I call boys. Always have. Even when my mom encouraged me not to, I called anyway. Still do. Not over and over, mind you, but if the desire to do so strikes, I call.
The difference between me and most girls who call boys, however, is that my calls tend to require a 1 plus an area code before the regular ol’ seven digits. In other words, they typically live out of state.

So when I’m with my friends, I refer to these boys by their location as well as their actual name. For instance, if I discuss Tyler, I have to quickly add “the Nashville drummer boyfriend” descriptor.  Yeah, I know.


Perhaps this penchant for far-away significant others is by design. It enables me to keep my distance and allows them to keep my attention. I am a fickle gal. On the other hand, I feel you really get to know someone when there is distance. It inserts vulnerability while removing the physical distractions.