One Saturday in January of 2006 I met with my best friend Wes to solicit his candid, un-sugar-coated advice about my latest relationship. Perhaps what I truly sought was the approval and encouragement from a man whose opinion I respected. Wes and I have been close for 15 years, since I was 13, so he knows me quite well. In typically naïve schoolgirl fashion, I recounted to Wes every insignificant detail of my new relationship. You know, the “he said” and then “I said” details that generally no one beyond the folks involved cares about. Giddy, I elaborated with, “He is so perfect.” Wes rolled his eyes and uttered the following statement, which will forever be remembered: “Don’t you know your eyes adjust to the brightest light?” Through confusion, I asked for explanation. He continued: “When you turn off the light and find yourself blind in a dark room, only to find your eyes adjust minutes later and you’re able to see? It’s the reverse scenario.” Essentially, he was warning me to beware of anything that burns unusually bright at the beginning, as the same fire generally burns out just as fast.