In the fall of 2007, I did something I never imagined I would do; I signed up on eHarmony. My primary reason surrounded my curiosity and boredom. I was required to fill out an abundance of questions in which my responses would ultimately be used to pair me with compatible matches. One of the matches was a man named “Drew.” We exchanged a multitude of emails which eventually led to the exchanging of phone numbers. Drew first contacted me on a Saturday evening. Our first phone conversation lasted a couple of hours. He was at a friend’s house and we talked until his phone battery died. Moments later he called me from his friend’s phone. I could hear his buddies giving him a hard time, which inspired him to lock himself in his car to continue conversing with me.
Our first date was arranged for the following evening, a Sunday. I selected a random restaurant while notifying a handful of friends of my whereabouts “just in case.” I recall him being far more attractive than his pictures conveyed. We had initially planned on going to see a movie, but opted against it as we found ourselves submerged in conversation. At the end of the date, we arranged for a second date for the next night. While driving away, he immediately called me and said “I should have kissed you.” I told him he would have a second chance the next night and he said, “Tomorrow is too long of a wait. How about now?” We were at a red light of a busy intersection but I still complied and immediately found myself engaged in one of the most romantic kisses of my life (thus far.)