestic disturbance call

Ozark Police fatally shot Ronald Elliot, 49, last night, after responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Metroplan releases economic review, points to challenges for retailers with emergence of e-commerce

"With slow job growth and low unemployment, the Little Rock region’s economy is stable but lacks dynamism for the moment," the publication finds. The report issues a warning about the potential for empty storefronts with the emergence of e-commerce.

Spa's got a SQZBX: Roorda/Smith pizzeria opens

If you were in SQZBX Brewery and Pizza Joint in Hot Springs last Wednesday, you might have gotten to hear music by “Larry the flugelhorn player.” That is something you might expect at a restaurant started by Cheryl Roorda and Zachary Smith of the polka duo The Itinerant Locals, and judging by Facebook reviews, you can expect good pizza and homebrewed beer, too.

Steve Bannon: Trump campaign's meeting with Russians was "treasonous" and "unpatriotic" (Update: Trump says Bannon has "lost his mind")

The Guardian has the scoop on a new Michael Wolff book in which Steve Bannon calls the Trump Tower meeting between key Trump associates and staffers and a group of Russians "treasonous" and "unpatriotic."

Deadline extended for 2018 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase

Got a band? We want to hear you! There's still time to enter the 2018 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase.

Clinton School speaker will focus on farm bill's impact on food stamps in Arkansas

Ellen Vollinger, legal director for the Food Research and Action Center, will discuss the upcoming Farm Bill legislation and its impact on nutrition programs for lower-income adults and children in Arkansas at an event tomorrow at the Clinton School.

Governor taps Robert Ator II as new AEDC Director of Military Affairs

Retired Col. Robert Ator II has been named Director of Military Affairs for the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC), Governor Hutchinson announced today.

UA trustees approve selection of Cam Patterson for UAMS

The UA Board of Trustees approved in a teleconference this morning President Donald Bobbitt's nomination of Dr. Cam Patterson as the next chancellor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

UPDATE: Arkansas Plant Board votes again to ban controversial herbicide dicamba

The Arkansas State Plant Board is holding a special meeting at this hour to discuss changes to their proposed ban on the controversial herbicide dicamba in the coming growing season.

UPDATE: Squirrels and separate equipment failure caused Little Rock power outages

Squirrels nesting in underground equipment caused one of last night's power outages. The other was caused by equipment failure between two substations.

John Oates came to Arkansas, wrote a song about it

John Oates, of former Hall & Oates fame and current 'former Hall & Oates fame', will release his new album "Arkansas" next month. Its title track was inspired by a visit to Wilson.

Your midweek open line

Headlines for January 3, 2017 include UA's announcement of Cam Patterson as chancellor, Fayetteville's commitment to 100 percent clean and renewable energy and a power outage caused by squirrels.

Natives Guide: West Little Rock

Chains, yes, but parks and puppies, too.

The double standard in Arkansas education: Accountability in real schools, but not at home

Cynthia Howell reports in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today on what amounts to the coming complete deregulation of home schooling in the state. More than 19,000 were schooled at home in 2015-16.

NY Times defends its interview with Donald Trump

A New York Times one-on-one interview with Donald Trump was revealing but a decision by the reporter not to challenge Trump on his falsehoods sparked a debate on journalism tactics.

Lamar coach arrested for DWI en route to basketball game

Lamar High School coach Kevin Kyzer was arrested by State Police Friday evening for DWI while driving a bus carrying nine male basketball players to a game.

The chilly open line

Let it go/snow/whatever.

A national plug for Arkansas alternative education effort

I'm overdue in providing a link to a Pro Publica article first published Dec. 22 that highlights an education effort that sets Arkansas apart in a good way. — its extra effort to provide meaningful alternative schools for struggling kids.

Read this: In death, a triumph of the human spirit

This has nothing to do with Arkansas, but an article in the current New Yorker moved me last night. It's about a Facebook whiz's effort to reach goals, including a final violin performance, while coping with treatment for aggressive brain cancer.

Happy New Year from the LRPD

A Tweet from the LRPD suggests they expect 2017 to go out with a bang.

An armed and dangerous open line

A mass shooting in a Denver suburb and an encounter with a well-armed drunk in Texas are among the New Year's Eve headlines for today's open line.