Several years ago, an ex-boyfriend, Justin #1, would regularly get together with my best friend, Wes and his friend, Micah to play music. Occasionally, I would assist with harmonies and writing, but was never fully part of the group as I didn’t play an instrument. When my relationship with Justin #1 ended, his ties to Wes and Micah ended as well due to their connection to me. A couple of years later, Micah and I decided to give the music thing a shot as we both had identical musical preferences. We began writing several of our own songs, but the predominance of our focus surrounded cover tunes. We selected our favorite songs while working on new ways to make them our “own.”
Months later, I met Scott through a mutual friend. Through email exchanges, we discovered our musical preferences paralleled. I invited him to join Micah and me to practice one evening and the rest is history.  Our greatest struggle surrounded selecting our band name. I liked “The Pass a Fist,” a play on words for “The Pacifists,” which obviously have opposing meanings. This was immediately shot down. I always joked with Scott, telling him all the girls would come see us just to see him. Micah jokingly said, “Yeah. Like the poster in Almost Famous. You’ll be in focus and Lauryn and I will be blurs in the background.” Scott retorted with, “Hmm. Haven’t seen it, but we’d be more like Almost Infamous.” And it stuck. We roll our eyes when asked of our name now, however it was too late to rename our trio.

The original crew.
From L to R: Micah, me, and Scott