If you live in the Central Arkansas vicinity and are between the age of 18 and 60, odds are you play or watch kickball on Sunday afternoons. If not, I encourage you to give it a shot in the spring. Last year, my good friends Marty and January asked if I’d be interested in joining their new kickball team, The Blue Balls. I agreed to play after some initial hesitation due to my lack of athletic ability. I did not know the majority of the players but grew to instantly love our team. We were an eclectic crew with varying interests and yet, it worked. The following season, last spring, we neglected to sign up for the novice league and as a result opted to accept the only opening remaining in the competitive league. Marty and I assumed the role of “captain” and “co-captain” while recruiting new players to join the “fun.” The competitive league was appropriately titled. We were quite literally “out of our league” and as a result, the passion for “kickball Sunday” diminished. Ultimately, Marty and I both formed new teams in the novice league enabling us to revive the good times.

Blue Balls
Season One
Tell me kickball isn’t a blast!

Blue Balls, Season Two
Note the “Blue Balls: We’re Aching to Play.” Things we know nothing about…